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  1. Wow. I did not know this was going to hit the forums yet. Yes, we cut in some trail before we went to Whistler for the summer. The trails are still rough and need work so if you ride, ride appropriately. Christ Church gave us (FR512) permission to build on their land and we will be adding much more (when it gets cooler - still haven't acclimated back to TX heat). In the meantime, if you ride there, please be respectful, don't ride/park in the parking lot. Enter either from Suburban Ninja or by the fire station. Having trails there is new for them and we want this to be a positive experience for them. We're still figuring out logistics. As it grows and we get more features in, we will be doing skills clinics and possibly Wednesday Night Rides with the Peddler. We have already had machines out there, but we would like to do much more. If there's interest, we will set up a Go Fund Me to accelerate our building and perhaps organize some dig days if anyone wants to pitch in and help. There is a lot of potential out there and we're excited to have progressive park-type trails so close to BC. BIG THANKS to Christ Church for making this available.
  2. Ok, once again my little dude surprised me today. We were heading to Brushy to ride and when we get there he discovered he forgot his helmet and Camelbak at home. So we turned around and headed back the house. Once home, he talks me into changing bikes and riding over to the WC pump track to play around. I escort him over there, get him situated and then take off for a short lap of Windy/Servere/BMX. When I get back he said he's got something to show me.....holy cr@p! I sorta panicked inside when I first saw him hit this jump!
  3. few spring clips . Having fun!
  4. This is a great point. @rugger, @First Blood, @HoneyBadger and all the other buttholes out there have poured a tremendous amount of energy and love into all the Brushy trails. Just a few years ago there was NOTHING there except a few deer trails and couple of rogue paths. Now, there is a world class trail system that has made the city of Cedar Park a destination. Even if all the builders stepped away from those trails right now, I would still contend that they should never pay for a beer in this town again. Wilco Parks and Rec will never understand exactly how lucky they were to have trails built FOR FREE that are enjoyable AND sustainable.
  5. New Bike Day was yesterday. First outing today on Peddlers and Picnic. Full suspension is going to take some getting used to. I did pretty much tie(4 seconds shy) my personal best running 17:50. Considering I felt all over the place and completely off riding it, that's not too bad. Rough stuff was WAY easier, I struggled in the corners. Gotta figure out cornering with the full suspension, it's a lot different than my hard tail. The few short downhill and drop sections on Picnic are much easier. All in all pretty happy!
  6. Big thanks to @HoneyBadger and his continued work on Peddler's Pass. Rode it for the first time in a couple weeks and it is just getting faster! Primo conditions yesterday. I was pretty excited yesterday to take the top spot on Strava for Peddler's for my weight class. Finally broke 17 minutes. Felt like I was flying. Weight loss helps! Dropped 45 pounds since Jan 1.
  7. Guessing maybe '77 My full squish Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. My four year old grandson got his new 16" bike today(up from a 12") from Peddlers in Cedar Park and he wanted to practice his mountain biking. That meant going off a curb and over a 2x4 for an hour straight!
  9. Just rode a couple of hours and only ran into one other biker on Deception (quite a few joggers though). Had to pass quite a few folks on Peddler's but that didn't take away from the enjoyment in the slightest. The continuous improvements on Peddler's never cease to amaze me. Felt so good to be back out on the trail after a 5-week absence.
  10. Passed this ditch that has heavily modified by skaters and I could no resist.
  11. Lincoln National Forest, Weed, New Mexico. 1989 or 1990.
  12. Just curious if I nailed the technique, or am I missing something?
  13. New bike day. Steel is real. 100mm fox 32 should be delivered today also. Decided to stay with 100mm rather than go to 110 or 120mm. Just feel like I’ll have it locked out a good bit on this bike, so stuck to factory spec. Ready to rip anything. Want some type of chain guide, may do the PNW one but it’s expensive. Just ordered a lizard skin chain protector and a Revelate designs top tube bag. Setting up tubeless tomorrow and my ISSI pedals will he here tomorrow also. Should be a fun bike. ETA: fork came in. I was worried this ridiculous 3.0 tire would fit in a non-boost 29er fox 32, but the bastard fits! Will take/add a few pics tomorrow.
  14. NARROW IS THE WAY Here's the latest line we've broken ground on. Not open yet, but soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  15. Sedona today. Slim Shady, HiLine, Hogs. Rowdy day.
