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  1. Wow. I did not know this was going to hit the forums yet. Yes, we cut in some trail before we went to Whistler for the summer. The trails are still rough and need work so if you ride, ride appropriately. Christ Church gave us (FR512) permission to build on their land and we will be adding much more (when it gets cooler - still haven't acclimated back to TX heat). In the meantime, if you ride there, please be respectful, don't ride/park in the parking lot. Enter either from Suburban Ninja or by the fire station. Having trails there is new for them and we want this to be a positive experience for them. We're still figuring out logistics. As it grows and we get more features in, we will be doing skills clinics and possibly Wednesday Night Rides with the Peddler. We have already had machines out there, but we would like to do much more. If there's interest, we will set up a Go Fund Me to accelerate our building and perhaps organize some dig days if anyone wants to pitch in and help. There is a lot of potential out there and we're excited to have progressive park-type trails so close to BC. BIG THANKS to Christ Church for making this available.
  2. I’ve been using Peddlers pass as a way to build up my peddling strength and riding stamina. I’ve come to love that trail as an intermediate rider. The faster you go, the more fun it gets. But it wasn’t until I took my kids on this trail that I truly saw the beauty of it. It’s like the perfect gateway drug into mountain biking. Easy enough to do slowly, with a few minor “technical” sections that challenge beginners, and features that build skills. My 9 year old ran it for his 3rd time today and since I’m helping the 6 year old out, I told the older one to go ahead and run the trail without waiting up for us. He said he had 2 moments where he almost fell, but was able to just step off the pedals. Other than water breaks he said he was able to run the whole thing without walking his bike. They want to ride peddlers pass every day now.
  3. This is going on trail soon. Found one that was like this one but the language was a bit harsh. So I made an entire new one to suit. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. I hope some of you have enjoyed riding the tails at Pace Bend. However, those trails were originally built for these 3 ladies here. When I started on PB, the youngest daughter wasn’t even born yet. All 3 of them have built trail and supported me from the beginning. Saturday was the first time that all 4 of us pedaled our own bikes on legit trail at PB. We’ve done trailers, racks, backpacks, hikes, trail work, camping, and everything else at PB, but Saturday was a first. Thank you to everyone that helped build my family a place to ride near our house! You know who you are.
  5. New signage for Peddlers Pass is in the works. I'll probably start installing some time next week.
  6. We're in the process of building a new intermediate trail that is planned to have six wooden features: a step-up roller with a rollable jump at the end (pictured,) a multi-tiered wall ride that will end in an optional drop, a wooden drop to dirt transition, and three wooden tabletop jumps. You can see the first wooden feature from the lift and from the first mountain road intersection with Viper's Den. Trail length is estimated to be about 1'000 feet, and it'll exit on the second mountain road at Viper's Den. Scheduled completion time is six weeks.
  7. The City of Cedar Park has approved KOM Trails to bring their machines and expertize to Peddlers Pass at Brushy Creek. The service agreements are signed and work is scheduled to start on April 22nd. In case you don't know who KOM Trails is, they're a local trail building company that's had a hand in the amazing work done in Bentonville, AR and many other trails around Texas. The Brushy Creek trail system is their home trail which they helped build and are still trail stewards of it. I've been working closely with KOM on a plan of action, you guys are going to love the changes. Once completed, Peddlers Pass will be the first Machine Built Flow Trail for Mountian Bikes on Public land in Texas (that we know of). The trail route and direction will not change. During construction, different sections of the trail will be closed while work is been done, please respect these closures and don't ride around "trail closed" signs or tape. In conjunction with this work we are coordinating with Austin Ridge Riders and the Parks Dept. to have two big volunteer days, Saturday, April 27th and Saturday, May 4th. to wrap up the project. These volunteer days are vitally important to finish in a timely manner. If those days don't work for you, come out anytime during the week of April 22nd and we'll find something for you to help with. I'll be posting updates here and in various Facebook Groups. Finally, I'd like to say a huge thank you to The City of Cedar Park and especially Curt Randa the Parks Director for embracing Mountian Biking and partnering with us to create a truly unique trail.
