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  1. 4 minutes ago, horncpa said:

    The feature on picnic you are discussing is Ravine Drop.  I still haven't done that one.   It scares the crap out of me.   I've seen it done, but man that thing is intimidating to look at.  Even if I roll down, I got to refocus to make the hard left and then carry momentum to get out.  That's a lot of things that have to go right 🙂


    Full send it Bill! I believe in you! 

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  2. 1 minute ago, trailrider77 said:

    Are there plans to extend picnic x all the way to 183 and then to ymca? Seems like there is room
    for more single track to be threaded along the creek.

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    Other plans that were in flight but stalled for the time being until Wilco has time to review/discuss. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Morealice said:

    Any updates on conditions? Thinking Deception would be doable no?

    edit: asking for a friend. If I don’t hear from y’all then I’ll go in the AM and chance a road ride 😬 hoping at least i can get the hard rough stuff. 

    Unless it rains, Deception is good to go. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Taco Man said:

    Before this rain that is about to fall- what are the conditions at Brushy?  I used to get updates from the Twitter account but that seems relatively quiet.  Looking for a Saturday ride on dirt out there, and taking some newer riders on Peddlers.

    It’s quiet because I’ve been out of state for the past two weeks. Last I heard Rim, Bob Ross and Deception were good to go. 

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  5. 17 minutes ago, Tree Magnet said:

    Is this sentiment still holding water?

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    Nice pun. 

    1/4, Double Down, Bob Ross and Rim (minus Dave’s Ditch) are good to go. Haven’t checked anything else. 

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  6. Trails like 1/4 Notch may be good late today, otherwise I anticipate most trails will be good to go by tomorrow. Pretty wet out here now. 

    The above also assumes that we get some sun and no additional rain of course. 

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  7. 19 minutes ago, WLemke said:


    There are a couple sections on 1/4N with low/over grown branches that are causing some major visibility issues. The most egregious is when going E-W, there is a short downhill into a quick right hand turn. There is a leafy branch that you have to duck to clear and absolutely no visibility leading into the corner. 

    Do you have any concerns if I went and trimmed it back later today?

    No problem at all, really appreciate the help. All I ask is that you cut limbs/branches at their split off as opposed to leaving punji sticks. 

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  8. 21 minutes ago, Rdmtb said:

    Who is responsible for upkeep on ankle biter? From the drop in (E-w) it’s in pretty bad shape with the bridge missing again and a few low hanging trees. 

    I would go out there and trim but I don’t want to get in trouble. 

    It’s not technically a sanctioned trail so no one. A few of us go out there when we can to take care of issues. Speaking of which…

    Greg Steven’s and I just opened Gumdrop (ankle biter isnt the “official” name) back up. Chainsaw battery was running out of energy and so was I, but it’s at least rideable now. Couldn’t find bridge so we’ll have to tackle that later. 

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  9. 27 minutes ago, AntonioGG said:

    I should start waking up early and riding then.  It was brutal yesterday at 5pm.   At least one spot with dried deep ruts on 1/4 we'll have to fix.  And @GreenMTBrider let us know when the next time for some scree work.  There are several areas that have slight widening and loose rocks on the center path.

    First priority needs to be to fix the drainage issues. We will definitely need help here. My plan is to map out and get fixes planned for problem areas and then setup an ARR workday. 

    For awareness, workday won’t occur for probably a couple weeks. I’m heading out to MN early next week for a marathon and then to meet with my MN team members in Rochester after that. 

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  10. Ive been driving back from Wichita Falls but this is the update so far based on feedback from peeps….


    Double Down - GTG
    1/4 - GTG
    Bob Ross - GTG
    Rim - GTG
    Picnic - GTG
    Snail - GTG
    SnowWhite - GTG

  11. I checked out Double Down , 1/4 and Picnic after work and they were good to go. Not primo, but rideable without getting dirt pickup. Unfortunately, it started raining here not too long ago. Whomp whomp. 

  12. Got a shower last night and a brief one moments ago while I was out checking the trails. Things will be really slick right now, so an afternoon ride may be a better option today. 

    Latest update…

    1/4 - GTG
    DD -  GTG 
    Picnic - GTG. Downed tree
    Bob Ross - GTG
    Rim - GTG
    Snail - GTG
    Gumdrop - muddy. DNR
    Snowwhite - GTG
    Suburban Ninja - muddy. Needs another day 

    Wet low spots exist, but if it’s reported above there is zero trails minimal dirt pickup


  13. *Update - About to get some rain. Trails will be rechecked tomorrow morning* 

    #brushycreek report! 

    1/4 Notch - GTG. Muddy low spot 1.3 miles from east entrance. 

    Double Down - GTG

    Picnic - GTG. Some standing water/muddy low spots that’ll take time to dry. Ride through not around. 

    Mulligan - Needs more time. 

    Peddlers - Closed

    Will check other trails tomorrow. Memorial Day is looking good 😎😎😎

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  14. 1 minute ago, AntonioGG said:

    Looks like I snoozed and lost.  How much rain did Brushy just get?

    None. Bill and I were just out here doing some trim work. 

    Get out here now before the real storms come in. 

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  15. Latest update...

    1/4 - GTG. Note that this trail has low hanging trees that will be cleaned up tomorrow.
    Double Down - GTG
    Bob Ross - GTG 
    Rim - GTG 
    Snail - GTG - Still slick, but will be better later this afternoon 
    Picnic - too soft. Recommended to hold off on riding until late afternoon/tomorrow
    Mulligan - Slop city. Don’t around don’t drown
    Peddlers - closed. Do not ride. 
    Snow White - GTG. Sloppy creek crossing. 
    Gumdrop - Sloppy, do not ride

    Nothing is primo yet and some standing water exists, but zero to minimal dirt pickup. Use caution on limestone surfaces due to moisture.

    That was a freakin humid 10 mile run this morning to check the trails. Blah. 

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  16. Can confirm. Was good with 1/4 although not primo and there’s a mud pit at mile 1.3 (east side) that’ll take a few days to dry. 

    Picnic was just too soft. As such, mist other trails will not be good until late tomorrow. 

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  17. Not a mystery what happened to the logs recently. One was dislodged and half assed put back by someone so I removed it since it was pointless and not secure. Other was made into a kicker by me, got washed out, will be built bigger and better when I get back. 

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  18. 8 hours ago, gotdurt said:

    UR ghey.
    The timing on this is relevant though... that was back when the original log bump was there, before it was destroyed and replaced by the 2 posts... which recently disappeared because it probably "killed someone's flow"... 🙄

    I wish I could muster the energy to single-speed Brushy again, that was the most fun. And that old XTC was fun...

    We were actually talking about the logs a couple pages ago. 

    I had built a little kicker with one of the logs before the storm. Then the rain came washed everything away leaving just the log. When I get back from Bentonville I plan on putting one of the logs back and using cedar on the sides to hold dirt in better. 

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