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  1. I've been needing to update my profile...because this happened... Ripmo Custom Build List
  2. Thanks BMW, that was fun. Here's your bike back:
  3. Today is my wife's birthday. We just got her home from another hospital visit last night. After she got done with rehab for the brain injury, she was on different meds for her AFib (bad valve). Three nights ago, I woke up and she was in serious distress. Another call to 911, and they were able to get her stable enough to transport her to Austin North Heart Hospital. Her BP was 68/40 when they got here. She's back home, and her only child (Christopher) will be here this afternoon. Going to be a great day. We're waiting to see if her old records have a clear picture of her bad valve. If it's a tri-fold valve, it's a simple through the leg procedure to replace it. If it's a bi-fold, then it means rib splitting. Hoping for the tri-fold. Don't mean to over-share. Just a really happy day. Every day we wake up is a gift.
  4. Get ready, i need to vent. I was at Peddlers last night..it will not be ready this today, there was standing water in places. But still people were riding it. These people were not noob's and should have known better...and each one of them said exactly the same thing (that i hear everytime) "Oh, i was just thinking it was too muddy, i'll exit the trail when i can". 1. That's B.S. on Peddlers you know within the 1st 100 feet if it's going to be too muddy. 2. Stop putting your need to ride above the longevity of the trail and the time trail builders are going to have to spend to fix the trail after your selfishness. We could be using those hours to build new stuff, so your just making the trail less fun for yourself. 3. When you get asked to stop riding the trail because it's too muddy, just get off your bike and walk it out, don't keep riding "to the next exit". It's like a little F you to the builder because your continuing to do the exact thing he's asking you to stop doing. It might seem like a small thing to you, but it's a huge thing to the person that has spent thousands of hours building what you're destroying. I personally have spent at least 3,000 -4,000 hours working on Peddlers Pass over the last 4 years (maybe more), so you can image what i think when someone keeps riding after I've asked them to stop.
  5. For those of you not on Facebook and the MTB group where I posted these yesterday, here are some clips from the stages I was at for the Cat Mountain race. Keep in mind I was using an Iphone and this was my first time editing videos together. Enjoy. Stage 1 Stage 3 Stage 7 Stage 8
  6. I think you should name it “Bi-Annual”. Because it’s about bicycles, and it’s annual. Too bad it’s not monthly. Then you could name it “Monthly Cycle”.
  7. Thank you, the last ten days sucked pretty badly. A couple days ago things turned around and she was awake and pretty normal. Everyday is a big improvement.
  8. License plate from my first bike.
  9. No. He's on mojo. Just visit him there. His brand of whatever is everywhere these days and it's tedious rather than amusing. I block it on twitter and fb; it's refreshing that he's not here.
  10. More wiping, less typing. I'm embarrassed I even got pulled back into this thread to survey the shit show once again. Annual Mag... wtf kind of stupid ass idea is that? At least when I lose my mind it's while playing drums or guitar and not on a public forum. Beside old people calling other old people old? Get the ban hammer mods. This guy is a community killer and traffic driver going the wrong way. Cheers to all you cool people still brave enough to visit this site, but one bad apple......Austinmountainbiking.com RIP if this guy is still allowed to post. He will be the only one left.
  11. Luckily you didn't get hit by the Anvil dropping from the tree!
  12. just when i think ive got this rockbike riding down i watch this dude. god damn
  13. ATXZJ

    Random Dogs

    One of the nice things about cooler weather is being able to take the dog to work with me. She is an awesome little companion.
