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SRAM Guide T 4 piston brakes - $75

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These came off my Ripmo AF and only have about 6 months of riding on them. They work well for pretty much everything around here, but I was experiencing a bit of brake fade when I go to Spider or other places with prolonged descents.  I never really had to work on them other than replacing pads, so I can't speak to ease of bleeding or anything like that. I can say that they have good modulation and the stopping power is what I would call adequate.

Full disclosure: My frame has internal cable routing, so I had to drain the rear brake and cut the hose to get it off my bike. I cut it near the caliper to make it easier for me to route the new hose through the frame, so you should probably grab a bleed kit and something like this to just replace the entire rear cable:


I didn't measure the hose lengths, but they came off a size Large frame (which is a fairly long frame as well) with a 160mm travel fork, so I suspect you could just bolt the front brake on without any issues for most bikes. Pads have some life left, but are definitely not brand new.

Rotors included: 200mm front and 180mm rear. Rotor bolts included.



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Additional info

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Interested, sent a PM.

Opps, spoke too soon. Intended for a friend, I should have checked with him first. Still up for grabs.

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didn't want others to think they were spoken for

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