  8. Ok, once again my little dude surprised me today. We were heading to Brushy to ride and when we get there he discovered he forgot his helmet and Camelbak at home. So we turned around and headed back the house. Once home, he talks me into changing bikes and riding over to the WC pump track to play around. I escort him over there, get him situated and then take off for a short lap of Windy/Servere/BMX. When I get back he said he's got something to show me.....holy cr@p! I sorta panicked inside when I first saw him hit this jump!
  9. @GreenMTBrider and I spent several hours this morning at Brushy with the Brush Hog cutting away the tall grass along the entire length of Picnic, the beginning of 1/4 Notch, and whatever that trail is called that intersects with the 1/4 Notch entrance and runs along a field for some distance (I'd never been on it before, but walked its length twice today!!) Saw lots of people riding the trails while it was relatively cooler (that is, instead of hot as hell, it was just hot). A few photos: Some before shots of Picnic: Picnic during and after mowing: That other trail whose name I do not know: I look forward to riding Picnic again and being able to actually see oncoming riders and not having dirty nature rubbing constantly on my legs! ..Al
  10. few spring clips . Having fun!
  11. This is a great point. @rugger, @First Blood, @HoneyBadger and all the other buttholes out there have poured a tremendous amount of energy and love into all the Brushy trails. Just a few years ago there was NOTHING there except a few deer trails and couple of rogue paths. Now, there is a world class trail system that has made the city of Cedar Park a destination. Even if all the builders stepped away from those trails right now, I would still contend that they should never pay for a beer in this town again. Wilco Parks and Rec will never understand exactly how lucky they were to have trails built FOR FREE that are enjoyable AND sustainable.
  12. I happened to be standing next to the yellow caution tape (East of Parmer) on Peddlers Pass when a guy in his 20's, no helmet, and wearing Beats Headphones stopped and ducked under the tape to exit the trail. I said "Hey man, that's not an exit" before I could explain the reasons why that was a bad place to exit the trail (safety, erosion, dumbassery etc.) he came back with "This is AMURICA" and rode off to the West side of Parmer. Needless to say.........TRIGGERED. Then I just "happened" to run into him again at a choke point on the trail with my bike perpendicular to the trail, with no way around. I said, "I heard what you said over there about this been AMURICA". I was fully prepared for the onslaught of abuse he was about to hurl at me. To my surprise, he calmly turned around and rode off the wrong way without saying a word. Since the trail is so twisty, it brought him close to me two more times. It gave me the chance to let him know "you're going the wrong way on the trail" and "you're still going the wrong way on the trail". I really wanted him to give me S!@# about blocking the trail so i could have responded "This is AMURICA". I know I should have let it go, but F!@#, I'm not infringing on your constitutional rights, I'm not the man keeping you down, I'm trying to keep the trail I've spent literally thousands of hours building safe, fun, and sustainable.
  13. Hopefully not a new rainmaker. Giant Trance Advanced Pro 1.
  14. New Bike Day was yesterday. First outing today on Peddlers and Picnic. Full suspension is going to take some getting used to. I did pretty much tie(4 seconds shy) my personal best running 17:50. Considering I felt all over the place and completely off riding it, that's not too bad. Rough stuff was WAY easier, I struggled in the corners. Gotta figure out cornering with the full suspension, it's a lot different than my hard tail. The few short downhill and drop sections on Picnic are much easier. All in all pretty happy!
  15. Big thanks to @HoneyBadger and his continued work on Peddler's Pass. Rode it for the first time in a couple weeks and it is just getting faster! Primo conditions yesterday. I was pretty excited yesterday to take the top spot on Strava for Peddler's for my weight class. Finally broke 17 minutes. Felt like I was flying. Weight loss helps! Dropped 45 pounds since Jan 1.
