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    PEDDLERS PASS UPDATE: Please help me, pretty please with sugar on top. As everyone knows the rollers and some of the berms on the Eastside of Parmer fill up with water after rain. There is a bucket in the trees next to the 1st roller on the second set of rollers. If the rollers or berms have water in them, please take a few minutes and bail them out. Everything will dry out much quicker with everyone's help. Soon as it stops raining every few days, the water table should recede low enough that the rollers will be able to handle the occasional rain without a problem. In the near future, I'm going to be adjusting the second set of rollers. They are too steep and the valleys are too short. I'll be lengthening the valleys and possibly reducing the height a few inchesThis should make them flow as nicely as the 1st set. Look for a work day in mid to late February. We'll be adding features on the new stuff. The skinny triangle bridge is going to be replaced with a wider, longer, curved bridge in the coming months. The temporary reroutes for the sidewalk are in place. This should last for 4-6 weeks.
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    Peddlers Pass temporary reroutes have been done for the construction of the sidewalk leading from the intersection of Parmer and Brushy Creek road to the BCRT. Once construction has finished the trail will go back to its previous route...almost. The trail will lose about 50' due to the sidewalk. After the cedar triangle feature, the trail currently turns left, in the future, it will turn right. The City adjusted the sidewalk to take out as little of the trail as possible.
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    I had a spare 30 mins so I made this on Snail. Fun lil wall ride. Go hit it. It needs a few more small trees removed to increase flow radius. But I hit it multiple times . Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, check out the huge new release from Guerrilla Gravity! And dont forget to use my BAMF code (BAMF=SethB) for a discount on your purchase! -300% stronger impact resistance than normal carbon fiber (the demonstration videos were crazy) -modular front triangle - (you can have all of their bike models with a single front triangle and interchangeable seat stay kits) -adjustable reach -totally awesome and they ride amazingly! Guerrilla Gravity, Pink Bike, Bike Mag, NSMB, and some other big names in the bike world, came down to Texas last week to Spider Mtn, Cat mtn, and RPR for 2019 GG bike testing and were totally stoked on Texas Gnar! Everyone said they were very pleasantly surprised and did not expect to shred in Texas like they did! I was very proud to show them some of what Texas had to offer. check out the linked videos for more information. https://youtu.be/skgzQyReJZU https://www.pinkbike.com/news/guerilla-gravity-us-made-carbon-frame-smash-trailpistol.html?fbclid=IwAR3ta5VQl9b4WB25sx9xJIJXabh7JV7uuPkiW9QdG_p8ci-UZtIqnMHln9A
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    OK, the Ride like a girl video has 6 (now) likes. WTF? That was a great vid! You douchenozzles can't like a video? Also, RidingAgain, I've taken the attitude towards you from others with a grain of salt (or less), but dude, you totally come off a bit dickish to the post about the ARR vids. You posted about a local group that put out a great video on Florida riding, but then bash when someone mentions the same thing going on here. Not cool.
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    Were they riding this when the ink cartridge blew on their bag of cash?
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    New video from BKXC chronicling his time spent in Austin. He did a really nice job featuring NFB at reveillie and Eric walking the viewer through the creation of the deception trails. Overall the editing on this video is very well done and even though im not a BK regular, he's definitely taking it to the next level like Seth has done with his stuff.
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    You could start with, "I'd be interested in addressing that, but there's something I have to understand first. You see, ignorance can be dealt with through education, stupidity can't. Which am I dealing with here?"
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    I need to talk with Kent @cxagent and Charlie @Chardog about this...but I got the Wilco go-ahead for signage at the kiosks. Ronan @HoneyBadger is planning to talk with Cedar Park about possibly adding signs to the parking lots. My thought is to have a sign for each kiosk (even Swag since users can come up the bailout) and the sign to either be: 1) Trails Open on one side, Trails Close on the other and flip it accordingly - locked into place 2) Sign locked on the back of the kiosk and out of site until needed and then locked onto the front of the kiosk as needed Wilco officials response: "The example photo you attached was very helpful. Signs on kiosks OK – gate structures not OK. (I never asked for or suggested gates, in fact I recommended that they were not worth the cost and effort) We have no objection if the signs are installed & effectively managed by you/ARR (e.g. costs, materials, labor, changing status of signs, etc.) and the Parks Department is not inundated with upset contacts from single-track users. We would need to re-visit if problems arise with this approach. Thanks for your efforts on the single-track sections of trail."
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    I’ve been a member, volunteer, and/or board member of both ARR and FR512 for over 10 years. It’s great to see some information getting out on each. They both have important roles to play in serving MTBers in this area. The largest difference between the two is where they work. Public land vs. private land. ARR has worked on private land (RPR, Lone Man Mountain, etc). Private land is great (ex. Spider Mountain), because usually one entity is in charge, assuming risks (insurance), and had goals/timelines. Private land can also have major drawbacks (Twin Parks, LMM, others), where agreements are made and then people change their minds. Public land has its pros and cons. Pros: 1) everyone can enjoy it 2) longevity of lifespan 3) mostly good people to work with Cons: 1) approval process 2) limits of work schedule 3) other user groups 4)liability limits i have high respect for anyone putting in the effort to build and maintain trails. I wasn’t involved with any groups when I started building. I’ve come to realize the benefits of community in building trails. The very best friends I have today I met building trails.
