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  1. We're in the process of building a new intermediate trail that is planned to have six wooden features: a step-up roller with a rollable jump at the end (pictured,) a multi-tiered wall ride that will end in an optional drop, a wooden drop to dirt transition, and three wooden tabletop jumps. You can see the first wooden feature from the lift and from the first mountain road intersection with Viper's Den. Trail length is estimated to be about 1'000 feet, and it'll exit on the second mountain road at Viper's Den. Scheduled completion time is six weeks.
  2. @GreenMTBrider and I spent several hours this morning at Brushy with the Brush Hog cutting away the tall grass along the entire length of Picnic, the beginning of 1/4 Notch, and whatever that trail is called that intersects with the 1/4 Notch entrance and runs along a field for some distance (I'd never been on it before, but walked its length twice today!!) Saw lots of people riding the trails while it was relatively cooler (that is, instead of hot as hell, it was just hot). A few photos: Some before shots of Picnic: Picnic during and after mowing: That other trail whose name I do not know: I look forward to riding Picnic again and being able to actually see oncoming riders and not having dirty nature rubbing constantly on my legs! ..Al
  3. When we were out there Saturday working a family went by and they had a little girl , maybe 3rd or 4th grade. She rode by us and said real loud and happy "this is the best trail EVER!!" Somehow hearing her and seeing the smiles of her family mean alot to me as a dad and Honeybadger and KOM should be real proud. A trail that can make a little grom like her smile and a crusty old rider smile then that's cool. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. Pulled out 4th place/37 in open men at the angelfire 5 DH Race this weekend. Missed 3rd by .8 seconds. Bittersweet. Awesome time!
  5. garage space and the size of a cargo bike is a good point. Here is a fairly accurate rendering of how it will fit with the rest of the fleet:
  6. More Austin and Seth. Nice work😎
  7. Good turn out today for the trail crew, including the OW folks. The trail is already looking totally different..again! I didn't see or hear any of the critics out helping today though. Maybe they got the date mixed up? Thanks all!!
  8. Maybe 😁 Here's a short clip going over the new feature we helped make a few weeks back on outer log loop at Walnut. I've got a total of 3 OW riders so far coming this Saturday to help work on the trails at Peddlers. We were ready for the last one but the rain shut it down. I look forward to meeting some of the Brushy Creek crew! 20190426_161731.mp4
  9. The race on Peddlers Pass is tomorrow!!! Peddlers Pass will be closed to the public all day Saturday. Marshals will be placed at all entry points to keep the race course clear and safe. If you're not racing, come out and support your fellow mountain bikers, then ride the other 22 miles of sweet Brushy Creek Single Track. https://www.facebook.com/events/257174378553734/ Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a swag giveaway for the juniors (we'll be pulling names out of a hat at the awards ceremony). Here are some interesting things about the trail and race: It's the 1st Mountain Bike race held in Cedar Park. It's the 1st Mountain Bike Time Trial race in Central Texas. It's the 1st flow trail specifically designed for Mountain Bike's built by machines on public land in Texas. Over half of the people racing are 1st timers.
  10. Craigslist casual encounters? “You have a sexy, lifted Lexus with a bike rack. I am a mountain biker, covered in dirt and sweat circling your truck waiting for you to arrive because I have some questions.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My 2 cents, not that anyone asked! Prior to the new trail work I hardly ever rode PP. 1) because it always seem to be to wet and 2) i normally have limited time and prefer other sections at brushy! That being said since the new work has been done I rode it a day and half after a heavy rain due to people posting it was gtg thinking there’s no way and everything was good except the rollers on the east side! +1 for KOM! Still not my favorite trail and i still will not frequent it but I can say it is my 4 and 5yr old children’s favorite trail as it is the only trail they have ever ridden and they loved it! It’s a great trail for the right people and making it sustainable, so it will continue to be available for the foreseeable future is a step in the right direction.
  12. Straight up ballers. We need to buy the Josh train a few beers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. My "it all just worked out somehow" stories all end with a box arriving at my porch.
