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    • Yes!  Start them early and you'll see them progress in no time. (see my post above).  This is my then 10 yr old ripping at Angel Fire summer of 19' lowest gas station prices near me    
    • Start them early😁this is my 3 year old.  IMG_4852.MOV IMG_4849.MOV
    • Ok, to keep up the personal experience stories.... I've been riding a bit less lately through this winter.  I consider technical stuff my strength, but I've been a bit rusty lately and I'm finding my need to stay sharp less important. (all that is a disclaimer for what's next)  Back before Xmas I took my older and younger boys to ride Revelie Peak for the first time.  We had a good time and everyone enjoyed it.  We all sessions the jump & flow lines over on the west side of the property.  We then chose to ride to the top of decision point.  It was suggested to us to come back down Super D.  I was just in chill-mode coming down Super D and pulled up short towards the lower section on a techie narrow step down (followed shortly by a big roll-in).  We all stopped and looked at it and I said, "yeah, I could do it but I'm cool with walking it today"......my 11 yr old says, "I can do this, I'm gonna go back up and give it a go".  My initial thought was that he was going to eat $hit.  But I let him go (and learn) on his own.  As he comes into it he's all out of position and can't get to the line.  He bails.  (I thought that might be it)  Nope, he goes back up and tries again.  This time rocking the whole thing (albeit not too smoothly).  As we all promptly ride away together, he comments to me, "heck, I'm even on little wheels dad...".  I contemplate to myself going back and riding it so that I can save some face.  But I decided that he can have that little victory over his old-man.  And it truly was.  I'll forever, remember this day because I'm certain there will be many more to come.  
    • you probably need to buy him a new bike...
    • My 8 year old has pretty much hijacked all my riding time. He can kind of do the full walnut route, but prefers to just cycle log loops, powerline, and close with bmx. Then my oldest (13) started to join us. She cant quite hang with the 8 yo. And the 5 yo is now going as well which means  I get stuck doing .6 and log loops only.
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    • B@RR  »  Albert

      What's the deal with this?  I posted a link from Craigslist in the Craigslist thread and I got a penalty point?
      Thanks for looking into this.
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    • TheX

      “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”
      -Elon Musk
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    • Chief  »  throet

      Check out these two guys for valid COVID info.
      Michael Osterholm. His website is http://www.cidrap.umn.edu
      And this guy who is an MD from the uk. Very good sound info.
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    • El Gringo  »  throet

      I know we've only met via this board, but I'm so sorry to hear this. Seriously, if you need anything, please let us know. Even just a home-cooked meal ( if you trust us) :). We'll be praying for ya!
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    • AustinBikepacker

      Thanks to admins for setting up this great forum.
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    • Matty@BSS

      Soft muddy trails even with the afternoon sunshine.
      I'd give it a day or two and the hero dirt will appear! Our Wednesday group ride is cancelled but we will do an urban ride from the shop instead.
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    • LikesBikes

      I like bikes and I'm realy happy)😂
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    • Haas  »  Jessica

      Vegas MTB
      and better than anything, if you go to the Grand Canyon while in Vegas, keep right on driving into Flagstaff and ride Schultz Pass, that's actually great riding! Fact:Flagstaff was Tom Walton's inspiration for Bentonville AR, it's really fun riding and free camping too.
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    • James Akers  »  Moc 5

      Just rode Pedernales.  Zero mud anywhere.  Perfect ride. 
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