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  2. The Back 40 was not all out in the wilderness like I thought something called the Back 40 would be. Going ccw we just followed along the road at first . I would say you could see houses 60% of the time. Not that it had anything to do with the trail. It was just different from what I was expecting. Speaking of houses, I learned to dread seeing approaching houses and street signs from the trail. That indicated that a killer climb up to that street was coming up. Based on our nine guy's experience, you have a 25% chance of getting a puncture or side wall tear on the Back 40. Be prepared to repair out there. It took us slow guys just under five hours to ride the 21+ mile loop. This included four tire repair stops, two falling off a cliff stops for me, a couple of other crashes, and one waiting for a driver to come take one rider to the ER stop. My Strava time was 567th out of 601 for the Whole Quesadilla CCW Phat Tire Bike Shop prices were surprisingly reasonable on tires. And other stuff too. It is difficult for a newbie to figure the best ways to do all the Bentonville trails. You should have a good idea on how to prior to getting there. You might enjoy it without research of course, but I think it best to not waste time "exploring" because you will run out of time to experience everything. We are in south Austin. It took us 10 hours including gas and one 40 minute meal stop. It was the same both ways. Google Maps will tell us it's 8.75 hours. We drove 75 mph just about the whole time. Go figure.
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  4. I've put together a few decent loops using: https://gravelmap.com/
  5. I was the one bailing the water with the shovel. The rider did stop back by and apologized and assisted me on a couple of the rollers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Anytime I claim the rocks are covered in skateboard grip tape, be confident that my reply is laced with sarcasm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We had great service last night, but it’s a little late now. :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Forgot to mention that I ran into a guy from Colorado who had just finished a lap on a hardtail. He had sold his FS rig because he didn’t think Texas would need it here. Turns out that we might not have mile long climbs but the stuff we do have is a different kind of challenge. I encourage everyone that hasn’t given Emma Long a ride recently to get out there and check it out. Your technical climbing and descending will thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Awesome! I did a lap on the dirt bike Friday morning. Found a few things I want to improve, including the lower portion of Cheesecake. Can’t wait to give it a go on the MTB. 👍
  10. About to pull the trigger on a gravel bike and want to find some good places for 20-40 mile rides. Any recommendations around Austin?
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  12. I attended a few of those meetings then it just went dark. A guy named Dmitri was instrumental in getting the ball rolling.
  13. Agreed was surprised there were so few people on the trails. Great day for riding.
  14. What time should volunteers show up on Saturday April 27th? Any preferred tools we should show up with? Really excited for the improved trail!
  15. The last time we were there the service was TERRIBLE. So bad I bitched about it on yelp. Manager pinged me and asked me to come back (on his dime) to give him another change. Was planning to do that (but not take him up on his offer of the free meal because they go out of their way to give you good service when you do that, would rather pay and see if it was a fluke.) Anyway, guess I'll never know, but based on them closing, pretty sure that it was not an isolated incident.
  16. I hit City Park this afternoon and it was awesome. Here is what I left thinking thinking: 1. Excellent work on making everything rollable. 2. Lapping that place on a motorcycle looks super fun. 3. The trail is changing as it adjusts to the new direction. Several ledges and lips were dislodged and there are loose rocks all over. Watch for them and you’ll be fine. 4. It’s hit out there people, pack lots of water. 5. The new direction is less intimidating from a descent perspective but feels like there is a lot more climbing. 6. Triple bitch is still a bitch going down. 7. Devil’s staircase is huge from both directions. 8. Anyone that can climb up cheesecake is a machine. Go get some people. The cool breeze makes it feel good and the trail is great fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Wow, never seen the place this vacant on a Sunday afternoon Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  18. Wow 💪 not sure if I'm more impressed with the rider or the camera man who I could hear huffing air at the end. I'd have passed out well before the top.
  19. The documentary The Bikes of Wrath is showing tonight (Sunday, April 21) at Violet Crown Cinema. The 7:30 showing is sold out, but there is a second screening at 8 pm. You'll have to buy tickets online. We saw The Bikes of Wrath last Monday evening, and I'd highly recommend it. It's a documentary made by five Australian mates who decide to follow the path of the family in the Grapes of Wrath, from Oklahoma to Bakersfield, CA.....on bicycles.
  20. Sad but I've observed increase in the number of these riders on the trails recently. Seem to ride in packs like roadies on dirt.
  21. Well I do see that a new KOM was set yesterday at around that same time - shortly after noon. I'm not going to hand down a verdict though without stronger evidence, and whoever it was never ended up passing me.
  22. Go look on Strava and see if they posted anything there at the same time. Should be easy enough to locate them if you know what time it was..
  23. So I hit it yesterday and was clocking a pretty nice pace when I came across a dismounted rider bailing water out from between the rollers. Of course I stopped and would have helped but the bucket was not to be found. He was using a square edged shovel to get as much water out as he could. We talked for a couple of minutes and then I walked my bike around the flooded sections and proceeded to finish my lap. As I'm winding my way through the adjacent sections I see a couple of srtavassholes nearly run that same guy over without so much as a "pardon me". I could hear the guy say something like "hey how about a heads up" but don't know if they even stopped to apologize. Damn dudes! Save the clock for another day and give your fellow riders a little courtesy on the trail.
  24. I can probably get $150-200 on eBay but I'd rather sell it local. $100 takes it. 7-7/8" with a 2" stroke.
  25. 0.o He did make KOM on STRAVA: https://www.strava.com/segments/8507455, though maybe not THIS particular ride.
  26. A day at Lakeway probably gives you more technical climbing, this is sustained climbing, which is impressive. We did 1400' yesterday on the GB. Constant short ups are a lot harder than a long sustained climb.
  27. That only looks like a quarter notch harder than some of the stuff out at WC. None of that rock is loose, and the rock that is there is granite, sandstone, or covered in skateboard grip-tape. We could all make that climb that fast, we just choose not too.
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