  14. Chumba Bicycles and Wanderlust bikepacking gear (their house brand?) sponsored a talk last night at the Patagonia store on Congress Ave. They showed some Chumba videos and then Alexandera Houchin, the first woman finisher for the 2018 Tour Divide and a sponsored Chumba rider, gave a talk. I had a lot of assumptions about what she'd be like and how the talk would go and all that got turned upside down. She's a member of the Ojibwa tribe and that identity is strongly part of who she is. Her talk was a story teller simply telling the story of her life in the third person, and how she came to discover bikes and riding everywhere, slowly discovering her city, her county and expanding out from that. She weighed almost 300 pounds in high school, lost half her body weight at some point, was 20 years old the first time she rode a bike; she's 28 now. She's not a hard body. She doesn't do lycra shorts. She goes to college full time for nine months out of the year (double major in chemistry and Indian Studies) and is focused on getting into dental school. She does train in the winter, going to the gym, riding fat bikes and doing fat bike events. Some running. She was raised mostly by her grandmother. She lived out of her Honda Element for awhile relatively recently when the living situation with her grandmother was no longer viable. While going to school. In the winter. In Minnesota. She said that was kind of like bike packing. And her bike set up for the race is....minimal. This year she's taking an 18 degree sleeping bag and a tarp. Not a high tech Dyneema tarp. This is a brown 6' by 8' tarp that you can buy at Home Depot for about $8. I didn't see a sleeping pad on her set up. She said if it's raining she'll find a sheltered place to sleep...like under a bridge... and noted that when you've been riding for 150 miles, you just lie down and you're out. She carries a little speaker attached to the shoulder strap of her backpack and listens to music, podcasts and audio books as she pedals along. Her bike for this year's Tour Divide is a Chumba titanium hardtail Stella with a dropper seat post (!), with Industry 9 wheels, Crossmark 2.1 tires, flat handlebars. The front wheel has a generator hub to keep electronics charged up. She talked about how you resist the siren call of towns by stopping before you hit a town and eating up the last of your food and drinking lots of water. While you're wolfing down the potato salad you bought at the deli of the grocery store, you start making sandwiches out of the cheese, salami and bagels that you just bought, knock back a Mountain Dew and then just get the hell out of there STAT, because it's so easy to lose time in a town. I hope the ride goes well for her. Snowpack in the west is simply epic this year. It was still snowing in Telluride and other areas as recently as a week or two ago. I don't know how many streams riders will have to ford, but like the snowpack, the runoff will also be epic, so that might be a daunting challenge. During the question and answer session, someone asked her how one could train if they don't have mountains or time to do long distances. She suggested riding to the event -- that you'd be in pretty good shape after riding all day for four or five days. Anyway, I'm still pretty blown away by this woman and will be following her progress on the Tour Divide. A bit more about her: Local Duluth paper: Cloquet woman wins Tour Divide From the Chumba website, she's the first rider: chumbausa.com/riders Outside Online: She Learned to Bike at 20. Now She's a Champion Her blog: alexandherrastro.wordpress.com/ (She has a post up about her drive to Austin this week.) Edited to add: Her bike is rigid single speed for this year's Tour Divide -- no suspension, no gears.
  15. Just want to say thanks to everyone involved for getting that race put together,as well as all the volunteers that worked on the trail and worked the race! I can't remember a time that I didn't at least have to drive a hour to attend a mtb race! A special thanks to @HoneyBadger, @DesertNomad,KOM! The course was perfect for the time trial format, hope it happens again next year!!
  16. Happy Father's Day to all you fathers. Call your Dads too if you can. Hope you all had breakfast in bed and got a roll in. Cheers! Buffalo Slaghammer
  17. Posting so everybody sees the news - https://www.kxan.com/news/local/williamson-county/mountain-bikers-will-go-full-gas-saturday-at-cedar-park-race/2073603464
  18. The Josh N Josh Show. Threw down a solid first effort on Peddlers Pass. 32 mins and that's with sessioning a few spots and stopping for a group ride of little bellas for a bit and pulling over to let one few riders pass. I gotta say that was pretty fun. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  19. The first time I rode the machine cut section of PP I was surprised. I was expecting a smooth bermy flow trail like Rainmaker in Winter Park or something. However, that is because I was equating 'machine cut' with 'smooth' which is not correct. If you change your mindset to 'machine cut' = 'bigger' and 'built faster' then it totally makes sense. KOM went out there in three weeks and did what would have taken an army of volunteers many, many months or years to pull off. The trail will bed in, the grass/weeds will grow up along the tread, and rocks will move to where mother nature and Maxxis intended. Six months and many Strava attempts from now and no one will remember the 'before' and we'll all just enjoy the 'after'.