  16. My daddy in 1953 with a bike he won at the 5 and dime store. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  17. New bike day! I took it easy on my first ride today and adjusted components as I went.....and promptly got rained on. You’re welcome for all the upcoming rain we will get. Guerrilla Gravity Smash carbon. 29x2.5, Gx eagle, Hope pro4 hubs, Hope brakes, one up dropper. Bought the frame and had James (formally of City Limit Cycles and now part of Velofix) spec out and build it up.
  18. Ok, I'll play along too.... Got back last week from a 10 day trip to CO. We called it a "greatest hits" ride. I'll let you decide. Early on we hit up Monarch Crest trail Then we went over to CB for some 401. Next up we were in Telluride for the annual Yeti Tribe gathering. Riding in the high alpine aspens. Then for a change of pace we ended up in Fruita riding some of the Kokopelli trail stuff
  19. New signage for Peddlers Pass is in the works. I'll probably start installing some time next week.
  20. FREERIDE512 is coming to Cedar Park! Christ Church of Cedar Park has graciously given us permission to build freeride mountain bike trails on their land. We've kept the effort quiet while we ramp-up, but word is getting out. Waivers are required to ride on the land (available at www.FREERIDE512.com at the top right of the nav-bar on the home page) but unlike our other parks, FR512 membership is NOT required because Christ Church wanted this to be free to riders. That being said, we (FR512) appreciate your membership, as that's how we fund resources to build trails. But again, membership is NOT required and we're just happy to have something new for y'all to ride! The trails/features are currently under construction, so exercise caution if you ride out there. We're at a point where we could use extra hands to expedite trail development. If you're interested in digging/building, please PM me or shoot us an email at FREERIDE512@mail.com (waivers are also required for work). We could also use hook-ups for wood and if any of you has access to machines, particularly mini excavators (the ground is very rocky, but we can run skid steers in some areas) please let us know! Also, for those of you who have seen the features, we will (as at FR512 @ RHR) have smaller features. We focus on building progressive lines intended to build rider skills in a challenging and fun environment. Christ Church is located at 201 Church Park Rd, Cedar Park, TX 78613 and the trails are accessible via the jeep road across from the fire station on Church Park Rd. About 50 yards in, you will see single-track to the right, which leads down to the jump line (Genesis) which is currently under construction. The park is also accessible from The Peddler Bike Shop via Suburban Ninja. The Peddler has a map in their shop. We look forward to seeing you out there! -The crew at FREERIDE512
  21. Pic from yesterday mornings ride. Long climb but nice cool temps.
  22. I know that we as parents can get proud of what our kids accomplish. After all, its pretty cool to see them take some "firsts" in the bike world or accomplish stuff that's new or cool to them (and us). There have been a few times were I sorta wanted to post up these things from my kids, but I just couldn't figure out a format that didn't seem....well...braggadocios. But after having a few off-topic discussions over in the PIF thread, I realized that others may be feeling the same way as me. Combine that with the fact I love to see other kids doing cool stuff and I decided to start this thread. Feel free to post up some cool $hit your kid has done. I'd love to check it out! To pick up where the comments in the PIF thread left off... I'll go first... Right on! Here is a photo of my youngest son Levi on the day he learned to ride his bike. He was 2 yrs and 11.5 mos old. He was my most advanced rider out of all 3 of my boys and my goal was to have him pedaling on his own before he was 3 yrs old. archaeology professor salary
  23. Come and listen to my story about a cat named Seth A poor mountain biker, almost sold his bike for meth, And then one day he was shootin down a trail, And up through the brush appeared a wooden tail A whale tail that is, wooden kicker, texas gnar Well the next thing you know seths the trail steward The mountain bikers said "Seth build some trail downward" Said "the fall lines are where the trails ought to be" So they loaded up the tools and built the pussy
  24. From El Paso this weekend. Mid-trail cactus flower: Top of the Northern Pass. I was trying to maximize singletrack this weekend, so I didn't hit Mundy's Gap, and instead hit the Northern Pass both ways. The wind up here is crazy.
  25. My 4yo has been getting more and more endurance since ditching the training wheeels. She's gone on a few 2.5 miles rides now. To increase our range so we can both enjoy ourselves I Jerry-rigged a bike rack on our trailer. As a bonus we can also use the trailer as a stroller and go on some longer walks while the kids ride with us. The 6yo is now hitting the trials really well. She's grown into the new bike quite a bit in the last few months. 20200502_111247.mp4
  26. Good Morning Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  27. Time flies when you're having fun! Blew away my previous best on PP this morning. Feels good to be back after so many setbacks this past year.
