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  1. I'll take a look at this this weekend and report back here. I'll need help whether we decide to do a slight reroute, rework, or build a small wood feature. Besides Saturday long runs, my weekend schedules are looking good, so we could get a group of us to tackle this soon. There are other areas that are also needing attention. Truth or dare. Anyone remember when someone moved the diving board rock? What a PITA.
  2. Didn’t rain too much here. Yard by quarter was wet but dirt was gtg
  3. At this point things are okay to ride. Rocks and roots are slimy but no trail damage.
  4. Typically how races work, rain or shine. Todd and team will be out there repairing any damage on the race course caused by the race. Feel free to ride the trails, but they’re going to be super slick and you’re going to get a lot of dirt pickup and rutting in low spots.
  5. I’m still out of town, but heard from Greg that Deception last night was good to go although a little spicy from remaining moisture. Guessing most trails are GTG at this point.
  6. Still plenty of caking going on. I'm hoping to recheck tomorrow around noon to see how it's progressing. We'll have plenty of wind and sun to hopefully dry things quickly.
  7. We didn’t get much rain. My gauge showed about a quarter inch. Currently at the office so I can’t confirm, but my guess is that this afternoon they’ll be fine.
  8. Full send it Bill! I believe in you!
  9. Didn’t seem like we got a lot of rain last night, but trails are fairly wet this morning with lots of caking on tires. Hopefully with sun it’ll dry quickly.
  10. Other plans that were in flight but stalled for the time being until Wilco has time to review/discuss.
  11. Unless it rains, Deception is good to go.
  12. It’s quiet because I’ve been out of state for the past two weeks. Last I heard Rim, Bob Ross and Deception were good to go.
  13. Nice pun. 1/4, Double Down, Bob Ross and Rim (minus Dave’s Ditch) are good to go. Haven’t checked anything else.
  14. Trails like 1/4 Notch may be good late today, otherwise I anticipate most trails will be good to go by tomorrow. Pretty wet out here now. The above also assumes that we get some sun and no additional rain of course.
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