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  1. This is going on trail soon. Found one that was like this one but the language was a bit harsh. So I made an entire new one to suit. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. The City of Cedar Park has approved KOM Trails to bring their machines and expertize to Peddlers Pass at Brushy Creek. The service agreements are signed and work is scheduled to start on April 22nd. In case you don't know who KOM Trails is, they're a local trail building company that's had a hand in the amazing work done in Bentonville, AR and many other trails around Texas. The Brushy Creek trail system is their home trail which they helped build and are still trail stewards of it. I've been working closely with KOM on a plan of action, you guys are going to love the changes. Once completed, Peddlers Pass will be the first Machine Built Flow Trail for Mountian Bikes on Public land in Texas (that we know of). The trail route and direction will not change. During construction, different sections of the trail will be closed while work is been done, please respect these closures and don't ride around "trail closed" signs or tape. In conjunction with this work we are coordinating with Austin Ridge Riders and the Parks Dept. to have two big volunteer days, Saturday, April 27th and Saturday, May 4th. to wrap up the project. These volunteer days are vitally important to finish in a timely manner. If those days don't work for you, come out anytime during the week of April 22nd and we'll find something for you to help with. I'll be posting updates here and in various Facebook Groups. Finally, I'd like to say a huge thank you to The City of Cedar Park and especially Curt Randa the Parks Director for embracing Mountian Biking and partnering with us to create a truly unique trail.
  3. Hopefully not a new rainmaker. Giant Trance Advanced Pro 1.
  4. stolen SB150 recovered last night by my good bros at Lakeline mall. local social media platforms had been flooded with the shared news of this bike having been stolen, and the dumbass who stole the bike posted it on craigslist the same day for sale WITH HIS PHONE NUMBER to text him. $3000. look at the ad. so another friend of ours started texting him as an interested buyer last night around 8:30PM. by 10:00 pm they arranged a meet up at Lakeline mall in north Austin to do the transaction, (im waiting on more specific details today from my two buddies who were there)and actually had the police intercept the buyer at the meeting point instead of meeting themselves. the idiot was arrested and my buddy Steven got his beloved brand new warranty replacement SB150 back. hadn't even been ridden! like how fucking dumb are people? steal an $8k bike at the domain, and post it up on craigslist less than 10 miles away only a few hours later, and just be willing to freely meet up with whoever for the transaction. did he not think the owner would be looking for it? LOL im glad it turned out the way it did and the good guys won at the end of the night and my friend got his pride and joy back, im also glad I stayed home and didnt get involved and let the cops handle it. that was not my proposed plan at all. but we wont get into all of that. another thing was that the police department was trying to be all like "just meet up with him, do the deal and buy your bike back, then call us afterwards" like WTF? I basically had to make my friend call them back and get some seriousness and urgency about the matter since it was felony theft and they were about to meet up with the guy for their likely one shot to recovery the stolen property. not to mention the likelihood of something bad happening and their safety being jeopardized. so after they called the cops back, they did get officer(s) to intercept the the guy who stole the bike rather than having the victims try to handle it themselves.
  5. I’ll see your bluebonnet bike photos and raise you one bluebonnet bike photo with groms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Right place right time photo at Brushy.
  7. A one wheel rider named Freddie came out and helped the ARR work crew this past Sunday. He grabbed a shovel and spent some time helping us maintain the trail. In fact, he was able to ride that one wheel across the face of the berm and pack it in really nice! He said the goal of his group of riders was to have a one wheel rider on every trail crew. That being said, I talked to him about the concerns that the mountain bike community have about ANY trail user group modifying the trail surface to suit their unique approach to enjoying the trail at the expense of the other trail users. It's the same reason we don't create big trail features without B lines that are great fun to ride but the hikers can't negotiate. He got it. They are looking for smoother trails without rocks the are fun to ride. Point 6 is their idea of heaven while something like Deception would be a nightmare. I have no problems with these guys enjoying nature and the trails that we all love so much. The more advocates that we have using these trails in a responsible way gives us all more power to keep them protected and accessible.