  16. Peddlers Pass 3.0 is alive. find it on Strava under "BCB - Peddlers Pass 3.0". The loop is now 2.7 miles long. The new stuff is fast and has some elements not found on the rest of the trail. I'm going to give it about a month for people to burn it in then I'll be adding improvements when I have time. ...and as always, don't ride F!@# wet trails.
  17. I have held off telling people about this new trail - until now. It is starting to come together and we will need volunteers soon. So here it is. In 2017, Travis County hired a landscape architect to survey and design some new trails at Reimer's Ranch. Our very own MTB trail builder, rider and instructor Jake Carston helped with the design work. The attached PDF file shows the overview of that trail design. The design sat on the shelf for a while. ARR got a grant from REI to start building those trails. That process has now started. We will be building two of the 5 trails shown - marked I1 (Intermediate 1) and Return. These are intended to be Flow Trails. There is not enough elevation to call them Downhill Trails but there is enough to get a good flow without a lot of peddling. We have surveyed the planned trails and picked the I1 trail as the one we want to build first. It has great topology for fun and interesting trail. We have met with Travis County (land manager), REI (funding source) and KOM Trails. We want this trail open for Cranksgiving so we want to get KOM to do the biggest part of the flow trail. ARR will be building the return trail (how you get back up hill). This looks like it will come together and be ready in November. To have it ready in time, ARR will need volunteers to build the return trail. Work days will start in September to avoid the summer heat. Racers can plan on getting their PayDirt hours early this year. Keep an eye out for work day calls and come help build our new MTB trail! And make sure you thank Travis County, REI, KOM, and ARR for making it happen. 2017-03-31_Reimers Flow Trails.pdf
  18. Guessing maybe '77 My full squish Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. My four year old grandson got his new 16" bike today(up from a 12") from Peddlers in Cedar Park and he wanted to practice his mountain biking. That meant going off a curb and over a 2x4 for an hour straight!
  20. Just rode a couple of hours and only ran into one other biker on Deception (quite a few joggers though). Had to pass quite a few folks on Peddler's but that didn't take away from the enjoyment in the slightest. The continuous improvements on Peddler's never cease to amaze me. Felt so good to be back out on the trail after a 5-week absence.
  21. When we were out there Saturday working a family went by and they had a little girl , maybe 3rd or 4th grade. She rode by us and said real loud and happy "this is the best trail EVER!!" Somehow hearing her and seeing the smiles of her family mean alot to me as a dad and Honeybadger and KOM should be real proud. A trail that can make a little grom like her smile and a crusty old rider smile then that's cool. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  22. stolen SB150 recovered last night by my good bros at Lakeline mall. local social media platforms had been flooded with the shared news of this bike having been stolen, and the dumbass who stole the bike posted it on craigslist the same day for sale WITH HIS PHONE NUMBER to text him. $3000. look at the ad. so another friend of ours started texting him as an interested buyer last night around 8:30PM. by 10:00 pm they arranged a meet up at Lakeline mall in north Austin to do the transaction, (im waiting on more specific details today from my two buddies who were there)and actually had the police intercept the buyer at the meeting point instead of meeting themselves. the idiot was arrested and my buddy Steven got his beloved brand new warranty replacement SB150 back. hadn't even been ridden! like how fucking dumb are people? steal an $8k bike at the domain, and post it up on craigslist less than 10 miles away only a few hours later, and just be willing to freely meet up with whoever for the transaction. did he not think the owner would be looking for it? LOL im glad it turned out the way it did and the good guys won at the end of the night and my friend got his pride and joy back, im also glad I stayed home and didnt get involved and let the cops handle it. that was not my proposed plan at all. but we wont get into all of that. another thing was that the police department was trying to be all like "just meet up with him, do the deal and buy your bike back, then call us afterwards" like WTF? I basically had to make my friend call them back and get some seriousness and urgency about the matter since it was felony theft and they were about to meet up with the guy for their likely one shot to recovery the stolen property. not to mention the likelihood of something bad happening and their safety being jeopardized. so after they called the cops back, they did get officer(s) to intercept the the guy who stole the bike rather than having the victims try to handle it themselves.
