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  1. Yeah, went to college in Bellingham, WA, 20 minutes from the Canadian Border. when 50+ Spring qtr hit everyone was sunbathing in the lawns in swim suits.
  2. Rode dirt bikes from 12 to 25 and I still want to do this on my MTB in turns: Hump the gas cap and swing the inside leg out. The Endura Race Cornering clinic was SO good in retraining my brain for MTB.
  3. This guy just got mentioned last week: https://www.812mtbsuspension.com/
  4. Just got back from SN, definitely started thick and humid but improved. Trails were dry but not dusty.
  5. I've got both, the 3D Printed one (which isn't my design) is the one I reach for the most, it works really well.
  6. This particular design costs pennies to make, I'd rather enroll beta testers for feedback. Do you have the same situation? I would just need your seat tube OD (Outside Dimension) in mm. Thanks for the feedback everyone, just got back from a great ride on SN and the guides held up great.
  7. I designed and printed a few cable guides for my dropper. Routing is pretty limited on this bike so the guides are needed to keep it out of the suspension, rear tire and pedals. Testing two styles, hopefully tonight if the weather holds up.
  8. No rain east of Brushy since the sprinkles mentioned earlier. Anything Westside?
  9. Rim is a 26" tire has no wear but has dry rot.
  10. Any interest? Picked it up off the curb and stripped what I needed. Its a high kwality mongoose if you can't tell. Located east of Brushy.
  11. Didn't you know? Eagles eat snakes!
  12. Are you the guy offering MTB lessons on Facebook?
  13. Seems, somehow out of place...
  14. No, mine (all 100mm of it still works) it just froze once.
  15. Just poking around, I'm trying to upgrade my 27.5 HT. A year ago I put my 26" Talus with a borrowed 27.5 wheel. I really liked the jump from 100mm to 130/150mm. I'm looking for a fork or fork wheel combo. Fork has got to be a 1-1/8" straight steerer which really limits it I know. If its a QR wheel then I can reuse my current wheel, otherwise I'll need a wheel to. Got anything cheap/free?
  16. I've had a KS eTen for 5-6 years? Only thing I've done to it besides wipe down the stanchion was smack it with a mallet when I didn't ride for 6 months and it got stuck up. That was 3 years ago, it has definitely developed some seat rotation play but I never notice it riding, only when moving my bike by hand. My next dropper will probably be a BrandX or PNW (same thing?) I like the non-moving external routing.
  17. Suburban Ninja has sprinklers! (parts of it anyway)
  18. Bah! No need to me demoralized by your local bike shop tech, change your own tube! Without removing the wheel!!! https://www.amazon.com/Huffy-Bicycle-Company-Quick-Change/dp/B07GVV7NXD/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&dd=8pc4r0HU3NNyEFqnMH-cfQ%2C%2C&keywords=26x1.95%2Bbike%2Btube&qid=1591992284&refinements=p_90%3A8308921011&rnid=8308919011&sr=8-1&th=1
  19. It's us closet Taco Fanatics you really need to worry about.
  20. I have one bike with a front flexy fender and one without. In the PNW it was key for keeping mud minimal, here it's just nice for the occasional water crossing, etc. I keep meaning to put on on my other bike.
  21. I saw this ad on FB along with a few others for guys offering to "tune up" bikes etc. from their house. This ad takes it a step further. I know there is an actual local guy who does mobile bike repairs, what's your thoughts on this? https://www.fixmybikeathome.com/
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