  14. The industry is not even close to trying to market just the dying and decrepit...like me. They are focused on everyone that want's to put in minimal work for the maximum amount of thrill...like me. Let's face it, there's and untapped market of couch dwelling, beer drinking, ice cream addicts with massive amounts of disposable cash that if romanced with the thought, that by just laying down cash for and eMTB they can go straight from the fridge, charge up their magical electron biased miracle machine and turn Walnut Creek into Whistler downhill bike park. Like me 🙂
  15. First cars are backing into walnut, now whole houses? That situation is out of control.
  16. I thought it would be muddy at brushy so I headed to reville peak ranch. It was super dry. got a few clips. Super stoked I conquered the steps with the drop on super d
  17. Then there's this: Paul Bas: The eBike is My Tool of Freedom Pay attention at 3:20. Imagine being "that guy" heckling the dude on an eBike only to get to the bottom of the trail and realizing you were dissing Bas. My heart goes out to, and I have the utmost respect for, those riders I see every year on some sort of adaptive MTB. That spirit to overcome adversity and go back to doing what you love is inspirational.
  18. I'd actually say your comparison is not applicable to e-bikes. More accurate: 1936 Olympic Archery = 1980's Mt. Bike 2016 Olympic Archery = 2016 Mt. Bike Chewbaca's Bow Caster = eBike All of them will get the job done, but they are admittedly different.
  19. If you are otherwise capable of riding a regular bike and you use an e-bike to brap through trails, passing riders who are fitter than you, you're an asshole. You might be an otherwise nice person but for that moment, you're an asshole.
  20. I don't care if their bike has batteries and a motor or not, it's the rider that will make it a problem if they so choose. You will find assholes on single speed fixies, DH bikes, DJ bikes, and e-bikes. However, you will also find cool people just trying to get out and enjoy being outside. I'd rather share the trails with an e-mtbiker that didn't buzz little kids or yell at ladies with dogs than a strava driven turd that wanted to pedal his way to internet pseudo fame. As for the pump track, it's definitely not an ideal place for e-bikes but as long as he's respectful to the trail and fellow riders, I don't see why not. Show him how to pick up a shovel and watering can because the 'no dig, no ride' policy applies to all.
  21. OK, finally had enough free time to finish out my reviews (some as late as last year). Here's the latest: Lake leatherwood - http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/369-leatherwood Passion Play - http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/368-passionplay Suburban Ninja - http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/north-of-austin/366-ninja Brushy Creek (updated) - http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/north-of-austin/15-brushy Trying to get out to a new trail southwest of here next week, we'll see how that goes. Going to spend the rest of today trying to finish up my bleeding brakes article before heading out to ride.
  22. this has always been one of my favorites - jumping over a group of my friends
  23. Yes. Digital is the way to go these days. I’m going to shift my focus to my newest project. It’s a digital publication for people who enjoy air drying their laundry. It’s called “Online Online”.
  24. Rode BCGB yesterday and the main trails were THICK with pedestrian traffic. No big deal, I just slowed down and tried to talk to everyone. I was passed by a rider with earbuds in who was having none of it. He was gonna KOM dammit. I left like I had to make up for his behavior by being extra cordial with everyone.
  25. Soooper light, and very comfy. Hopefully I can sneak out tomorrow morning to test ride it. The neighbor is going to come spend time with my wife, I need a break from care-giving. Just for a couple hours.
  26. After a quick 5 miler around the neighborhood with the kids, I can hardly say I “earned” this one, but at 11%, I probably won’t care for much longer.
  27. Had a girlfriend that was into a 3x. I miss her sometimes, but not often.
  28. And it only gets worse when you leave the convention hall and realize you're in Dallas.
  29. Everyone else at the office cut out early. At least I don’t have to share this tasty treat.
  30. It seems like an appropriate time to post this video again!
  31. throet

    Buds Required

    No better way to commemorate Black History Month than to reflect on the historical significance of American Blues. Without these pioneers there would be no Rock & Roll, no Rhythm & Blues. What began as a spiritual journey where music became an outlet for the unimaginable agony and grief inflicted through slavery, the soulful sounds of the south emerged and ultimately captured the hearts of many who followed. Even well after the Emancipation Proclamation, early blues pioneers, like other blacks, were still subjected to unlawful discrimination and hate. Still, they performed to the delight of audiences across the country, spawning new genres of music that later brought us Motown, Elvis, and even the "British Invasion" of Rock & Roll. For all of us who are able to rejoice to the sounds of so much music that was born out of pain and suffering, let's never forget where it came from and how it has helped substitute caring and love over hate and violence. Progress Matters!
