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  2. Ken Loach' "Sorry We Missed You" is on my TV right now and it's making me so uncomfortable. Like all Loach joints, it's a brilliant train wreck and you can't look away.
  3. I watched it twice, watching it in German this time, with English subtitles. It really does make it better.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I finally finished Dark. I stopped trying to figure out exactly who was from where/when all the time and it all made sense in the end.
  6. One of the good guys for sure!
  7. He delivered beer last time. As far as rims he delivered some to be laced up. He always makes good though.
  8. So you delivered the rims and beer then?
  9. I team up with @Chief to find my way around there. Rode SN a week ago and it had changed A LOT since the last time i'd been out there. Place is rad. You northerners are lucky to have all that trail at your disposal.
  10. Biologists are discovering pumpkins that are adapting to be propagated more.... Sent from my SM-A115AZ using Tapatalk
  11. That reminds me, I ran into a couple around the end of 1/4 last summer. They were low on water, over their heads, and desperate to get out. They kept trying to shortcut in those areas where the trails are right next to each other, but of course they kept going the wrong way. I pointed them in the right direction. I've actually got myself going the wrong way on Peddlers right at the very end when there were a ton of live oak leaves on the ground. Another couple had stopped on either side of the path I should have gone toward the exit, and instead I ended up on the B-line to the little drop and didn't figure it out until I hit the culvert/creek.
  12. I believe you are correct. I'll need to get back out there and sort that out.
  13. I think @TheX went straight when he should have turned hard left and ran into SpongeBob. It's kind of easy to do. The trail damn near overlaps itself at that spot. Typically there's a line of rocks there that feed you the correct way, but maybe the rocks have gone awry?
  14. Easy mistake TheX You just missed the hard left towards the beginning of that trail after the first rock garden when you start. The trail takes a hard left. The two trails right there are only about three foot apart. Easy mistake.
  15. I got something like this for my bar light: https://www.amazon.com/Bright-Eyes-3-Pack-Clear-DIFFUSER/dp/B00RKP6GZG It spreads the beam out. Works nicely. I still use more of spot on my helmet.
  16. Sooo, I decided to do 1/4 notch this morning, starting from the center. I have only done it a couple times the other direction, never this way. Somehow I got turned around and ended up on Double Down. I have never been on it at all. I kept thinking, 1/4 notch got tougher, hahaha. Bailed when I found Picnic, since I had never ridden it either.
  17. I picked up a set of bibs from The Black Bibs for last weekends Bluff Creek Blowout and they were very comfortable and ~47.00 shipped. Not going to use them regularly but will for all day and endurance events.
  18. Barry

    Gravel rigs

    I like most of SATN on a gravel bike. Hell, I vastly prefer the 45 median trails on a gravel bike over a trail bike.
  19. here's the basis of a 15-20 "gravel" loop around SATN. I could include the gravel paths inside Circle C Metro Park and the Veloway trails to make it over 20 miles. Most of Bauerle and Canterbury would be fine as well if you skip the rockier sections. I opted for roads instead of the Firehouse-area trails, but most of that terrain is fine on this bike. I could have done a lap around SCNP and Whirlpool/ Valero Loop to add some miles as well. I just know to skip stuff like Stonewall and Repo Cycle on this bike.
  20. I don't think I am going to bother riding unless it is over 2 hours 😉
  21. A finish is a finish, don't worry about your times. I did it in 10 one year but 12 is closer to my average. Thumper is a mess, honestly speaking, if I did not live right on the route like I do, in picking a starting spot I would start at thumper and burn that one out first. Finishing on St. Ed's is not too bad, yeah it puts a bunch of the climbing towards the end, but every time I hit Thumper it is dread, even though I know my way around and have even ridden it on non-EB days.
  22. Chief

    Gravel rigs

    By connecting SN with BC I can usually get 15-20 miles in depending on which trails I ride. That's leaving from the house and making a loop.
  23. My goal was to finish under 11 hours, but it took me 14 hours. My biggest issue is that I suck at planning and not very good at navigating through trails with my Garmin. I wanted to pre-ride BCGB, Thumper and Walnut because I rarely ride these trails and wanted to get familiar with them beforehand. Only had a chance to pre-ride from the starting line to the end of BCGB. It took me over 5 hours to make it to the HOL during the pre-ride because I was struggling to figure which way to go and racked up several extra lost miles. I was able to cover this same distance in 3:40 the next weekend navigating through 10 miles of wet slippery rock in the BCGB. Other highlights. Very light rain from around 7:30am -10am which made for some slippery rocks on BCGB. But things cleared up and all the other trails were completely dry. The 3 road climbs were not too bad for me this time around. Either I'm getting better at climbing or the hills are shrinking I was doing good until Thumper. I read the directions and studied the map beforehand, but that can't replace actual wheels down experience on that trail. Ran into a guy at the top of Yopoun riding an Evil bike with flip flops. I'm guessing he was keeping an eye out for EBers. He gave me some pretty good navigational advice, always make left turns (Thank you thumper trail guy!!). I was mentally prepared for the Thumper struggle, but then snagged my BOA strap on a tree partially ripping it out of my shoe. After that I had too much movement in my shoe making it difficult to pedal and really hard to walk up the steep hills. Took me 2.5 hours to hike\bike 5 miles of Thumper. Started having knee pain on the way back to walnut from the extra movement in my pedal stroke (broken shoe). Then some kid (18-20 years old??) started racing me on the other side of Duvall. I was kinda pissed about my blown time so I dropped whatever hammer I could to stay ahead of him (one of my biking low-lights..). Started at walnut and got totally lost about 3 miles into the trail. At that point I just started looking for pieces of trail I had not yet ridden yet. There was one trail (log loop?) I could not find. With about 3 miles left I headed to Windy and the BMX trails and headed home with 79 miles. Next year I'll get some Thumper and Walnut rides in beforehand.
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