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  1. JRA

    Brushy Creek

    Thank you, sir
  2. There's a way around the muck?
  3. JRA

    Brushy Creek

    Anyone know what the trail conditions are today? Hoping to get a ride in before the next turdfloater, maybe hit the skate park too.
  4. I just saw Park is now making jis screwdrivers.https://www.parktool.com/product/derailleur-screwdriver-dsd-2?category=General Shop Tools. A couple years ago I bought a set of these(different brand) to use on an old 80s Honda CB I was rebuilding and the fit and bite was way better than any craftsman or snap-on phillips head I had. I use these pretty much exclusively on bicycles now and never have fit problems or stripped screw heads. These go a little deeper into the screw making already bunged up screw heads a little easier to deal with. One of the best upgrades you can do for your tool box for under 20 bucks, this is the set I have.
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  8. Watch lane 1 come unclipped out of the gate.
  9. Go to a bmx race and you'll notice most everyone in the intermediate and expert classes are clipped. They're a definite power advantage coming out of the gate and down the first straight. They also make it easier to keep you're feet on the pedals when bouncing through a steep and deep whoop section at warp speed.
  10. It's really a matter of preference. I believe you should ride whatever you are comfortable with. I ride my mtb clipped in 95% of the time and clipping out when needed is second nature. I bought my first pair of 737s in 91. I have a pair of Saint pedals I throw on when I take the neighborhood kids to wheelie school.
  11. Larry. How does it feel to have started a clips vs. flats thread in the year 2019?
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