  32. A dropper is soooo much more than simply getting behind the seat for a big drop. It gets you weight low and allows you to maneuver your body anytime you are descending.
  33. I'm afraid to search Google Images for that.
  34. Are you the same guy that blocks RA and complains about him all the time? Seriously? I'm going to say it here. Bartman may be a great person IRL but he was not a great addition to the forum. At best it was noise (much like RA), at worst it was something else. It depends on your perspective how you take his posts just like I could find stuff that could tweak your sensitivities. Y'all can call me a snowflake or libtard or whatever you want to make you feel like a big man.
  35. I installed a Nukeproof ARD Friday night and tested in on BCGB Saturday. Under $50 and shipping from CRC was fast! Only slightly harder to fit the tire than any other install I've done. The included special valves are really nice. I dropped my pressure from my usual 26/28 F/R to 20/22. Proceeded to session all the troublesome ledgy climbs I encountered until I cleaned them or gave up in exhaustion. Attempted every ledge up HOL multiple times before turning off toward Dumptruck. Loads more traction with the lower pressure! Finally got a plugable puncture attempting a stupid up-ledge near the old Ewok bridge area. From now on, that's a down-ledge only. Pretty sure I would have punctured some long before that without the inserts.
  36. Fine. I Quit! You’ll be sorry you crossed me when I publish my biannual bike magazine, “Bi-Bi-Annual”.
  37. I've found the most important things in wheel tension are making sure all the spokes are within 5% of each other and not exceeding the max tension for the rim. I have the Park tension meter and use it every time I build a set of wheels. Tension is more important than trueness. A properly tensioned wheel will stay true longer than one with tension all over the place. Tensioning by sound is ok for me if I'm on the trail and have an incident where I need to tighten a spoke but for actual building it's not that reliable. I've always found that I over tension the wheel when doing it by ear. Park also has an app for wheel tension that's pretty cool to make sure your spokes are evenly tensioned. The tension meter can also help you determine if a rim is repairable or just complete garbage. Aluminum wheels that have been severely taco'ed can only be re trued and evenly tensioned to an extent, as for carbon once the spoke tension is removed the rim goes back to its true state and can be re trued and evenly tensioned many times.
  38. Shit! I used the old cover sheet. I am betting this goes down in my permanent record.
  39. After replacing practically every goddamn piece of this bike, I finally, definitively, located the creak today. Rear wheel. The hub had been rebuilt and a new freehub body put on so my guess is that it was spoke tension. Regardless, I am done messing with it. Ordered a new wheel, didn't want to mess around with the old one any longer. Might take the old one to a shop and have it restrung some day as a backup, but for all practical intents a Shimano/WTB wheel is going on that bike next week. Thanks to Antonio for loaning me his wheel. And let this be a lesson to you when you are trying to track down squeaks - don't overlook the rear wheel.
  40. That's hard Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  41. I avoid brake kleen as its a little too caustic for my tastes. It can discolor/damage other surfaces like paint and powdercoat on forks, hubs and calipers etc. Watched a GMBN tech episode where they recommended WD-40 contact cleaner. Found some at my local home despot for under $7 and have been using it on everything for a while now. Stuff is great! https://www.wd40.com/products/contact-cleaner/
  42. I have biked all over the world and relied on the kindness of strangers. Imagine being in Seoul or Singapore or London and having someone show up with a bike for you and take you to the trails. You really need to pay that karma back. And check out Brushy while you are here. I don't know those as well, I'd be a crappy tour guide.
  43. That is really awesome. We went to RPR as well on Saturday. They've really improved their trail markings! Super impressed with you doing the steps and drops on Super D. I can't even imagine having the nerve to do that.