  8. This is as pleasing of a story as the African poacher that got stomped by elephants than eaten by lions.
  9. So he put a kicker in the path and got mad when you used it? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. So picked up this badboy today courtesy of CBaron! Needs a little TLC but should be up and running in the next week or so! Intended to get signed up for tandem class tonight but the USA cycling website doesn't like my phone and internet is not set up at my new house yet! Will be a go once I get to work in the am!
  11. Everyone, check out the edit from Jeff Kendall Weed coming to Austin and ripping the goods with us! Myself with #freeride512, Jeremiah Work with #teamtrailparty, and a bunch of local shredders ride Cat Mtn and RPR for JKW’s new trail advocate/trail building scene film series #thelocalloam Check out his channel! What a great time that was! Yeeeeeehhhhaawwwww! Thanks to everyone that was a part of it.
  12. It's the time of year to photograph your loved ones among bluebonnets.
  13. I managed to get out last night before the thunderstorms, and Snail, Rim, Picnic, and 1/4 Notch were all in great shape. There was still some dampness though from the light rains earlier in the day; so I'm thinking with the downpour from last night we are going to need at least a full day for things to dry out. I'll probably go out tomorrow afternoon / evening to scout things out. On another note, I'm sure glad this latest storm brought in some cooler, crisper air. Riding last night was a stark reminder of how horrid our warm, moist air can be, and summer is now looming large. These next 4-5 weeks will probably be our last window for truly enjoyable riding.
  14. comon, we already know the perp has problems with decision making, he owns a Dodge.
  15. I just paid $15 to purchase an "Ignore Topics" plugin for the forum, which I have installed. You'll now see an "Ignore this topic" button near the top of the page when viewing any topics. If you click this button and confirm, you'll no longer see the topic at the forum level or in search results. You can manage your Ignored Topics here: https://austinmountainbiking.com/index.php?/settings/ignoredtopics/ ..Al
  16. I'm still offended over how many times RA called hot dogs "shitty food". Sure, the Great Value franks from Walmart are not going to give the same flavor and mouthfeel of, say, a Hebrew National, but don't hate on people because they can't afford a premium frank. A well cooked Great Value weiner on a upgraded bun can be pretty enjoyable with the proper condiments. However, to mack turtle's point, there is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig - unless of course that lipstick is chili and cheese, but at that point, is the hotdog or the chili really the star of the dish? But we all know they are best on a grill
  17. So I sold my aluminum GG smash frame, and my V1 megatrail frame is at GG HQ getting the pivot bearing holes remachined so no Guerrilla bikes for a little while. My revved smash is about 7 weeks out. this XL trek remedy 9.9 27.5 turned out nice! Maiden voyage at Cat Mtn today 🙂 Sorry not sorry. Supposed to rain Saturday!
  18. I wasn't ignoring you, keep scrollin'. Pretty funny, I think I may have gotten your post notification about the same time I got Tim's call. Here's the deal. I keep bikes a long time and keep them running. Last Saturday, I finally sold my 1993 Trek 8700. This was Trek's half carbon, half aluminum bike. All XT, total weight was 26lbs IIRC. That bike took me on the MS150, and was perhaps my favorite ride for Walnut. Regarding the shock, Tim @ Cycleast finished up my shock today, and he said while the internal seals were shot, everything else looked fine. No problems rebuilding it, all internal seals were replaced, new damper fluid, and a fresh nitrogen charge. So, for entertainment purposes here's my 2001 Titus. The original owner was the founder of Hammerhead bikes, I forget his name (Charles?). I'm the third owner and got it around 2005. After a quick clean and reassembly: XTR hubs and front derailleur, XT rear derailleur. Besides 4 or so small rock dings on the bottom side of the down tube, the only damage is the punched seatstay below. That part of the stay is slightly bent, but it was like this when I got the bike. I had a fall on cheesegrater that punched it even further though, but it's been like this for many years now. And top tire choices for Austin, for 2008. I'd like to point out, the rear tire is a full 2.0 inches. Besides normal maintenance, here's the total work I've had to do on this bike: Replace original Marzocchi Bomber fork with the Recon. It was a huge improvement, low cost, more travel, smoother, and except for its weight, is not a bad shock at all. Disassemble, clean, and lube the front derailleur shifter. It works perfectly now. Done 3/2019. First rear shock rebuild, 2009ish? Sent to Fox. Second rear shock rebuild, 4/2019 It's been a great bike. The rear wheel needs truing, but nothing major. Thanks, everybody, for the various shop suggestions that allowed my bike to get fixed so quickly! I appreciate it.
