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  2. WAY better for mobile apps. Thanks!!!
  3. Yes, I updated the forum yesterday. There are a ton of mostly minor changes and bug fixes, as well as some interesting new features I haven't played around with yet. if you see anything outright broken, please let me know. πŸ™‚
  4. Looks like our newest park in Wilco is under construction (Lakeline Park). That means, the Redline trail from Cypress creek road around the south side of Muir lake to the apartment complex is now destroyed and dotted with siltfences. Sucks, but nice to see the park moving forward. I know this is somewhat late, but just realize you can't connect them anymore. You MIGHT be able to stay on doubletrack on the north side of the lake and cross the dam to achieve the same thing. Funny that the southside concrete trail will pretty much mimic our original singletrak https://www.cedarparktexas.gov/departments/engineering-and-capital-projects/city-project-updates/lakeline-park Oh, and look at the special projects tied to that and Brushy Creek Trail: The YMCA was awarded funding towards a pedestrian bridge at Twin Lakes Park. The City of Cedar Park Parks Department was awarded funding towards a trail connection project between Lakeline Park and Twin Lakes Park. Trail extension from Southwest Williamson County Regional Park towards Lake Georgetown Trail extension from Southwest Williamson County Regional Park towards Brushy Creek Regional Trail Awesome stuff - we will have more connected H&B trail! Barry - imagine your epic northy enchilada, but no roads!
  5. Got out this morning about 7:30 thinking I was going to have a glorious 2 hours on the bike, but then realized after already finishing Picnic and half of 1/4 Notch that I left my water bottle sitting in the garage. Short ride, but still beat the hell out of 30 min on the elliptical. With the cool early morning temps, I'll definitely be back out there over the weekend.
  6. I noticed some slight changes today, did the forum receive an update?
  7. Sometimes the best videos are the ads!
  8. Last week
  9. Got the Druid build (mostly) finished today. Still chasing some druid/eagle shifting issues leaving me missing my 11spd, but got it close enough to get a few miles in this weekend. Stoked on how the bike came out! No rain eitherπŸ™„
  10. Man, I don't really know. The sign at the TH said jumps and berms had been reworked, but I'd only hit that run once before, and that was with you.
  11. More fest beers So far I didn't find the Mr Oktoberfest very good, but the Odell was really tasty.
  12. Man I hope y'all going for it post up some ride logs. I really enjoyed reading those the last time this happened. Be thinking about those when you're cranking out the miles!
  13. TIL that feature is a drop. I always rolled it like Cru. Definitely checking that out next time.
  14. Ravine Drop is super easy to just roll as well as drop. The day Josh and I cut it. Mar 2013, almost a year to the date from when Mike and I started building Deception. Interestingly, the guys (I think Jesse and Chad) flagged this without me...it was actually flagged to turn BEFORE the ravine. I came out and F this, we USE the ravine and so Josh and I cut it...that cedar in the ravine was a major obstacles. I hate people...they stole Big Bones and Little Bones 😞
  15. We have been home for two weeks now. Our yard is a jungle, our rainwater tanks are full, and our dog, Zeus, remembers who we are. All is well! Trip numbers include: 49 days gone (seven weeks) 28 different campsites 23 bike rides 2500 miles driven (rough estimate) 0 number of times we said β€œI wish we had stayed home.”
  16. How’s the improved version? Did they rework the whole trail?
  17. Haha yeah! When I first started doing it, I just focused on the drop and being able to stop before slamming into the wall on the other side. It took me quite a few tries before I could tie it all together and get back out the exit without stopping.
  18. You may believe in me, but I don't.
  19. Full send it Bill! I believe in you!
  20. The feature on picnic you are discussing is Ravine Drop. I still haven't done that one. It scares the crap out of me. I've seen it done, but man that thing is intimidating to look at. Even if I roll down, I got to refocus to make the hard left and then carry momentum to get out. That's a lot of things that have to go right πŸ™‚
  21. I send people to Bike Farm. They have good beginner level bikes, good prices and they take care of their customers.
  22. I have internal routing on my Orbea and Antonio gave me some XTR brakes, the bike had XTs from the factory. For the front it was pretty straightforward, pull the old one, put the new one on, 10 minute easy fix. For the rear I left the hydraulic hose in place, and one at a time I replaced the caliper and the the lever, keeping the original hose in place. It took longer and I had to be more careful, the only downside was waiting until after the bike was back together and rideable before opening the beer. Internal routing just mean leaving the hose in place.
  23. This is really great advice for folks just getting into more technical riding. It took me a few solid years of riding 3-4 times per week at BC before I was able to conquer most of the features. My approach during the developmental phase was to go out with the primary objective of having fun and staying fit. Secondarily, I would focus on one or two features per ride that I thought I should be capable of tackling. Initially when I couldn't clear something the first try, I was trying 3-4 times and just getting frustrated. Eventually I adopted the approach of never trying a particular feature more than two times per ride. As my confidence grew and I started clearing more and more features each ride, I adopted the approach of never trying a particular feature more than once per ride, and if I failed, I would focus my next ride on making sure I attacked those same features that tripped me up the last ride. Speaking of BC features, there is one that I love that gets little attention or discussion on this thread. It is the alternate drop when coming E-W on Picnic at the point where you would otherwise turn left towards PicnicX. It's a steep, rockface that requires some finesse braking and cornering, without which you'd be slamming into the adjacent rockface. You also need to maintain enough momentum to get you up the incline at the other end of the horseshoe. Not sure if it has a name, but it's a great feature.
  24. I've never had a frame with internal routing, but I've worked on tons of them. depending on design, it seems like a PITA on some bikes. routing shift cables can be a hassle, but for brakes, how often do you expect to need to replace a hose? I've only had to do that once because I swapped frames and the new frame routed the hose under the down tube, instead of under the top tube, so I needed a longer hose. I don't see a need for internal routing, but I would not be opposed to it at this point.
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