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  1. There was a small EVIL bike owner's event at Spider Mountain. I used it as an excuse to get a few green and blue runs in on ChamoisHagar. It was a blast and a scored some nice swag and some real funny looks. It was super easy to put on the lift though!
  2. The only reason I can think that I would want to park there now was if I was participating in an unsanctioned downhill race on the HOL.
  3. Earlier this year we (ARR) walked the trail with Travis County and provided input to one of their downtown staff members who was applying for a $200K-ish State of Texas grant—part of which would go towards finishing out the other four planned Flow Trails. It was Travis County who contacted ARR about this—THEY want it finished, which is a refreshing attitude. We are supposed to hear back regarding that grant application this month!! Cross ya fingahs!
  4. We are 100% rainwater dependent at our house (no well, no public water supply) so I couldn’t be happier about the rain! All our tanks are full.
  5. Barry

    Oskar Blues

    I thought I'd come back and be clear what this is on about! In the pre-apocalypse days this ride would have as many as 35+ folks on good days. A small word of mouth group started getting back together on Thursdays for WC rides back in early fall last year. It was basically R&I Thursday edition. But then OB opened back up, and in December we got them to agree to stay open until 9:00 so that our post ride imbibing could once again be at the brewery. And that's what's going on now. And now that most conscientious folks have started getting their shots (shots! shots!), I'm comfortable moving this from word of mouth to a somewhat more formalized version, particularly since the pre and post hangout are on the massive outside pavilion and grounds. The Walnut Creek Park Oskar Blues Ride leaves every Thursday from the brewery at 6:00. It's at 10420 Metric Blvd Ste 150, Austin, TX 78758. Many folks show up at about 5:30-5:45 for a pre-gamer of their favorite OB beverage. The crew rolls out en masse very much EB style for the 2 mile spin to Gracywoods Park, where we then gather to collect anyone that didn't "make the green" on the way over. Then we enter WC at the Inner Log Loop. After IL, we generally separate into a couple or 3 or more groups and then do some version of the Standard Loop +/-. You can either tether to me for a quicker ride (sometimes civilised, sometimes not), or hang back for a more party pace with others. Generally everyone finds a decent group for their desired pain level. And the various groups do between 8 to 14 mile WC miles before heading back to the brewery for as many drinks as they're comfortable having. That tends to be a lot for me, since I ride to and from the ride. Anyway, I figure at this point all are welcome, and are likely to find a pace they enjoy.
  6. Loading up and going spider mountain tomorrow. Looking forward to riding the new stuff out there.
  7. We ended up with Lucky that way. Took him in as a foster and then failed. Now he's an old man and gets laster treatments for his arthritis, but at least he has cool goggles
  8. In my mid 50's and it makes no sense to me, I enjoy the challenge of a good and hard ride and do not want an ebike to simplify it. Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
  9. ATXZJ


