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  2. I hate the automatic ones at the dr office, especially the wrist ones. Get a basic pressure cuff (make sure the cuff is the right size for you...I've never seen anyone switch out the cuffs for different size people/arms. Get a basic stethoscope. Getting something nicer means better comfort. Some are downright painful for your ears. Measure same time of day in same conditions (i.e. after you drink your morning water/meds, before coffee, etc.) Best if someone else does it but I've taken my own BP. Cuff on your bicep at heart level, arm, shoulder, hand relaxed. With the slow heartbeat of athletic people, slower pressure release will give you more accuracy in detecting the Korotkoff sounds.
  3. Recent divorce; ex got the bath scale 😆 (Along with everything else in the house). It only rounds to the nearest pound though.
  4. Any advice on getting accurate, consistent BP readings at home? Honestly, I don't even get accurate, consistent BP readings at the doctor's office. During my recent hospitalization though, my BP readings were nearly perfect throughout my stay. So why such wild swings almost all of the rest of the time? This is just from today, using my cheap Walmart Equate monitor. I'd be happy to invest in a more reliable device if there was some evidence that you truly get what you pay for with these devices. Garmin sells one for $150 that I could try.
  5. Why not just step on a scale with it, and then subtract your own weight? That's how I've always weighed my bikes at home. Of course not everybody even keeps a human weight scale these days.
  6. I've seen a lot bike/ luggage/ fish scales for sale online and they're often the same product with slightly different hardware. That would do it.
  7. I live in a rural area near Burnet now; don't really know many people, especially anyone that would have those. I'm near the lake though, so might be able to find a fishing scale 🤔
  8. Use the scale in the produce section at HEB. JK Ask around to borrow a kitchen scale or luggage scale.
  9. Well, after nearly 5 years of pulling hair from my now bald head, it's here. Once again, the "paint" is crap... it appears that they didn't do a repaint after all (see previous post Aug 10, regarding the email that they sent). The substituted paint color is actually pretty cool, kind of a subtle pearl metallic, but it's covered in what appear to be goosebumps, lol. There is also still some cracking in the finish, similar to the previous frame (one of the reasons for the warranty frame), just in one area and not as bad. As mentioned before, it was also supposed to have modular dropouts so that I could convert between geared and single speed, but I don't really care anymore. I'm done here. I'll probably just strip both frames and do my own finishes.
  10. Doc. Wassmuth is great, if you don't already have an ENT lined up. He's in north Austin and does numerous of these "repairs" on a weekly basis, so super experienced. He also does a procedure at the same time called balloon sinuplasty, that is super helpful if you have repeat sinus infections. They now have an in-office surgery setup; all very convenient. Capital ENT and Sinus Center/capitalent.com/
  11. I'm planning to have that same surgery, after being unsuccessful with CPAP during 90-day trial. I don't expect the nasal surgery to fix my Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), but I figure it will at least give me a fighting chance with the machine since currently I can only breathe effectively through my mouth. I'm also looking into potential use of a dental appliance to try in lieu of the CPAP. Anybody tried one of those for OSA? My case is only moderate. Gonna try losing the 20lbs that I've added over the past year as well, since shrinking the tongue by mere millimeters could help.
  12. My nose doc, Zach Wassmuth, gently trimmed the turbinates for both Mr. JB and I, and fixed deviated septums to improve breathing. He also suggested a sleep test and I was blown away that I had sleep apnea. There were three different types of CPAP masks offered: the little nasal canula felt like a fire hose of air straight in my nose. The next option was a mini mask that covers the end of the nose and nostrils and that's what I use. All good. Initially the air presssure was too strong, but I asked them to lower it, which can be done remotely, then all was fine. I think the next option is a big mask covering mouth and nose, which looked claustrophobic. How does that work? Do you face plant into your pillow and fall asleep from there?
  13. Early Spring color on trails we don’t mention
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  15. Those bikes are all over the place here and they use bike paths, but it doesn't bother me. It's one less car on the road and I don't think any of those people would pedal anyway. Same with people using golf carts in my hood to pick-up their kids from school. It's an EV and takes up less room, weighs less, and doesn't hit as hard as a 6000lbs suburban.
  16. Based on the number of bikes that they have in the Netherlands, I can see them doing this. I absolutely loved riding there, it was like Denmark, a pretty bike-centric commuting experience, regardless of the weather.
  17. The algorithm has found me and keeps feeding me articles.... I'm actually surprised they found a way to regulate outside of just confiscation. https://www.globalcyclingnetwork.com/general/news/illegal-e-bikes-dutch-police-unveil-roadside-power-testing-equipment-to-catch-law-breakers
  18. https://youtu.be/GvHTg6JYPDw?feature=shared not sure why I can’t post the video?
  19. And because we're morons and drank it......... https://canawineco.com/products/makers-mark-dallas-cowboys-2023-kentucky-straight-bourbon-whisky
  20. https://www.texasmonthly.com/being-texan/cedar-choppers-once-ruled-texas-hill-country/ I made quick work of the 3-body problem series. I loved it. I'm on the 4th book of the Hyperion series which is also very good.
  21. You would have thought Cowboys fans had drank it all to drown their sorrows.
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