  23. I’ll see your bluebonnet bike photos and raise you one bluebonnet bike photo with groms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. TRAIL KARMA IS ALVIE.... I was building today when along comes a guy slipping and sliding on every turn. I called out to him, but he ignored me. Then wham, a big stick or rock got stuck in his derailleur and snapped it clean off...ha ha. I still walked over to him and told him not to ride wet trails.
  25. Passed this ditch that has heavily modified by skaters and I could no resist.
  26. Lincoln National Forest, Weed, New Mexico. 1989 or 1990.
  27. Just curious if I nailed the technique, or am I missing something?
  28. New bike day. Steel is real. 100mm fox 32 should be delivered today also. Decided to stay with 100mm rather than go to 110 or 120mm. Just feel like I’ll have it locked out a good bit on this bike, so stuck to factory spec. Ready to rip anything. Want some type of chain guide, may do the PNW one but it’s expensive. Just ordered a lizard skin chain protector and a Revelate designs top tube bag. Setting up tubeless tomorrow and my ISSI pedals will he here tomorrow also. Should be a fun bike. ETA: fork came in. I was worried this ridiculous 3.0 tire would fit in a non-boost 29er fox 32, but the bastard fits! Will take/add a few pics tomorrow.
  29. NARROW IS THE WAY Here's the latest line we've broken ground on. Not open yet, but soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  30. Sedona today. Slim Shady, HiLine, Hogs. Rowdy day.
  31. My daddy in 1953 with a bike he won at the 5 and dime store. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  32. New bike day! I took it easy on my first ride today and adjusted components as I went.....and promptly got rained on. You’re welcome for all the upcoming rain we will get. Guerrilla Gravity Smash carbon. 29x2.5, Gx eagle, Hope pro4 hubs, Hope brakes, one up dropper. Bought the frame and had James (formally of City Limit Cycles and now part of Velofix) spec out and build it up.
  33. Ok, I'll play along too.... Got back last week from a 10 day trip to CO. We called it a "greatest hits" ride. I'll let you decide. Early on we hit up Monarch Crest trail Then we went over to CB for some 401. Next up we were in Telluride for the annual Yeti Tribe gathering. Riding in the high alpine aspens. Then for a change of pace we ended up in Fruita riding some of the Kokopelli trail stuff
  34. garage space and the size of a cargo bike is a good point. Here is a fairly accurate rendering of how it will fit with the rest of the fleet:
  35. Pulled out 4th place/37 in open men at the angelfire 5 DH Race this weekend. Missed 3rd by .8 seconds. Bittersweet. Awesome time!
  36. I think it's awesome how everyone that rides past me always shows so much concern for me. "Whoa, dude! are you alright?, do you want me to call 911? Do you have and emergency contact I can call? Have you seen a doctor lately?"
  37. Right place right time photo at Brushy.
  38. Big news for Peddlers Pass...the Cedar Park City Council just approved a permit to hold a race on it, June 15th this year. Its going to be a time trail format, capped at 400 riders. There will be pro, cat 1, 2 ,3 and juniors with cash pay outs for the winners. The same people that do a lot of TMBRA events are hosting it, so you know its going to be good. There are some other big things in the works for Peddlers Pass that will be revealed soon. I'm going to need alot of help getting the trail ready for the race, so keep an eye out for work days.
  39. Go ride now, it's hero dirt. I got rid of the "jump" after the rollers. The berms are now bigger with a larger radius, it's a lot faster. You can now carry all your speed through these berms. It flows so much better.