  28. I've been needing to update my profile...because this happened... Ripmo Custom Build List
  29. I had to be the 1st to post a pic of their bike and new signpost.
  30. I was thinking it might be beneficial to some of us to have a technical and maintenance thread. Especially for those of us who wrench their own bikes and for those who might want to learn to do their own maintenance and repairs. So let me kick this off with a little brake maintenance that I believe gets over looked but shouldn't be. This is something you may want to consider doing if you notice you have a brake pad dragging. A dragging brake pad may be an indication of dirty brake pistons sticking when trying to retract. To start I got on one of my bikes the other day and realized the brakes weren't as good as the brakes on my other bike. I was getting no stopping power when I would try to stop. The bike has been sitting unused for a bit so I figured the brakes may have gotten contaminated just sitting in my garage. I do a lot of house type stuff and vehicle maintenance in the garage. Step one was to remove the wheels and then remove the rotors. Once I had the rotors off I took some 180P grit sandpaper on a sanding block and sanded both sides of the rotors making sure I sanded of all of the old wear indication off both sides of the rotors. Once the rotors were sanded I used denatured alcohol (isopropyl works as well) in a spray bottle to remove any sanding dust making sure the rotors were clean. Don't touch your clean rotors with bare hands it'll transfer oil onto the surface you just cleaned causing the initial issue. I then remounted the rotors torquing them to spec for the rotor bolts. From there I moved on to cleaning the brake pistons (this is the part I believe gets overlooked). When cleaning the brake pistons you'll need to remove the brake pads and using the lever expand the pistons as far as possible out of their bore without causing them to come completely out. Sounds scary but not really, it's kinda hard to get them to come completely out. Once I have the pistons out far enough I take mineral oil which is what my brakes use as fluid on a q-tip and start to clean the pistons. Taking the q-tip and going around the outside of the piston where it slides into the caliper you want to get as much black brake dust and dirt off as you possibly can this also lubricates the piston. You can do this a couple of times cleaning with alcohol in between each time. Once the pistons are clean you'll need to use a flat object that fits between the pistons on the inside of the caliper and push the pistons back into the caliper. You don't want to pry when doing this, you want to push the pistons back in straight and square, prying can damage your caliper or pistons. When done make sure to clean the caliper thoroughly with alcohol wipe with a clean shop rag and then blow them out (canned air works fine for this). You can now install NEW BRAKE PADS, you don't want to use the old pads due potential contamination which is how we got here to begin with. Once the new pads are installed reinstall the wheel and move on to the next wheel. Once you've finished it's time to bed the new pads in. Bedding in is the process of depositing brake pad material onto the rotor without over heating it causing what's known as glazing. When bedding brakes in you want to get up to a good speed not screaming fast but relatively fast and apply even pressure on the brakes slowing the bike down but not coming to a complete stop. You'll need to do this at least half a dozen times, as you're doing this you'll notice the brakes working better each time until there is no noticeable difference. Once satisfied with how your brakes are working you're done and can now move onto the next step. Going out and riding your bike while feeling like you did something positive and rewarding. PS; if you notice that you still don't have good bite or soft lever with your brakes you'll need to do a brake bleed. Maybe next installment of this thread. Also if your brakes are working fine but you notice a pad dragging you can just go right to the piston cleaning procedure. Below is a picture of what the q-tips look like after cleaning my brake pistons. Hope this helps some people.
