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  1. Trip is going well so far. The Pilot could use some heavier springs in the rear for this highway dips at 80MPH 🙂 MPG was awesome and the avg for our 1200mi so far is 20.4. It was my oldests birthday the day before we left so I got her a new ride. This Vitus bike is great. She loves it and the hand brakes were no issue for her. She switched from a coaster brake bike and 14” wheels. We’re working on shifting which she almost has done.
  2. Look atcha boi!! It aired on spectrum news last Friday. I didn’t get to see it until now. Pretty cool 🙂 https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2020/10/05/mountain-biker-hopes-to-elevate-sport-across-texas?cid=share_clip
  3. 79 hours without power and 30 hours (and counting) without water didn't stop me from getting in at least 1 good Walnut snow ride. This was the only time I was ever nervous about the Mark's Art log over! Riding in Walnut Wonderland. Breaking trail on .6. The good news is that all the deadfall from the first ice event and the first snow event (so until Wednesday morning) was cleared. I haven't been back since Tuesday so I don't know what the second ice event brought down.
  4. I have a pretty big and heavy hearted announcement. I’ve lived within a 10 mile diameter bubble in north Austin my entire life... with my lease ending on 5/27 after 5 years of being in my south round rock duplex, I went under contract yesterday to buy my first home. In Brevard, North Carolina!! I love Texas so much. My whole life and family Is here, cat mountain, all my friends and the awesome Texas mountain biking community is here. But Austin is changing and I see more success in my life on the eastern horizon. With some quick action, and the grace of god, I landed a 4bd/2b w 4 car garage on 2 acres in Brevard, North Carolina! Literally minutes from pisgah national Forrest, and epic trail systems right in my back yard. Not to mention, the east coast is littered with lift access bike parks! Im not walking away from Texas, but rather expanding my life and growing! @victoryracingevents is live and well, and will continue Texas operations and oversee cat mountain, with a few logistical changes. I love you all. This is so hard for me and bittersweet. my mom has always told me “you can’t win if you don’t play” I’m all in and sending it in full faith of my future to the other side of the country. I could write a novel, but i won’t. Just wanted to tell everyone my big news. I’d really love to have a race or at least a big group ride at cat mountain before I move, In celebration! Stay tuned for more details. my new house has an abundance of space, and pisgah is an absolute mountain biking Mecca and destination. I hope to see many of you up there one day! Stay tuned!
  5. For years when I find shit I try to locate the owner. Karma paid off today. 12 miles into my greenbelt ride today I reached around the my pack and felt an open pocket. The phone pocket. fuuuuuuu......... raced back to the car, raced home and jumped on the computer. Phone showed a location in an apartment complex, a place I had not been. I assumed I was screwed. Put the phone in “lost” mode, then called it. Someone found it on the trail and returned it to the apartment leasing office. I had it back in my hands in less than 20 minutes. Tragedy (and an expensive replacement) averted. Left a 20 for the finder, it’s a festivus miracle.
  6. Road gap at Coler in Bentonville. My wife doesn’t agree but I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Garner State park with my gals! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ninja hiding Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Rock garden on Bob Ross...done!
  10. Took the challenge Happy to share this Fck me fck you moment with ya’ll https://youtu.be/retLkabcLrY @rugger, @gotdurt, @First-Blood, @throet, @Chief, @WLemke, @schoolie
  11. The Northern Pass, Franklin Mountains State Park.
  12. Pretty much. County Commissioner's friend complained that I called him a fat fuck and that it would do him some good to USE the trails.
  13. Time to test out the resilience of the good weather forecasted this weekend. NBD is here! Called up cycle progression a few hours ago and they just got this Ripmo in stock. Made a bee line down there as soon as I got off the phone.
  14. There was a small EVIL bike owner's event at Spider Mountain. I used it as an excuse to get a few green and blue runs in on ChamoisHagar. It was a blast and a scored some nice swag and some real funny looks. It was super easy to put on the lift though!
  15. The only reason I can think that I would want to park there now was if I was participating in an unsanctioned downhill race on the HOL.
  16. Did 4.3 miles yesterday on Peddlers with my oldest. She wanted to do the "roller coaster section a 3rd time until I offered a bail out point near the parking lot and she realized how tired and sore she was. 😂 I was amazed she rode every single bridge and attempted the cedar A-frame twice! I can't wait to get her on the 24" Hotrock with a little travel and 7-gears.
  17. ride your ride, post a pic and be thankful for what you have.
