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    • Yeah I think the major difference between you and me is purely fitness. I made it however far on HoL and got dizzy and felt like I should get off the bike. Walked the middle third and then remounted at that left turn platform area and finished, but man. That’s a grind when all you’re used to is Brushy length climbs with an occasional wild hair cx road ride to Big View and City Park.    I rode Deception cleanly with one dab on a stupid log... like you said, not even hard. But that was an out and back before everything else was built. The trail was WAY easier back then, but still would have been a good ride nonetheless.    But the HoL to me, right now, seems impossible. It’s gonna take some real big boy work. 
    • Because it never gets old.  
    • I'm pretty sure all of 45 is done. I have yet to see anyone mention House Fire or Bigger House Fire. They both go through a lot of cedar trees so I'm assuming there was damage on them. Koopa Troopa was passable after we went through. But yes, it could use a little cleaning up still.
    • We will be having an ARR Brushy Workday tomorrow to clear the remainder of trouble areas. We’ll be meeting at Rutledge Elementary school at 10AM and then will split off into groups as necessary.    Bring: Water, gloves, loppers. If you have a chainsaw feel free to bring it. 
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    • B@RR  »  Albert

      What's the deal with this?  I posted a link from Craigslist in the Craigslist thread and I got a penalty point?
      Thanks for looking into this.
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    • TheX

      “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”
      -Elon Musk
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    • Chief  »  throet

      Check out these two guys for valid COVID info.
      Michael Osterholm. His website is http://www.cidrap.umn.edu
      And this guy who is an MD from the uk. Very good sound info.
      · 2 replies
    • El Gringo  »  throet

      I know we've only met via this board, but I'm so sorry to hear this. Seriously, if you need anything, please let us know. Even just a home-cooked meal ( if you trust us) :). We'll be praying for ya!
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    • AustinBikepacker

      Thanks to admins for setting up this great forum.
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    • Matty@BSS

      Soft muddy trails even with the afternoon sunshine.
      I'd give it a day or two and the hero dirt will appear! Our Wednesday group ride is cancelled but we will do an urban ride from the shop instead.
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    • LikesBikes

      I like bikes and I'm realy happy)😂
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    • Haas  »  Jessica

      Vegas MTB
      and better than anything, if you go to the Grand Canyon while in Vegas, keep right on driving into Flagstaff and ride Schultz Pass, that's actually great riding! Fact:Flagstaff was Tom Walton's inspiration for Bentonville AR, it's really fun riding and free camping too.
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    • James Akers  »  Moc 5

      Just rode Pedernales.  Zero mud anywhere.  Perfect ride. 
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