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  1. Stans, doing its job. Didn't notice the thorn (~1" long) until I went to check my sealant. I pulled it out and the hole seemed too small for bacon so I rolled the wheel around and the sealant closed it up.
  2. Made a first go at an angled mount for my new wheel holder tool. This makes tubeless maintenance WAY easier. Pleased with the angle/usability but it's not quite "shop grade" enough for me. Plus my kids like to paint wood while hanging out with me in the garage and if they find out I used their rainbow block...
  3. That ticks me off and it's not even mine... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/336329072049338/ I
  4. Looks fun! I need to get out there, it's been awhile.
  5. https://roundtherocktx.com/behrens-ranch-mountain-bike-trail.html
  6. 70° and 53% currently. Y'all better be hittin the trails this morning.
  7. Too wet I think. I rode the SN race last night and used one of my bottles to splash my back and chest with water, with the temp and tech shirt I was bone dry after 15-20 min so I kept repeating. Did wonders to keep my core from overheating.
  8. I checked out the first race today, the riders looked HOT. I registered for next week, rethinking my water strategy....
  9. I've never quite been in the same situation, but in the short term I've had a few experiences where I didn't properly hydrate after donation and I felt it bad. Almost passed-out just walking in an airconditioned mall once. I can imaging it being worse after riding given how much of a toll the heat takes on me. I remember reading an article about pro-athletes and it said that Hydration for them started days in advance of an event and recovery was the same. Add loosing a good amount of blood and it doesn't shock me.
  10. Yeah, I've been identifying parts of the lawn that struggle/ need excess watering and eliminating them /planning on eliminating them and replacing them with xeriscape or drought tolerant plants. My goal is to keep lawn only where it's easy to keep happy and healthy. And yes, no "Tree Volcanos"! I had already planned on refreshing the mulch yearly as it breaks down. It's from Austin Wood Recycling and was recommended by my arborist/friend. What's your recommendation just sprinkle the compost in with the mulch as I refresh it?
  11. Been lurking in this thread because I like seeing the progress. I finally realized that I have my own project to share. Had the fence replaced/extended, took out a bunch of struggling lawn and replaced it with mulch and some drought tolerant plants. Also, added a potting bench which has been really useful. I have a few details to finish but I'm really happy with the change. Hopefully I'll be able to get the plants established through this summer...
  12. My Mother's side is from there, lived in Ely in the Winters and ran a cabin fishing resort on the border in the now superior national forest in the summers.
  13. So I purchased my way into going tubeless at least on one of my bikes. I have sealant and am having fun figuring out that learning curve. However, for larger punctures are y'all packing bacon strips? What's your favorite trailside tool for installing them?
  14. Get your ride in soon, this afternoon will be wet.
  15. One of the best things I did on my current (33yo) and previous (53yo) homes before getting them painted was clean up the coax and phone. Looks so much better!
  16. Lots of different lock washers, most are garbage and a bandaid on a Fastener/joint issue. Split washers (shown in the article) are the worst kind garbage. I've been lurking on this thread waiting for the experienced SS riders to comment. I agree, sounds like braking force is the issue here. Motorcycles from the 60s/70s use a very similar chain tensioner bolt but rely solely on the rear axle (~17mm Dia) torqued to 40-60 ftlbs. Adding friction by removing/scuffing paint and using friction paste is a great idea in these smaller bolted joints with high loads.
  17. I'd love to see your homemade Jig! Share some pics!
  18. Obligatory staged photo for my desktop background.
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