    Progress on the remodel. Wainscoting and paint Previous 70s mode
  10. Well, I had a banner day today for critters. I took the day off for a personal matter and ended up finishing early so I went to a quick ride on SN. Check out the new stuff at the south end, it's pretty great! Tons of turtles: A Coral Snake: And I kid you not. A fresh, newborn fawn, chucked itself into the creek and swam across. His mom was on the other side but wouldn't cross. I moved him to a safe spot where hopefully the (circling) vultures wouldn't get him until momma crossed and got to him. See him swimming?
  11. That ‘silly’ thing has provided more than a few smiles and, at least perceived, airtime. It has served well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'm one of the trail stewards at City Park that spends quite a bit of time trying to address areas where puddles form, especially those that may linger for many days. Quite a bit of progress was made this past winter (and the winter before, and winter before that....) to alleviate several of those lingering puddle areas and also to reestablish proper drainage in other areas out there. The currently known "wet spots" (I can think of about 4 right off the top of my head) seem to drain / dry out dry out fairly quickly, over a day or two. But there will be places that hold water if you head out there right after a good rain event. That has actually always been the case based on my recollection over the past 30 years of riding there. The main difference with City Park and all the other trails further out is I don't come back all sticky muddy. The soil out there handles water pretty well, and I find that I don't take much home with me. Even though you can ride there in the wet, its best to just give it a day or two to dry out a bit. That's what I've always done. 👍
  13. I have solved the problem for myself. I designed "Carl's Cool Thing." It's a short section of a big pool noodle that holds the hydration pack off my back. It works very well. I cannot imagine going out in the heat without an adequate supply of water
  14. When doing this, and we all do, make sure to buy something at the store. The store fronted the money to bring that product to you and they are taking the risk that you’ll try it on for free and then save $10 buying it online. Unless they are gouging the shit out of the price, I’ll usually buy it from the local store. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I got my hubs over to DT Swiss last Wed, and the new hoops arrived at my doorstep yesterday, laced to my original hubs and complete with tubeless rim tape and valves. The $690 replacement cost ($345 per wheel) wasn't too hard to swallow considering that I had beat the shit out of the original rims for 4.5 years. There were no questions asked and DT Swiss didn't even ask for the old rims back, which saved me considerably on shipping the hubs to them. Given that the $690 also included rebuilding the wheels and shipping them to me, I figure the actual rim replacements came at a cost of around $225 per rim vs. their $800 retail value. Hoping to get another 5 years or so out of these, but I did order some inserts from Rimpact that I'll install before I get crazy on them. Oh and yes - graphics are laser etched for some additional bling factor!
  16. I just bought a California air tools 8010a and an air hose reel on Amazon. It’s awesome. Super quiet compared to my old one. I haven’t touched my pump in weeks and I also use the air to help dry off the bike after washing it. I also picked up an inflator with a digital gauge. Highly recommend it.
  17. The heat was temporarily turned off. Had a great 3-hour ride at Pedernales Falls today and when we finished about noon, it was just 72 degrees!
  18. If I had to choose between Manitoba and Texas I'd choose Texas. -30 can F right off. I'm still going to complain about the heat here for at least 6 months of the year. 40 years and I haven't acclimated yet. Someday I'm either going to own a pool or I'm going to rage quit Texas and move. Most likely on a day in September when its 100+.
  19. AntonioGG


    14yo broke this brand new expensive futon set. I can’t seem to get the company to even respond to me regarding a replacement, so I took it apart, glued and clamped then made a reinforcement piece out of scrap oak.
  20. Got my first shot in Marble Falls since I really didn't mind making that trip at the time, but didn't feel like going back there for my second shot. Oddly, BS&W wouldn't let me schedule my second shot at a different location; so I just canceled my appointment and got the second shot at CVS without any problem. Seems CVS and Randalls are the only providers I could find who were willing to administer the second shot when they didn't administer the first. Anyway, glad to be done with it and hopefully things will be smoother for the next pandemic.
  21. I just ordered a Osprey Seral4 from Moosejaw. $10 off if you take their little survey so it was $70 shipped with that. The 1.5 liters should be plenty of water for most longer rides if I carry a water bottle or even two and I don't have to carry an actual backpack.
  22. I started riding in 2012 when the most "uncool" thing on your bike was a water bottle. So much so, that manufacturers didn't even bother with bosses. We were all rocking hydration packs which were heavy, cumbersome and arguably worse looking than bottles. Now with enduro being the flavor of the week, having bottles is again cool, along with attaching various other random items to your frame🤨 Somewhere in between, hip packs reared their heads. My only memories of dudes sporting hip packs were the roided up guys in the 80-90s wearing those MC hammer pajamas trying to sell me steroids and E. I pushed those dudes out of my mind and bought a small 1.4 hip pack. I have never used my backpack again. F that thing. Forever. Given the option, I'd rather have a single bottle and nothing else. Not having any of that shit hanging off of you when your'e riding is liberating. Second to that, hip pack. The ones with a bladder and pocket for a bottle would probably be a good compromise. My crap 2c
  23. Could be arthritis😁 -1 for riding when it's hot +1 for hip packs.
  24. Yay! Rainy day just after I bought the wood. Even had room for a fancy wheel lock holder on the left. Apparently I over-thought it, didn't need to wood glue or the corner braces, just drilled and screwed and that was enough. I did spend a lot of time with the rough file on the wood getting the side supports just right. The whole thing fits tightly, no slop.
  25. In my mind, I'm doing a back flip off of it.
  26. I got my Travis County appraisal back Monday and it went DOWN $50k from last time!! I was doing the freaking snoopy dance in the street when I opened the letter. Not even going to ask questions....... Now have to fight it out with my mortgage company to lower my escrow pmt.
  27. Stopped by Bear King in Marble Falls for some post Spider MTN food & drink. Definitely recommend this place if you are in the area. Food was good, outdoor seating was great and the beers were pretty damn tasty too. In fact, the barrel aged barleywine was pure badassery. https://orderbearkingbrewing.com/shop/beer
  28. willatter