  20. Rode PP yesterday. Ditched flat pedals for clipless and also ditched hydration pack for water bottle. Shaved 40 seconds off my best time.
  21. Note that I have been advocating for a trail across all of South Austin along Williamson Creek. This morning I received an email about the Williamson Creek area. Here is a redacted version of the email (redacted remove classified info). I also added the underlines to highlight why I think it would be beneficial to MTB'rs. Dear Friends and Neighbors~ I’m passing this on even though you should receive a paper copy in the mail sometime in the next couple of days. Please share with your friends and neighbors, up and downstream of us!! It is a critical time in the planning process and we want to make sure you have multiple avenues to give feedback, get your questions answered and your concerns addressed. We have a “real” opportunity to envision and implement pocket parks, community gardens and orchards, wildlife habitats and wildflower meadows, invasive species removal, employment for our local homeless individuals, bicycle facilities, complete sidewalks, restrooms and water fountains, a rail to trail to the airport, recreation and nature trails along Williamson Creek connecting our community to McKinney Falls State Park, the Violet Crown Trail, Dick Nichols District Park, the Onion Creek Metropolitan Park and beyond. Now is the time to “Dream BIG!”. OFFICIAL: The Watershed Protection Department is conducting a survey to develop a floodplain restoration and management plan for the floodplain buyout areas in your community. Note that these areas may be needed for a flood risk reduction project in the future. Because the buyouts are clustered in four areas, we will have individual surveys for each of these areas. We are starting with the Richmond Tributary area near Glen Oak, Aberdeen and Emerald Wood Drive. Take the Survey online at www.surveymonkey.com/r/williamson-richmond We think the online survey will be the easiest way to take the survey for most of you. But if you would prefer to fill out a paper copy, they are available at the Manchaca Branch Library. We just want to hear from you! Survey Deadline: Sunday, June 30, 2019 Stewardship and Maintenance Watershed Protection manages hundreds of acres of floodplain buyout areas throughout the city, generally as natural open spaces. Maintenance includes periodic vegetation management activities and a variety of community enhancements identified by the local residents. Natural areas help filter pollutants out of stormwater runoff, improve water quality, prevent erosion, provide habitat, and sustain a healthy floodplain. This helps us protect lives, property, and the environment by reducing the impact of flooding, erosion and water pollution. Flooding The buyouts were part of a two-phase project to reduce the risks associated with flooding in the Williamson Creek area. Please visit austintexas.gov/williamsoncreek to learn more about the ongoing project. Stephanie Lott Public Information Specialist Sr. Watershed Protection Department 512-974-2799
  22. Some random moments just occurred when reworking my Pivot. So, here goes: A crack (or potential of one) was found on my rear triangle during a rebuild. I've been riding it (including twice to Spider Mtn) for several weeks. On one of those rides, someone (Smitty) mentioned that he had one of those rear triangles laying around from when his front triangle broke on his Pivot. He offered it up and after trading emails, I finally was able to get it (with additional help from another buddy). I opened the box with elation, with bike in the stand, ready for a full rear suspension rebuild. But, I immediately noticed something wrong - the new one was 15x142 thru axle (he even included the axle - thanks Smitty!) and my bike is 9x130 (yes, I know, but it is FIRST gen pivot 429 - so sue me!). Look at my hubs and realize they are DTSwiss and know that they are notoriously "configurable" with spacers. Frantic texts to friends who know more compatibility to me on what to buy while I start tearing into the hubs.......Shit. They are older gen BEFORE they started making them upgradable. There is a solid steel axle pressed into the bearings. Can't convert and there is no path to upgrade........I install the rear triangle just to see if I can even move forward since it is at least one generation newer rear end. Wow, everything lines up perfectly! Pivot even flipped the pivot axle that used to be blocked from removal by the chainring to the other side, but kept the spacing/pivot bolt the same! Good on them! Start surfing Craigslist for 12x100, 15x142 29er wheelset CHEAP. Found a set and emailed the person. While drowning my sorrows with another IPA - I happen to glance up to my rack of wheels for projects and what do I see! A wheelset! With Shimano hubs and WTB rims (so not janky at all!). Pull them down and throw them into the rear triangle and they are wobbly as hell. Realize it's because it's missing a spoke or two. So, I go over to my pile of spokes for projects, pull out a black one that looks right and proceed to rebuild the wheel. Using the rear triangle as guide - retrue and retension. Move drivetrain/rotor over to new wheel and reset as tubeless (had to remove the tape to respoke). As I retaped, it used all but the last 1" of tape I had on hand (whew - almost couldn't get it finished!). After pulling all pivots and clean, lube, rebuild the entire rear end. So. That is done, and I look a the mis-matched wheelset and decide - this just cannot be (and I can potentially sell the DTSwiss set - yeah, like I would sell any of my bike parts!). Grab the front wheel and realize it is 6 bolt caliper and the DT's are centerlock. Shit. Time to dig thru my pile of rotors for projects. I find a 6 bolt that looks like the same rotor pattern as the back so it doesn't look weird. But, it's 185 dia vs. the 160 I just removed. Shit. Time to dig into my bin of random spacers and pray. Holey crap! I have one of those! Install new rotor, install spacer for front brake, and viola! I have a running bike again! And the rear end and front brake just jumped at least one generation! And if you know me, that is no small feat. So, tell us your "it all just somehow worked out" story!
