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  1. This is a great point. @rugger, @First Blood, @HoneyBadger and all the other buttholes out there have poured a tremendous amount of energy and love into all the Brushy trails. Just a few years ago there was NOTHING there except a few deer trails and couple of rogue paths. Now, there is a world class trail system that has made the city of Cedar Park a destination. Even if all the builders stepped away from those trails right now, I would still contend that they should never pay for a beer in this town again. Wilco Parks and Rec will never understand exactly how lucky they were to have trails built FOR FREE that are enjoyable AND sustainable.
  2. Just rode a couple of hours and only ran into one other biker on Deception (quite a few joggers though). Had to pass quite a few folks on Peddler's but that didn't take away from the enjoyment in the slightest. The continuous improvements on Peddler's never cease to amaze me. Felt so good to be back out on the trail after a 5-week absence.
  3. Time flies when you're having fun! Blew away my previous best on PP this morning. Feels good to be back after so many setbacks this past year.
  4. MoJo Fest, for those who don't know, was a get together at Canyon Lake of MoJos from all over. There were poker runs, stupid bike tricks, a movie night, camping, skinny dipping, pot luck, pedicures, dancing in speedos, kegs, etc. Oh, we also rode the trails. Sorry for the video quality. Life was grainier back then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MywccVA_CJs Edit: I couldn't figure out how to embed the video. :-/
  5. Can I take that "80" back? The SATN is easily over 90 miles now. On another note, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I have to do a PSA. Just about every time I ride Drip Drop, or anything in the area (wink wink, new stuff) I come across someone walking their dog. I hope like hell that all riders are being as courteous as possible to these people who are no doubt homeowners and a part of the HOA that Drip Drop is on. "Hello." "Nice day isn't it?" "Pretty dog" "Thanks" (for stepping out of the way) It only takes ONE vocal resident to make a stink to get that lovely area removed from our SATN access. DON'T be the person that triggers that!
  6. Thanks to all of you that have worked on this trail system! This trail has been a godsend for me. I lost 20 pounds since finding this trail in 2014 and live a much healthier lifestyle now. I pretty much quit mountain biking when Forrest Ridge was shut down and didn't think there would ever be another awesome trail in the NW Austin area. And my riding style has resulted in many dollars being spent at local bike shops. I have purchased three mountain bikes from local bike shops and spent thousands (locally) in maintenance and repairs since 2014. Last Sunday I came across a group of young adults sitting in the middle of the trail near Ray's Collarbone. There was a strong stench of pot, so I'm pretty sure they were looking for an isolated area. They walked away after I told them they were in the middle of a mtb trail (not to derail the current topic, but their dog also bit my hand). I guess they can go hang out in the newly closed section now that the mountain bikers won't be there to interrupt them.
  7. Thank you and the other builders/stewards who have helped create and maintain these trails. I can definitively say that having these trails 10 minutes from my house has changed my life for the better and has drastically improved my health (mental health probably more so than physical). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. There is a very effective solution I've used on Peddlers Pass
  9. To illustrate what Mack_Turtle posted above, these simulations are what I showed my kids when they complained about not being able to go to their friends' houses: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/
  10. The best quote that I saw about this subject was a principal that was closing their school and said something to the effect of "did we do too much, we'll probably never know, but if we do too little we will definitely know."
  11. Hit it today. Was riding by myself, but there were a bunch of kids at the top and I asked them to call 911 if they heard an old man screaming! Hit the A-line first so I wouldn’t over think it. I had just a little too much speed and landed deep, but somehow managed to stay rubber side down! The b line was very smooth.
  12. Trail sanitation! Grrrr! (too soon?)
  13. It took me a few times rolling up to that one before I finally went for it. It’s not as bad as it looks but it took me a few times before I could really match the landing angle. Landing rear wheel first will really snap you forward. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Aside from just being a convenient connector, that was really just an all around awesome stretch of trail in both directions. I understand the situation and will of course comply, but that sweet track will be sorely missed. For what it's worth, I personally would have given up Mulligan in an instant to keep Up-and-Over.
  15. on the plus side mtb is a great sport to do in this age of coronavirus. 1) sun kills the virus 2) wind disperses the virus 3) sweat kills viruses 4) you are not in close contact with other riders 5) you have to "work" from home Im going to have to stop brazilian jiu jitsu and start mtb again. See you all on the trails.
  16. he should have just hucked off that ledge and moved on.
  17. Saw a girl riding on bcrt with a face mask and no helmet today. You know, for when The only thing you wanna catch is a brain injury. Also came up on a guy who took a header on the bigger drop on the west end of Picnic. Hope you’re ok if you post here.
  18. Speaking for all Deadheads, Jerry rigged was what we did to old VW busses to make it to the next show. It's improv man. Far out. Phil 'er up and Keep on Truckin!
  19. Chinese food is delicious and describes a regional cuisine. COVID-19 kills people and is worldwide. Plus it has a real name. I think you are smart enough to understand there is a difference there.
