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  2. Random tires I need to clear out. I make no guarantees that these tires will seal up perfect on first try. I recommend mounting them dry first (that's not what she said!) to see if they have any punctures that need to be patched up. Full disclosure: I found most of these tires at the curb along with some other large items at an Austin residence. Someone didn't want them, but also knew they would be too useful to someone to throw them in the trash can. Conti X-King 29x2.2 missing a few lugs, as Conti tires do Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2 Kenda Flintridge Pro 700x40, seems to have a wobble in the casing that only matters if you look at it Vittoria Terreno Dry 700x40 Panaracer Graveling slick 700x38, tanwall. probably measures out to a 40mm tire WTB Nano 700x40, has some wear and at least two patches glued in it WTB Cross Boss 700x35 Schwalbe G-One 700x38? weird Euro sizing labels this a 28x1.5. wtf Schwalbe? it's a free tire. I'm in southwest Austin, not far from ATX Bikes. I can leave any tires that interest you outside my house, or meet up if it happens to match my schedule some day.
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  4. Cool, since he's talking to you, tell him to respond to my emails from 10/28 and 11/21...
  5. Marino sent me the BikeCAD file they were working on. I think it's perfect. I even have a name for it. I haven't put any money down yet, but it seems like it's happening. https://www.bikecad.ca/1669304824234 (disregard the brown box, I can't make that go away.)
  6. Will do, thanks. Myles has contact info up now at: https://lessoncycleworks.com/contact/ His website is WIP so don't judge. Damnit Jim, he's a welder, not a coder.
  7. Oklahoma Red Dirt. This dog found us about mile 11 of 23. Ran with us back to the house. Looking for owner......
  8. Try sending a message to Albert. I may be interested in a frame as well. B.
  9. Yup, from the Austin Ridge Riders facebook page: With regret, we are rescheduling Cranksgiving to January 21, 2023. Due to the recent rain and the forecasted heavy rain for the rest of this week, the bike trails at Reimers Ranch Park are closed now and are expected to remain closed through the weekend. We felt it was better to call it sooner than later so those who were planning on attending can plan to do something else.
  10. This just popped up on facebook: Cranksgiving 2022 has been cancelled and rescheduled for January 21, 2023.
  11. Probably not. You don't get a ton of advantage going downhill. Now back up the stairs? You'll be hauling.
  12. More evidence the book of faces/Zuckerberg are evil: https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/22/23471842/facebook-hr-block-taxact-taxslayer-info-sharing
  13. A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to ride for over 2 hours with a group of wounded warriors on Veterans Day. Some of them were on ebikes along with their 76 year old former commander in chief. It was wonderful to share the trail with them. At 62, I’m not there yet, but no doubt that day will come. If technology allows me to pursue an athletic passion that has brought so much joy for over 30 years, then sign me up for one more decade. We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. I intend to keep playing and will promise to keep peddling after I blow past you on that technical climb.
  14. Hopefully, someday…I’ll need one around here.
  15. I don't think you're part of the problem, but I believe this is at the root of some of our current issues. People interact less and less with real people and forget there are real humans coexisting with us. It's solipsism run amok. The R&I is the cure for our little community. More people need to have/form their own real people communities where people of all beliefs, races, orientation (political, sexual, etc.) can interact and see the humanity and treat each other with respect in spite of our differences. If anyone here watches Mythic Quest, you get to see an interpretation of what happens in a metaverse. I think the book of faces became a de facto warped metaverse and that spilled over into the real world.
  16. Yeah, but I live a weird life. Since I don't work any more and hate retail, the only time I regularly see people is when I am on my bike. Or getting a beer afterwards.
  17. FTFY. This is completely endemic and permeates to all parts of society, riding, driving, walking, shopping, etc.
  18. Related note: I sent this thread to Myles so he could chime in directly. I thought he was already on here but apparently not. He said he tried to sign up for the forum a few weeks back and has yet to hear back. Anyone know how to get him approved?
  19. Yeah, PM me and I can put you in touch with Myles if you'd like. His website isn't up yet.
  20. Check out the Random Bike Pics thread. Cutter's neighbor is a new frame builder. Might be able to help.
  21. Yeah, that's more about the people than the bike. Just like some of the racerbois and Stravassholes who think a public trail is their private track. They'll be that way regardless of what they are riding.
  22. I am not either, I like to ride. But I am divisive when people threaten my favorite pastime. Some e-MTB riders (those who ride where they are not allowed or use their speed to blow past others with total disregard) are on par with people who do unsanctioned trail modifications or ride trails when they are too muddy. All of those groups get the same level of angst from me. There are plenty of eMTB riders at Walnut these days, the majority are innocuous. But if you are doing church climb and someone rips past you telling you to get out of the way, yeah, we're gonna have a chat when I get to the top. It's the general lack of courtesy from some riders (e or not) that I have little tolerance for these days. They're shared trails.
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