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  1. I'm guessing somebody got seriously injured and they got removed due to liability issues. I was there last fall and watched a girl do a header off the middle one. It looked like she may have broken her collarbone, she was with group of people and they got her out of there. After seeing that my first thought was that this will not be here forever.
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    Anybody know how to stop this. I get this every time I try to upload a picture. And by stop it I don't mean using a third party website. Third party site is a huge pain in the ass. It has to be something with this website because I don't get it anywhere else. It's F@%king annoying. I'd like to upload pics but don't because of this.
  4. It looks like there may be a bent tooth at the 16 second mark in the video. It looks like one tooth is bent outboard. A bent tooth would definitely cause some shifting issues.
  5. AHHH.... the technology never stops progressing. I love indexed steering!🤣
  6. Working on bikes is part of the enjoyment of being a cyclist for me. When I was a kid I was the neighborhood bike mechanic this included mini bikes too. I'm in NW Austin if you need some help.
  7. Chief

    Elon on SNL

    The way we behave and the amount of damage we've done to this planet in such a short amount of time leads me to believe we will not have as much time here as the dinosaurs did. We talk about colonizing other planets but I think the money and brainpower to do that would be better utilized to fix all the damage we've done here. Or I guess we'll treat all planets the same way we treated this one, as a disposable commodity. Bill Hicks said it best "we're a virus with shoes".
  8. Between the summer heat and possibly another cold winter storm I don't think a lot of the effected trees will make into next year. One thing I've noticed from the trees in my neighborhood is that it appears that the builder trees are the ones that suffered the most. All of the oaks that I see struggling including mine were the trees the builder planted.
  9. 760 is the sweet spot for me. Plenty of control and gets through the tree gates fine.
  10. Like new Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate 210x50. Has 5 rides on it. Asking $475. This shock in this size is currently $579 new if you can find one. PM me if interested and I'll text pics. Can't upload to this site for some stupid reason.
  11. +1 for DMR Vaults. Going on four years now and no play all pins are intact and they look like they've been through hell.
  12. Chief

    Random Dogs

    Try some CBD tincture for the arthritis. My husky started having seizures years ago and the vet put him on phenobarbital. The phenobarbital made him nuts so I did some research and got him CBD. He was having two to three seizures a week before the CBD and now has a seizure maybe once every four months or so. CBD would probably help with the day to day pain.
  13. Been watching this guy lately. Completely out of his mind but pretty entertaining.
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