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  2. Thank you, professor. Everyone has individual needs. My stepfather was involved in a very serious car crash in college - ejected from the vehicle and wasn't expected to live. Once he did pull through, the doctors said he would never walk or talk, he learned - through herculean effort to do both. He completed college and traveled extensively throughout the world, and spent most of his life reading.He's very well educated. He is now 81. He's not looking to go to the Dollar Store. He's looking for quality of life. We'd rather he be in quarantine with our family, rather than sitting alone in his own room - but we would have to make special accommodations for his situation. Respectfully, we took this much more seriously much earlier than most others did, and were prepared. The last thing we need is *education* from self-important armchair quarterbacks who think they have all the answers for everyone else. Quit wasting the tens-of-thousands of tax dollars I spend every year and let me use some of it to make my own decisions. I have a BA, an MBA, and a law degree, was a CBR warfare specialist, and spent 8 years working in infectious disease for J&J. If I can't be trusted to make sound decisions, then clearly education isn't worth anything.
  3. That’s the other Snake Alley and that trail is on lockdown.
  4. Yeah, remember the outrage when they canceled SXSW? Those comments have not aged well. The consolation for canceling my May vacation to England/France was my buddy saying "now you'll be around to see The Rolling Stones with me..." And crazily, I thought that was the upside of all of that. Naive of me. But I learned. The older generation has not.
  5. This is a pretty strange argument in this context, considering we are talking about man made trail features. I actually much prefer more "natural" trails, like you would find deep in the greenbelt, and preferred walnut the way it was when I started riding it 10 years ago. And don't get me wrong, I appreciate that someone is working on the trails, and I wish I could help, but their style doesn't work the best for me and considering one of the "rules" of trail building is to make them fun for everyone I felt like it was worth noting.
  6. My mother in law who is 82 doesn't live in assisted living but lives alone in East Quogue/Westhampton beach Long Island. My wife and her speak every week to each other. When this was just getting started she asked my wife if she could go to get her hair done, my wife's response was NO. My wife gets a call from a friend of her mother telling my wife that her mother has been going out everyday to go shopping and to the bank and who knows where else and that my wife needs to tell her to stay home. My wife explained that she tried to tell her but there is nothing she can do if she won't listen. I believe that if the country had taken appropriate action to this right from the beginning we wouldn't have these kinds of issues. There is too much contradicting information as to how bad this situation is and that's why we have people going to spring break, Mardi Gras and filling up public parks when we should all be sheltering at home. INSANITY!
  7. Community mosaic is a great IPA as well if you like the hoppy stuff.
  8. I have a weird background that give me a different perspective on things like berms and jumps. I raced motocross, hare scrambles and motorcycle enduro (the real ones that have been called that since the 1960's - ). Berms can be "railed" (follow all or part of the berm) or "bounced" (slide sideways into the berm at any point and bounce off in the new direction). Someone railing a berm can and better carry a LOT of speed or someone like me will take you line by bouncing that berm right in front of you. Or that is what I did in all kinds of races. There are examples of both types of riding a berm at about 2 to 2:15 minutes in that video. Better examples are in the first 15 seconds of this video - The advantage to railing the berm is the speed you could carry even if you only used part of the berm. The advantage to bouncing the berm is you only need a small section of a "berm" to bounce off. Even a rock or a tree can be used to bounce a berm. So when you say the 'berm is in the wrong place' I say you need to ride that spot to use what is there. Isn't the idea is we ride the trail conditions that exist? Not change the trail to what ---> I <---- want? Since many riders want different things existing trails quickly get "improved" to where they look like dirt sidewalks as each tries to make the trail match their personal desires.
  9. There, fixed it for you. My father is in a retirement home. He is 85 and has had heart issues and diabetes. Basically he is the most targeted market for COVID and he still complains about all of the restrictions that they have put on his community. WT actual F? Those places are a Petri dish for things like COVID and when it takes hold, it can rip through there. Yet many of them don't perceive the issue even though they are the most at risk. They only let people out to go to doctor's appointments. My dad had one the other day and then after the appointment he went to the dollar store. The goddamn MFing dollar store? Again, WT actual F??? If you want to help those facilities, education is imperative. A good addition to it would be what I call "moderated Facebook" where a family member could intercept and moderate a paren't feed without them knowing. Luckily my father refuses to use the internet, but he is surrounded by idiots who share fake memes all day long.
  10. I disagree. I find that the walnut additions are fine. You may need to change your lines or your approach to truly take advantage of them. I'm sure in some cases there may be natural limitations to what they can do but I've been happy with the work that they have done.
