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  1. Ended up with 24.23. Plan your route/pack your gear. There's lot's of nothing out there. Next time out, I plan on starting/ending in Granger. There's a brewery and BBQ in town. Proper motivation to make it back alive.
  2. Last week: 1) The check engine light was triggered by rodents chewing up three wiring harnesses. 2) Chromebook died when the earbud plug touched the USB port, which is about a 16th of an inch from the audio jack. With a new Chromebook, you log in and it has all your stuff, just like the old Chromebook, which is simultaneously totally comforting (awww, my stuff!) and deeply creepy (they have MY STUFF!) On a positive note, we got our wills done, that landscaping project is almost finished and we don't have The 'Rona. Y'all stay well and cool (to the extent possible).
  3. Nope, it was pure marketing. 5G includes a completely different set of things than 4G so there is no real comparison. Basically they share some of the spectrum but there will need to be some slicing. That is like a bike company with an all 26" fleet talking about being ready for 29" because they have a warehouse full of seats and handlebars.
  4. Rode at 9am and noon today. Noon was better, hotter, but way less humid, 2 beers in. Rode where humidity tends to hang around through morning. Short downpour was great for about a second. Afternoon heat was tough, but body could breath.
  5. With the rain coming I thought it would be a good idea to get in a ride today but like an idiot waited until noon. On the plus side the trails were almost empty I hit Candyland, Peddlers, 1/4, DD, Snail, Picnic and only saw one other solo rider on DD and a couple parents w/ their children on Peddlers and Picnic.
  6. I'm gonna start using strava for that. My old electronic dick measurer was starting to short out and that can be painful.
  7. 1. is trail sustainable and "safe"? 2. is trail fun? ... ... ... ... 99. Strava concerns.
  8. OMan! Right. Woke this AM and saw sun. Fu#k me is all I said. Well good luck. Hope it is something easy and cheap for yall. I've been flabbergasted by the people who have reached out with various offers. Blown away and touched Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Make it more fun. Then maybe the people that take Strava seriously enough to be pissed about a change you're describing will stop riding there area which will make for less douchiness on the trails! I know a couple folks insanely serious about Strava and they aren't fun people to be around.
  10. after being with T-moblie and sprint for years, i finally switched to Verizon last summer before my trip to Colorado. the coverage is insane. it seems like i always have signal. i'm on the prepaid $35/month plan and its hard to beat (not unlimited). My wife has basically the same deal on ATT through Cricket. its really good coverage too.
  11. You in need of a temp A/C unit? I have a portable we used when flipping houses. Itll keep a room relatively cool.
  12. Gravel Map got me around Lake Granger this AM.
  13. Holy schmoley! TxDOT's Texas Roadbed Surface website has a searchable dirt/gravel view! I looked up some towns and also searchable by address and (I think) street name. Another resource: gravelmap.com
  14. "5G enhanced" is not 5G. AT&T got sued over that and lost hard. Basically it is just 4G and I can guess as to why it is dropping and that would have something to do with trying to differentiate a particular connection grade/speed so that it could say 5GE. Without that it would just treat all of the 4G spectrum/connection levels the same and you would not have the dropping.
  15. I've had T-mobile for 17 years and although the rates are really, really competitive, the service is notsomuch. I don't even bother taking my phone on the trail as I don't get service in areas of my home, much less the boondocks.
  16. Same here. Bought a 40 y/o house with a 17 y/o A/C system. House came with the obligatory 1yr warranty, this one through Old Republic and we've renewed it every year. It has been more than worth the $800 renewal and $75 service fees, and ORHW has actually been pretty good to work with. If they can't source the part, they just replace the appliance and in a house this old, it's basically free upgrades any time something goes out. If i'm not happy with what unit they sourced as a replacement, they'll send me a check and I can go buy the appliance myself, send them the receipt and they'll honor the warranty on the product I bought. Just did the condenser fan in March and the repair guy drove down from Dallas, on a Saturday, and during a pandemic to replace it. Money well spent.
  17. Take advantage of the programming for some energy savings.
  18. We have American Home Shield that covers our AC along with all other appliances. We've already had to use it on other appliances, and I gotta say, it's been very convenient. A bit expensive, and I'm sure would have paid less to just get new appliances each time they fail, but it's sure nice to just get online, open a service request and literally within a couple of hours had service crews out and either fixed or replaced the failure for $120. Our neighbor had their AC unit covered under AHS, and the contractor ended up replacing everything, and it cost the homeowner $120 for the call. I bought this home new in 2007 (DR Horton) and figure that everything in the house that I haven't already replaced is about to fail. This includes the AC unit. Yeah, I know, in the end, I will probably pay more overall, but I don't want to hear my wife and beagles complain about the AC being out 🙂
  19. I've already started cleaning the drain line. We had an incident awhile back with the old AC where the AC drain line became clogged with algae, overflowed and ruined part of the carpet in Mr. JB's office. Stan's put in a sensor that shuts everything down and prevents overflow. Even with that, I treat the drain line every two or three weeks by pouring a cup of vinegar into the line, followed by two cups of hot water. Funny thing: We also have the Stan's service contract. When we got our new AC a few years ago, we got a nice new programmable thermostat, which I still have not gotten around to programming. During the installation, I asked the technician about programming it; he laughed and said he'd never programmed his home thermostat either. He just adjusted as needed, which I've discovered works pretty well.
  20. I rode between 8-10 this morning and it was amazingly pleasant. Humid AF but it didn't really bother me with the light breeze and cloud cover. Didn't try to go too hard though - just rode 1/4 notch in both directions with a fast-paced lap around PP in between, and finished with Rim. Glad I got out - been 2 weeks off the bike. Might try something similar tomorrow.
  21. 4 things to add. 1: I don't live in Austin so no dog in this hunt. 2: Straight trails are boring. 3: Strava straightens trails, so if you're going to add curves, add distance too, waves will end up just as straight as they were before. 4: Strava is just electronic dick measuring, and going forward you'll have to pay up to see how you measure up.
  22. DO IT!!!! Fall line trail - reroute. Boring trail - reroute. Longer trail - reroute. Make the new trail. Block the old one. Watch Strava for anyone who might have unblocked the old trail. (The only use I have for Strava.)
  23. Changes to make it more fun are always the way to go. Personally I could care less about the KOM. Don't get me wrong I like looking at the Strava segments but unless I'm racing or doing a Trainerroad stationary workout I almost never push 100% for any real length of time. Trail time is about having fun and developing skills on tech stuff.
  24. Demystifying the Illusive White Squirrel has a link to report white squirrel sightings.
  25. Picked a great weekend for the condenser on the house AC unit to explode and not be available to next week to replace
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