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  1. I seem to be making new mistakes just about every day... I'll keep adding them to this post, maybe the next noob will benefit. - Wet surfaces are not your friend. I had my first proper washout on wet pavement this morning. It was on a fairly tame turn when riding at a slow pace, but apparently I didn't respect it enough. - If/When you fall, don't brace with your wrists, roll out of the fall. Anyone with a lot of previous falling experience (like myself) will say "duh". But if you are new to falling off a bike that extra height is just enough where your old falling habits might go out the window. Time to re-learn how to fall.
  2. learned a new one yesterday.. If you're not lined up for a jump, don't force it. I really wanted to gap a big wood-stack but needed more speed. I forced a few extra pedal strokes to get there and then didn't have time to line up the jump. I hit it at a weird angle and went sideways... managed to save it, but it could have been bad.
  3. Good news! I cleaned, degreased, lubed, re-tuned and it seemed to have fixed all my problems. All gears are quiet, no more POPs when on the 8th cog, shifting is smooth. Seems good all round. Bad news... I used spray lube and got it on my rear disk brake. (enough where it doesn't stop and squeals like crazy) ugh. I don't have time to try and fix it now, but I will try later today. How bad of a problem is this? any tips/hacks on solving it?
  4. I just ordered one of these.... Park Tool CG-2.4 Bicycle Chain and Drivetrain Cleaning Kit is this decent enough to get the cassette/chain cleaned?
  5. looking at the 2nd to smallest gear (the one that pops on me) I see small variations in the alignment of the teeth, normal? Video: FullSizeRender (2).MOV
  6. I'm calling the 8th cog 2nd from the smallest (its a 1x9). Its the only one that pops.
  7. I took another pass at tuning my shifter last night and went for a ride this morning to test it out. For the most part the shifting is smooth again. Its hard for me to tell which symptoms are a side effect of poor tuning vs a cheap bike. for example... - the low gears are still quite loud. it doesn't sound like its catching on the next sprocket, but I'm honestly not sure. I tried to tune-out the noise, but couldn't. - I still *POP* the chain when putting a lot of pressure on gear 8 (it only happens on my 8th gear), at the end of the ride I climb a really steep hill and the chain was popping every few pedal strokes. I looked for worn/broken teeth, but could find anything. This bike is only ~2mo old, but its cheap and I've been riding it pretty hard. Maybe did break something?? My next step is to clean the chain, cassette and try to tune again. - After a jump, the chain popped out of gear then back in gear on my landing. This bike has a derailleur clutch, but maybe it sucks? maybe this can be solved with proper tuning? Overall, the bike is ridable again. so that's good. I'll spend some time cleaning/re-tuning to see if I can improve things... (hoping to meet up with mack_turtle this weekend and get some hands on advice, super excited for that!)
  8. yep. makes perfect sense now. for whatever reason, this is what I was expecting... 😐
  9. for some context.... I thought the plastic barrel adjuster screwed in/out of the shifter.. when I "screwed" it all the way out and didn't see threads, I figured I snapped the threads off when I took plyers to it... I kept doing small motions with the barrel and didn't see the derailleur moving so I was convinced I broke it. Now I realize that the plastic adjuster simply turns the metal adjuster below it and can be turned WAY more then I was giving it credit for. and the learning continues...
  10. @olddbrider I'm already running a 1x with this Talon2, so I'm good there 😉 After chatting with mack_turtle, it turns out I didn't actually break the thing, I just didn't have a good grasp of how it should work. I've watched a handful of maintenance videos over the last few days, but I'm at the point where I just need more hands on. I'll re-watch the ParkTool tuning video with my bike next to me and take another pass a tuning it this evening. Thanks again for the help.
  11. @mack_turtle thanks for the offer, much appreciated!! I'll PM you.
  12. I'm new to bike repairs/tuning and just learned my first lesson. Never take a pair of pillars to your barrel adjuster. I know, I know, I'm an idiot. lesson learned. So, now I have a broken barrel adjuster on my shifter and my cable tension is stuck in a spot that basically makes my bike un-ridable. I'd like to learn bike repairs, but I'm wondering If replacing the shifter is too 'advanced' for me considering I couldn't even tune the thing... lol Questions.. - should I take on the repair myself and keep learning by making mistakes? (but, I really want to get back to riding asap) - should I accept that this might be beyond my skills and take it into a shop? (I'm curious if most of you guys do your own maintenance/repairs or not) - I hate to impose, but might as well ask.... Is anyone in N Austin avail to help me with this repair? Also, this is a super low end bike (Talon 2), so I'll probably just replace the shifter with the same model. (Advent - microshift Trail)
  13. Thanks! I ordered a bell just now (sick pic btw) I also picked up new pedals. The stock pedals I'm riding don't have near enough stick. As for other upgrades, I'm going to wait until I can "feel" the need. (I gotta watch the budget) Thanks again for all of the advice, lots of good safety/practical tips here!!
  14. Is this a serious comment? (sorry, I'm honestly not sure) I ask because I've only been riding Walnut Creek (its riding distance from my house). Mostly inner/outer log loop, powerhill flow and ski hill flow (I suck on ski hill flow.. still figuring it out) Those trails feel good for my level, but if there are others in the area that I should add to my list, pls let me know!!
  15. Lots of great info here, much thanks!! This is something I've been wondering... I see a lot of people sitting when riding around Walnut Creek, but I rarely sit when on a trail. My first couple of weeks I was sitting a ton and using my legs to power over everything. Once I had more endurance and started standing I realized that I could go faster and smoother by 'sucking up' the bumps and compressing down the dips. Now I'm way faster with much less effort. It feels great to ride with the terrain instead of power against it. My biggest takeaway from everyone's feedback is that I need to start riding with people before I take on harder terrain. I feel like I'm progressing fairly quickly, but Its probably smart to get some hands on advice before pushing it too far solo.
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