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  2. ATT user. Have good coverage. Keep phone in the pack or pockets. Pockets w/ zippers FTW. 5G doesn't spread the 'rona. 5G will talk to the nano-bots Bill Gates is putting in the vaccine. Wake up sheeple /s <-- sad that I feel I need to include this.
  3. I generally feel nervous trepidation when I see cycling promoted like that. It's great! Uh, yeah, it's great...then I remember I'm not Anthony Kiedis protecting my stretch of beach from Keanu Reeves. More users means more advocacy. From the article: Free t-shirt? Well, you better stock up on those shirts, buddy! *sees the shirt* You know, you probably have enough.
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  5. this trail was featured in Community Impact this week. https://communityimpact.com/austin/round-rock-pflugerville-hutto/parks-recreation/2020/05/26/slaying-the-dragon-goodwater-trail-at-lake-georgetown-draws-adventure-seeking-cyclists/
  6. @GreenMTBrider or others. I am trying to become more helpful in trail maintenance out at Brushy. Maybe someone could just meet me up there one day just to review the "how tos" on flattening ruts or improving drainage. Yesterday, I just tried to dig some trenches below each area that water was puddling at trail crossings on 1/4 and Picnic. Hope I did it right. Also cut some face slappers and trimmed the bottom of the drop in on Picnic at 1/4 notch bailout entrance to Picnic.
  7. Awesome news. I would not have guessed 1/4 would be good. Hopefully the draining the puddles helped yesterday.
  8. 1. I have tried them and didn't notice a difference. sticking to round rings. I ride singlespeed, so I stand and mash in "the wrong gear" all the time, so my experience might differ from others. yes, an oval ring works fine on a SS drivetrain. if the ring is made right, the teeth are co-centric all the the way around so there is no significant change in tension. 2. tried two Absolute Black and an MRP ring. 3. keep the same tooth count that you use now if that is working for you. don't go up or down from what works, unless you find that you want a little more range up or down. 4. be sure to "clock" the ring in the correct orientation on the cranks. the ring should have some sort of marking on it to indicate where to orient it.
  9. Picnic g2g 1/4 Notch g2g Double Down g2g Rim g2g Still some soft spots at low areas, but majority of trail is good and if we waited for those areas to dry after a rain we'll never be riding. Didn't check anything else since I have to work, but there you go.
  10. I have watched a ton of youtube videos on these the last few days, and I am really interested in potentially putting them on my 2020 Giant Trance. A few questions: 1) Overall thoughts on Oval rings? 2) Any particular brand/model? 3) What number of tooth? 30? 32? 34? 4) Anything I need to know?
  11. I deleted my Stava account over a month ago. don't miss it.
  12. Ill take the crank. Have an xt 1x11 on my trainer which is a little overkill. PM me your address thanks!
  13. I have to admit, the new strava route builder is a huge upgrade from the previous version. The $60 for the year might be worth it for that alone.
  14. I had a dog charge me and chase me, it was off leash. It bit my ankle slightly. As I was racing away the owner kept yelling at ME to stop so the dog would stop chasing me. Not gonna happen, I am not giving the dog a second chance. Even if that means you have to walk 2 miles to get your dog. Not my problem, leash them. I believe that the leash laws indicate that you must be in control of your dog if they are off-leash. I have run into people with 4-5 dogs at Walnut, all off leash. They can only be in control of 1, at most. I also see people with small children and a dog off leash. This is a really bad situation because if there is an impromptu dog fight arising, are you going to leave hold of your toddler to separate the dogs? No, not smart.
  15. And close some as well Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks for the heads up. At least the weather will be nice enough for a lame ass cx spin. edit: and thanks a bunch for doing that drainage work!
  17. I see, so it's like roads and public transit in Austin: city growing rapidly? let's expand capacity at 1/16 that pace and hope everyone just goes away!
  18. If it was truly caused by a storm, your homeowners insurance should cover the cost. At least that's the way it used to work. Had a compressor replaced that way back in the nineties.
  19. If you paid attention you would have noticed my saying that I've had problems while walking my dogs. I've also had a dog charge me while riding very slow and saying hi to their owner at Bull Creek, and a dog charge me at St. Edwards park while I was stopped while saying hi to the owner and letting them by, brah.
  20. As a Strava racer, I think that your rational ignores the instance of cyclists being bit by off leash dogs. I personally know two cyclists bit. I've also seen two dogs off leash fight and the @knifezila separated the dogs while the owners were at a loss.
  21. What is in the house when I bought it is a Carrier Infinity system. We did not replace the whole system as it was not needed since it was installed fully less than 10 yrs ago. we ended up replacing the compressor. That is what failed. Not just failed but became crispy burnt Maybe from the storm sometime Wed or early Thursday? Christian Brothers came out and did the work for this. They ended up cutting about $350 off the initial quote since they couldn't get it fixed immediately. Under normal circumstances, like not late on a Friday afternoon on a 3 day weekend, it would not have taken this long. This part was amazingly expensive to replace. I did call around to other places but being a long weekend there was not alot to be done for us. I was impressed with Stans although they did not do the work. They had some good offers on their site and the guy I spoke with was very nice and polite and patiently listened to me. Anyways, that's life and I am thankful it was not worse and thankful we could make it happen. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  22. Quarter Notch is definitely not ready. I just spent almost two hours working on drainage. Still majority soft at crossings.
  23. I just checked my normal spots to check as well. I’m gonna ride tomorrow morning. If Picnic too damp I’ll turn around, etc. When I check, I check East entrance to Deception and an EMS access point (aka Satellite) which is the entrance to the Hollows (less sunny area on “double down”) as always, still a judgment call.
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  25. The dog thing is only a problem to strava racers. Normal people don't mind slowing down, or even saying hi, or "go ahead, hikers have the right of way" I have had zero incidents here in over a decade. We are all out here to enjoy the natures, brah.
  26. Care to give some stats on your new system? Who'd you use? what size (ton, seer, features)? what was replaced? Congrats (sorta) on getting this behind you... -CJB
  27. City of Austin. The city Greenbelt land goes all the way up to 360. The city land bordering 360 goes quite a ways north of the mall too. So instead of the "No Parking on the ROW" signs they could build a build a narrow parking lot with head in parking almost a mile long. That would accommodate 600 cars. They could charge $5 to park and have it paid for pretty quick and then stop charging. Too simple a solution. It'll never happen. Remember when people use to park there, along 360, and walk down? Before the signs?
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