  44. I've been going to Pedernales about once per week for about 4 months now. I've seen it hot and dry, and I've seen it right after a good soaking rain. My usual route includes most of the trails on the south and northwest, but I have not ventured across the river to the "5.5 mile loop". Most of the trails are hard and fast, or gravel covered, so even after a rain there is almost no standing water or mud. Madrone trail on the south side can get "sticky" since a lot of the trail in there is dark dirt, and it tends to stick to your tires and make the rocky areas a little dicey. But for example I was there yesterday and it had been raining for about 3 days before, and even Madrone was a blast. Before giving my opinions, I'll say that I prefer flowy single-track. Some rocks / roots, enough to make it interesting, but I am not a mountain-goat and I don't like technical, rocky stuff. I've ridden all of the trails NOT on the east side of the river, and I've come up with a favorite ride (I'll list it at the bottom), which has the best of ups and downs, and it nearly 100% ride-able by me. I still dab a couple of times, but just small parts. There is a ridge between Fitzhugh and the north side of the park, roughly along the power lines. This means that there are hills, and there are some easier and more difficult to get up and down that ridge. So if you're riding the horse trail for example, this is the one that starts from Fitzhugh at Polly's Horse Camp ,then goes west along the power line, then north - this trail is much more fun going north than south. The rocky features in there are 100% ride-able heading north, but absolutely no fun going the other way. It's the difference between going DOWN a rocky ledge versus going UP that rocky ledge - after already making a lung-busting climb ahead of it. Going down = fun. Going up = not so much. Of course you pay for the downs but taking the horse trail north, the ups that you encounter later are completely ride-able. Coming back from the north to the south, excluding the horse trail, there are a few ways back. Windmill trail is a steep climb, but it's a gravel jeep trail and ride-able. Wheatley trail is also rideable, but it's got a lot of loose rock, and it's easy to lose your line or slip the back tire and have to dab. And it is a long, long climb. I have only made that climb once without a dab. But then I am old and heavy. Wheatley is my preferred way back these days, even though it is difficult - it fits well with the rest of my favorite loop (below). On the east side, you can go say up the Madrone trail, then along the fence line, then down to Jones Spring. That's a fun down-hill, but I don't think I've tried coming back up. It's like wheatley - loose, rocky, and steep in some places. There is also a cut-off, that takes you to Jones, but it takes a more meandering route. This trail seems to be not well used. The few times I've gone that way I have lost the trail a couple of times and had to poke around to get back on it. If you happen to be coming SOUTH from Jones Spring, this winding route would be easier than the fence line. Juniper Ridge - I won't say much about this. I have ridden the entire trail, and I won't do it again. Every time I've gone in there I've been mad at myself for trying it. It's very ledgy, technical, slow, sometimes the trees encroach enough that you have to get off the bike. I don't like it. No more on that. Probably a good hiking trail. I met a rider out there one day that told me Juniper Ridge is his favorite. But he was a short stocky dude. Low center of gravity. Opposite of me. Farther north and west, it's a lot of fun. Not too much technical, just a good mix of flowy single track and rocky stuff, and a few creek crossings (all dry). So here is my favorite route. I ride this every time I go. Sometimes I modify, but not by much. Start: gravel lot on Fitzhugh about 1/2 mile east of the main park entrance. 2. enter Madrone trail at the parking lot, turning RIGHT on Madrone. 3. 0.8miles, cross Fitzhugh, immediately turn RIGHT onto the trail that parallels the road along a fence line. 4. trail dead-ends into a jeep access trail, turn LEFT. 5. continue through Polly's Horse Camp. Trail is still a jeep trail. 6. Look for the horse trail sign and turn LEFT. Single track. 7. Follow the horse trail, this is fun. Going down the back side of that ridge, lots of single track and rocky stuff. Mostly down for a mile or so. 8. Arrive at the parking area just below the park office. This is about the 5 mile point. 9. After maybe a water break, jump back on the horse trail. It's on the other side of the parking area, parallels the road that leads in to the parking lot. 10. Cross the road in about 0.2 miles, continue on into the north side of the park. There is a lot of cleared land here, not very pretty, but the trail is great. 