  23. Stopped 7 people riding on Peddlers last night. All were newbies (except 1) and didn't know not to ride muddy trails. They were all nice and apologized. GET READY FOR A RANT. But that one guy that knew better...eeeerrrrr. It's always some variation of the conversation below with experienced riders when they are busted riding muddy trails. ME: Trails are too muddy to ride. THEM: You think so? ME: Yes. THEM: I thought so too, I noticed it was a little muddy, but I wasn't sure. I was going to get off the trail in a minute cause it's to muddy. Do you really think it's that bad? ME: Yes, it's too muddy to ride, look at your wheels they are caked in mud. THEM: Yeah, I saw that, but didn't think it was that bad. ME: It's bad, look at the rut under your tire. It takes hours for me to fix all the ruts. THEM: Thanks for all your work. Ok, I'll get off the trail around the corner. Of course they don't offer to help, they don't get off their bike and walk, they ride off creating more ruts. Another funny thing that happens is when an experienced person sees me working and it's too muddy they will exit the trail before they get to me to avoid the conversation above.
  24. Plus, I doubt you can do a backflip with a cargo bike. (Or pop up a curb)
  25. Wild flower madness at RPR:
  26. Just rode Peddlers and who is out there with the family digging.......Ronan. Damn, cant thank you enough.
  27. A couple of screen grabs from the video.
  28. Rode Brushy today. Rode Peddlers today. Anyone complaining about that trail needs to pick up a shovel and get to work. This is the only trail in the area where we are getting new trail on a consistent basis and seeing the support of the city. Yeah, we get trail work at WC (I've done some myself this year) but it is not really adding much new trail (we got a bit of it over the past few years) but work now is mainly repairing trail from water damage and bonewipe riders. Somehow WillCo is doing a better job than CoA on supporting trails. Is it Bentonville? Not by a long shot. But Bentonville has a different terrain than we have, they have dirt, we have rock. Peddlers is fine and I am happy to have it, even if it does not feel like Slaughter Pens or the Back 40. Ride it. Love it. Live it.
  29. Peddlers Pass Updated. I’m happy to hear most people (except Kyle) are enjoying the improvements on Peddlers Pass. We’re going to keep adding stuff until the summer heat slows us down. One thing I’m most excited about is the rollers are going to be one of the next things to be fixed. Hopefully they’ll never fill up with water again when we’re done. A word of warning...the configuration of the second set of rollers before the left hand berm will most likely change, they could be shorter, taller, wider, thinner, 3 instead of 4, we won’t know until we get in there with the machine and start working. But all the work will be done to make sure they don’t fill up with water anymore, which is a lot better than sticking with the way they are now. So no bitchin’ please. As has been mentioned before, the West side is not in its finished state yet. That probably won’t happen until the fall when the grass has grown back, it’s not as wide, the final tweaks are done, the trail has been ridden in, and it doesn’t look like a construction site anymore. So Kyle, have some patience, and try ridding it again in 6 months, or don’t cause IDK. The race is only a couple of weeks away (June 15th), if your on the fence about signing up for the race please do it. The more successful this race is the more likely the city is to allow other mountain bike stuff happen. Yesterday there was a mtb video shoot on the trail. The star of the video was the Woman’s Cat 1 National Champion, Ashley Green. The video is been made to promote the race. I’ll post a link to it when it’s finished.
