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  1. A little bit better. I just did the middle. Not sure how deep you wanted to sweep for rocks. That pile is 50/50 dirt and rocks so I just tossed what popped out when I swept my hands over the surface.
  2. I think everyone has seen my rants about cutting/altering/fixing/etc trails. I am trying to not create another rant. But this need to be discussed among those who are here and want to keep using these trails. From my experience when I find and talk to these folks, they think they are doing good. They don't seem to understand what they are doing has a good chance of getting the trail closed. That would be PERMANENTLY closed to all users. Signs help a very little bit but they do help. After all - they think they are doing good so that sign does not apply to what they are doing. No matter how the sign is worded or what logo is shown - people ignore the signs. Two things seem to help. One is a 'polite conversation' between other users (mtb, moto, etc) about what could result from exactly what they are doing. The more other users that tell them that same thing the better. It takes time and numbers to convince them "the good" they are doing is really bad. Would everyone please help with those polite conversations??? The other thing that helps is game cameras and public shaming. Some people may have seen a few years ago when I posted such pictures on Facebook. Someone identified the person (by name). The result was he were told by a number of his friends that what he was doing was a problem. That problem stopped. Fortunately, I have not had to do that in years. Identifying the person and a private conversation is usually all it takes to correct. Unfortunately, the problems are getting worse again. We can blame it on whatever we want - e.g. more users, new users, uneducated users, entitled users, etc. Regardless of the cause, we need to correct it if we want to keep riding the trails. Even more unfortunate is the BCP staff just told me that they bought a bunch of new game cameras. I hope to catch and correct problems BEFORE the BCP staff does. So if you see game cameras on many local trails (not just CP), they may be mine or they may be the land manager. If we want to continue to use the trails, we should all be trying to play by "the rules". Just so people know, I was walking some 'bandit trails' with BCP staff to see if we can make them "official trails". The situation with the BCP staff has improved that much. It would not take much damage to reverse the improved relationship.
  3. Favor to ask. While building with the mini-x I hit the motherload of rock (see picture), it's a few turns after the Cedar Bridge (east of Parmer). To be efficient with the mini-x (we have it for one week) I didn't do the hand finishing work and moved on to the next project after clearing a rideable path at the bottom of the berm. If you ride Peddlers Pass (or Brushy Creek) this week it would be amazing if you could stop and pick out a few rocks then throw them behind the berm. It will be a huge help...and you will make a Trail Builders Christmas dream come true.
  4. Thanks, Throet! Funny you should mention . . . We just went over plans to update the website yesterday. Christ Church will be added as a new location and each of our sites (RHR, Cat Mtn, Christ Church) will have their own page describing the trails. And yes, building is still very active at RHR. Rob is leading the building out there and is doing a great job - the latest project is building a corkscrew off the octagon. To my knowledge, it'll be the only corkscrew in Texas. If you've never ridden one, they're fun! Seth is still driving Cat Mtn, and Kendra and I are leading the trails at Christ Church. So, 3 active locations. Come and ride when you're healed! Radiantm3 rode up as I pulling out yesterday and took over where we left off. With more folks pitching in like that, we'll make faster progress - we have so much we want to build! Good point on membership: that's how we fund the building (and we come out of pocket for materials to make sure we keep the budget up for insurance, rent at RHR, etc.). The easiest way to help is to get a membership at Freeride512.com. Equally helpful is dropping 2x6s, 2x4s, 3" deck screws, etc. at the site. Of course, showing up to dig is always appreciated! I'm happy to give guidance so folks can work when we're not there. Finally, we've just moved a bunch of new dirt - so, believe it or not, simply riding-in the trails is a big help too! Oh - almost forgot: We really need to get signage up out there. That would be a great way to help out as well! I know there's another thread out there about signs. If we can get them, we'd be happy to post both in the the park and along SN to help folks navigate to get there.
  5. From a Niner RIP9, circa 2012 or so. Fox Float Factory, Kashima, remote lockout (I do not have the remote any more). I could sell it on eBay for $100-150 or so, but that would entail me getting off my butt, which is why it has been sitting for years. Name your price, I can be very reasonable at this point.
  6. I haven't been able to get out there yet due to a slow recovery from injury, but are there other ways we can help? Seeing these major contributions being made by FR512, seems like a great time to promote membership or launch a GoFundMe. Looks like the FR512 website is a bit dated too and maybe there are folks here who would be willing to help revive it. Would love to know more about what else you guys are doing and whether you will be continuing your work out at RHR as well, or if this is essentially your new dig. Can't wait to get out there!
  7. Sounds like a great way to warm up mid-ride on a cold day like today.
  8. Told the cops that once Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. We've been going crazy with the mini-x this week making the course even faster...8 new machine built berms, one big roller/jump, and smoothed out a rough spot since Saturday.
  10. Couple responses: That Shankar family just bleeds talent. Also, Diva Dance is always good!
  11. At least you are having that experience and not the hospital administrators.
  12. I'm with AustinBike... Signage is all about quickly connecting with what is in the mind of the person you're trying to communicate with. You need to go to where they are and walk them to where you want them to be, not stand where you are and tell them to come to you. And signs need to convey the message in as few words as possible. "...Altering..." is a weak word. And it can also be understood to mean that the existing trail has been altered in some minor way (a loose rock has been removed), and not that new trail has been cut. What is the problem? 1... For whatever reason, someone can't ride certain sections of trail and this bothers them. 2... This person sees an opportunity to overcome this by making/cutting a second line around the section they cannot ride. 3... This person does not see the land around the trail as off limit to them doing so; as far as they are concerned, all of the land is for and can accommodate trail building (or should be). 4... Because of this, this person has justified in their mind that what they are doing is perfectly acceptable to do. 5... This person might even go as far as to conclude that the people who built the existing trail with the sections that they can't ride were selfishly thinking of only one type of rider/riding experience, and did not consider this person's needs/preferences. So what do you need to say to a person who has justified in their mind that what they are thinking/doing is perfectly fine and acceptable? How do you get them to have a paradigm shift in their thinking/conclusion regarding the matter? The answer is found in addressing point #1... The root of the problem. "...someone can't ride certain sections of trail and this bothers them." So how do you address this? Maybe... "IF YOU CAN'T RIDE IT, WALK IT!... Cutting Cheater Lines Will Get This Park Closed To All Riders.
  13. Great suggestions! 👍 How about this?
  14. this is probably a few years out, but a pump track here is likely to happen, given the interest it generated:
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