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  1. Just FYI, this morning I rolled out to 1/4 Notch and Picnic. Ground was still very soft, with caking and rutting occurring. Exposed areas may be dry, but other areas will be muddy. Riding not advised. This afternoon some of the trails may be okay, but I’d wait until tomorrow.
  2. Yea, go for it! https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sarcasm
  3. 2.25” of rain last night according to the gauge. Whomp whomp! In other news, I picked up my bike yesterday from the shop so once it drys out I’ll be back to hitting the trails.
  4. Saweeetttt thanks for the heads up.
  5. Unfortunately I’m not near my house so I can’t check, but they should be good to go with the possible exception being Peddlers Pass.
  6. Haha nice. I try to get shoe or tire pics as evidence for the Twitter feed updates.
  7. Yard near 1/4 Notch is fairly soft. If you get out there and ride just use caution. If you get caking then turn around and spin on the concrete.
  8. Peddlers Pass: G2G 1/4 Notch is G2G. Watch for remaining low wet spots. Walking to Picnic now. *Update* Picnic: Almost okay. Number of soft spots that result in caking. I’d recommend to give it until tomorrow. Other trails: Unable to check. Snow White will be okay, while trails like Gum Drop may be too soft. USE CAUTION
  9. Open areas may be okay, but we got quite a bit of rain last night. I’m about 300 ft from the 1/4 Entrance and my yard was a swamp this morning. Additionally, the east entrance is guarantee to be slimy. Im about to leave work and will check when I get home, but to be honest I’d be surprised if it’s good to go.
  10. So without reposting all of the Brushy Creek Trail Conditions posts... 1/4 Notch: G2G. Some soft low spots remain. Ride thru or hike a bike over. Do not ride around, minimize trail widening. Double Down: G2G Picnic: G2G. Slightly tacky in areas. Typical soft low spots. Mulligan: G2G. Bottom of drops are wet. These take quite awhile to dry. Peddlers Pass: *update* G2G Other trails: Use caution. Snow White, Gnargasm, Rim are likely G2G. I didn’t have time to confirm but it’s a good guess based on other trail conditions. Gum Drop may be too soft, again use caution/common sense.
  11. Yes. I just got back from cutting grass on the 1/4 Notch entrance and Picnic. I think tomorrow 1/4 Notch and some of the other trails will be good to go. Peddlers will be closed tomorrow morning and afternoon and may open in the evening depending on conditions. I plan to check the trails before 7AM tomorrow and will post an update. Just FYI, here at 1/4 Notch we received about 2.5” of rain
  12. Annnddd more rain last night. On the plus side my vegetable garden is doing great.
  13. Tomorrow is possible. Rain gauge shows a little under 1.5”. We got a downpour that lasted awhile around 8PM then another shower sometime later in the night.
  14. Trails are still very soft. Got a ton of caking on my boots within feet of walking 1/4 Notch. Picnic is soft and has a couple of ruts forming from impatient riders. Other trails, particularly those with shade will be soft as well.
  15. Started working on cutting the overgrowth on Lower Picnic today. Still more to do, but I was starting to run low on gas (the brush hog and myself) so called it quits for the day.
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