  19. One thing I am planning on doing ahead of the race, probably late April or into May, is put on a cornering clinic free for registered racers on a first come basis. I can help guys struggling to find some speed to cut a lot of time for less effort. I’ll have some sort of sign up later for it and will post here before the list goes live.
  20. I actually finished the full loop in one day
  21. Here's my take and take it for what you will. I am transgender, MtF. Oh I'm in Waco so you don't have to worry about sharing the trails with me. I'm mixed on the whole thing. So much that I will not enter any race or competition. I would love to but know this would happen. So I just ride for the fun of it. I can say that because I am on hormones that I have lost a lot of muscle mass. Estrogen isn't the idea hormone to be if you want muscles. Bones don't change so I can't say much about that. I would love to be alive for the day that this is solved and everyone is happy. There is no easy answer other than what has been said about making it all one class. Guess you can keep the age divisions. Most leagues require testosterone levels to be under 10ng/dL and they have to have proof it has been like this for at least 6 months. I don't think most people will do this just to win a race. There is a lot of potential health issues that can come from hormone replacement therapy.
  22. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. The whole trail is going to have a makeover in the very near future before the race. The City has Approved KOM (a local trail building company that has done some of the trail work in Bentonville) to work their magic on Peddlers Pass. We are just waiting for the service agreement to get through the Cities legal department, then they can start work. There are several spots on the Westside that will be completely different when they get done. The trail will be A LOT faster. It's going to be the 1st machine built flow trail specifically for mountain bikes on Public land in Texas. I can't think of any machine built Loops for mountain bikes on private land either, but there be one out somewhere. Reville and Spider have machine built runs from the top to the bottom of a hill but no flow trail loops, does anyone know of any?
  24. Actually, not to get all legal on you (I am not a lawyer), but that page spells it out pretty clearly. No motorized vehicles. And then it spells out, specifically, the exceptions. None of which represents one wheels. You are not a Segway and you are definitely not an ADA appliance. This is why I go back to my original statement: You need to get a city of Austin or PARD statement that one wheels are allowed. Otherwise you are interpreting a rule to your benefit. Trust me, there are plenty of places that bikes are not allowed (must we rehash the name Forest Ridge) and we are not allowed to simply say "well, by our interpretation..." Instead of running on your interpretation, please take the time to get the opinion of the city, the folks that make the rules. At that point, you'll be on much firmer ground and be able to show that, yes, you are allowed. Otherwise, it comes off as "yeah, I read the rules, but the way that I interpret them...." All of this can be resolved by the people that make the rules, none of this can be resolved here because we don't make the rules. If you are angling to get the biking community on your side to help change the rules, again, I say engage with the Austin Ridgeriders as they have already established channels with the city. Also, I neglected to say earlier that the mountain unicycle guys are very familiar to the mountain biking community, we see them as "brothers on wheels" and are pretty amazed at the things that they can do. Quite frankly, watching them do things that I cannot is humbling, but they also do it without an engine, it is all individual skills. That, sadly, is where our groups part ways; you won't find us very excited about e-bikes either, for that reason. But we should all be enjoying our parks. Get in touch with the city and PARD and get this all sorted out. It's better to be legally recognized and ride without worry than be defensive every time you encounter someone that questions whether you should be there.
