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    • Thank you, professor. Everyone has individual needs. My stepfather was involved in a very serious car crash in college - ejected from the vehicle and wasn't expected to live. Once he did pull through, the doctors said he would never walk or talk, he learned - through herculean effort to do both. He completed college and traveled extensively throughout the world, and spent most of his life reading.He's very well educated. He is now 81. He's not looking to go to the Dollar Store. He's looking for quality of life. We'd rather he be in quarantine with our family, rather than sitting alone in his own room - but we would have to make special accommodations for his situation.   Respectfully, we took this much more seriously much earlier than most others did, and were prepared. The last thing we need is *education* from self-important armchair quarterbacks who think they have all the answers for everyone else. Quit wasting the tens-of-thousands of tax dollars I spend every year and let me use some of it to make my own decisions. I have a BA, an MBA, and a law degree, was a CBR warfare specialist, and spent 8 years working in infectious disease for J&J. If I can't be trusted to make sound decisions, then clearly education isn't worth anything.
    • That’s the other Snake Alley and that trail is on lockdown. 
    • Yeah, remember the outrage when they canceled SXSW? Those comments have not aged well. The consolation for canceling my May vacation to England/France was my buddy saying "now you'll be around to see The Rolling Stones with me..." And crazily, I thought that was the upside of all of that. Naive of me. But I learned. The older generation has not.
    • This is a pretty strange argument in this context, considering we are talking about man made trail features. I actually much prefer more "natural" trails, like you would find deep in the greenbelt, and preferred walnut the way it was when I started riding it 10 years ago.   And don't get me wrong, I appreciate that someone is working on the trails, and I wish I could help, but their style doesn't work the best for me and considering one of the "rules" of trail building is to make them fun for everyone I felt like it was worth noting.
    • My mother in law who is 82 doesn't live in assisted living but lives alone in East Quogue/Westhampton beach Long Island. My wife and her speak every week to each other. When this was just getting started she asked my wife if she could go to get her hair done, my wife's response was NO. My wife gets a call from a friend of her mother telling my wife that her mother has been going out everyday to go shopping and to the bank and who knows where else and that my wife needs to tell her to stay home. My wife explained that she tried to tell her but there is nothing she can do if she won't listen. I believe that if the country had taken appropriate action to this right from the beginning we wouldn't have these kinds of issues. There is too much contradicting information as to how bad this situation is and that's why we have people going to spring break, Mardi Gras and filling up public parks when we should all be sheltering at home. INSANITY!
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