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  2. Half the time I think y'all just make up names to mess with us. 😉
  3. He's talking about the switchback after Dub Step and The Alter, before Pre Plunge. It's the one you go right down a ledge and switch back left up onto loose limestone with the ledges through the two trees. I think it's just at/after Moose knuckle in the video.
  4. You're probably talking about Dub Step - at 1:05 in the vid.
  5. Any time I have approached riding this way...all first you do this then that... I have never cleared a tough spot...for me, it goes more like...ok, now I shift my weight, then I...fuck...*gets off bike and shakes head
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  7. Oh I understanding about riding to the ride...I bet 90% of my rides are just that. But it's very nice to get some "strange" in every once in a while. Tonight was no exception. Good ride, great people, big turnout (35 people?). And I was just joking about your job. ;) Later, -CJB
  8. Too bad that is my weekend to work. That would be fun.
  9. Sophiane Sahili just crossed 1000 miles, at 9:50pm.
  10. It might've been posted in this thread a while back, or something I watched on youtube. I just checked several videos, but can't find it again. I'll keep looking...
  11. I’ve created a GoFundMe page (link below) for Peddlers Pass. My goals with this fundraising effort are: 1. Replace volunteers tools that have been either stolen or broken. 2. Buy materials to create new features on the trail. 3. Have KOM come back and work on the East side of Parmer Lane. Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated and will help us to continue improving Peddlers Pass. https://www.gofundme.com/f/peddlers-pass-trail-fund&rcid=r01-156090844985-379f3f5e2aa94fa8&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
  12. It's on the previous page or two.
  13. Where's the video? Asking for a friend.
  14. The key is indeed straight up. You need to get a good burst upto the first ledge and try and be as light as possible up to the second ledge. Then place front tire on face of second ledge and as long as your momentum is good you just shift weight and lunge hips to bars and stand up and pedal out. Simple right? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. No, a few twist and turns before that. There's a slight incline, then at the top a ledge that sits a bit diagonally across trail, with two junipers on either side of trail, a few feet apart, with another small ledge just a bit more than a bike length beyond that. Been meaning to get pics and ask about it, as I'm sure it has a name of some sort.
  16. Heard this guy for the first time when he opened for the G3 Tour a long time ago. About 10 years ago, I got to see him play a house concert. In a house, in Circle C. Was awesome.
  17. Is it more like a few yards before sponge bob E-W? The one that has green rocks that seem to stay slick longer than most?
  18. That spongebob always stopped me cold, couldn't get myself to ride down it. Then I saw a video of someone doing it and it looked REAL easy. So next I was out there, I rode down it. It was easy. I almost never ride West-East, but next time I do, I'll stop and session that spot going up. So far, the only spot I really hate is the ledge between the 2 junipers. It's not even that big but I ALWAYS hit the fucking tree. Anyone got a vid of that (spot just a couple mins or so before Spongebob E-W)
  19. Yesterday
  20. As good as I've come across at retail for one... https://www.camelbak.com/en/packs/sale/R01005--MULE_LR_15?color=b372e9c6d4654c89be5c66eb16b7fbfd&fbclid=IwAR1Ph1-S_JotXhbZbpn8K--BGFeFnIlq832VVLqPnoOvRMqtwcCW3ldZp9Y
  21. It's one of the few issues. Other than that, pretty happy with my job. I took 90 minutes at lunch to get a road ride in. There's another thing...I hate riding to the ride, especially in traffic. I'd rather take that time and ride extra, so I'll do stuff on my own.
  22. It was my understanding that her previous races were geared with front suspension, but don't know about her fat bike. There are only 12 single speeders in the entire Tour Divide field, and single speeders must maintain the same gear ratio from start to finish.
  23. How do you pedal this thing with the bottle where it is?
  24. My best times for Deception E-W and W-E, including both 1/4 Notch and DD, are nearly identical at 51:43 vs. 51:48. So I'd say they are about the same. I would agree though that the features on 1/4 Notch going E-W are trickier than going W-E, but neither are difficult compared to what you encounter on DD, which is why I love DD so much.
  25. 1/4 I think it's more difficult east to west than the other direction. DD I've only ridden east to west.
  26. Those are the Blackburn cargo cages with voile straps. Commonly used when you only have 1 or 2 mounts, and it looks like that cutthroat only has 1 which would commonly be used for a rear rack. https://www.blackburndesign.com/en/outpost-cargo-cage/p/7056599 On the fork are the salsa anything HD cages, which I have for my fork. These operate on 3 mounts which salsa specs on practically all of their cross/gravel/touring bikes. They are paired with the salsa anything bags, which IMO are a bit too small as they claim 4.5 liters, but after a triple roll are more like 3.25-3.5 liters. https://salsacycles.com/components/category/racks/anything_cage_hd https://salsacycles.com/components/category/bags_frame_packs/anything_bag disclaimer: I do not work for blackburn or salsa, I’ve just spent a shit ton of time the last few months researching bikepacking gear.
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