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  2. I have all the car titles for the girlfriend and myself as well, somewhere... Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
  3. It's pretty good! And certainty a good value, as are most BiB whiskies. But it is largely one-note to me...banana pudding. For me it suffers the same fate as most KY ryes like Sazerac or Knob Creek and others (which are also only 51% rye), in that it's only a few mash bill percentage points away from being a bourbon. That's not really a bad thing, but it isn't what I love about a rye. My favorites are well aged and high proof rye with very high or even 100% rye mash bills.
  4. willatter

    Hail damage

    I have a few customers that I have replaced their roofs twice in 18 months or less. Typically I would have told them to wait but they were missing vents, flashings, etc.
  5. I lost the title to one of our cars. I can't be trusted with a vax tag Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. AntonioGG

    Hail damage

    Only in Texas does one have "a regular roofer"! I also have a guy. They do travel. I remember one year I wanted him to check on something for me but they were out in Alabama/Georgia to fix roofs after some bad storms they had.
  7. Anyone else like Rittenhouse bottled in bond Rye? I mainly get it for Manhattans but I also like it by itself.
  8. I was diagnosed right around that age! I think I know all the PT exercises there are for just about anything. They do help a lot. I wonder 500 years after I'm dead if they find my bones, they're going to wonder what was up with that dude. "this individual led a hard life as evidenced by the wear in his knees and hips as well as titanium plate and screws on his leg, and chewed hard to eat grasses and wore his teeth (grind my teeth...)" Weird stuff I think about. I also think with some of my ailments and genes I would not have been one of those that survived paleo times past the age of 40.
  9. Still working to collect on my long list of whiskies to try. Picked this one up today as I hadn't worked any Ryes into the rotation yet. It's really good but I'd rank others I've tried higher at this price point. Everything I've been trying over the past year has been in the $45-$60 range. If I had to stop right now and pick just two whiskies for a regular rotation, it would be the OF 1920 and the Four Roses Single Barrel. I know there is much more for me to try, but I'm finding that variety isn't as important to me as the pure pleasure that comes from something you know is going to connect instantly and intimately with your pallet.
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  11. Arthritis at 39? FML! I appreciate that everyone is different. I'm pretty sensitive to how my shoes fit, the angle of my computer monitor, and apparently where the contact point are on my bike.
  12. That's fine I get your point. Not arguing or saying that what you're trying to do is wrong. I'm just saying for me the length doesn't really effect me that I am aware of. OK take this for what it's worth. You say you're having knee problems especially that your joints are sore after long rides but your muscles aren't. You say that your knees are splayed out at the top of your pedal stroke. You also say you have trouble walking for a few days after a long ride. I'm no doctor but you may want to investigate whether or not you may have arthritis. I know because these all sound like symptoms my wife is going through.
  13. willatter

    Hail damage

    They are already in town from the storm that came through town last month and I can assure you more are on the way. I have several customers that started receiving calls immediately after the storm from all centers all over North America. Couple words of advise: Go with someone you know and trust Don’t sign anything even if they tell you it’s required for them to do an inspection. Several companies will try and get you to sign a contingency form disguised as a release. This will never hold up in court but could be a pain to fight. Go local and check for proof they actually are local. There are companies that set up temporary offices to seem local and will skip town once they hit their quota.
  14. I always have a paper copy available, somewhere... Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
  15. That's something I have worked on quite a bit. Lots of core including hip stuff, Pistol and Hungarian squats and I do trail running to add something other than the usual cycling motion. I did all this after having to pull out of a 24hr race with really bad back pain: diagnosis: super tight hips/hamstrings/back + weak core. Would love to go back to playing racquet sports too.
  16. TheX

    Hail damage

    I don't need ambulance chaser roofers.
  17. throet

    Hail damage

    We didn't get any hail at all in CP, but as luck would have it my wife had to meet our son in P-Ville around the time of the storm and got hammered. She was in my other son's car and so now both sons have extensive damage to their vehicles. They were at a Sprint store, and said that you could literally hear and see windshields getting smashed throughout the parking lot by golf-ball sized hail. Really sucks but I'm glad her newer car was left at home in the garage!
  18. throet

    Hail damage

    I was thinking the same thing, but what's funny is that several houses on our street are getting roofs replaced under insurance for a storm that allegedly took place last year. A guy from the roofing company is essentially knocking on everybody's door advising that they will get a large portion of their $22K roof replacement covered - even showed me pictures that he claims to have taken on the neighbor's roof. I was turned off by the experience and told the guy I though $22K was too much to pay for a new roof even if it was being covered by insurance. Ended up calling my regular roofer who has done repairs for me in the past to come inspect to see if there is legitimate damage from last year that I could still file a claim against.
  19. Why not 190mm cranks? If you could ignore pedal strikes on the ground, would 250mm cranks not be better? Certainly there's a functional limit for knee articulation going both directions, straightening and bending. not looking for issues here. having trouble walking for a few days after a long ride is a problem that found me. I am having knee problems. my muscles are barely sore after riding, by my knee joints hurt. On longer rides, I have to limp home with agony in my knees. any observer can see my knees spaying wildly out at the top of my pedal stroke, which might indicate a low saddle. but if I put my saddle any higher, i get a different kind of painful movement at the bottom of my pedal stroke. after many years and experiments, plus the consensus of two bike fitters and the same advice from most of those goofy fitting calculations, I am certain that my saddle height is dead -on, or at least close enough that it's not the problem. this started with a desire to try an oval ring, but I decided that if I am going to change the cranks on my bike, I better make darn sure I'm not ignoring the arm length and q-factor that might make a difference. I've read perspectives from everyone from Steve Hogg to John Wirath and the consensus is that cranks really can't be too short (within reason), but they can be too long, and as little as 5mm overall length can make a difference. cranks that are too long by just a few millimeters will restrict your range of motion, but cranks that are too short just make you spin faster and less efficiently. I conclude that there's a happy medium, just like handlebar width and all that stuff about RAD measurements. that seems to leave crank arm length, cleat positioning, and horizontal spacing related to q-factor and pedal width, as far as bike components go. I also need to train my body to improve hip mobility and balance, but I just want to not disadvantage myself from a skeletal perspective from component choice. no amount of conditioning and technique is going to help if the complex set of levers and pivots that are my bones are set in such a way that they are being forced to move in ways that they did not evolve to move.
  20. So nice to have the second jab done.
  21. throet

    Buds Required

    Such a bad-ass track released in '74 from JW! I had all but forgotten about it though until it was re-popularized via the soundtrack from Without Limits in 1998, a great story on the wonderous and tragic life of super distance runner Steve Prefontaine. It stays on several of my playlists now though!
  22. I heard that Joe Biden wants everyone to wear neck collars with stamped Covid tags at all times. don't tell me this is not the Mark of the Beast!
  23. I have a pic of the paperwork in my phone. Just in case.
  24. And if our dog bites someone, the tags mean nothing, need the actual paperwork, or copy of it. Long story on how I know this. :(
  25. TheX

    Jokes and Funnies!

    Video game for entitled people.
  26. I just had to upload the new rabies vax info to our dog groomers, like I always do when they get their shots. Do anti-vaxxers bitch about having to have rabies tags for their dogs? This popped into my head today, and I'm getting my second jab in an hour. So simple, so smart.
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