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  1. This reminds me of one my far far far left wing fanatic friends. For background she thinks 100% of all income should be taxed and then evenly distributed among everyone. Very anti gun and thinks all should be banned included from police and military. We were talking about end of the world type stuff a while back and she of course likes to get her shots(pun intended) in about the guns I own. She's a gardener and actually has a really good small/medium garden/farm in east Austin. She has no guns and told me I should get rid of my guns and focus on gardening and farming so I can survive the apocalypse like her. I simply said why would I do that when I can simply take yours by force? I have guns, you don't. Easy peasy. Needless to say she wasn't happy with me. I love arguing with the extreme left and right folks. They are all crazy.
  2. You have more strength than I. In fact, i'm pretty sick of all of it.
  3. So Austin is following the Houston model for flood mitigation now? Great!
  4. So Lost Creek is the jam now? If the City can't even spend for poop/trash patrols, or protect the turnaround from broken car windows, how are they gonna enforce this. It just keeps the drunken groups of kids out. I love how the city grows and gets more and more taxes, while the Trails Foundation has to beg and have fundraisers to plant some grasses......holy cow, what Asses!
  5. The Botanist Gin. Just sipping it neat. I gotta make it to Scotland and Islay in particular at one point in my life.
  6. Wait.. doesn't that whole area flood? Just a couple years ago there was bad flooding right? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. ......and not come back the summers here are 100% fun removal.
  8. The Sunderland Til I Die documentary on Netflix is hard to watch. it's a train wreck of a team.
  9. Back in the 70's-80's we had these on our bikes to help prevent flats. Could probably modify this with some type of brush.
  10. Never been a better time than now to ride-to-the-ride.... -CJB
  11. Chief

    Buds Required

    And now for something different...
  12. Im currently watching excavators strip all the trees and grass from the hillside across from me. The COA, in their greed fueled wisdom are allowing developers to destroy some of the last of the remaining land with any elevation in south austin. The COA is also allowing the developers to build without retention ponds and instead install a 9ft drainage pipe to channel all the water from these developments right into onion creek. That will without a doubt will erode houses from their slabs during the next big flood. Hypocrites. rant/off
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