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    • Less likely, but certainly not a thing of the past.
    • Sorry man, that sucks so bad. They'll probably pursue subrogation with GE but that can be tough as you've already paid the deduct to the insurance so there's not much incentive other than you calling daily to yell at someone. USAA turned my claim over to a subrogation company and it didn't make it very far as the icemaker is over two decades old in a house that's four decades and counting. All bets are off on this one. So far, my deduct "should" only be $500 to USAA instead of $10k to the dogshit master policy through our HOA. Glad you're getting everything sorted, and hopefully you're working in some upgrades in that process too😎   Servpro came out and checked the moisture and did the remediation. Cabinets were fine as the water line dripped straight down, getting under the flooring and pooling in a low spot in the kitchen. In my experience, Servpro is also staffed by morons. The team dispatched to my house removed the effected parquet flooring, and then proceeded to set up their fans and dryers, which would have aerated all the asbestos particles remaining on the floor. I work in a completely different industry with no demo experience, had to stop them from doing what they should've known better. The level of incompetence out there is insane.
    • Dang @Morris  that is VERY impressive.  Video definitely does not do justice to the size of that.   Nice to see some "bigger" riders doing well.  Let's ride some time.  
    • Many wrecks at the trail-to-water transition at the bottom of the Root Drop back in the day. I don't recall anyone wrecking on the way down. Also (IMHO) true OTB's are less likely these days due to improved bike geometry. Old school geometry tended to be steep and twitchy + bitty wheels. 
    • The young malt grain really shines through. Often with smaller distilleries putting out young whisky that grain influence carries harsh flavors. For example Balconies Bourbon was heavy with notes of glue and acetone. But young malts are far more forgiving than young corn based whiskies. So that really helps here. And the mix of new and used barrels really helps mix things up. Maybe some of those used barrels previously held wine? Or rum? Or who knows what in those used barrels may have elevated this malt.
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    • B@RR  »  Albert

      What's the deal with this?  I posted a link from Craigslist in the Craigslist thread and I got a penalty point?
      Thanks for looking into this.
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    • TheX

      “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”
      -Elon Musk
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    • Chief  »  throet

      Check out these two guys for valid COVID info.
      Michael Osterholm. His website is http://www.cidrap.umn.edu
      And this guy who is an MD from the uk. Very good sound info.
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    • El Gringo  »  throet

      I know we've only met via this board, but I'm so sorry to hear this. Seriously, if you need anything, please let us know. Even just a home-cooked meal ( if you trust us) :). We'll be praying for ya!
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    • AustinBikepacker

      Thanks to admins for setting up this great forum.
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    • Matty@BSS

      Soft muddy trails even with the afternoon sunshine.
      I'd give it a day or two and the hero dirt will appear! Our Wednesday group ride is cancelled but we will do an urban ride from the shop instead.
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    • LikesBikes

      I like bikes and I'm realy happy)😂
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    • Haas  »  Jessica

      Vegas MTB
      and better than anything, if you go to the Grand Canyon while in Vegas, keep right on driving into Flagstaff and ride Schultz Pass, that's actually great riding! Fact:Flagstaff was Tom Walton's inspiration for Bentonville AR, it's really fun riding and free camping too.
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    • James Akers  »  Moc 5

      Just rode Pedernales.  Zero mud anywhere.  Perfect ride. 
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