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  1. I'm trying to put together a 20-30-ish mile route to ride with the wife up near Salado. Any suggestions? Thanks, Brian
  2. What's the deal with this?  I posted a link from Craigslist in the Craigslist thread and I got a penalty point?

    Thanks for looking into this.


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    2. Albert


      I would be glad to help you revive your old account.  I just don't want to see anything politically-related here, it never goes well (same with religion). 

    3. B@RR


      If you could revive the old account, that would be great.

      When initially setting up the account, I never got an e-mail confirmation.  Same with the B@RR account.

      Think it was a comparability issue with the e-mail address.

      Thanks Albert,


    4. Albert


      Hi Brian, I sent you a private message so we can discuss this privately.

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