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  1. Switched after 20+ years from Camelback to Osprey for moral reasons. Had a ripped zipper and called them on their lifetime warranty. Brand. New. Pack. At. My. House. Now. Can't beat that! Fan for life now.
  2. I use Stan's, never really had a problem. My bigger issue is having some remnants hanging around on the rim that I miss after changing a tire. In general terms over the course of a week I tend to lose ~5lbs of air in my tires. So Saturday rides usually start with 5-8 pumps with a floor pump to get the pressure back to where I want it. I have never stretched the Stan's tape when putting it on, will need to start doing that in the future. I've used Gorilla Tape and was not as impressed, Stan's seems to be more purpose-driven for the actual task.
  3. I worked a lot with people doing AI and full self driving. The challenges are less technical and more ethical. Additionally FSD is not safer. There are two things that make it more dangerous, real drivers and standards. FSD is safer if 100% of the cars have FSD. But as long as there is some number of real drivers it is actually more dangerous because you can’t model real drivers, you can only model *most* drivers and that uncertainty causes huge latency and decision making problems. The other thing is standards. The only way FSD works is if there is a standard that all companies adhere to and all systems are interconnected into. Elon is not gonna give up his Crown Jewels, the only way it would ever work is if the government ran it. Which will never happen. Which is why we will never see your autonomous taxi or true FSD. It is not the technology it is the environment. We still have cars running on lead fuel and cars without seatbelts.
  4. There is a definite psychological aspect. I drink sparkling water in a heavy rocks glass on occasion when I don’t need a drink and the wife is having one.
  5. Ok, text me in the morning and I will put it out for you.
  6. I drive 3-4K a year and bike 5-6. I would gladly become a 1 car household but the wife disagrees with me. It is mostly a convenience thing and not needing to plan around car use. We tend to both need it around the same time of day when I do drive.
  7. Yeah, I think all the people that bitch about EV range re: road trips are 100% wrong. Why are you buying a car that you spend tons on in gas and maintenance just so that once a year you *might* want to take a road trip. Buy for the 99.9% of your trips that are under 10 miles and for the one or two times a year that you need a long range car, freakin' rent the car. You get a relatively new car, with nationwide roadside assistance and if there are any problems on the trip they'll swap you out with a new one. The range argument is probably the stupidest argument that I have ever heard. The reality is that there is a very, very small part of the market that drives, consistently, more than 300 miles a day. Very small. BMW was the smartest when they started selling EVs with the option to rent a gas BMW for the weekend if you ever needed it. I'm going to bet that all of these dealers figure this out soon. They already have a fleet of loaner cars for repairs.....
  8. Anyone need an Amazon Kindle reader? I have an unopened one, 10 years old. I think it is a nice one, smaller, probably paper white display. Let me know.
  9. It's yours, ping me if you don't remember the address. Out there now.
  10. Apple TV, 720p output. in box, works fine. Perfect for watching videos or streaming music in the garage while you work on your bike.
  11. I said profits not revenue. Over time. My position stands. Also, if you still think that gold was a better investment, let's take a look at gold vs. the S&P. From 2014 to 2021 gold is up ~42%. That is pretty impressive, a nice place to put your money. Except for the same time period, the S&P500 is up ~130%. That is essentially a 3X better performance. And I seem to recall you saying to gold was a long-term play, so over the long term, it has done substantially worse than the general stock market. Remember to pick up some habanero salsa when you get my tacos.
  12. I'll bet against Elon most of the time. He is not a dumb man but he constantly overplays his hand. Tesla made most of their profits over their existence selling offsets and energy credits, not selling cars. The "can't do anything wrong market leader" really was the first company to establish a beachhead without having any true competition because the rest of the companies had an ICE technology to contend with. The next 5 years will show the gap closing and the EV market making a dramatic change. Tesla does not have the scale that the other guys do. Will be interesting.
  13. The best hiding place I have seen is in a bottle holder. But I would think when a bike gets stripped those disappear quickly so the utility is really very limited.
  14. Yeah, I am continually stunned by the number of times I see someone posting a picture asking if anyone knows this person who took their package. Like somehow we all hang out with these slimeballs. Big ass locks and chains do a much better job of deterring theft, technology has a pretty crappy track record and I am a tech guy.
  15. There are now backpacks with air tag capability built in. I would expect that you'll find the same for bikes, but the real question will be the intrinsic value if the bike is stripped. The air tag is now tracking the seat post instead of the bike.
  16. Are there any existing trails is this area right now?
  17. Buckethead is the best local IPA in my opinion, and it packs a good punch.
  18. Bikes are a better target than cars these days. You can fill a container with them and ship them south without *much* trouble. Try doing that with a car. Cars are far more obvious and, most importantly, have VINs. Every single car is registered and probably 99% of the stolen cars are reported. So a car with a VIN, even in a container, is a much more dangerous thing to ship. One Honda CRV would probably net as much as 6 high end bikes on the black market. Which would be cheaper and easier to ship? The biggest differentiator is probably the fact that most stolen bikes are reported stolen but many of them do not have the serial numbers, nor is there any kind of true national database. If they catch a container full of bikes at the border they have little or no way to check validity. But a stolen car has a VIN stamped in several places.
  19. This is totally not the kinda place that I would ever ride. But I donated. Because somebody will ride here and they deserve it. Everyone should kick in some money, how can you say you support the sport without actually supporting it?
  20. I totally disagree. I believe that the current GPS technology requires you to charge at too frequent of an interval to be of value. Bikes are rarely stole (in aggregate) so there is good odds that if yours is, you will not have charged the GPS at the right time. Further, unless the police have an eyewitness account, they will not track your bike down, even if you tell them where it is. Just ask anyone with a stolen iPhone that literally stood on the front porch of the house indicated in the "Find my iPhone" app and had the cops decline to do anything about it. And in TX you have to assume everyone is armed, especially thieves. How badly do you want to find out? Locks. Big ass locks. And insurance. Those are your best defenses.
  21. If it is what you are looking for, then in today's world, pull the trigger. I think about it this way - if it is the "bridge" bike that gets him into riding, heavily, then it is a great thing. If it is something that he will not ride then you are wasting your money. You have two challenges right now: 1.) current supply chain and industry issue means lack of supply and 2.) kids are growing and bikes are a challenge for that dynamic. If you think this is the be-all, end-all bike then take a pass. If you think this is the bike that keeps him interested in the sport, then there is no reason not to pull the trigger.
  22. My knee/shin is starting to heal up. Only a flesh wound, but basically what I should have expected.
  23. If you have a Tivo you can use this little toy to stream/download shows to your phone or tablet.
  24. The purge continues. Who needs a gigabit switch, 5-port. The sweet part is that it is powered by a mini USB so if you are sticking it somewhere that you do not have an extra power outlet, you're good.
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