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  1. 79 hours without power and 30 hours (and counting) without water didn't stop me from getting in at least 1 good Walnut snow ride. This was the only time I was ever nervous about the Mark's Art log over! Riding in Walnut Wonderland. Breaking trail on .6. The good news is that all the deadfall from the first ice event and the first snow event (so until Wednesday morning) was cleared. I haven't been back since Tuesday so I don't know what the second ice event brought down.
  2. Today ARR Trail Stweards and crew were out at Brushy assessing the damage and clearing the concrete Regional trail. We should have it cleared from the skate park to the ymca by the end of the weekend. I can't stress enough how bad the damage is, every trail is blocked with fallen trees and snapped branches. Based on what i saw its going to take weeks to clear all the trails. We need your help more than ever before. The trails need to dry alot, but plan to come help next weekend.
  3. Well I almost thought it would never happen. The wheels literally took two hours to get tubeless. Every trick in the book. Finally used CO2 cartridges. Boy was only sort of interested in helping, perhaps the cold garage was to blame. It all turned out awesome. He loves it. Figured out the trigger shifter right away and is getting used to brakes that work and a real fork. Some fitting to be done, but not till it warms up.
  4. You'd have to be an idiot to ride in this weather.
  5. Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose.
  6. Stillhouse Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. I had a really good time meeting everyone today. Amazing how much we got done. Basically cleared out from Skate Park to 183A and the portion to YMCA will be done later today. Great job. We really made a difference today.
  8. Great news! Today I went to see what was going on in the Meridian Bowl. I was pleased (?) to see that the new "trail" was actually just the powerline where the power company cut a wide swath and mulched all the cuttings. And now a line has developed along it. Yes, there are three manmade jumps. One using a pallet. I am not fond of wooden jumps anyway and pallets are the worst. They don't last long and then they become hazardous. But I digress. I then emailed the trails committee chairman to ask him about all this and if we could do anything. Reiterating that we in the MTB community are working hard to maintain the area as is. He replied they knew about that line AND the jumps and do not have a problem with it. He even said, "We very much appreciate the respect the community has given the area, no complaints here." So they have walked around and seen everything there is to see and are good with it. So we are good to go! So nice to get a win every now and then. And such a good win. There are at least 10 good manmade jumps there now. That's not counting all the ledges. The ledges there present an "all you can do" challenge to any level of jumper I think. I know I'll never huck some of them! Roll'em sure, but no air. I am still reluctant to publicize how great an area this is. Or run big group rides through. I just don't want to push our luck.
  9. Ready to roll with sexy new saddle! Snapped a rail on the last one.
  10. I just texted his mom also. stay tuned maybe him getting his little ass whipped by his mama will end up on YouTube LOL
  11. EVERYONE - so this is NOT HAPPENING and is NOT REAL or SANCTIONED by PARD. do not sign up for this. I just kicked a 15 year old kid named Rhett off of Victory Racing Team for this and apparently his is ACTUALLY trying to make it happen. so just to clear the air this is NOT associated with my company/team Victory Racing in any way whatsoever. but the kid pursuing this used to and no longer wears a VRT jersey im glad I saw this. it will be handled appropriately ********** the story for anyone who would like to read it - Rhett (formerly one of our grom 15yr old racers on VRT) messaged me with a big excited message around 2 weeks about how Victory Racing should have a DH race at the HOL, and that he had *already* gotten approval from PARD via email. I replied "that sounds amazing but I want to forward that email conversation with you and PARD before actually planning anything." days go by and I never received that email forward. I asked him where it was and then he reveals that he had merely sent a single email about it and assumed the response would be quick and likely an approval 🤣 (LMFAO GTFOH) I explained its not gonna likely happen, end of conversation then yesterday I see on his instagram story that he is gonna hold a bandit DH race at HOL 2/28. I promptly had a messenger conversation with him about why he can not and will not do this. and formally removed him from Victory Racing Team for a combination of reasons. This being a big one. and now I log in here after not being on the boards for a long while and see this post very first thing. LOL this stuff writes itself I swear haha
  12. did 5-6 miles today, giggling like an idiot the whole time😁
  13. Quick edit from Monday. Chickened out on the second drop in snail but was too tired to go back up
  14. Got a bunch of trash. Most of the poop bags were by the creek crossing. The thing I wasn't prepared for was the amount of dog poop trail side not in bags. Super gross, I suppose I couldn't see it while I was going fast. There are limits to my altruism.
  15. Starting to get the kids out more on the smooth sections of the SATN. The Pay it Forward Epic I snagged from @Shinerider is also helping get the whole family out on the trails, which is great for me. We’re definitely adding excitement for anyone trying to share the same patch of trail as us.
  16. The fence at Brushy that was torn down last week was permanently fixed today. GreenMTBrider and I moved the fence further back between two trees so it’s a pinch point, there’s no way around it unless you start chopping branches. The posts are cemented into the ground. I re-vegetated the trail by planting grasses and cactus, then placing rocks. You can’t tell it was once a trail. I also blocked the trail beyond the fence with brush, rocks, and cactus.
  17. As a rule any time someone looks at a trend and says "X is here to stay" you should take the under on that bet. CDs were here to stay. DVDs were here to stay. Napster was here to stay. 9-speed is here to stay. The world moves on. Except for single speeds. Singlespeeds are here to stay.
