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  2. Features like that are strictly Forbidden. You're welcome😁
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  4. Thought about posting another bike name pun, but didn't? Thank you.
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  6. Maybe it's time to Pivot back to bike pics.
  7. Anyone check out the trails after the rain this AM?
  8. After getting stung, did you then Turner round?
  9. The other week while riding Brushy I got stung by something, not sure if it was a wasp orbea. It was no Picnic, it was Mulligan.
  10. Getting into this Jamis a dangerous thing to happen.
  11. Oh geez .... this thread is falling into a Canyon! I'll rejoin after signs of a Rocky Mountain high!
  12. But where would one ever find such a large chunk of limestone like that?
  13. Just watch out for the Diamondbacks and Ghosts..
  14. Last week
  15. Not a whiskey drinker but you should check out the Japanese. Lots of friends in Japan that rave about the stuff.
  16. You’re right, not as protective as Cushcore but they’re close. I was willing to trade the protection for the easier installation. I also really love the support the give the tire in corners. I’m running right at 19/17psi back/front with Maxxis EXO 2.6 tires on 30mm internal rims with the Tannus inserts and they’re great.
  17. New Mexico is all over bike packing and bike recreation, so not surprised that they are promoting this as well as a Republican senator from WY. NM Senator Ben Ray Lujan in an IMBA press release: BOLT=Biking on Long-Distance Trails Act. This bipartisan bill has advanced enough that there was a Senate hearing by the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on Dec. 2. From Bikepacking.com: New Bolt Act Could Fund 20 Long-Distance Bike Trails in the US This article has a link to the full text of the bill. Many states are realizing the economic benefits of cycle specific tourism, especially for out of the way communities with depressed economies. Maybe more bills like this could create better guidelines to expedite the currently cumbersome process of creating new trails on BLM and Forest Service lands.
  18. Yup, and people are TREKing everywhere to find specialized trails. It struck me as a grassroots "they did a lot with what they had" system. We enjoyed it but the locals were wisely finishing their rides by the time we started. The heat comes on strong early on a May morning. This may have been Memorial Day weekend maybe 14 years ago.
  19. +1 on RS suspension ... i've a 2012 Pike 150 still ticking over on my hardtail and a heartily abused 2016 Lyrik on my FS. The damper in the Lyrik (charger 1.0) blew it's bladder this year so replaced it with a Charger 2.1 assembly without drama ... works fabulously well. +1 on RS service too ... sent in a 2016 MonarchPlus for full rebuild (I do air can/seals but send it in for the rest) and they found the damper was dead because the shaft had worn so the assembly won't hold oil - could have been bike frame issues or could have been build - no way to tell - but for the cost of service rebuild they sent me a full new replacement instead. Considering the mileage on that shock i'm appreciative.
  20. I wouldn't want most of the shops on that list working on my bikes. Also, they are nowhere near as convenient as the Guad location was. My $$$, my choice.
  21. This thread is becoming very intense. I'll see myself out
  22. There's plenty of shops between the river and Research. You could visit The Peddler, Clown Dog, East Side Pedal Pushers, Cycleast, Cycle Wizards, Mellow Johnny's or even Cycle Progression you deride (maybe even more I forgot). All of those with the added bonus of supporting actual locally owned small businesses instead of Trek... 🙄
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