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  1. JRA

    Bad news for town lake

    Sorry, that looks fun. Both hands free to hold a beer.
  2. JRA

    Need Cheap MTB for UT commuter

    oops, just saw he was looking for a 29er
  3. JRA

    Bad news for town lake

  4. I went once, meh. The bike industry is changing faster than most people in the bike industry.
  5. Tioga Farmer John in the back and Farmer John's Cousin up front. I find these tires have superior traction compared to my old Snake Bellies. They will set up tubeless but you may need half a bottle of pookey in each tire. If you don't want to mess the pookey I recommend Mr. Tuffy tire liners for flat protection.
  6. JRA

    Bad news for town lake

  7. 51cm seat tube 53cm top tube. Carbon seat stays, seat tube, and top tube, carbon seat post. Smooth shifting 3x10 Shimano 105 drive train to get you up any hill around austin. Bike has low low mileage and is in excellent condition. Professionally tuned and ready to ride. Made in USA
  8. JRA

    2017 Fairdale Taj

  9. JRA

    2017 Fairdale Taj

    Super clean, barely ridden, built to take a thrashin'... $500
  10. JRA

    Garage thread

    I hear you. In my case I stopped working on bikes, my own and everybody else, and never really planned on getting back into it. Four years ago I started riding again and last year started doing some wrenching as a side gig and it has blossomed into a nearly full time at home job. It was really easy to fire up again because I didn't have to run out and buy a bunch of tools.
  11. JRA

    Bad news for town lake

    We could set up a lake jump on the dock at Fiesta Garden and back flip some scooters. 1 run and done.
  12. JRA

    Garage thread

    Never sell tools, ever.
  13. JRA

    Buds Required

  14. JRA

    Road Trip Stoke Thread

    Conyers was a hoot.