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  1. Don't know if this still applies but my understanding is that a product can say made in XYZ country if the final process happens in the country claiming manufacture. LOOK bicycles are French bicycles, the higher end carbon models are manufactured in Tunisia but they are painted in France allowing them to claim "MADE IN FRANCE". I would think that this could apply to any country.
  2. The common flu is something that many of us already have some degree of antibodies for because we've encountered it year after year. This is a whole different animal due to the fact that we have no antibodies for it at all because it's new "NOVEL". We can spit back and forth about the whole mask thing but please be reminded this is only just starting. I think we're in this mind set that because it's been around for 6 months that we must be getting near the end of this. Our lack of clear leadership or a plan is not helping either. Less than 10% of the world population has gotten this and to reach "herd immunity" we need to be at 60-70%. We have a long road ahead before things become "NORMAL" again. The US is currently experiencing the highest daily infection rate of any other wealthy country At 40k per day for four of the last five days. The worldwide death count is already at 500k close to the yearly world wide death rate from the flu. There is going to be more than a million people dead if not millions by the time this is over or we find a vaccine. So the only thing we can do to mitigate this is what we are currently doing, staying home if possible, social distancing, wearing masks, keeping good hygiene. According to the numbers we're not doing very good at any of these things. The flu is a smoldering ember compared to what this is or could be which is a raging oil fire. Or better yet magnesium.
  3. Chief

    Random Dogs

    That is definitely a random dog.
  4. Saharan Dust...is this considered racist?😆
  5. Got 5 four packs in the pantry closet. Wife and I like it room temp. Has a nice booziness to it.
  6. People aren't wearing masks because this is all a hoax. You know a hoax that the entire world is in on.
  7. DT Swiss XM1501 for complete XM481 for just hoops or custom build. 30mm internal width.
  8. This disease has markers in its makeup that enables scientists to know where any particular strain came from. So I'd have to think that somewhere else in the world it is the US flu.
  9. If that's a sleeved joint wheel that could be the problem. I've been using 3M 8896 basically kapton tape.
  10. Not all N95 masks are vented. There are non vented ones also. P95 and N95 both filter the same amount and particle size 95%. N95 is medical P95 is industrial. I've worn these types of masks most of my working life including dual cartridge respirators. And yes the valved masks are useless to both the wearer and the general public.
  11. Commercial properties are already feeling the crunch. There's a high percentage that are already in default but this is just an acceleration of what was coming anyway. Even before covid, malls and retail stores were feeling the effects of the ease for people to make purchases online. The lockdown just showed many people that they don't need to go anywhere to purchase the things they need. It's just another phase of the evolution of businesses.
  12. I think Texas as a whole shutdown too early from media driven panic. We could have waited until now when we really are starting to see an uptick of cases. I totally agree with you that this shut down reopen shut down again repeat will have a greater effect on the economy than a properly planned course of action which it seems none of our leaders has a grasp of. Just curious what happened to common sense? Oh wait, never mind we gave that up for smartphones.
  13. What tape are you using? It only takes one spot to leak to cause something like that.
  14. The Aeffect cranks have a spacer on the drive side that has a specific orientation. It has a red line on it and a shoulder on one side the shoulder needs to face the BB. That may be a reason for it being an issue. I have the Effect cranks on my hardtail and have had no issues.
  15. I have two Brand X droppers the one on my FS is three years now with no service and no issues. I use mine all the time. Had a KS Eten that started having issue after eight months.
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