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  2. No kidding! Your line definitely looks cooler, and harder. Never would have tried it since I got the first one to work. The circle of stoke is complete, lol.
  3. Sweet! It is kind of crazy looking when you stand at the bottom right? If you hadn’t posted that fist line I would not have looked at the possibility
  4. Or when just chilling at home! Andalusia Stryker is yet another amazing Texas single malt. And I'm sipping on it at the moment.
  5. Staying in a place off of convict & escarpment and was able to visit SATN today. Rocky madness and drip drop DNLB were pretty fun little sections of singletrack. Weather permitting, I'll be able take advantage of a bit more this week. Sigh.
  6. Got it today too, second try though 👍 thanks for the new line @Morris! https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hg68Y1mw1Btzq1jT9
  7. Hold the hub close to your phone/ computer so I can.. JK. It might be worth fixing without replacing the wheel. IME, sometimes on a loose-ball bearing hub drive side lock nut comes loose and the spinnging bearing cause the cone but to spin in and can crush the hub. XT hubs were notorious for this a few years ago. There's a good chance that the hub can just be taken apart, greased up, and rebuilt, but the pressure from the cone nuts might have damages the cones or the hub. Nothing to loose if you dig in and find out.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Quick question. Long buildup. I have a relatively new friend I got into the sport. He ripped his derailleur and hanger off his bike when we were riding a few months ago and I wrongly assumed he must have hit a branch or something to cause this (derailleur completely mangled). I talked him into replacing his 2x10 Sram drive train with a 1x shimano drive train and he bought a new derailleur hanger. He finally got all the parts in a I put it all together and found out the culprit is his rear hub isn't freewheeling correctly and creates chain suck or something that looks like it. The rear hub is a QR 135 Shimano Deore and likely is loose ball hub. This being said, has anyone seen this before and is it worth trying to tear it apart and rebuild it? Or is the hub completely blown and I should have him buy a new wheel?
  10. My wife and I "spur of the moment" camped this weekend at Belton Lake because Dana Peak camping is closed for the winter. And Union Grove, the other Army Corp campground on Stillhouse Hollow Lake was booked. Our Live Oak Ridge campsite was 20 minutes or so from Dana Peak. The first thing we did when we started our ride at Dana Peak was to check out the camping facilities. Tent sites 1-8 have just a picnic table, charcoal grill, and a fire ring. And that's it. No electric, and no water. There are 20 RV sites, 1-20. Our #7 site is going to work out great. Lots of room around the fire pit for a BIG ring of folks! Most of the RV sites have plenty of room for a tent. I think that the RV sites are allowed only one tent. I haven't gotten a definitive answer if more than one would be allowed. Sites 21-25 are designated for tents only, but they have everything the RV sites have. A shelter covering a picnic table, water, electric, fire ring, charcoal grill. It's all very nice. The riding was good. I'm pretty sure there are two days of good riding available regardless of the skill level of the rider. This is going to work out very well!
  11. My wife and I rode there two days. She doesn't like challenging stuff. So she was happy here because there is a lot of cross country yet scenic trail west of the campgrounds. The more interesting stuff was between the two parks east of the campgrounds. We found a couple of fun trails but it was above her pay grade. There were a lot of people there, a popular place for sure. I found out they have a specific to Dana Peak group that stewards the trails. There is a lot of signage. There are a couple of jump lines. It's an interesting place. I am looking forward to the April event there. It is going to work out great.
  12. What I thought was the worst parking job I’d seen in a while this morning when parking for my ride, turned out to be someone who hadn’t bothered trying to make the sharp left just before where they stopped, and opted to burst both right tires on the curb instead, then abandon the car. They were definitely sober at the time.
  13. Thanks for the video Morris. Ended up hitting it first try with no run ups today. I just needed someone to show me it was possible! Also @gotdurt thanks for your advice/video of EBD. Ended up getting it for the first time today too. Overall I had a really shitty ride, but these two features made my day.
  14. Neighbor across the street picked up this gem.
  15. Usually I'm the one with questionable color choices. Sweet bike otherwise.
  16. Fuck yes. That was awesome. Also, you're looking trim, my dude. Well done.
  17. Damn, y'all are a bad influence. I'm starting to think I have about 4-5 good tries stored up in my tennis elbows before I'll have to hang the bikes for another year... and it just might be worth it...
  18. Yep, still building wheels. New job is super flexible and frees me up for pretty quick turn around on builds. Available anytime. mattlikesbikes at thegoooglemail
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