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  2. Amazing, but exceeds my "penalty for failure" threshold by a LOT.
  3. I run into loose dogs all the time on BCGB. I typically tell people "hey, I saw the cops and they are handing out tickets, it's $500 per dog..." Typically they leash up REAL fast at that point. The only stretch in that is that I never said "today" or "close by." Yes, I have seen cops hand out tickets on the GB, I'm just fudging on the timing. Off leash dogs are not allowed, so technically I could just tell them that, but that never ends well. Those people are typically entitled bonewipes who don't care about others but are very concerned about themselves. So I appeal to that part of them.
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  5. Only off leash dog I’ve seen at brushy on the mtb trails was a cool looking Australian Shepherd and it was following a guy on a mountain bike! The only issue I had with it was it made me really want an awesome trail dog!
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  7. I have dealt with one off leash dog at brushy. I wasn't worried about the dog biting me but more that my bike scared it and the owner couldn't grab him; then they both just stood in the middle of the trail as the dog cowered down and wouldn't budge. Now walnut, that's different. I refuse to ride there after a lady let her pit try to attack me.
  8. Putting this local gem on my list of regular libations. Anybody been to their brewery here?
  9. So far, at least at Brushy, I've only encountered non-leashed dogs. Their people tend to panic when they see a mountain bike coming towards them, but the dog's are usually out of the way on their own.
  10. WTF is with that? I think a bunch of us here have been in Austin a long time. It wasn't until the last few years that people ask how long you've been here like it's a competition. Who cares?
  11. Most of leashed dogs I have to navigate around are on 20' leashes, which can be an even bigger problem.
  12. F'n dogs don't know how well off they have it!
  13. Just got off the Colorado Trail a couple hours ago. The pic is the TOP of the last climb!
  14. As long as the result of passing an off-leash dog is that both the dog and the rider can move along. The real problem is encountered when one or both can't. Which is usually where a matter has to end up before things are set right.
  15. damn, you guys are sure talking a lot of shit today
  16. When I lived in DC and it was winter I would absolutely do this. No joke. It was a hand warmer when the weather was below freezing. Couldn't sell the wife on this concept but I did it Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  17. RA, having raced off-road dirt bikes for years, I notice the new CoG in the frame, but I actually like it better. I tend to ride off the seat, so my weight is transferred to pedals below the water weight. If you are a sit-down type rider, it will make more of a noticeable change. Really not a whole lot different than when I would ride with 2 large water-bottles in cages. New frame will only take 1 full size and 1 shorter, So I went a different root, and added extra storage for items out of the camel back.
  18. Almost all of the "single speed" bikes on the market have a derailer hanger, in case you decide to puss out with gears. If you're hardcore, you take a hacksaw to it.
  19. I hear stuff like this all the time. The person with the off-leash dog always has a "reason". Allowed off the concrete. Allowed on Tuesdays. Allowed when its raining. Allowed when followed by a lady wearing a red sweater... I call BS on all such excuses. Of course calling BS does not change what they are doing but it does piss them off. And me causing a stink does not help either. I think we are better off to just say nice things and move along.
  20. I use a poop bag to hide my phone and keys when I’m at Barking Springs.
  21. Haha suppose there's an upside to everything!
  22. I've been collecting DNA samples for your database for years now. I put them in little green bags next to the trail. Have you not been collecting them?
  23. This poster is in my office. Not sure where I can get more.
  24. This never fails to amaze me in my apartment complex too... People can be so fricking lazy and irresponsible. You have a local Austin government providing a public facility as great as the greenbelt and your attitude towards it is, "I'll just dump shit all over it." And then they walk around with this, "Look at me... Look at me... I live in Austin..." kind of puffed up disposition. Gotta wonder.
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