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  1. You may believe in me, but I don't.
  2. The feature on picnic you are discussing is Ravine Drop. I still haven't done that one. It scares the crap out of me. I've seen it done, but man that thing is intimidating to look at. Even if I roll down, I got to refocus to make the hard left and then carry momentum to get out. That's a lot of things that have to go right πŸ™‚
  3. Ronan, Greg and I(Bill) converted that fallen tree to a nice send/roll feature a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty sweet. Now working on a berm right after it to help out.
  4. Quarter DD Bob Ross Rim East Picnic G2G peddlers snail and west picnic need more time
  5. Weird. I put a lot of torque (chain breaking maniac and two free hubs in a year) but my AB oval still going strong.
  6. as in the drop trainer area. Was it 3 side by side drops?
  7. 1-4 DD and surprisingly most of picnic g2g
  8. So you are good at bike fit? Just want to make sure that is what I am reading.
  9. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I will look into these.
  10. Wish: I know this is a shot in the dark, but my buddy Andy at Peddler Bike Shop is recommending I try some handlebars with more of a rise to them to see if that gets me slightly more vertical. I'm hoping it will lessen my odds of going OTB. Does anyone have an extra pair of 35mm bars with 30-45mm rise? Preferably 780 or wider but I just want to try it out before I buy new handlebars. I don't even need to keep the bars. Maybe just borrow and return if you would prefer to have them back? Anyone?
  11. I just added full face helmet to my needs list... went OTB at East entrance to gumdrop. Guy was stopped on top of drop face. Had to hit the breaks hard. Caught a stump and sent me OTB over the drop. Had to get stitches for first time in my life.
  12. I had a really good time meeting everyone today. Amazing how much we got done. Basically cleared out from Skate Park to 183A and the portion to YMCA will be done later today. Great job. We really made a difference today.
  13. Wow @Morris I am impressed. You are cleaning features I couldn't even imagine doing. Very well done.
  14. Any time I ride there I always make sure to be OVERLY nice to everyone I encounter. Try to keep everyone happy and that trail open πŸ™‚
  15. @GreenMTBrider had an awesome set up for hauling the logs. Sadly, three logs were too heavy for the one tire but we managed. I'm ready to have that fence up on picnic and to be able to turn our battle to other fronts.
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