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  1. That's fine I get your point. Not arguing or saying that what you're trying to do is wrong. I'm just saying for me the length doesn't really effect me that I am aware of. OK take this for what it's worth. You say you're having knee problems especially that your joints are sore after long rides but your muscles aren't. You say that your knees are splayed out at the top of your pedal stroke. You also say you have trouble walking for a few days after a long ride. I'm no doctor but you may want to investigate whether or not you may have arthritis. I know because these all sound like symptoms my wife is going through.
  2. I've had 170,172.5, and 175 cranks on my road bikes. I had no knee, hip or foot problems with any of them. What I did notice, and this is on a road bike is that a longer crank length made climbing hills easier. The 175 cranks I have were on my last FS and I bought them because that is what was available at the time when I built it. My new frame is boost and those cranks didn't work without spacing them asymmetrically. I bought a set of 170 boost cranks for the new bike and don't notice any difference. Please don't think I'm trying to sell you on a set of cranks I'm not if you can use them fine if not fine also. Let me finish by saying don't fall into analysis paralysis, much like the bike fit debate I've found over the years that if something is wrong with how your bike fits you'll know it if you have no issues don't go looking for them. Either way good luck.
  3. Just started watching The Hunters on prime. Not bad kinda Tarantinoish. Jordan Peele directed it. I'll have to check out War Of The Worlds.
  4. I felt fine the day I got the J&J. Woke up next morning with chills and headache. Chills went away and some Tylenol helped the headache. Felt good enough to get a ride in. Got home from ride and was knocked on my ass, body aches, headache and mild fever. I didn't even get a fever when I had Covid. Injection site is still tender.
  5. You could start your own glove company but Specialized might try to sue you.
  6. The 35mm stem clamp might make this request a bit difficult. Seems people aren't as open to the 35mm clamp as some other bike standards. I run 35 on my bike and have been looking around a bit for bars with more sweep but there's not much out there that I like.
  7. I got the J&J Saturday. All of the six cases were all women ages 18-48 typically the age of women on birth control. Certain birth control pills have their own rate of potential blood clots. 1 in 1million chance for getting CVST(cerebral venous sinus thrombosis) from J&J is very low considering 5 in 1million is how many people are affected each year by CVST. Whenever you consider becoming a conspiracy theorist just follow the money. 😉
  8. Rode road bikes for so many years it just became "on your left". Road bikers don't typically encounter hikers.😁
  9. I have a Chinese knock off of this. Low profile mounts between my brake and dropper lever. https://www.knog.com/product/oi-classic-small/ I like when I yell "on your left" and the person steps left. Some of us obviously still haven't learned left from right.
  10. Once you're in a dealership they DON'T WANT YOU TO WALK OUT without purchasing. That is one of your avenues of having some power. You try to negotiate a price that works for you if that can't happen obviously you walk, most times the dealer will find a way to get you in that car. Now that being said if you've spent some time doing this dance, carefully read and understand the purchase agreement and terms because that's typically where they try to bury people in a car loan. This probably doesn't need to be said here but I will anyway, never ever roll money from your trade into your new car. Once you do that you'll never have positive equity in any car moving forward.
  11. When people ask me the question of whether they should keep their current aging vehicle or buy new I always tell them to add up the cost of their maintenance over the course of a year and divide that buy 12 that equates to a monthly payment if that payment is less than a new car they usually have their answer. Of course there is alway the issue of "is the cars value worthy of the cost of this repair"? There is basically only two ways to get the most value from your car purchase one is to have enough equity in it in three years to trade up the other is to drive it for at least ten years. Five years is the breaking point for a cars value after five years the cars value plummets like flight 800.
  12. The Research store now has Trek signage. I'm kinda curious as to how long the Trek train can keep going. I'm also curious if they can sell enough bikes and parts along with service to keep the doors open. I owned a Trek road bike years ago but wouldn't buy a Trek now. I think that their bikes are somewhat underwhelming especially for the price you pay getting a bike spec'd with house brand parts. To each their own though I guess. P.S. I also will never own a Specialized just because of their predatory business practices.
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