11. You'll come to a fork in the trail. In this direction you may not notice it, but you'll stay to the right. Later in the ride this is where I rejoin the trail in the other direction. 12. This trail stays single track, a bit uphill but not bad at all. Turn left when you get to the gravel road. If you go straight you'll end up at the horse camp on the north side. 13. On the gravel road, take the fork to the right. You will eventually dead end at the fence line on the west side of the park. Turn Left (south) at the fence line. 14. Fence line is basically flat, until near the next turn, where it has a gradual uphill. At about 0.7 miles, at the top of this rise, there is a sign for the horse trail to enter the woods on the left. Take that turn. 15. This trail is mostly down, and there is an interesting bit where you're riding on a limestone shelf that is a little off-camber. Keep your eyes peeled - you need to turn when you get back to the fork in the trail from #11 above. It's easy to miss so maybe you'll get some extra miles in 🙂 16. Now you just back-track to the parking area below the park office. When you get there, ride through the parking lot, next to the trail map, and enter the trail there. Your mileage at this point will be about 10 miles. 17. turn left onto the Wolf Mountain Trail. This is going to be gravel jeep trail for several miles, I hope you don't mind. It's pretty fun because there are some fast downhills. At about 2 miles or so, there is a rest-room on the right. I turn there, make the 0.25mile climb to the top, and do a loop around wolf mountain. The loop is about 0.9 miles around. 18a. if you want to head back, take the road on the other side of wolf mountain. That is Windmill road. It will climb up, then you'll go back through Polly's horse camp, and come back to the parking area on Fitzhugh. 18b. for a longer ride, after you do the loop around the top of Wolf Mountain, come back down the same way you went up (fun downhill), and turn RIGHT at the bathroom at the bottom, to continue along wolf mountain trail. 19. The jeep trail continues, pretty fun, then it loops around to the right and you'll pass Jones Spring, then come to a clearing with paths to the left and right. Continue straight here. 20. this trail has one really nasty ledge that you'll need to walk up and over. Otherwise a nice trail with some roots and real brown dirt. 21. Come to a clearing, a rocky creekbed. To the right takes you back toward Wolf Mountain. But go STRAIGHT across here, there is a poorly marked trail, this is Wheatley trail. 22. Take a deep breath. Lots of them. Granny gear. Lots of loose rocks and up up up. I won't lie, this is no fun. It's about 0.5 miles total (but feels like 5). When you think you're at the top you're not. Just keep going until you come out of the woods at the power line. 23. Turn left at the power line clearing. You'll go down, then up, then a little flat, then another down. All still on the power line. All ride-able. 24. Going down, there will be a barbed wire fence on your right. Look for some sticks and rocks that indicate where you can cross the fence line. Don't cross anywhere else, because there is still barbed wire laying on the ground. At the sticks and rocks it's safe and easy. 25. After you cross that fence line, fly down that hill but be ready to hit the breaks. At the bottom you'll come to the Madrone trail crossing. It's hard to see, so yeah you'll probably slam on the brakes and skid into it. Turn RIGHT on Madrone trail. 26. On Madrone, you'll immediately cross Fitzhugh. Stay on Madrone (this is the East side of Madron) until you get back to the parking area where you started. This end of Madrone is about 2.5 miles (from Fitzhugh crossing to the parking lot). THis is maybe the most pristine single track in the whole park. A lot of real brown dirt, smooth and flowy, completely covered by canopy. It can get a little sticky when it's rained so be careful because you'll slip and slide on the rocks. Wow that was a lot more than I thought I would write. Sorry if it's too much. But I love this ride. It is 18.5 miles total, and takes this fat old man about 2 hours to do. If anyone rides this route I would love to hear how you like it, or if you have any suggestions for a better way. I don't see a way to insert an image or I would show the route. If that's possible someone please let me know how. Happy Riding - Dan
  45. I try. For the record, I'm not really offended. I'm just bored. The wife and kids are out of town, and I'm stuck painting my daughters bedroom. Interacting with you is slightly more entertaining than watching that paint dry.
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