  18. This Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  19. All "done" ! She's one happy camper! It's been a fun project with her.
  20. Wow. Brushy looks like a war zone. Took a quick ride down the concrete trail just to see the damage for myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Any damage? My kid went to a neighbor because the oak was bending down on top of his truck. Kid is nicer than me because I dont like the guy
  22. My turn yesterday, found a phone in the middle of the trail and actually found the owner a short time later in the park parking lot and was able to return the phone to it's owner. Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
  23. Leave FB. You won't regret it Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  24. A little ride, a little trail work.
  25. This statement is wring loud in my mind as my oldest son is a Sr in HS and is about to head off for college. He still is willing (and says he enjoys) riding with me (and his younger brother. I was out there with on of my boys this afternoon. And since this is the parent bragging thread....
  26. Dude...I have but one piece of advice for you and if you ever listen to anyone on the internet, listen to this: Ride with your kids every chance you get. They are enjoying themselves, outside, exercising, and doing something that you can do with them. There is no better way to spend your time. If I could go back in time and relive all those rides with my kids, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Once they find hobbies that you only watch (rock climbing, gymnastics, parkour, ballet, etc....), you'll be on the sidelines wishing you were out riding log loops for the third time in a row while they pedaled in front of you dodging every root. Good times.
  27. Wait.. so I bought this bad boy for nothing? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  28. 1/4 Notch is now clear, but will need some clean up to get rid of punji sticks and some low hanging limbs that may still spring back up. Most of it had been cleared by a gentleman named Brian that we met shortly after we got on the trail at the EMS access point. Thanks to @Cafeend, @horncpa and Brian for the help.
  29. This was a bunch of work, but glad to be part of the effort. However, with what I saw today, I agree the trails are going to take a lot of time and effort to clear. I look forward to more work days to be able to get back on the bike. Scott
  30. Well the hell with that strategy. Shit was just too good. Found the LLS open and restocked for a second night cap. The Four Roses SB is everything I hoped for, and I'm sure that @Barry's recommended Rare Breed will be pleasurable as well.
  31. Down to mere scraps in my last 2 bottles of "bourbon" so decided on a border-blend of Kentucky and Tennessee to produce a double-shot, neat for my final night of frigidness. Will celebrate some sunshine tomorrow with a trip to the liquor store.
  32. She is hands-down the dumbest fucking idiot in politics today. Maybe she's a performance artist?
  33. Our oak tree in the backyard didn’t fair too well during Thursday’s storm. I’m really impressed with the 40V Ryobi chainsaw I bought. Got everything cut up with one 5ah battery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  34. Sitting on the porch last night with no power, drinking a cheap temp aged in bourbon barrels. Gotta say, the silence & darkness made for a nice pairing😁
  35. Any time I hear "we have to compete with china, and bring manufacturing jobs back here", I just get ill. You can't compete with slave labor and zero regard for environmental contamination unless you raise prices significantly. Americans don't have the disposable income or desire for that. That's also never gonna happen with an economy based on consumer spending that has us continually filling landfills with last year's purchases. Doom mode off
  36. Been spending the week with SATN and hit some of the stuff off 1826 today. Meridian bowl area was cool. Also looks like discarded sex toys are not excusive to north austin. This little lonesome fella was in the CVS parking lot at 45/1826
  37. After 3+ years, got off my ass and spent some time with Mary yesterday. Before this, I'd stuck to the trails at the park, thanks to @The Tip was able to roam a bit more this time. Can say I was really surprised at what was out there. Rode equestrian to black squirrel, to camino connector, and down jungle till the 1st bridge. Then the jeep road back to creekflyer , cutting back over onto squirrel then mary's gateway back to the truck. Nice little loop. Once I got south of the creek, the terrain changed a lot and for the good. Remined me a lot of rim trail with a little suburban ninja mixed in for good measure. The main trails in the park are more in the style of the infinitely maddening criss cross of walnut creek. All in all, a fun ride with some really cool historic bridges and foundations of homes/business out there too. My crap pics:
  38. I have a set of i9 Enduro S wheels that are a year old. In the fall I popped two spokes and sent it in to i9. The service rep with i9 said that they actually were have a small issue on a batch of their steel spoked wheels with spoke windup during the builds. This would result in de-tensioning once the wheel was ridden. Apparently their de-tentioning process during the build wasn’t working. They took my wheel back and rebuilt it completely with all new spokes and nips. So far so good. If your i9’s were bought new I would contact them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  39. Got to hit Last Stand in the dirty south for a post-ride beer. Looking forward to having a brewery so close to us. Juicy IPA
  40. It’s great to see everyone working together on this, original trail builders and new trail stewards. It’s a huge undertaking both building and then maintaining, so both area very appreciated. Keep up the great work....and let us know how to help.
  41. Great evening to be out for a ride! Checked out BR for the first time - both directions. Ran into riding buddies @WLemke and @Cafeend . Hammered DD while playing cat-and-mouse with a cool cat named Tony who I met out there sporting a new Revel Rascal. Life is good! Gonna get as much of this shit as I can before summer hits.
  42. It's strange, but I looked up that spot on Strava Global Heatmap, and there was hardly any activity on that line. 😉
  43. Took the kid to Milburn this evening. Still getting used to his new bike on bigger hills, but did good.
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