  25. Can we make this an ever lasting rule beyond just race day?
  26. Got this thing rolling today, it has a wheelie button.
  27. Awhile back I went to every trail head in this area to look at signage and found these signs as pictured, minus the no hunting sign, at everyone of them. Notice that the signage is new-ish looking too. Meaning you must assume it to be "recent" policy. You have to be a very good internet sleuth to go through the COA Parks Department website to find where it says, "hiking only" for this area. As a matter of fact I stopped writing this post to try and find where I had found it before. I spent 10 minutes and couldn't this time. But I know it is still the policy because I had a discussion with a park police person at a meeting about it a couple of months ago. We should devout efforts into getting mtbing officially allowed there. It is almost the same size as Walnut Creek and has as good of topography. And of course we should work on getting more areas of the SATN sanctioned. And there are efforts being made towards that. I know I have said this before but our mtbing community should make golden images of cxagent to idolize for his "patience of Job" devotion to the tedious work of working with the City and other entities in accomplishing just that. In the SATN and the rest of the Austin area as well.
  28. Skip to 0:01. That's when it starts getting good.
  29. How do I wash all this mud off my bike?
  30. I talk even on solo rides. Mostly yelling things at the trail or begging my bike to hold together. Sometimes I say hi to the birds and squirrels.
  31. Welp . f me I guess the only way to know is to register for the Full Gas on Peddlers Pass Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  32. I walked this area yesterday with a person from Violet Crown Trail, a person from the Veloway, a Circle C neighbor and me. There was a lot of discussion of where the VCT was going, how to keep trail users (us) off the Veloway and how to get road bikes to the Veloway past all the construction. Let's just say there were no easy answers and there was not a lot of compromise. The VCT location is fixed. It cannot change by more than a few feet in any direction. Property lines, creeks, protected trees, etc. have locked it down pretty tight. And there is enough political clout that the VCT WILL happen. The Veloway and Circle C neighbors cannot stop it. The Veloway folks do NOT want pedestrians, pets or us dirty mountain bikers on the Veloway. They would be OK with mountain bikers if we did not track mud and rocks onto the Veloway, entered ONLY at the two official entrances, and rode the Veloway in the proper direction. Since we mountain bikers cannot do even those three things - they think we mountain bikers should not be allowed on the Veloway at all. Since the four of us watched two mountain bikers ride thru the blockage across the trail onto the Veloway, I understand why they think the only solution is to fence the Veloway from the trails. The road construction is going at a typical road construction pace. It is predicted to last about a year. During that year, access to the Veloway for road bikers will be tough. Put your bike in your car and drive to the Veloway or ride the trails to the Veloway. Getting thru the construction detour on a road bike is more dangerous than I would attempt. I was in my truck and felt like I was about to be hit & killed. The Circle C neighbor was upset about losing trail he didn't ride (too difficult) and about poor access to the Veloway. The best I could offer is to tell him who to complain to in the government and tell him I didn't think it would help at all. I did offer to teach him to ride the trails. I will ride my road bike to show him it can be done easily. (Yes I have ridden my road bike on those trails. It is not hard.)
  33. Oh snap! I see a tandem team being formed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  34. Anyone that steals a late model beetle gets what coming to them. I’d leave my keys in the damn thing with the door open if I were him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  35. I wish there was an easier way. It'll be nice to race in the less competitive female class, but I will miss the convenience of peeing standing up.
