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  2. Trailforks has the updated tracks for Pams Picnic and Holdens Way. MTB Project should be updated in the next couple of days.
  3. That looks like the same machine he brought to Rocky Hill to help build trail last year. It is a marvel to watch Brian do his magic with it.
  4. We just had Brian Nash with Nash Brothers Land Services spend a day at our house chipping cedar and removing a big tree limb that was resting on the roof of the barn. We had a mountain of downed limbs and trees that we had cut in preparation for them and they got it all done! They also helped us last year as we cleaned up from Uri. Brian is a mountain biker and great guy and they do really good work.
  5. Yesterday
  6. The Kids Ride Shotgun Pro bike frame mount and standard handlebars. The seat mount is basically new. I've used it maybe 4 times. The handlebars are the standard ones. I have tools and headset spacers. The set up works great. New, all this is almost $300.
  7. Began work on an addition to Corkscrew that will bring a couple of new downhill sections (which will have to be paid for, bwhahaha), a new set of switchbacks (see what I mean), and a short trail reversal (like was recently done for additions to Black Trac and Holdens Way), as well as incorporating a short section of Fat Chucks Demise that will be shared with Corkscrew for a hundred feet or so. I was able to clear corridor on more than half of the new trail yesterday. Will hopefully do as well again today. If so, this addition will be in use fairly quickly. Likely to be added in after the coming event. Speaking of which... Tejas Trails will host their annual running event, Hell's Hills, on April 1, and the ranch will be closed to day use that day. The runners should do a fine job of beating the new stuff on Holdens Way into submission. We love these folks, as they have been very generous in providing volunteers for the transformation over the past year and a half. Most of Tristy, Loblolly, and Hard Boil were carved from the dense woods by their efforts.
  8. Last week
  9. At the very least, please consider commenting that there are effectively no proposed improvements west of Shoal Creek and that's just silly. With TxDOT making improvements slowly along 360, now is the time for the city to also put in improvements along 360. Jollyville is a heavily travel the bike route and yet woefully unsafe.
  10. Today is the last day to comment on the ATX walk/bike/roll 2023 plan... https://www.austintexas.gov/ATXWBR-GetInvolved
  11. Paul and Grey have added a short extension to Pams Picnic by filling in some unused space. I'll be updating the online maps with the latest stuff soon. The new stuff is all extensions to existing trail, so no worries about missing any of it. Using the calibrated mole mounds in the yard as a gauge I think it is dry enough for me to take a spin out there tomorrow and get those new GPS tracks.
  12. That's fair. I bought the salsa fargo as a bike to put miles on for rides with no plan. A bike to do everything "good enough" and be fun and comfortable the entire time. From paceline roadie rides holding 18-19mph, to gravels events, to every mtb trail in central Texas, it's done it all. And surprisingly enough, it's become my favorite bike and my favorite type of riding by a huge margin. So much, that I got rid of every other bike except for my carbon Obed gravel bike, and I still ride the Fargo more by a 3-1 clip. Granted, as I get older I am enjoying moments on the bike that don't beat me up, so things like DD and even quarter notch I ride much less these days, if ever. And let the record show, this is a steel Fargo running 27.5x2.8 ikons with a dropper and 3 cages and clips 28 pounds on the dot. So it's not as burly as one may think
  13. I have a personal goal to live beyond August 2065, this includes mountain biking ... under my own power if at all possible ... but I not signing any contracts on that.
  14. Was that guy all oiled up? It needed Benny Hill music.
  15. Also, the apocalypse: This is why the cheap stuff is a real problem. guessing those $10K e-bikes from the big name guys, but the cheaper ones could be an issue. This is why we do not leave my wife's bike plugged in after charging.
  16. I will say that cranking up a 4-mile climb on a fire road that was about as steep as Jester and courtyard, my 36T cassette was no match for the guys on the e-bikes. I can understand the allure (and usefulness) in some areas, but not here in central TX. Especially with the weight to torque ratio being out of whack. I'm still in the traditional camp.
  17. Rip those welds out and solder the new pack in. That was the norm back in RC days. Like Kyle says, use a big tip on a 60W iron for thermal mass, and don't linger. It should be very fast.
  18. I always check that, Facebook Marketplace, and Pinkbike first, naturally. No luck, which is why I came here next.
  19. I tracked one down with the wrong connector, but it looks like I can pop the pins out of both and try that route first. But yeah, for something that is well held, no stress on the solder, seems doable without welds
  20. I know it's not advised, but I've soldered to the ends of an 18650 a bunch of times and I'm still alive. I used low temp solder, a big tip, RA flux, and just tried to get it done as fast as possible.
  21. 0.8 inch of rain overnight. Will be slimy and sticky all day Friday, Sloppy and slippery in spots that hold water on Saturday Expect conditions to improve by Sunday and beyond, (the short boggy bits on Karaway and Tristy will need a week or so to dry out)
  22. I'm setting up an old Redline Monocog as a dirt jumper. It needs a fork with an A–C measurement of 435-450. (Most 29er rigid forks are too long at 470+.) I checked everything at Yellow Bike and came up empty. Rigid would probably be better, but a stiff suspension fork would work too. Brake compatibility doesn't matter because I'm not putting a front brake on it. Straight steerer tube, regular old QR dropouts, please.
  23. I struggle with these sometimes. Just seem like a MTB with drop bars which doesn't make much sense to me. In my experience, a real 20-22lb gravel bike goes like stink compared to fat tired heavier bikes. No shade, and to each their own though.
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