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  1. ride your ride, post a pic and be thankful for what you have.
  2. Ledges on Back 40 Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Saw this porcupine at SATN, Mary Moore Searight the other day.
  4. You all realize there simply isn't enough real estate for alternate lines for every pebble and crack people seem to need a B line for?!
  5. Garner State park with my gals! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Right. You can make a poop bag slingshot.
  7. Wife decided she wanted to step up her game, and do two fast laps of slaughter creek today. Great day to ride! A little post-ride tailgating 😎
  8. Drive side for all of you picture snobs!
  9. I started to put this under El Paso but maybe this is better. When we travel to El Paso our foremost priority is mountain biking in Juarez on the Chupacabras trails. Those who go to El Paso miss so much by not doing this. It is so easy and I just don't see the risk. The Chupacabras trails are so much better. We ride tandem so this is my bias. So the trails in general are well kept, flowy, so less technical overall. Covid cancelled the Chupacabras for us this year but we went and rode there anyway on the same day and broke the damned frame on our first ride, so wound up road riding in El Paso for the rest of the trip. The routine is easy and no risk: Park at Chamizal Park on the US side. Take your passport. Go early. Most riders on these trails are off by noon. Ride across the border and take the "border highway" as it's called, which is the dirt road that hugs the Rio Grande on the Mexico side. When you hit the last cross street on this road, turn left and then onto the main road to Cristo De Curiel. It's about a 10 mile slog up to the trailhead. The riding here is over the top as far as we are concerned, but only for those who take the leap and get over the programmed fear. Same route back and no waiting in the pedestrian line to cross back. We have never taken the truck into Mexico and parked at the trailhead due to the increased risk, but others do. It does help that my wife is from Juarez and she has done the Chupacabras on her own at least 6 times, so she knows every trail on those mountains, both current and closed trails. The family who lives along the trail provides drinks, beer, and sometimes food for sale which is really nice. The riders are a source of income for them. It is a wonderful stop for all riders. Mountain biking in Mexico is a real treat.
  10. Got a nice 5 hours on the BCGB/SATN yesterday so today was just a nice 1 hour spin on a little piece of singletrack close to the house before the low key festivities.
  11. To the person or people that have been sanitizing the Barton Creek Greenbelt, please stop. Seriously, really, stop it. Many of us have been riding those trails for 20 plus years and they’ve held up for a reason. When you go in and remove rocks, remove trees and create cheater lines you’re destroying what someone else has spent countless hours building correctly. If you can’t ride something practice, that’s what keeps it fun. If a feature is above your skill level that’s okay. Get off, walk, and leave the trails intact. Rock and tree removal lead to soil erosion which leads to these fantastic, decades old trails breaking down and washing away. SANITIZING a trail or section just for your personal pleasure is pretty far from okay. If you’re wondering, I’m sick of putting sections back together in Hammerhead Gulch and in Travis Country just because someone doesn’t like what’s been in place and sustainable forever. Trust me, you’re not that important but those trails are. To all you fat tire friends, if you know who is doing this please make this a teaching moment. Perhaps it’s some of our younger people that just don’t understand the damage they’re causing and how much they’re pissing people off.
  12. She survived her first front wheel washout today and did over 3 miles of Peddlers Pass! This makes 3 out of the last 4 Saturdays she's begged to ride.
  13. Bentonville. Very grateful for all I have and the time with family. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. Finally got some people interested to build something on a property on the east side. They build every wednesday at 4pm https://www.facebook.com/groups/402159814477253 Also have a fundraiser going https://www.facebook.com/donate/426085145044424 east_austin_bike_park We are fortunate enough to have a land owner benefactor dedicated to making sure Austin has a progressive skills park. He has committed to match $3000.00. Not one single penny will ever go to those of us working. This is strictly a volunteer based project. All funds will go towards the following: (2) Shipping Containers, lumber and metal for platforms, railing, lips, and skid steer rentals. If any local business’ are looking to sponsor a feature or line, we would love to chat with them on the phone.
