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  1. I heard they're going to start selling one wheels.
  2. JRA


    Original Sinner turned me on to this stuff, it's legit. I've tried a few different brands and this stuff helps a lot with general aches and pains. https://www.wellspringcbd.com/cbd-drops/bluebird-botanicals-hemp-classic-6x-cbd-drops/
  3. Ya'll be smokin some crackandfail.
  4. The one on the right is a cracked mach 5.
  5. You'll get arrested in Williamson Co. for having cotton mouth, even the snakes know this.
  6. Useful wall hangings.
  7. Start leaving Amazon boxes full of dog shit by the mail boxes.
  8. Hahahahahaha I always laugh when someone says "Sram has a really helpful warranty dept". They get lots of practice.
  9. The hardest part getting the snap ring out and back in.
  10. I just did a front and back and they both feel great. It was a pita though, mostly because I don't see so well.
  11. Seems to be a common problem with all of the Guide brakes. Plastic plunger inside the lever swells slightly/enough with a little heat to cause it to hang up inside the master cyl. The amount of heat it takes to make this happen is so small the brakes worked great indoors in the ac and after sitting outside for 20 minutes felt like absolute shit. Did a little research before I started chasing my tail trying to find the cause of this and found several youtube vids explaining the fix for this problem/defect.
  12. Peachy early/mid 80s bike.
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