  31. OK, I'll play. About a year ago I was riding on the GB and I had a massive pounding around my groin. So bad I could hardly finish. Dr. Google told me that it was 95% probability that I had a hernia. Iced it down and did not have a problem. Basically rode every day, did a hard riding trip to Bentonville and never had another issue. I knew I was going to eventually have to do something about it but I was lazy and kept putting it off because it never came back. Then, at the R&I in February it hit again. Hurt so bad I could barely drive home. Doc said hernia. Surgeon said yep, and scheduled the surgery. I was literally at the hospital for the pre-surgery meeting when I heard about the first confirmed COVID cases in Austin. Decided to press pause and save PPE and resources for those in need (big mistake). Surgeries reopened and I was scheduled. Literally 3 business days before Abbott decides to halt all elective surgeries (but not close the bars, that happened a day later). I thought I was screwed. 24 hours later the doc calls. Surgery back on. Yesterday I was there at 5AM check in assuming it could all go south again. Totally relaxed, no issue. They wheel me into the OR and my hear goes from about 70 to 150. Holy crap this is.... I think I was awake for less than 60 seconds in that room, the next thing I see is recovery room. Got some oxycodone to take the edge off and since discharge have been on Tylenol/Advil. Up and walking, walked the dog last night. Just can do anything strenuous or lift anything for a while. The pain is less than post Enchilada Buffet pain, more sore than anything. While they can't really point to the definitive cause, I have to think that years of steep climbing and singlespeeding do not help my situation. If any of you think that you might have one, get it checked out. The surgery is all done with robots these days, I think the whole process was under 45 minutes and the recover is a piece of cake (so far). Knowing how much pressure mountain biking puts on your abdomen, don't mess around with this, take care of it because the process is minimal and the recovery is fast. I should be on a bike in 4 weeks and I should be cleared for trails in 8 weeks (but COVID will probably keep me off trails for now.)
  32. kids skills area off Sam Walton Blvd. My 5yo had a lot of fun and got to ride most of All American and some of the new wooden roller features in "phase 2"
  33. I designed and printed a few cable guides for my dropper. Routing is pretty limited on this bike so the guides are needed to keep it out of the suspension, rear tire and pedals. Testing two styles, hopefully tonight if the weather holds up.
  34. This thread is awesome. Allow me to introduce my little guy. 2 yrs 3 months coming down the alley at my brothers in Dallas this past weekend. IMG_1020.MP4
  35. In case you're wondering upon whom to blame the rain this week, well...it had to be done.
  36. I'm now at about the 10-month mark post injury / surgery and can confidently say that my recovery is complete. Just a few weeks ago I was still struggling to regain my form on the bike, but it seems like this past weekend with the temporary reprieve from heat and humidity, everything magically came together. On both my Sat and Sun morning rides I was killing all of the climbs on Double Down and nailing features that have challenged me since returning to full-time riding in Feb. I was back in that mode of giving it all throughout my ride and still yearning for more. I'm not noticing any residual effects from the hamstring reattachment or from the subsequent DVT / PE that set me back in Jan. Consistent HIIT and strength training at home over the past 7 months has definitely helped with my rehab and recovery. My HR was reaching 167 (at age 61) as I had struggled on rides during my recovery, and now my HR is peaking at 155 with only 5 minutes over the course of a couple of hours being in peak zone. It's amazing how much difference added leg strength, increased cardio, and lower body weight can make in overall performance. My goal now is to remain injury free - forever!
  37. I feel like I'm back in high school. Can we just not do this shit here anymore. I mean you guys do you. But maybe elsewhere . Or maybe I'm the one with the issue and just need to take a hiatus again. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  38. Well, great success. I bought a Spawn Banshee 16" on Craigslist. It took my daughter all of 10 minutes to get used to turning the pedals in a full circle and then she was riding like she had done it before. The 16" bike is big but with the seat slammed she can reach the ground. I'm glad I didn't buy a smaller bike. By the end she was pushing off to get started without my help. I'm not entirely sure she's physically capable of using the brakes. I tried adjusting the reach, but cable v-brakes aren't something I have much practice with. Brakes are a bad habit anyway.
  39. We've also using the smoker a ton. Brisket, turkey, chicken, pork shoulder, fatties, and whisky cheeseburgers in the style of BBQPitBoys--we followed them exactly except cheddar instead of swiss, and only 1lb burgers instead of 1.5lb. Now I really need to smoke up some salmon! Those whiskey cheeseburgers though!
  40. Thanks BMW, that was fun. Here's your bike back:
  41. Annnnd scene. Got a little setup work, but I have verified from my demo this morning that the Orbea Occam is THE best greenbelt bike in town. This is a 2019 (deal too good to pass up) and the 2020 is fancier and even more blingy. Fox fork and XT brakes, can’t be beat.
  42. I've been collecting DNA samples for your database for years now. I put them in little green bags next to the trail. Have you not been collecting them?
  43. I just checked the Leadville 100 results for 2019 and our own Hoss Kleinschmidt from Austin finished in less than 12 hours. I’ve ridden with Hoss on many occasions and he is a machine. Congrats to Hoss and all the other finishers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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