  40. Its fun to read the ride reports and hear how thing went. I've been debating whether to put something together. I was planning to drop it into my Strava, but I figure since everyone's laying them out here, then why not... The problem for me was that I personally considered the DS as a "B event" for me. This meant that I wasn't placing much emphasis on it this year. My fall season had essentially fallen apart due to acute back issues that kept me off the bike for 2 weeks (leading up to my Epic Rides Race [Bentoville], then all the rain prior to EB which was subsequently canceled (2x's), thus I've felt under prepared for much of the past 2-3months. So with the weather report leading into the DS being so bleak, I was fully prepared to skip it. Therefore Saturday night before the race I had made a few phone calls to some riding buddies. One was in, one was out. So around 7pm that evening I sit down with my wife on the couch planning to watch TV and hang out. But we end up in a DS, riding, racing, weather discussion and she pretty much ends up calling into question my manhood, my resolve, and my commitment to the cycling community! WTF!? It's worth noting that she'd had a few margaritas and tends to get punchy... So here I am at 7:30pm finding myself ushered off my warm spot on the couch to start prepping for a 10(?) hr cold, wet, miserable sufferefest the next day. Luckily for me, and everyone else who's wife made them go, the weather held up remarkably well that night. Yes, it was damp and yes it was cold, but I distinctly recall that it had been humid and dewy for the start of last years DS event too. Skip to the start of the ride and I find myself with some familiar faces on the starting line of the 3 laps crew at 7am. I myself had very low expectations (remember B race). My Strava time last year was 9:21 and my total time was around 9:40. So I was preparing myself for something along those lines + 10 or 15 minutes. Boy was I wrong. The gun goes off and our group rolls out. It was very steady and I was happy to settle into a good pace while I watched the front 5-6 guys disappear. I was sandwiched right in between 3 of my riding buds and we were chatting and catching up. As I entered Cedar Breaks the group had been slowly self-selected to be my riding compadre Barry, some dude in blue and myself. Much to my surprise I found the conditions for the Cedar Breaks rocks to me noticeably worse than the Hogg Section of rocks. Thus I opted to dial it back and be very calculated with my line choice. Barry and the dude in blue road away. I had a good ride through the hills after Cedar Breaks rocks and found myself picking up the pace as I entered Tejas. Behold, I rolled up on dude-in-blue and Barry. I motioned for them to jump on the train as I put my head down and pedaled with vigor. By the time we were approaching the rocks preceding the finishing area I noticed that I was all alone. I rolled into the pits and needed to make some adjustments. I really HATE to stop, but given the conditions and the event length it was simply necessary. As I fiddled with my digital tire gauge (I run 29+ and tire pressure is critical) and make adjustments, along with adding some high quality H20 to my electrolyte mixture, I notice out of corner of my eye Barry, dude-in-blue, and Davis (FJSnoozer) gathering up and heading out for lap 2 together. Dammit, I'm missing the train as it leaves the station! But I gotta do what I gotta do. So I quickly wrap up and then head out for lap 2. According to fuzzy math and my Timex, lap 1 was about 10 under (2:50). I had not intended to ride that fast. But the good news was that I felt like I had bought myself some margin for later in the race. As the pit area begins to fade behind me, I make a mental note to goes as steady as I can in hopes of catching someone/anyone from the group that had left before me. Deep into the Hogg rocks I found myself feeling really well. The trail had dried up a good bit and I was feeling pretty fresh. So I soldiered on. I make strong time across the dam, up the hill and into Cedar Breaks. Much to my surprise the Cedar Breaks rocks were comparably better too. So I let myself push the pace a bit deeper knowing that I could "rest" on the flats at the end of this lap. I get to those flats and upon never seeing anyone from the group I'm chasing, I decide to once again push it into the headwinds and subsequently along the tailwinds too. I made note that this could be a tactical error as I was