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  1. If you use a suspension fork with the same A to C as your rigid fork it will steepen head angle at sag and steepen it even more under braking and compression. I personally would go with a fork that has an A to C that is the same or slightly more as your rigid when set to desired sag. I would go +13, -3 steepens head angle. Stock head angle is also a factor.
  2. This would be my second choice from the Chamois Hagar. Adjustable geo via fork axle flip chip. Cinelli King Zydeco.
  3. I saw that Peddler had moved some of their display counters up against the entrance doors to prevent walk ins. I know this because I went to Redhorn to get some beer😁 they're set up the same way.
  4. Same here it's allergies. I get it right around this time every year. More of a sinus irritation.
  5. Attempted to ride my gravel bike on the hike and bike at Brushy yesterday, OMFG!!!! Every heel peddling, helmet less, I haven't been out of the house in 10 years m'fer was out on the trail. I mean packs of people everywhere. The YMCA parking lot was full to capacity. I had to turn my gravel ride into a road ride and I'm thinking that might be what I do from now on. So many people on the trail that the road was a safer option! Once again INSANITY!
  6. My mother in law who is 82 doesn't live in assisted living but lives alone in East Quogue/Westhampton beach Long Island. My wife and her speak every week to each other. When this was just getting started she asked my wife if she could go to get her hair done, my wife's response was NO. My wife gets a call from a friend of her mother telling my wife that her mother has been going out everyday to go shopping and to the bank and who knows where else and that my wife needs to tell her to stay home. My wife explained that she tried to tell her but there is nothing she can do if she won't listen. I believe that if the country had taken appropriate action to this right from the beginning we wouldn't have these kinds of issues. There is too much contradicting information as to how bad this situation is and that's why we have people going to spring break, Mardi Gras and filling up public parks when we should all be sheltering at home. INSANITY!
  7. What size shock? I have a 184x44 monarch rt3. No trunnion or metric.
  8. I've been riding the hike and bike on my gravel bike and I'm dumbfounded by the number of people without helmets. Saw a mother with three young children and a tag along not one of them had a helmet.
  9. Ok Im done with you! Go Fuck Yourself!
  10. Road and MTB free hub spacing is different. Road cassette is too wide for MTB free hubs. You may be trying to mount an MTB cassette to a road free hub. Hope free hubs require a 1mm spacer for certain Shimano cassettes. I have a few 1mm spacers if you need one.
  11. Dicks are his lays potato chips.
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