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  1. Spoke too soon... Took the bike out for a test ride just now and anytime I put weight on the pedals the chain 'pops' on the sprockets (in all gears). I ended up replacing the chain with a KMC 9speed to match my drivetrain, and matched the length of the original. Not sure what's up, but now I know what I'm doing this evening....
  2. Ok, chain fixed! Going forward I'll be carrying a multi-tool and spare chain link with me! Also, thanks again to everyone on these forums. You guys are an awesome group and I'm grateful for all of the help/advice.
  3. My drivetrain is 1x9, but the original chain is a KMC X8.3 (listed for 8 speed). Seems there is some wiggle room for the proper chain gauge? Given that the chain is listed as 8 speed, I should be buying an 8 speed spare link. Am I understanding correctly? If/when I replace the chain, is there any benefit to staying with an 8speed chain or should I go with a 9speed to match the drivetrain?
  4. @throet I broke my first chain today and unfortunately wasn't prepared to fix it on the trail. When you say you have spare links for 10-spd, 11-spd, etc... what does that mean? Why are chain links not universal? I'm looking to pick up a multi-tool and a spare link to take on rides with me. I have a 1x9 drivetrain, does that mean I buy a link for a 9 speed? Also, this chain that I broke, is it trash now?
  5. @CBaron I read your response 3 times... Lots of great points, thanks for the perspective! Its crazy how you guys see value in bikes that I would totally overlook...Thanks for the find, but she'll need a S/M.
  6. Change of plans... I took my wife out to Walnut this morning and had her ride some of the tamer trails on her cruiser (outer/inner log loop, point-six loop, etc)... Well, she's super hooked on the idea of riding trails and wants a bike with suspension. So, now my bike needs are on hold and I'll need to figure out what to get her. I'm thinking FS is a must because she needs that smooth Cadillac ride. She is a loooong way from popping up ledges, doing drops/jumps/etc, mostly she just needs something to smooth out the trails so that she can power up hills and be comfortable on downhills. Any tips on buying a bike for the lady? Should I still consider mid level FS and spend 2-3k for something that will likely just be an "off-road cruiser" ?
  7. I managed to get it seated back in there well enough for now... I reached out to PNW to ask for a replacement... They sent an order confirmation with the replacement part within 30min of my request. That's some amazing customer service, those guys are awesome.
  8. I ran ~7psi lower today (I think I'm at 25psi? but I don't know if I can trust my gauge...). The ride was great! I'll do it again tomorrow at the same psi to be sure, but it seemed to be a huge improvement all around. I did slam my back rim a little too hard at one point, but that was my own fault for not finessing enough. Unfortunately, I was an idiot and let my dropper post slowly loosen over time, to the point where it separated and I shattered the little plastic adjustment thing when I slammed it down... I don't even know what that plastic thing does (see pic), so I get to figure that out tonight...
  9. woah, I didn't think tubes could be run that low... I'll go ~25psi tomorrow and ride my same routes to compare. thanks!
  10. I used the SRAM online calculator as a starting point and am currently running 33psi in the back and 31psi in the front. I only recently started to play with tire pressure, so I have a lot more experimenting to do. actually, I do have a nice dropper/remote installed on this bike and it has been great! This $600 bike is quickly becoming a $1000+ bike.. I really should have listened to you guys when everyone told me to raise my initial budget. 😐
  11. Anything I can do to my front suspension to get it feeling better? (100mm coil spring) - I've never messed with the preload adjustment.... - I've never cleaned/serviced them in anyway, other than wiping off dirt... I've been pretty good about maintaining/cleaning the drivetrain, chain, shifting, etc. and all of that feels really good after some TLC. maybe a lil suspension TLC would help?
  12. I called around and nobody is renting bikes right now 😐... sucks! It would be great to try a FS on the trails I know before dropping a few grand. I didn't listen to you guys when everyone told me to spend more on my first bike and now I regret it. This time, I'll listen! How much should I expect to pay for a mid level FS? As for upgrading the Talon, I told myself early on that I wouldn't upgrade/change anything until I "felt" the need. At this point, I'm starting to feel the pain of this crappy front suspension, but it sounds like this isn't something I should try to address. I guess I can always keep working on my legs/core and be my own suspension 🙂 I'm 44 tho... not sure how much longer that'll be an option.
  13. I've been riding an entry level hardtail (Talon 2) for the last 5 months. I think its fair to say that I'm hooked. I ride Walnut for about an hour every morning, and have started to explore Brushy on the weekends. This bike is fine for WC but Brushy destroys me. When I ride the rough parts of Peddlers or 1/4 notch, I feel like the bike basically has NO suspension. So far, I've made a fair number of changes to the bike to get it feeling pretty good. Better pedals and grips, repositioned brake levers and shifters to fit my hands, dropper post and shorter stem. My newest focus is tire pressure, I'm thinking that could help smooth out the ride, but its a lot of trial and error right now. My question is... Should I keep powering through on this hardtail, continue to tweak its setup, continue getting into better shape, and learn more skills before dropping a ton of money? Or is riding a cheap hardtail potentially doing me a disservice?
  14. Google maps shows these trails (see pic)... I've hiked them, but never taken a bike there. Thanks for the tip on Irving and Hazel Memorial Trail, i'll check it out!
  15. Ya, understood. Walnut has been great for me to learn and build confidence.
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