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  1. I replaced the stock cranks with 152mm Suntour XCT cranks to fit a child's leg length. Bike is in excellent condition $150
  2. https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/round-rock-cannondale-super-400/7007615885.html
  3. https://babylonbee.com/news/motorcycle-that-identifies-as-bicycle-sets-world-cycling-record?fbclid=IwAR1qui8wQuqsbFg_flI23mVuT5WT-CZUcw1c8W0Fx0eO5ekEAMBc7KQK1Dc
  4. I'm partial to the Sunday morning Pedaler rides that start from the Hyde Park shop. These are BA sanctioned rides and not sponsored by The Pedaler. https://rides.bikeaustin.org/Our-Rides/
  5. JRA

    Gravel rigs

    Picked up this f/f set off the ebay and built it up with some goodies from the parts library. It's more of a go anywhere/hipster/urban bike.
  6. JRA

    Buds Required

    How shitty would the Eagles have been without Joe Walsh?
  7. JRA

    Buds Required

    Melvins, Pure Luck, trippy banjo tours, new Butthole album in the shute.
  8. JRA

    Buds Required

    That's how I've always spelled it/punctuated it. Wasn't aware one could fuck up slang.
  9. JRA

    Buds Required

    Ya'll wanna get high and watch a movie?
  10. Stan's rims+DT comps+quality hub of choice(not Stan's). Cheap and easy to source parts to fix if you break a spoke or ding a rim. No specialty spokes or nipples to order and wait for.
  11. Built this for my son a couple years ago, he was 8 at the time. I figured he would have a much easier time with bigger wheels. Frame is a 13", cranks are Suntour XCT 152mm with the cheapest narrow/wide ring I could find, probably have $400 in it.
  12. All built and cabled, waiting on some 16mm nipples to show up so I can get the wheels strung. Big thanks to Wes Williams for tiggin' the derailleur hanger on and The Peddler Hyde Park for cutting the spokes to size.
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