  30. Got a chance to ride the new and improved PP this morning. I contributed to one of the dig days, so I was really pumped to get the try it out. Let me first say, I’ve been riding the east side the opposite direction, and damn it’s much better this direction. IMO anyone who doesn’t like how PP stands today, versus 2 months ago, didn’t like PP then and won’t like it any time in the future. It’s incredibly improved everywhere. It was never a technical trail, but it’s still fun an can challenge you if you push yourself. That’s what it has always been and what it will always be.
  31. I haven't run mine in while but need to.
  32. I've only ridden the newly groomed section once. I think KOM did a great job with the trail. No offense to Ronan, he put a lot of sweat equity into making the trail as fun as possible but there is only so much that can be done by hand when building a trail like this one. The original berms were banked too steeply and a bit sharp when cornering. There were drainage issues everywhere as First blood pointed out, what KOM did is really smart as far as I see just from a common sense standpoint, the trail now almost seems to be raised above the surrounding terrain because they dug out the sides of the trail to allow water to drain away instead of just sitting there. There is so much rock in this area it's insane. If you were to try and eliminate all the rock you'd need to bring in dirt to replace all the rocks you removed, I know this because my yard is exactly the same terrain as brushy. I've planted trees in my yard and filled the three gallon pot the tree came in with the rock I removed to dig the hole. Regardless of how anyone might feel about the new section of trail I personally like it and give a big thanks to Ronan, KOM, and the city for building and allowing this trail in our area.
  33. 20-25 minutes is "slow to moderate"?? Hell, I just lied to someone that I busted out a lap at 35 minutes! Seriously though, it's a total different trail now, that was part of all that effort that KOM put in (including Ronan). Holy shit folks, enjoy the new stuff, get used to it. If you don't end up liking it in six months, it's probably because you suck as a rider, you have a crappy bike, and you are terrible human being. 🙂
  34. Finally getting around to building a bike for spider mountain and other gravity parks. Commencal Supreme SX
  35. My Lap times PR before race: 20:51 (pre-build) 21:52 (95% new build complete) Race Times: 19.38 20.14 19.58 I actually really like the Start/Stop that was used for the race. Somehow I think it helped me use my energy a little differently and I found it easier to "sprint" on sections I was usually tired out on. Kudos again to @HoneyBadger, @DesertNomad, AJ/ Peddler Bike Shop, KOM, Al the announcer dude and all of the trail marshals. The trail, event and the whole day went really well. My only hiccup was not reading the class times... I definitely showed up at 6:45am ready to race. 🤣
  36. I'm sold! I got the GS-1 and did 3 laps on PP during the race today and got 3 PRs. Normally I would need to stop 1/3-1/2 of the way through and recover from the numbness in my hands, especially my right hand. Today the numbness was 98% gone. It came on much slower and I was able to relax my grip without loosing control or slowing down. If I was consciously keeping my grip more relaxed the numbness wouldn't come back. I had them angled pretty high, felt great while standing, a little odd while sitting but not bad.
  37. This is the 4th wooden feature on the new (dark) blue trail we're building. You'll be carrying quite a bit of speed coming up to it, particularly if you sent it off the wall ride two features up. This one will consist of a 25' ramp up to a 20' turning platform 5' off the ground at the top of the ramp. As the platform turns, the ground below is descending, so the high point before the down ramp well over 6' off the ground. The exit ramp will be between 10' and 15' long, and you'll be able to roll it or optionally huck off it to a dirt landing. Edit: a word
  38. I'm going to try and keep using it after the race.
  39. This is your first strike Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  40. I had my last car for 18 years and never got to 85k miles. That being said, you only live once and I think that getting from point A to point B should be part of the experience. I opted for a fun car when I had to get another one and saved accordingly. Picked up a Focus RS last year and slapped my One-up on the back. Getting to the trail head is something I enjoy and when I get back to the parking lot I don't dread heading back out on the road. If you don't like driving, you're waiting for the days of autonomous vehicles or Lyft drivers so you can surf the web while you're whisked to your destination. Me, I'm using that right foot to burn some dinosaur bones and give me that satisfaction that comes with a machine doing something that you can feel in your soul. If that sounds weird, you won't get it and I'm cool with that. I know that I dread having to get an electric car for those reasons.
  41. Finally got out for a low-impact trail ride on west RJ/and the Ditch... different kind of trail ride though: ...and I still drowned in my own sweat. Tons of riders out though, "Hero" conditions, if you aren't a sweater.
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