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    • The Back 40 was not all out in the wilderness like I thought something called the Back 40 would be. Going ccw we just followed along the road at first . I would say you could see houses 60% of the time. Not that it had anything to do with the trail. It was just different from what I was expecting.  Speaking of houses, I learned to dread seeing approaching houses and street signs from the trail. That indicated that a  killer climb up to that street was coming up. Based on our nine guy's experience, you have a 25% chance of getting a puncture or side wall tear on the Back 40. Be prepared to repair out there.  It took us slow guys just under five hours to ride the 21+ mile loop. This included four tire repair stops, two falling off a cliff stops for me, a couple of other crashes,  and one waiting for a driver to come take one rider to the ER stop. My Strava time was 567th out of 601 for the Whole Quesadilla CCW Phat Tire Bike Shop prices were surprisingly reasonable on tires. And other stuff too.  It is difficult for a newbie to figure the best ways to do all the Bentonville trails. You should have a good idea on how to prior to getting there. You might enjoy it without research of course, but I think it best to not waste time "exploring" because you will run out of time to experience everything. We are in south Austin. It took us 10 hours including gas and one 40 minute meal stop. It was the same both ways. Google Maps will tell us it's 8.75 hours. We drove 75 mph just about the whole time. Go figure.
    • I've put together a few decent loops using:   https://gravelmap.com/
    • I was the one bailing the water with the shovel. The rider did stop back by and apologized and assisted me on a couple of the rollers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Anytime I claim the rocks are covered in skateboard grip tape, be confident that my reply is laced with sarcasm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • We had great service last night, but it’s a little late now. :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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