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  2. The generous cycling community of Austin keeps donating shoes and pedals to Yellow Bike Co-op, which is fantastic! However, very few of the customers who come in are looking for anything like that. 99% of the customers want a simple commuter bike with a flat pedals. The result is a shortage of good flat pedals and a huge glut of used shoes and pedals for "clipping in." If you know someone who is clipless-curious, Yellow Bike would love to get these off their shelves and under someone's feet. I can't begin to catalog the styles and sizes, but I promise you they have a massive range of sizes and types for mountain, road, spin class, etc. I almost took home a really nice pair of Specialized shoes with Boa dials, but they were a half-size too big for me.
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  4. If anyone needs firewood I have quite a bit available due to the ice storm of 2020. It is all oak (almost entirely Live Oak), generally 18” and shorter in length, because that is the length that will fit in our wood-burning stove. I cannot deliver but will be happy to help you load it. I could sell you almost any amount. Though there is a range of diameters, there is no split wood in this offering. The vast majority of trees and limbs that were damaged in the storm were six inches and less in diameter. I’m open to negotiate on price though I have consulted the internet to see what going price is. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
  5. My two ride-to-the ride days are Tuesdays and Thursday when I usually ride about an hour to WC and SN, respectively, leaving my house around 4 p.m. The heat doesn't bother me.
  6. You find a Fork? Not a Fox but... I have this Rock Shox Reba 100 MM travel, model = RLT/26" Serial No = 31T20018087
  7. I had to look it up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aestivation
  8. When we lived in Central ATX, it was always ride to ride as there were alot of factors that have changed. As crazy as it sounds bikes were lighter with tires not being chunky and sluggish on the pavement, now it's sort of a slog with big full squish trail bikes wasting an hr getting to trailhead through town, also, it seems hotter than it was 20yrs ago as we would head out to GB, Nut or even other trails 10 or 11 oclock in the summer which NFWay you can do that now. Hell 10 yrs ago I would roll out at 3:30 and ride to CP or Thumper on my Hardtail in the summer, now days that is a death march. Also being 20lbs lighter and fit helped.
  9. I should say, I've been using an old Cell with no service for both Strava and TrailForks offline. It works great, I make sure to boot it up at home on Wi-Fi and load any maps I need. This weekend I did an event at Flat Rock and used a Mobile Hotspot from my current cell that has service, just long enough for it to figure out the apps and then shut it off for the whole event. It records just fine, but I don't get live segments 🤷‍♂️
  10. I've used Ride With GPS off line in airplane mode and it was great. I've been contemplating TrailForks, so will do. @RedRider3141, thanks for that clarification. In the meantime, we've made a commitment to stay together, really together, while riding. We each had cell phones, but had service in different spots at different times.
  11. Unfortunately No. The phone will act independently and show you where YOU are on a predownloaded map but it is only a GPS RECEIVER. It's only ability to SEND data is via Cell, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Theoretically if you were close enough to see each other over peer-to-peer Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, you will probably be within earshot.
  12. Trailforks allows you to download the region (at the state level) before you ride. I keep Texas, Arkansas, California, and New Mexico on my phone. If you have no cell coverage, you can still see your location via the GPS and still navigate on the maps. It is great. The maps do not take up a lot of space on your phone. But you cannot download the map if you do not have a data connection, so go do that now. If you happen to be in an area where you have not downloaded the maps you *might* be ok because it *should* be caching the direct local area, but because I have downloaded maps I can't say for sure. The best way to test is put your phone in airplane mode now and see what navigating different trails looks like.
  13. Yo! If you still have this, I think I'll take it! I've been looking for an old fox for my younger son's bike. I lowered one to 60mm for my oldest and it works perfectly for him. shoot me a PM, or just text me @ five1too-six2six-six5sixfor
  14. Emerging from summer hibernation today but trails were muddy. Put together a 15-mile "gravel" route to kick off the non-suck weather.
