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  1. Where's the video? Asking for a friend.
  2. My Lap times PR before race: 20:51 (pre-build) 21:52 (95% new build complete) Race Times: 19.38 20.14 19.58 I actually really like the Start/Stop that was used for the race. Somehow I think it helped me use my energy a little differently and I found it easier to "sprint" on sections I was usually tired out on. Kudos again to @HoneyBadger, @DesertNomad, AJ/ Peddler Bike Shop, KOM, Al the announcer dude and all of the trail marshals. The trail, event and the whole day went really well. My only hiccup was not reading the class times... I definitely showed up at 6:45am ready to race. 🤣
  3. I'm not even sure if that's him, looks almost like a molt.
  4. It's a chunk of fish. It looked like some one gutted a fish and left big bits.
  5. I'm sold! I got the GS-1 and did 3 laps on PP during the race today and got 3 PRs. Normally I would need to stop 1/3-1/2 of the way through and recover from the numbness in my hands, especially my right hand. Today the numbness was 98% gone. It came on much slower and I was able to relax my grip without loosing control or slowing down. If I was consciously keeping my grip more relaxed the numbness wouldn't come back. I had them angled pretty high, felt great while standing, a little odd while sitting but not bad.
  6. This guy was eating breakfast just around the corner from PP.
  7. Nope, same difference though, won't hurt ya.
  8. From my education on the FB ID groups I'd say it is a Diamondback Water Snake, Non-Venomous. Eats Fishes and Frogs.
  9. This brings up a good point. For us racer noobs what do we need to bring with us besides the obvious bike/gear on race day?
  10. Well, if they're good enough for Seth, then they are good enough for me (plus amazon had them on free same day shipping).
  11. Oh man, I didn't know they had so many versions! If I can't find some locally or online I'll get a hold of you @throet since you are near me. Thanks everyone!
  12. Anyone have a pair of these I could borrow for the Peddlers Pass race this weekend? I went to order them on Amazon and they are back-ordered for a week.
  13. Question, Where will the Start/ Stop be? I heard under Parmer but then I heard it was moved.
  14. I think that some of you might enjoy this artwork I saw at the store today, especially @MrTheCatLady
  15. Dirt conditions were super primo this morning. Temps warmed up quick though. I got my 2nd best time this morning (21:52). I'm happy considering I nearly endo'd 2x in quick succession in the creek bed, my lack of riding for me in the last 2 months plus I took a quick breather to let someone pass me. According to Strava he's in the top 3 on the segment so I don't feel so bad. I am still getting used to the new trail. A few of the new sections are really great; good timing, good flow, well thought out. A few are really rough but I'm sure will bed in over time.
  16. It was perfect this morning!
  17. So here's the results, a big thank you to @Shinerider for loaning a front wheel. What is it?: Probably a mistake and hopefully temporary What Did I do: I put my 26r 2012 Fox Talas (150/130/110) from my FS on my 27.5" HT in place of the original 100mm RockShox TK Silver Why: I wanted to experiment with a long travel HT and/or a 130mm fork on my current HT. Results: Good so far, other than my steerer tube being WAY too long for the frame. I'm going to try on the trail soon hopefully. Side Note, the 27.5 wheel fit just fine on the 26" fork, even with the mudguard.
  18. The weather was pretty dang nice this morning. Kind of sucked getting in my car to go to work...
  19. That's pretty amazing to watch. Must watch a few times to appreciate 1) the riders 2) the trail 3) the drone pilot
  20. Careful talking about Yaks with dry saks, you'll get the resident goat herder excited...
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