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    Better get out there and ride today or tomorrow. Based on the forecast, it might be the last chance for February. I rode today, the rocks are still slick but it's rideable. I asked the City if they could leave me a pile of any excess dirt from the sidewalk construction. I hope this is it..it's hhhuuugggeee
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    Since I'm in newborn duty for a bit I requested all this. If I can't ride neither can ya'll! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    So it appears that baseball bats are now out as the preferred way to test carbon frame strength.
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    Behind the scenes... It was pretty cool to watch the process of his new format.
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    I'm 60, and still being stupid out there.
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    Back in November '16 I bit the bullet and purchased 2 sets of lights from Action LED Lights , a X2 and an X1 This was based on a lot of reading and if I recall Teamsloan mentioned the brand as a good one. Anyways bought these lights and have used ever since. Yes they are money but I believe that you get what you pay for normally and I am a fan of my house not burning down as the result of cheap Chinese batteries. So just want to mention this Action LED Lights because the lights are quality and all great but also because of the customer support. My 2 yr warranty expired Mid November '18 . About Thanksgiving time I crushed my wire somehow and my X2 setup stopped working. I shot them an email , after my warranty expired , Told them what I did and it was NOT a defect and that my lights were out of warranty. The response was a surprise since they said,, No problem, send us your light. I sent the X2 in and got it back a week later. All new wires and works even better. My point is this place did not have to go over and above like they did and they could have hosed me but stood behind their light and fixed me up. I just wanted to make mention of that since it is not necessarily the rule that companies do this but these dudes did. I'd seriously buy their product again if need be
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    For those who ride the Hike & Bike path downtown and like to connect it to the Southern Walnut Creek Trail, you probably know that a bridge was washed out a while ago that made this more difficult to do. Recently someone told me about a crossing further up the creek that you could ride, saving you from having to venture onto city streets. Yesterday I was riding through the park and noticed the city has now put down a concrete path across this creek, which should make it easier to traverse when wet. If you're not sure where this is, after you take the tunnel near the dam to enter Roy Guerrero park, follow the crushed granite trail on the left and keep going towards where the old bridge was located. Then follow the sidewalk along the parking lot, and continue as it turns back into a natural trail. Follow this for a ways, and on the left you will eventually encounter this crossing. After going across, you can then follow it back to the opposite side of the (now missing) bridge crossing.
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    Spider replied to my question on their opening FB post. The $199 Season pass is good/valid for riding through 04/30/19. I asked what happens after that? How much for the next season? How long is the next season? No reply yet. Interesting that the season pass that was supposed to be from 12/18-04/19 for $199 isis still $199 for 02/08/19-04/30/19. But I am not their target audience. A day lift ticket makes more sense for me and the amount I will ride out there.
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    I did roughly the same thing a few years back and decided I needed to get something as lls as I possibly could in my price range. A capra at this point in time. I got the bike and I loved it. I could smash down trails and I could acceptably ride it up technical bits. As I got further down the road I realized more and more that is was no longer that much fun to ride it up a hill and I started to ride less and less as I did not find mush enjoyment in the regular trails. I was only enjoying the stuff that used to scare me since that was now the only thing that provided some challenge. I wound up not riding for 3 months and realized something had to change and I went back out demoing bikes only a year later. Settled on a Process 111 which still was decently lls, but reasonably so and complimented our local trails much better. I started enjoying riding more again after this purchase and I can completely attribute it to having a bike that fit our trails and less so current trends. I personally do not feel that the current drastic trends in bikes are really suited to our local trails. There are exceptions of course, but your usual GB, Brushy, 4c ride is alot more fun on a bike with a bit more of a conservative geo. Those long bikes are a pain to pedal uphill and even more so to muscle around some of our wonderful switchbacks. The real answer is demo demo demo, but the best answer is just get 3 bikes. SS hardtail, 120-130mm trail bike and your 170mm LLS Beast of a mini dh.
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    Just got the email. Opens Friday Feb 8. Might have to call in sick due to a ... spider bite.
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    Gotta be honest GG bikes never did anything for me. Although I haven't ridden one, always thought that they were kinda ugly. This bike here is a game changer though. They did a great job of engineering this bike. It looks good and seems it will a be a very versatile ride with plenty of adjustments for us GEO nerds. Job well done GG!
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    I think that it helps to take this route: "I want to ride too but all the trails we ride on around here can't handle being ridden when they're wet. I recently found out that these trails were created and maintained by volunteers who are mountain bikers just like us. If we destroy them, the city could decide that they should just stop letting us build them and then we'd be stuck riding on the road which we all know sucks." At this point, you've established that it's not everyone vs. him/her AND you aren't a 'know it all' so they shouldn't want to fight you. If they are still listening, you can then throw down some of our recently obtained soil knowledge or better yet, point them to one of the social media outlets (this one) or groups (ARR, 512) and get them engaged so they educate themselves. I think that stressing the "we" in these conversations is much better than calling the douchebag a 'you'. That is setting up a confrontation from the onset.
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    God has chosen to close the Brushy Creek trail system by casting down torrents of rain upon us. We know not the reason, only that we must OBEY or suffer eternal damnation! Trails are open! Have a nice day.