  36. You mean like - Riding the Post enduro ( near Post Tx). Been whipping along the single track thru the brush for a while when I come around a corner and find the 'edge of the world'. Why do I call it the 'edge of the world'? Because about ten feet in front of your front wheel all you can see is the horizon way way WAY off in the distance. At that point there is not time to even get that cold sweat on the back of your neck - much less hit the brakes and not go off the edge. In an instant you are airborne. Now you get that cold sweat. And you look down about a hundred feet (felt like a mile or two) and start preparing for what ever the "landing" may be. Then you notice in the sand at the bottom somebody has written in great BIG 10 foot letters "OH SHIT!". I rode that enduro a couple of years later and people were still talking about OH Shit Hill. (Just for reference - I pushed the front wheel down to match the transition at the bottom of the hill and stayed on the motorcycle. Bottomed the suspension and my legs but rode it out.)
  37. Funny thing is, my fastest time of 17:09 was on a second lap and is a minute faster than the times when I was out there trying to hammer it. Last time out, having seen that the QOM was now 16:43, my worst Bobby Riggs' mentality kicked in and I gave it everything I had to get my best time possible. A male-female couple took off ahead of me and so I waited like 8 minutes to give them plenty of cushion. Well 3/4 of the way through I passed the female who was graciously standing on the side of the trail. Not sure if she was resting or saw me thundering up on her, but I was happy to speed past. Then as I was coming hard around a turn right before one of the bridges, I washed out and skidded on my knee and shin for several feet right in front of where the male rider was waiting on the side of the trail for his female companion. I of course hopped back on my bike like it was nothing, cringing in pain with every pedal stroke. He graciously asked if I was alright, and I replied that I was, which of course I wasn't. As I was "limping" across the finish line, I said to myself, "this used to be more fun when I wasn't trying to see how fast I could go".
  38. So....you want Yosmithy to send you titty pics?🤔
  39. Picked this up Saturday morning and it was a perfect rainy weekend project. Stag Head M700 group was the precursor to the Deore Mountain line. The Deore stuff was around back then but only as a lightweight touring group set
  40. More flowery than bikey: A speaking of the Veloway, LaCrosse was jammed packed with parked cars. The Wildflower Center is going gangbusters.
  41. I'm getting pretty tired of these stupid blue flowers!
  42. That's awesome. Minor, minor critique...If I knew nothing about Austin mountain biking I would get the sense from this video that our mountain biking scene was fledgling at best and was really only jumpstarted by TTP and FR512. Meanwhile ARR and TMBRA have been going strong for decades. Sure, I get that this is more focused on the gravity fed, enduro style riding and not the overall MTB scene/industry here. But dang, with JKW's skillset I would think he'd love BCGB, Brushy, and the other unmentionables in view of Cat MT and be impressed by how long they've been around and how well used they are. Let alone all the other trails in TX. Just my .02 -sorry, very loyal texan here and I get a bit overly sensitive when people dismiss our MTB scene..."You don't even have mountains!" Seriously cool video though.
  43. I think that the way to get better at corners is to go out there and try a lap at a pace that doesn't require you to use your brakes much at all. It will feel slower than you can go but you'll have to be smooth. Slow is smooth...smooth is fast. Then you keep trying to go a little bit faster each time without using the brakes. You should find yourself leaning more and positioning the bike at the entry of the turn to keep your speed up on the exit. Pro tip: Get some Avids with wet pads because they will squeal so loud you won't want to brake anyway. When you start to hit a corner without braking, you'll come out of it faster than hammering in, braking hard, and then trying to get back on the gas. The same can't be said for trying to drive a car around a race track quickly but being smooth is always the faster line.
  44. I'm going to come right out and say thank you for providing some insight that this conversation was sorely lacking. Big props.
  45. I think in this case at his junction this is case of give and take. We all agree it fun as hell. But the consequences are truly severe (see what i did there?) It is not hard to close.. Look at the fences put up along Picnic. There are no shortages or rocks\wood there also. This is a give and take thing and as much as Id be seriously pissed to get hit there, I'd be twice as mad if someone innocent got nailed and hurt and we lose access somehow. Oh, and Id feel bad for them.
  46. As a creature of habit, I road it E2W only for about 2 yrs. Then one day I road it W2E...it flows very well that way. Dare I say its even better!? -CJB
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