  15. Motorola Defy is available and the reports are not good. The consensus is that it was released too soon, without sufficient testing and tech support is, "Try this. It might work. No? OK, how about this?" Many people report that set up is not easy. Also, get this, it won't work in heavy tree cover or in canyons. You need a fairly clear view to the south, because it's trying to lock in on a geostationary satellite. We're not spending $$$ for something dicey. Anyway, I do have a question for the hive mind. Our phones (Moto G Power, Android) are GPS enabled. We've had two episodes this summer where we got separated on a trail system and didn't have cell service to sort things out. It is possible to download an app like TrailForks or mtbproject, and it can track where you are even if you're out of cell phone range. What I want to know is, is there a way to track another cell phone's location (Android, not Apple) on one of these apps?
  16. If you're not on tight singletrack with a lot of vegetation, I really like the rear rack with panniers. So much easier to pack and unpack. I have two smallish Mountain Smith panniers that are ancient but still completely serviceable; YKK zippers last forever and the fabric is still good. Mr. June Bug bought them for some long ago bike touring trip before we were married. He uses a seat bag. Since last fall, I've bought the ZinBivy 25 degree Core Quilt -- light weight and compact. Relatively local in the state, BikepackingRoots.org just posted the 280-mile Pine Curtain Loop. The north end is just south of Palestine, heads south between Crockett and Lufkin, through parts of the Davy Crockett and Sam Houston National Forests and as far south as Point Blank on Lake Livingston. Looking at the map, it seems like the route could be cut in half (north loop, or south loop) by cutting over just a few miles on Hwy. 7 in the middle of the route. On google maps, Hwy 7 is a two-lane highway with a good shoulder each way. What's amazing and quite impressive is that there is 11,000' of cumulative climbing along the route. Really local is the 105-mile Texas BBQ Tour Overnighter, starting and ending in Lockhart with an overnighter at Palmetto State Park. Gravel roads and chipseal.
  17. Specialized Recon 2.0 shoes, size 11/44.5. I picked these up at Yellow Bike this week and concluded that they're just too big for me. Large volume with generous, wide toe space and a bit of flex.
  18. I drive to the ride when I a take the ice chest for post-ride dranking. I drive to the ride a lot. 😁 I also drive to the ride if I'm going somewhere far and exotic, like Walnut. But like Sluggo said, most of my SATN rides start about a block from my house.
  19. Thanks for the update. If it was too wet this morning, then it is probably still too wet, as we got a good hour or so of steady drizzle mid-morning. And oh yeah I definitely remember us moving the "diving board" back on Truth-or-Dare. Took 3 of us as I recall. I'm still leery approaching that spot, always wondering if the step-down will be there or not. I'm loving the new berms towards the end of DD going E-to-W by the way. Big thanks to whoever put in that work!
  20. Had eyes on it this morning and it was too wet, but left town this afternoon and won’t be able to hit the trails until Monday. If you head out let us know what you think. On DD, rock move wasn’t done by any of the stewards. Weird shit like that does happen, remember a few years ago someone moved the diving board rock at truth or dare and we had to move it back? I love people.
  21. Anybody putting eyes on the trails at Brushy? Really curious if they just sucked up this rain like a sponge. Might go explore in a bit, to see for myself. BTW, when I was riding DD the other day, I came across this. Somebody moved the rock that was right where I've always dropped off. It was kind of cool, like a second ledge with a few inches of space between. There was absolutely no reason to move it. I can understand if it somehow worked its way loose, but in 10 years of riding off of it, I've never felt it even budge.
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  23. Especially if you want to ride the GB or SATN!
  24. It's a fuck sight harder if you live in Colorado.
  25. I've tried reaching out to them for over a week. Their website shows no bikes are available. I saw someone from a bike shop post that GG told them they were closing. I'm really bummed. It looks like they've spun off Revved to be a contract frame builder.
  26. Riding to ride is easy if you live in South/Southwest Austin.
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