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  1. Most of these riders will ride these types of features regardless of whether there's money involved or not.
  2. I feel the same way. Electronic anything aside from a way to track miles takes the purity out of cycling. We don't need electronic shifting or electronic suspension or any other electronic device to enhance our riding experience. What enhances our riding experience is having a great day on the bike. Maybe you finally cleared a feature that you never have before, or maybe you rode more miles than you ever have before, or just enjoying a beautiful day not doing the normal day to day things. These are the things that enhance my riding not some electronic device that is supposed to make riding a bike more fun. If I want a motorcycle I'll buy one. On a side note self driving cars are right around the corner😂
  3. Get a set of the Pedro's plastic levers they're strong AF.
  4. Why'd you get her a sled? It rarely snows in Texas 🤣
  5. I don't have any problems with IPA's aside from the fact that I don't like them. Drink what you like everybody is different😉
  6. If you can ever find it I'd recommend Kasteel Tripel. 11% blond tripel malty yeasty goodness.
  7. When talking beer I'm pretty sure everyone knows what I mean by AB. If that's a mark of shame, well let the shaming begin!
  8. Firestone makes some good stuff. They were bought by Duvel Mortgaat a Belgian brand and it seems that they let them keep doing what they like instead of being bought by someone like AB were they only care about market share and want the brewery to fall in line with what sells. This unfortunately happened to Middleton brewing not that they were bought by a big conglomerate but Middleton used to do some good Belgian styles before the other investors steered them in the direction of the status quo. Boulevard is also owned by Duvel Mortgaat and they do some really good brews. I know I'm out of the norm for what people think is good beer, I don't like IPA's at all and IPA's were not brewed for any other reason than to preserve the beer for the journey from England to India when Great Britain was settling India. There is no such thing as an IPL or a dark IPA these are just brewers renaming a beer for the sake of "being different". On another note I just got back from a trip to LI and there's a brewery there that specializes in Belgian style beers. They do a Quadruple that is probably the best quad I've had, along with a fantastic dubbel. All of the breweries beers are brewed with locally sourced ingredients from Long Island farms. This brewery is also currently brewing beer with yeast from 130 years ago that was found in beer that was on a ship that sank off the coast of LI in the 1800's. https://www.bendbulletin.com/business/this-beer-started-with-131-year-old-yeast/article_c919ad5e-ca54-5035-998a-07134d5e208f.html
  9. Sounds like Forbidden is in bed with the PDR tool companies🤣
  10. A different saddle to bar height would be something that could cause back issues. The need to generate more power can also cause back problems. Different stack height could potentially cause you to be more weight forward on the bike causing back issues. Bar rise and stem length are also something to consider along with TT length a longer top tube will cause you to stretch out more putting stress on your lower back.
  11. Ahh yes that's right Jeremiah. He was always a dick to me right from my first visit to Nelo's.
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