  20. Wanted to address a few things in your post -- nothing personal. Measles isn't bad unless it's bad. Please don't ever think it's an innocuous illness; it's one of the most contagious illnesses around. You don't see the potential for damage because who gets measles anymore? By 2000, it was almost eradicated in the US. It's incredibly bad for infants, the immuno-compromised and those who acquire it in adulthood. It's suppresses the immune system for quite a long period of time after the illness has passed (immune amnesia). It can rear it's ugly head much later in life as shingles. Fortunately a recent, 96% effective vaccine (Shingrix 2-shot series) has been developed for shingles. Any person over 60 should be getting it. The vaccine is MMR, Measles, Mumps, Rubella. Rubella can cause devastating birth defects and miscarriages if acquired during early pregnancy. These are all viral illnesses. Unlike bacteria, there is, as far as I know, no virus that is beneficial to its host. Moving on to polio. It, too, is caused by a virus. Polio still exists in various parts of the world and polio vaccination is still recommended and required in some areas of the US before a child begins school. The polio vaccine was introduced in 1955. Every parent in the US was incredibly grateful for this; polio was an utterly terrifying disease when I was a young child and every one of us knew what an iron lung was. Every school-aged child was vaccinated. I've known three people who survived polio as a child with subsequent disabling conditions. Polio is another illness that can re-emerge later in life as post-polio syndrome, which can also be disabling. Anti vaxxers. Gah. Rant off. Going for a mellow bike ride.
  21. And some people think vaccines cause autism. They're wrong also.
  22. This wood ladder is the B-line. To do the main line you must clear the gap, its 8 feet down and 8 feet out to the lip of the landing, 10-12 feet out and down is where you should be landing. The b-line is not easy, the ladder is 45 degrees down with the end of the ladder still 2 feet above the landing. Look at it before you try it.
  23. I got a solid 20+ solo miles on the Southie Trails yesterday. Came across less than 10 other riders and just a few walkers. Everything was beautiful and green. After a fairly rough week (for me personally), it was good for my soul.
  24. Anyone have a favorite feature at Brushy? Mine has to be the left drop at the beginning of the north end of picnic. It’s not the most difficult drop, but is exciting because you enter pointing down, drop for a few feet and then land going downhill which just shoots you down the trail. Makes me smile every time.
  25. The alternate line, should be a different trail. The penalty for not being good enough is walking parts of it. If you can't walk it, then you are in THE WRONG PLACE. Find a trail that matches your abilities. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you're in over your head. There is something wrong with trying to make other people conform to YOUR standards.
  26. If you ride Mulligan be careful where the trail crosses the low/ muddy spots. I started working on it. I dug small channels across the trail to release water from a pond that formed above the trail due to deadfall. Its going to take a while to finsh the work. Pics below are a before and after of the last low spot. I included a picture of the pond thats formed and the channel to lower release the water. The pond was the reason the low spots are remaing wet permanently. It was allowing a small constant stream of water to run down the trail keeping it wet all the time. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  27. Venom on ice with a twist of Benadryl 👹🤘🤘.
  28. Believe it or not, this is only the second time I have rolled over to dumptruck. And I think the first picture of it. Yesterday's ride.
  29. I've seen lots of funny event related things. Reaffirms my faith in humanity with how clever people are. But this one made me laugh until I cried.
  30. I finished all trail East of the first creek crossing including the ‘exit trail’ consisting of Debs drop. Also finished the trail along the other side of the creek and about half up the other side. Hope that helps.
  31. Buddy just bought the 11-50 drivetrain https://www.velomine.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=664&pg=store&zenid=hfe50ar06rtjbl6bib56subn81
  32. Great! One more thing for me to neglect...
  33. I'll leave one last note here and then sign off this thread. The "Spanish Flu" didn't originate in Spain. Let's say that History.com is a legit site, but this information is available in other places: Why was it called the Spanish Flu?
  34. That's pretty cool Crazyt and every option to ride is appreciated. I just want to highlight that last line for anyone that hasn't been out there (me included). The LAST place that anyone wants to end up is a hospital but this is especially true right now. Know your ability, ride below that level, and don't take chances. The world will be here tomorrow and Cat Mountain won't be any less cool when things are a little less stressed in the medical world. Breaking something while riding during normal times sucks but there are generally plenty of beds and doctors to go around. Doing it when either of those are in short supply borders on selfish.
  35. I just hope I don’t have to eat my cat.
  36. Time for Bicycles in Bluebonnets!
  37. It’s an aggressive hardtail, 65 degree head angle, 150mm Fox 36, plus tires to give a little Cush.
  38. And Chief did the right thing and owned his comment and admitted the mistake and didn't blame. Like a man. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  39. Having been there that is impressive! Thanks for sharing and awesome feature. I know I want to try but not sure my bike/weight will agree with my decision 😅
  40. I wanted to add to say that we should not assume that the runner or rider that doesn't hear us is an asshole either. They could have full or partial hearing loss so keep that in mind. Stay friendly and be good people.
  41. Having spent 18mos in ABQ , I can't say between NM or coronavirus, which is worse.
  42. Just a heads up... Spider is running a pretty awesome deal on Fridays through the end of March. Up to 4 people can ride for $75. https://www.facebook.com/events/571529423573761/
  43. I don't think they're going away. They're just going to find their segment and live there. Ebikes are not the new 29er, they're the new fat bike.
  44. Solution, let's start a go fund me, buy the guy out, and turn the house into a mid-ride party shack. I really don't see how this could go wrong.
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