finding myself going much harder over the course of this event than I'd planned. But since it was a B-race for me I figured I'd just roll the dice and fall apart wherever.... The only (3 lap) person that I saw during this entire 2nd lap was Noel Rueter. I had passed him on the side of the trail during first lap as he was changing a flat that occurred while he was battling for the front position. About halfway through lap 2 he returned the favor as I was taking a nature break in Sawyer Park. Much to my shock as I roll up into the pit area to start my transition into lap 3, Todd yell's out that I'm in 3rd place! WTF!? And he says Noel is just ahead... Shocked, I inquire about Barry, dude-in-blue and Davis. Come to find out Davis was only riding 1 lap...and nobody had seen Davis or DIB. I was pleased, but confused. Looks like lap 2 was coming in for me around 2 under (2:58). I quickly make my transition and head out onto lap 3. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. My biggest issue is my saddle/chamois/butt interaction isn't faring so well. But this is what you get signing up to ride 80 miles in rock infested trails. Or rather in my case, getting brow-beaten by my wife to come and ride 80 rock infested miles. My 3rd lap plan is to use my 13 minutes of built-up margin to turn in a bit slower pace, but still shoot for a 9hr event time. Seems entirely plausible. I can't see anyone in front, nobody in back, its just me and my bike, and some quiet suffering. About 2/3 way through the Hogg rocks section I find myself needing another bio-break. So rather than pull off into the woods, I decide to continue riding over to the other side of "that" big cove. Even though I'm skipping my natural modesty, it allows me to look quite far back onto the route on the off chance that anyone happens to be closing in. WTF?!? Here come 2 riders! They are far enough away that I really can't tell who they are. But at a glance, they look steady and determined. So I tuck myself back in and head off. I'm super bummed that I have now given these guys a rabbit to chase....and that my 3rd place finish could be challenged. I had already begun rehearsing my podium speech. My hope is that if I can just keep riding steady I *should* be able to keep the gaps the same. I mean after all, its 60 miles in and everyone has got to be tired, right? Once I exit the trail area and get onto the pathway that leads to the dam, I decide that if the gap has gotten closer, then I'm going to burn a match across the dam. In my mind that would show my dominance, which could lead to me developing enough of a lead to safely "hide" in the tech stuff that's coming up next in Cedar Breaks. I give it as much as I can. I lock out my fork, I place my elbows on my bars and I don't look back. I let that match burn across the levee, down the hill, up the climb and passed the metal gate. When I figure its safe to look over my shoulder, I take a glance back...WTF?!? This dude is about 50 ft behind me! I feel gutted. Now its HIS DOMINANCE thats been put on display. And I'm now with at least 1 less match. He comes around me about 1/2 mile into Cedar Breaks and I feel too demoralized to offer up a chase. Truth be told, my tactic had backfired and I simply knew that I couldn't keep *that* kind of pace for any amount of time. Therefore, I wad up my 3rd place acceptance speech and throw it into the trash can. Certainly I'm locked into 4th, right? Now that I've had my doors blown off by someone who seemed to kick my dog and make fun of my haircut as he passed by, I recall that I should still be within reach of my personal goal of a 9hr DS event time. I gather myself up and resolve to get back to riding steady through the jagged chunder. Pleasantly, I found that I had a decent amount left int he gas tank and I managed to pull off every technical section and climb from Cedar Breaks to Camp Tejas (except the BIG stairs after the Crocket Garden Springs). I found strong satisfaction in this accomplishment even though I could hear my crumpled up 3rd place speech rolling around in my mental garbage can. Once again, I lower my head into the wind and make war with the pedals as I churn along the flat to and from Tejas. As I was exiting the Walnut Springs detour I gave myself a moment to look back and check to see if the coast was clear. Yep, nobody there. My trusty Timex was showing about 20 min til my personal goal time and I felt some relief that the 3 lap flying monster was beginning to wane. As I