  11. So Pedernales is officially closed. They have actually put physical barriers blocking trailheads. Does anyone know if people are still riding / hiking out there? It's a class C misdemeanor I think, to be in a closed area of a state park. But maybe they won't enforce it? Any ideas for similar good trails around here? I rode the so-called "ATX" trails a couple of days ago, not nearly as fun.
  12. At Slaughter Creek Trail earlier today. Tried to shoo it off the trail, as there were quite a few people on foot out.
  13. I'm actually a big fan of "nemesis" rides. Me and Ben used to explore the greenbelt every weekend looking for stuff to session. You have to come up to brushy when the pandemic is over.
  14. Don't let Bart hear that, he'll be threatening people with his shotgun again. The "improvements" to Walnut have always been strange to me. It used to be anything to make the trails easier. So much so that I stopped going for a long time. Now we get sanctioned jumps and drops. The newish stuff is especially weird, and this may just be down to how I ride, because it all seems to be in slightly the wrong place. Like some of the berms are blocked by trees, or are to late in a corner to use, or are too low or tight, and most of them are starting to fall apart while other stuff is being built. And the jumps are in weird place where I never have the speed to use them. I'd really need to make it to a work day so I can figure out what the thinking is behind this stuff, but I work Saturdays.
  15. I pulled out the DJ bike today and my oldest son and I had a manual competition. We have a slight downhill so we would start at a crack in the street and use sticks to mark our longest one. When you find that balance point, it's so cool. I managed to get a few good ones but I don't know what I did different from all the other times. The weather was amazing for practice and you can easily maintain the 6' distance from any neighbor. Also, you're going pretty slow with a helmet so even if you loop out, it shouldn't be an ER trip.
  16. 6) Tax breaks to renovate residences/properties to accommodate parents currently residing in assisted living facilities. These people are now completely shut off from their families and the outside world. In humane. We are dealing with this personally. Give us the resources to give quality of life to our seniors and decrease/eliminate a vector for the spread of the disease. Much better ROI than than solar panels to warm your pool.
  17. Good joke, but The Tip has a point. In fact it's probably a good idea if we make the effort to give the 6" distance quarantine rule ourselves when passing hikers and let them have the trail, or split the difference. It's snake season and we've got ground clearance!
  18. I use to be able to ride a wheelie from my drive way to me friends house 6 blocks away like it was the natural way to ride a bike! On both my BMX and mountain bike. Now I’m lucky if I make it 50ft!
  19. On the lighter side of skills challenges - hijinks X 4. Fun to watch some of the greatest riders in the world just playing around like this.
  20. Yesterday
  21. This has been a great bike, but I'm hoping to move to something with a bit more travel. The Horsethief is really a great bike for this area - efficient enough to be a decent climber, but burly enough to handle places like Spider Mtn, Bentonville, and Colorado bike parks. Size: MD Website: https://salsacycles.com/bikes/horsethief/2017_horsethief_gx1 Mostly stock, but with a few, key upgrades. Fox Float 34 Performance fork Fox Float DPS rear shock SRAM GX drivetrain (1X11) SRAM DB5 brakes e*thirteen TRS+ 125mm dropper post * Anvl Swage 50mm stem * Chromag BZA Carbon handlebars - trimmed to 760mm * Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR Tires * Ergon GA3 grips * *- Upgraded/changed from stock I believe I've got a spare derailleur hanger I'll throw in with purchase. I would have uploaded pics, but recently the site doesn't like pictures taken with my phone... Check out the CL ad for pictures. https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/cedar-park-2017-salsa-horsethief-md-gx1/7100345618.html
  22. I let the mom know they’re on a trail called Snake Alley.
  23. I bet that banana seat let you sit your butt right next to balance point. That would be a fun bike to have just to ride wheelies on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Maybe when e-mtbs have one of these, it won't matter.
  25. The other day I pointed out to my wife that e-bikes have limited batteries. If nothing stops me, I'd never go riding for less than fourhours at a time because I don't have to worry about a battery running out. My battery runs out when I don't shove enough snacks in my pockets. An e-mtb would shorten those rides by quite a bit. Suddenly, my wife is interested in buying me an e-mtb.
  26. Was the author of this thread's headline foretelling...
  27. Damn! BA Mocha Legion has got to be off the charts! I recall a Jamaican rum barrel Legion a couple years back that I thought snuck into my top 5 beer group. Always been a community fan.
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