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  1. This is a good one for any of you out there that enjoy a proper Belgium Trippel. Brewed using blue agave nectar. Very well balanced, not too sweet not too hoppy nice maltiness, and is as good warm as it is cold (for you room temp drinkers)😉 Found this at Total Wine Lakeline.
  2. Yeah, I contacted Revel and they responded that the fork was spec'd for a center lock hub with an internally splined lockring. I swapped the hub to center lock and found a TRP lockring that works. Yeah I was a little bummed when I discovered all of this. I thought this build would be an easy parts swap, instead it turned into a complete new build. So anyone looking to get a Revel Rover frame be aware that it requires center lock hubs or at least the front one.
  3. His bike is so light he needs weight to meet UCI regulations🤣
  4. Is that a Vittoria tire? Goma maybe?
  5. If it needs to be chilled it's probably not worth drinking. Both my wife and I prefer our beer on the warmer side. But we also don't typically drink anything below 10%. I feel the bigger beers are much better warmer than cooler, for me the cold actually takes away from the flavor profile. I've taken the philosophy of drink better, drink less.
  6. Seeing as the previous gravel rig saw a fair amount of trail time i'd say that rain can definitely happen with a new gravel bike, maybe not so much with a road bike. Haven't built up a road bike since 2007. This one is not 100% complete yet. I'm waiting on a center lock front hub to swap out the 6 bolt. The 6 bolt hub doesn't work with this fork, the rotor bolts just hit the mounting bosses for the caliper.
  7. That Utopias is very good. I like to start with my beer chilled and as it warms you get to taste all the different profiles. Boozy beers are usually my go to.
  8. I may or may not have been the cause of recent rains, but I have no regrets. This is why.
  9. 2017 Private Jake asking $1700. Frame is a 51cm, top tube is 53.5cm, 42cm handle bars. Full SRAM Rival 11 speed with cable actuated hydraulic discs TRP HD/RD. FSA carbon seat post, wheels are set up tubeless. Aluminum frame w/carbon fork and sliding dropouts. This would make a great bike packing bike, it has mounts front and rear for bags. Bike shows like new no damage anywhere. More pics available for anyone interested. PM me.
  10. Have you tried a couple of lock washers under those bolts?
  11. eBike this eBike that! What have you guys got against unchecked capitalism? Geez you all sound like a bunch of commies🤣.
  12. You're welcome to take for a spin through Brushy.
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