downshifted to enter the final 1.5 miles of rock leading to the finish, I took inventory to recall that so far I've essentially ridden a no-dab 3rd lap. Could I find a consolation prize in completing the whole thing without a misstep? I steadily climb the first 2 tiered section. I'm tired, sore and slow, but I'm committed. Next up is the very techy section that today follows some mud pools. On a good day, I'm about 50/50 on this spot; today, I'd never even considered it. But this time, I'm all in. NOPE. Doesn't happen, not even close. Oh well, I'm just glad the camera guy isn't there this time to capture my disappointment. As I push myself around the rocks, I think I here a bike rattling 'over there'. But I determine that its my delirium getting the best of me. I finish out the last 1/2 mile in an uneventful manner. I cross the line to some cheers and accolades. I'm happy, but shattered. I'm cold and a bit hungry. And I finished in 4 place which is one spot better than last year. No sooner had I completed bathing in the finisher's applause, Mr Dude In Blue rolls up behind me! He's outa breath and saying that he's been chasing for a few miles. I honestly congratulate him on a great finish and I'm quietly pleased that he didn't snatch my 4th place speech and throw it into the proverbial trash bin too! After all, how could I face my bully wife with that news?!? After the hype of a few more finishers dies down, we find ourselves around the fire pit sharing stories and tactics. Much to my surprise, I find out that "the group" that I thought I missed at the start of the 2nd lap, was actually a figment of my imagination. He and Barry (and maybe another) had actually rolled off BACK TO THEIR CARS to refuel and such. Thus, I had been chasing a ghost for the entire lap! In the end, I think this was the catalyst in my over achievement for the day. I unknowingly through caution to the wind and it stuck. And if you were wondering, I was greeted with hugs and kisses from my wife as I darkened the doors of my house at 7pm. Luckily, I got home before the next batch of margaritas had been mixed up! ;) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Sorry for the novel, but its just what came out. :) Here are some interesting stats that I've found today after digging through the data. John Russell the winner finished in 8hr 20min. He set the fasted lap of the day (for 3 lappers) at 2hr 38min his first lap. He also recently won 24hr RHR on a SS (200+ miles!) Jason Schaller who was the guy that hunted me down and kicked my dog halfway thru 3rd lap, set the 2nd fasted time of the day....DURING HIS 3RD LAP! (2hr 45min) He bested my 3rd lap time by 22 minutes and went from 6th to 2nd in one lap. I ended up accomplishing my sub 9hr goal at 8hr 54min. Dude-in-Blue (Josh Eggar) is actually listed with my same time (8hr 54min). But he did come in about 10 seconds after. Given another 1/2 mile and we would have been sprinting for the finish after 9hrs of riding! *NOTE* these are all event times...not Strava times. In closing, I wanted to thank Todd and the volunteers for all the hard work. During the ride, I was thinking that it seems Todd feels about LGT the same way I feel about Thumper. They are our 'babies'....but mine is 5 miles long and near my house; his is 27 miles long and 30 minutes away! The local riding community is blessed to have someone who cares as much as Todd does. Until next time, -CJB
  41. Just got my new lighting installed... (I upgraded to an LED Edison bulb since this pic, soon to be paired with a dimmer)
  42. New roller section was added this week. With all the rain there's been lots of time to add new stuff. InShot_20181023_200307219.mp4
  43. this weekend's race down spider mountain will be your only chance to ride any of these butt puckerers for the rest of the year! HURRY UP AND REGISTER! and yes, its much steeper in person. 🙂
  44. Something that brought a smile. While I was out fishing at Brushy last night (yeah yeah, I know I should have been riding) I saw two very large groups of small children in some type of riding classes in the open field along the Brushy Creek Lake park. The instructors had them performing various drills through a set of cone courses, and from the sounds of it (all the way on the other side of the lake) the kids were having a grand time. I have no idea who was hosting this, but a great big set of kudos from me for doing it!! Kids need far more of this!
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