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    • I ride the crap out of Zwift. Just started Paris. Love it!
    • I have one of these arriving tomorrow. Integrated mask.
    • Finally got to get all the software and hardware working just in time for the motherboard on my primary PC to fail. Had to steal the backup PC from the trainer until the new MOB gets here. Can say the kintec R&R worked perfectly with zwift and has been kinda fun to ride. Wife is consistently using it with just the standard kinetic app, and that in itself says a lot.  Took the downtime to get the massive combo out of my living room and move it to another section of the house with less traffic. Threw down a rug, ghetto fabbed a wireless bridge to ethernet and connect to a fire TV and 21" monitor I had laying around. Also converted an old music stand to a pseudo TV stand🤣. Should have zwift back up and running by the weekend. Bottom line, if you want an affordable smart trainer that plays well with MTB, id get the R&R. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/kinetic-rock-and-roll-control-trainer-t-6500/rp-prod198082    
    • Keep in mind the fastest time was on a 27.5 130mm rear. Buchanan is a beast😲  
    • I heard the same thing about these shoes:  
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