    Hail damage

    They are already in town from the storm that came through town last month and I can assure you more are on the way. I have several customers that started receiving calls immediately after the storm from all centers all over North America. Couple words of advise: Go with someone you know and trust Don’t sign anything even if they tell you it’s required for them to do an inspection. Several companies will try and get you to sign a contingency form disguised as a release. This will never hold up in court but could be a pain to fight. Go local and check for proof they actually are local. There are companies that set up temporary offices to seem local and will skip town once they hit their quota.
  29. So you are saying ultimately I was right the other day when I "accidentally" took the 3rd hole. That sounds bad. Whatever, I'm leaving it.
  30. I’ve been riding Race Face Chesters (plastic) for a couple of years. I’ve beat the shit out of them and broken multiple pins that I have replaced but the pedals are still going strong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  31. I'd get one with the padded thing for your nuts. Like if your nuts hit the top tube, you cool, they hit the handlebars, you cool, you hit the stem, you cool. That's the one to get. Word.
  32. You’d be surprised how many kids now have monthly streaming services that let them download the whole album. It’s the millennials that were the 1 song at a time crowd. My teenager and her friends do more playlist by artists of their whole catalog then you’d imagine. Different world. They stream and watch an entire tv series vs live tv and share albums/artists vs radio / mtv. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  33. They also have a little blue pill that you can take if you have a floppy hose.
  34. With the exception of california, the taxes are not what you think. Speaking specifically to property taxes, the "affordability" of texas is a bit of an illusion. Stay out of the metros and you'll be fine. I'll take vast amounts of beautiful public land and mild weather any day. IMHO, Boise is one of the best kept secrets out there.
  35. Grew up in SE Houston, San Antonio and the Mojave Desert. Then traveled for work all over the western US with time in Florida and DC area. Very familliar with all forms of heat. Humidity can go F itself. Forever. Winter in the rockies is nothing like winter in the midwest flatlandia hellscape. That can go F itself too. I can say it was much easier for me to get dehydrated in the desert than here. Used to ride in NM with single digit humidity and zero sweat. All you knew was your giant hydration pack was out of water. Here, you sweat as soon as you walk outside. It'd be really tough to make do with a small fanny pack in the desert.
  36. The texas heat and humidity don't bother me I just have to remember to stay hydrated and I'm good. I grew up with the cold (canada) and don't miss it and actually like our summers here. Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
  37. When I first moved here from Houston in 2006, I noted that I only needed 2 t-shirts for a tennis match vs. the 4 that I needed for a match in Houston. Over the years though, I've either lost sight of that difference or the difference is diminishing. Seems when I was at Ft. Hood in the seventies and Texas State in the eighties, Central Texas was considered semi-arid and vastly different from the surrounding coastal areas. I'm not convinced that is the case anymore.
  38. It's heathritis. Seriously though, I rode ~5 hours and drank 5 bottles and felt OK, no headache or dehydrated at all, but we went out to dinner, 2 margaritas, 2 big glasses of water on top of 32 oz of water at home. I still woke up thirsty and peeing very little. I was surprised because it didn't really feel hot for me. Normally when things heat up, I need 50-56oz per hour instead of 25-28oz/hr like I did yesterday. Even at 50oz/hr I still have to catch up after. Yesterday definitely caught me by surprise. Hopefully as I acclimate I think my body will start conserving water a bit more.
  39. Got my second pfizer shot Saturday. Woke up Sunday slightly nauseous but it went away after a couple hours. Later in the event I was super tired and went to bed early.
  40. Is this is the equivalent of a friend telling you, "I couldn't really tell you at the time but she was no good for you"?
  41. ATXZJ


    Bit the bullet, and bought a saw for a crown molding and window box project.
  42. we suck at vids/pics. get into riding and thats all we focus on. also, the worst crashes seem to happen when someone breaks out the camera 🤣 spider was pretty packed, as they were doing a stage race on the single black. we spent most of our time on the blues getting the bikes dialed.
  43. I will look into this! edit: I queried Yellow Bike Project as they probably recycle their worn tires. awaiting their response.
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