  15. Finally starting to get my home workshop set up in a state I’m happy with. future projects: -Replace the fluorescent lights with LEDs (they get hot in the summer) -Replace the POS floor -Properly route the wiring done by the previous owner of my house This week’s project: Cleaning up and organizing my bench tops.
  16. Far from religious, but this spot gets me every time.
  17. There used to be a post on Craigslist from a guy asking for old tubes. I think he said he recycled them or something... I can't find it right now. Probably expired. Sorry, I just realized my post offers nothing. But I've already gone this far so I might as well click submit.
  18. 2 months and 4k miles in now and we have a good rhythm for packing and what to look for in an AirBnB. I’ve ridden my bike less than I thought I would due to all the driving around to visit other places and family hikes and even some moto riding with friends here. Our kids love it here and they enjoy the hiking, wildlife and parks. My son is obsessed with trucks and every day he sees sweet rigs driving around and says “truck!” and points which gives me vehicle envy. We’ve seen a few Earthroamers and they are impressive in person. We are in Colorado Springs now and will stay on the front range until the end of our stay here in CO. We’re headed to Ft. Collins next for Thanksgiving week then will be in Boulder for 2 months. After that we’re considering AZ(Sedona/Flagstaff/Prescott).
  19. I actually have changed my mindset in the last few years on this issue. I mostly agree with you. But for this specific trail I would argue that B lines on ¹/⁴ Notch would be ok in my book. But not on DD. DD is designated Advanced and therefore should be left as such for all the reason mentioned in other posts. But ¹/⁴ Notch is designated a beginner to intermediate trail and sanctioned B lines would be warranted in space permits and if the route was indeed a B line around a tech feature not just a slightly easier route. Most of Deception proper is getting harder as erosion makes once easy features more intermediate and hard features harder. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  20. Long time lurker here... I've been riding seriously for about 2.5 years now and recall how AWESOME it was the first time I cleaned 1/4 Notch without a dab. With all the B/C lines, making that claim just doesn't hold as much weight. 😞
  21. my 9 year old just transitioned from a 24 wheel kids bike to a small 27.5 rockhopper. here’s a clip of him at the neighborhood park working on some skills. his favorite trail is peddlers at brushy. IMG_4478.MP4
  22. Allowing, encouraging, riding B lines, allows C line, D lines, through Z lines, or a fucking spider web mess of bullshit that no one but assholes want to ride. Shut up, ride the trail as it was built and be fucking grateful someone else created, maintains, and advocates for YOUR privilege to ride.
  23. TheX

    Random Vehicles

    How about 2 random vehicles used together?
  24. Walnut. First time back on a SS in months because of the surgery.
  25. Yes, that is for when you don't want COVID to ruin your brain injury.
  26. Got the 9000s installed on the wife's bike and they work great! As a bonus, the brake swap dropped the bikes weight over .3 lbs from the 785 XTs that were on there
  27. Participation Trophy parent at work.... Undermines an underling 'hard work ethic' as anything that is deemed 'too hard' must be dumbed down 'for me' by someone else.... SMH.
  28. Just glanced over in the walk-in at my local HEb and saw this. Had to have it.
  29. I had a few tubes I would never use after switching to tubeless and away from 26". I thought to myself what would Pringles, a laid back company, do? So I cut them up. Now I have endless rubber bands! Some thin some fat. This time of year they mostly keep my helmet light on but they also keep the tools and CO2 shots in my pack together without rattling around. I've used them to shim bells and stuff like GPS mounts from sliding around. Now I keep a few in my pack as an emergency prophylactic just in case. But 2 tubes makes like a lifetime of bands. That's cool that REI takes them back. Maybe I will try that next time I go up north.
  30. Ok, I'm still pretty rattled by this. Today I decided to do my annual Walnut Creek ride. of course that was a bad idea to do it on a holiday (Veterans Day) so walkers, riders, dogs on leash, dogs off leash, etc...everywhere, but I still managed to dodge them all. Then as I came down and crossed at the main creek crossing, there it was!!! I was confronted by the biggest, nastiest Camel Toe I've ever seen in my life...I pedaled as hard as I could to try and get away...it was hideous!! I'm thinking about selling my bike after that
  31. A plastic bicycle for every occasion:
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