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  1. Chief

    Anyone use a PNW dropper?

    I've got two but they're BrandX. Same exact dropper only cheaper. Chainreaction had them on sale for $107.
  2. Chief

    Brushy Creek

    Because "Eighth Notch" was already taken.
  3. Chief

    Merry... Ahh... Safety First...mas?

    But... it says pro grade multi use😂
  4. Chief

    Bad news for town lake

    I just saw scooters as far north as 183 and Burnet Road yesterday. 183 and Burnet Road? Pretty busy place for these ridiculous transportation devices. As far as injuries you never see any of the people riding them wearing a helmet. We seem to think because it's not a car or motorcycle you don't need a helmet. Most fatal and serious head injuries occur at less than fifteen MPH. People that ride these things without prior experience or a helmet are just giving us an example of Darwins theory in action. I think all it's going to take is a few good lawsuits to curb this latest fad.
  5. Chief

    Brushy Creek

    Rode this morning. 1/4 notch has usual standing water in low shaded areas other than that GTG. Get out and ride!
  6. Chief

    Buds Required

    How about a little metal with your funk?
  7. Chief

    Buds Required

    saw these guys at Stubb's 2008
  8. So far Nobby Nics have been a pretty good tire for here. Longest lasting tires I've had yet. No missing or torn lugs. Maybe not the grippiest but they do Ok.
  9. Chief

    Buds Required

    At this show for my first concert.
  10. Chief

    Buds Required

    Love the guitar in this. Kinda chilling and eery.
  11. Chief

    Buds Required

    Gilmour is my all time favorite guitarist. Plays with so much feeling truly loves playing his guitar. I got to see him do this live at Yankee stadium for the Division Bell tour. Always a great show.
  12. Chief

    Brushy Creek

    Yeah, it rained pretty hard for a short time. Had some hail in it also. I would think the rocks are gonna be slick as sh*t.
  13. All kidding aside fiberglass might be the best choice. I have a Mattock with one of these handles that is virtually indestructible. http://www.nuplacorp.com/products/digging-maintenance-handles/ This company also has epoxy kits for installing.
  14. Chief

    Brushy Creek - Fri Mornings

    Can't make this week.