  18. Ledges on Back 40 Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. It was pretty cool I must say to be contacted and interviewed by someone interested in hearing my story about mountain biking in my life! Enjoy the read if you would like to - https://medium.com/@zacharysisson/austin-texas-mountain-biking-interview-seth-buckner-1dc89ac87a49
  20. Beautiful Day in Vail. My hands are killing me after 35 miles of down hill madness.
  21. I spoke with a park ranger at the spyglass entrance yesterday. He said the reservations are only for the main entrances to keep crowds low at those access points. They do not check reservation stubs once you enter the Greenbelt. If you enter before 1030 or at any other entrance not listed you do not need a reservation. He said ride all day and enjoy the trails, just respect people’s space.
  22. Passed this ditch that has heavily modified by skaters and I could no resist.
  23. I designed and printed a few cable guides for my dropper. Routing is pretty limited on this bike so the guides are needed to keep it out of the suspension, rear tire and pedals. Testing two styles, hopefully tonight if the weather holds up.
  24. This thread is awesome. Allow me to introduce my little guy. 2 yrs 3 months coming down the alley at my brothers in Dallas this past weekend. IMG_1020.MP4
  25. The bonnets be poppin’ and we be packin’.
  26. Another trip down weird lane completed........ Built a 2nd bike for the wife to ride at some MTB parks this spring/summer when we get the needle. Most components are leftover parts I had laying around, and some other horse trades, with the only new parts being the handlebar, brake hose and pads. Waiting for a 300lb coil to show up saturday for a test ride. Stoked for her. 2018 Delirium Small DVO Jade 180mm Lyrik 27.5 DT swiss wheels Saint derailleur with one up cage XTR 10spd shifter 11-42 XT brakes 2.5SS & 2.6 DHF Works angleset 62.5* HTA 1194mm WB
  27. Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose.
  28. Stillhouse Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  29. Few things to point out... 1. As of right now trails are too wet to ride and will likely need all of today before they’re good to go. 2. You’re going to start seeing some changes to 1/4 Notch and Double Down to address the bypasses and trail widening that has occurred. There are some bypasses that will be left, a couple that Tommy and I blocked off today. More work to be done, so if you want to volunteer stay tuned! 3. I appreciate people going in and trimming face slappers but if it’s 2+” in diameter please reach out to me before cutting it. Somebody took a big branch down (see pic) to open an easier line in an area that was already easy. Now its wide enough to fit a car through. Just don’t muck with it. Also, huge thanks to Tommy (Cafeend) for the help this morning!
  30. Saw this porcupine at SATN, Mary Moore Searight the other day.
  31. You all realize there simply isn't enough real estate for alternate lines for every pebble and crack people seem to need a B line for?!
  32. Completely agree, Deception is going to need some work. Now for some good news... I have taken on the responsibility as trail steward of Deception (1/4 Notch + Double Down). This is recent and is largely due to the issues I’ve seen on the trail as a result of more trail users. I plan to address the bypasses in the next two weeks and will be out there quite a bit during this period to start planning how to address the large amount of trail widening that is occurring from people trying to take the “easier” path. I will organize workdays as needed. If you have any input let me know, but the good news is that there is going to be more focus on maintaining one of my favorite trails at Brushy.
  33. Saturday was a rare gravel day for me. Sunday was a fun partial EB spin with @Jessica. She stood uphill and took this photo of the St. Ed's exposure section. Riding in the tree tops.
  34. Pic from yesterday mornings ride. Long climb but nice cool temps.
  35. Come and listen to my story about a cat named Seth A poor mountain biker, almost sold his bike for meth, And then one day he was shootin down a trail, And up through the brush appeared a wooden tail A whale tail that is, wooden kicker, texas gnar Well the next thing you know seths the trail steward The mountain bikers said "Seth build some trail downward" Said "the fall lines are where the trails ought to be" So they loaded up the tools and built the pussy
  36. kids skills area off Sam Walton Blvd. My 5yo had a lot of fun and got to ride most of All American and some of the new wooden roller features in "phase 2"
  37. Ok, once again my little dude surprised me today. We were heading to Brushy to ride and when we get there he discovered he forgot his helmet and Camelbak at home. So we turned around and headed back the house. Once home, he talks me into changing bikes and riding over to the WC pump track to play around. I escort him over there, get him situated and then take off for a short lap of Windy/Servere/BMX. When I get back he said he's got something to show me.....holy cr@p! I sorta panicked inside when I first saw him hit this jump!
  38. View of Sierra Blanca taken from Cedar Creek Trails a little over a week ago.
  39. Rode almost 6 miles today with my 6yo. Started at Fern Bluff El. Rode down the stone canyon rough descent, then along the BCRT to Ankle biter. Walked the beginning with her and rode the rest. Then back to the BCRT at Champion and up the dam (walked a bit) and then played in the creek next to Mulligan. Had my wife pick us up from the skate park (as planned).
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