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  2. It's safe to say that any natural park is going to get hiking trails if it's open to the public. That's a given. We will need to advocate to mtb trails. A connection to Reimers would be AMAZING. I'll post here if I hear anything about public meetings.
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  4. You climbed a mountain, technically that counts as mountain biking.
  5. This article only mentions hiking: https://www.texasmonthly.com/travel/rgk-ranch-new-travis-county-park-nature-conservancy-land-deal/
  6. Non-mountain biking friends (in the 60 to 70 yr old range) who have done extended bike touring in Europe, New Zealand, Japan bought e-bikes this past year. Their bikes are Specialied S-Works somethings, they swapped out the drop bars for flat bars and added 1.9" tires with a smooth rolling tread. They set it up so the battery is external and not inside the frame. This lets them pack the battery in a carry on when they fly with their bikes. At day's end, one can carry the battery inside a hotel room for charging. We did a partly gravel (caliche!) road ride with them in the Round Mountain area a few weeks ago, and I picked up one of the bikes -- it's 30ish pounds, if that -- feather light. They are in Spain/Portugal right now and reported that the bikes are doing great on some incredibly steep roads. They anticipate getting about 60 miles from one charge, depending on terrain. Side note: Google "e-bike + solar panels". Lots of interest on the topic of charging e-bikes with solar panels for self-supported bike touring.
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  8. "Too much trail" is an oxymoron. So this will be a good thing. Even better if they can get an easement to connect both parks. I've read a couple of articles about it. One just said "trails" but another one specifically included "mountian biking trails." Hopefully they won't slap the dreaded "preserve" designation on this tract. Sad but true, now when I read things like this, I seriously hope that it can happen "in my lifetime." lol Like the Great Springs Project. https://www.tpr.org/environment/2023-07-30/like-texas-appalachian-trail-great-springs-project-working-to-connect-austin-and-san-antonio The Violet Crown Trail was first envisioned in 1999. Here we are 25 years later and it is still not complete. I onced asked the VCT head project manager how long it would be before the section from the south end of Purple Tiarra to the parking lot at 45 and Mopac opened. This is on Water Quality Protection land, like Maxwell Trail. He said, "Not long, not long at all." When pressed for a time he said, "Maybe five years." Five years! The point being that trail buidling isn't so hard, but getting land owners permissions and agreements to build are. Oh, by the way, that conversation happened over five years ago. And still...no trail there.
  9. Travis County is buying RGK Ranch, which is close to Reimers. Maybe another mtb trail system that close would be redundant, but has anyone here heard if that might be included in the plan? Too early to say? https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2024/05/15/rgk-ranch-austin-park.html
  10. 1) Great weekend....Day 3 I climbed Mt Graham on outskirts of Tucson. 5k ft in 15 miles (up). 2) The rack doubles as a barrier preventing neer-do-wells from climbing into the back of my truck with me at night. 🙂 My bike fits in my truck bed with me. 3) They are custom fabbed to allow for smart phone interactions. LOL Where have you been hiding? Jeff and I speak of you often. -CJB
  11. Thanks for sharing Cody. Three comments: 1 - that is kick ass 2 - that is a lot of rack for one 15lb roadbike 3 - nice gloves! 🤣
  12. I know this is Austin MTB but I've been spending a lot of time lately on my roadie and wanted to contribute to this thread. I just got back from a weekend in Tucson after climbing Mt Lemmon. I took my truck and stealth camped in the back of my truck. Climed up out of the desert floor up to 9100'. I climbed 8k ft over the course of 4.5hrs and 38 miles.....finishing the ride at 6hrs and 73 total miles. Had no idea I would bump into snow while I was up there.
  13. Twistleaf yucca and Texas Feathershank (Green Lilly). Great to be riding yesterday. I love all the rain we’ve been getting but a little sunshine never hurts my sense of well being.
  14. ok, thanks! I'll start with the full-face, goggles, knee-pads and gloves. When I can do more than the entry level blue runs, I'll consider adding chest/back to the list.
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  16. I always wear eye protection, but mostly due to branches/leaves on regular trails. for downhill, its more just about dust if you are following someone. I think the standard fare is a full-face with goggles and knee-pads. And i personally love wearing gloves, because pretty much every time i crash, my hands seem to hit the ground. if you want more, there is back/chest armor and neck guards. Its really just whatever makes you feel comfortable going fast.
  17. I rode Spider Mountain for the first time on Friday, and will be returning ASAP!!! It was my first time riding downhill, and felt like I was severely under protected when riding at speed. I'll for sure be upgrading to a full face helmet, but would like advice on other pieces of gear I should consider. I'm 46 and don't heal up that well anymore 😐 Is there a set of 'standard' downhill gear everyone should consider? Also, I don't wear eye protection.... I feel like now is the time to start.
  18. Completely agree - ten years on electric for me - all Kobalt equipment. The mower I have is 80V too! Hard to find those anymore, but replacement batteries are readily available. The only maintenance needed is a bi-annual blade sharpening or replacement.
  19. I'm a concerned that all of this rain has delayed things a bit.
  20. FYI - Pretty fun little loop if you are in the area, it would suck to see bikes excluded
  21. Did someone get scooped up off the trail by first responders yesterday afternoon?
  22. Ah, twitter, come for the discussions, stay for the nazis!
  23. Well, the backdoor nitter.net way to access Twitter/X is dead. I finally broke down and signed up for X. We will see how long I last. If anyone else checks the Brushy Creek Twitter page, is April 22nd really the last post? I don't seem to be able to read a reply to that post so I'm thinking something is amiss.
  24. Thanks, I was thinking of asking for any updates. Nothing really opened past the rc field though eh? Looks like gravel and paved trails will be on the menu for the near term. 😐
  25. After crossing Johnny Morris, the current trail continues as a side walk along Daffan Lane. At Decker Lane, there's a pedestrian/cyclist-friendly crossing signal and the trail continues along past the upper reaches of Lake Walter E. Long, to the current end at Lindell Lane, where a caliche road turns off to Capital City Clays and the RC field. The new section will parallel Lindell Lane for a little ways, cross Lindell Lane, and then continue to Manor. There isn't much left to do; hoping it's good to go by the end of June. The new trail is a little wider than the current trail.
  26. I tried one day last week too and had the same result. I knew there was an engineering project going on there but was surprised at the size. There is a bit of kind of fun rerouting (had to jump across a couple logs :)) but you can't get through realistically. This was my feeble attempt. The southern part of the little loop was in a sandy creek bed/trail basically. Best to not even bother for now I think.
  27. https://www.meetup.com/mountainbikes-130/events/300765702/ Join Brushy Creek steward Tommy Kerstetter as we move brush and debris at Dave's Ditch. There will also be some rock and routing work in the creek bed. Please sign a waiver before participating in ARR Trail Crew workdays. We are meeting at the bridge on the BC Trail near 183 Park at Rutledge Elementary School or under 183. Please bring a smile, a story, your own gloves, eye protection, and water. ARR has a limited number of gloves on hand, pun intended. Bring any of the tools you like to use. If you are a TMBRA athlete this event is Pay Dirt eligible. Austin Ridge Riders is your local not-for-profit Mountain Bike Club. ARR builds and maintains the trails we all enjoy in Austin and Central Texas. If you are not yet a member of ARR, please consider joining! You may also make a donation to our Trails Fund via Paypal or Venmo!
  28. Who has navigated around Roy Guerrero Park lately? I rode down there on Sunday after all the rain, when singletrack was too wet, and found that much of the trails were fenced off. I gave up and crossed the river on Pleasant Valley and wiggled my way up to Walnut Creek South. It looks like there's currently no point in entering the park, but crossing into the main trail from Lakeshore Blvd. to get to the Montopolis Bridge is still doable.
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