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  1. I bet Tree Magnet did it. It’s in the name... 🤔🤔🤔
  2. It’s by the West gravel entrance to the regional trail near Staked Plains and Springs Head Loop. Here’s a pic that Greg Stevens took. Todd was going to go out there and move it to the curb. My guess would be if it’s moved to the curb it’ll go right back into Brushy.
  3. I went out this morning for ride. Deception is g2g (watch for the Christmas tree some jackass dumped out there). Picnic and Mulligan are g2g. Typical wet spots on Mulligan. West side of Parmer on Peddlers Pass was still fairly tacky/slick with tutting occurring in some areas. East side was g2g, overall the West side needs more time to dry in my opinion. Snow White, Gumdrop were g2g. I didn’t check out Rim or Snail but given how Deception was I imagine they’re good.
  4. Awesome thanks for the update! I used it to update the twitter feed. 9 more updates from you and you’ll have enough points for a free beer!
  5. Shower passed thru Brushy this morning. Trails are rideable (including Peddlers) but the biggest problems are the rocks, roots and leaves which are very slick. I’d recommend not riding until this afternoon or tomorrow when things aren’t as sketchy. Unless you like sketchy, then go for it.
  6. Yea it’s drying up quick. I rode this morning and it was too slick. Was getting caking on picnic and Deception was slick. Morning condensation probably didn’t help. I’m working in front of my house now and the soil is looking pretty good.
  7. Word on the street is that most trails should be g2g tomorrow. I’d wait until after lunch when trails have had a little more time to dry.
  8. How were trail conditions? I checked out 1/4 Notch and Picnic ridiculously early this morning. 1/4 Notch was good, Picnic was caking pretty bad.
  9. Sweeettt! Just landed from a Moab/Grand Canyon trip and was hoping to get some riding in tomorrow.
  10. Let me know and I’ll update the feed.
  11. On 1/4 Notch now. Typical East entrance slickness but rest of trail is bueno. I’ll update this post as I check things out. *Update* 1/4 Notch - Slick at East entrance, but rest of trail is good to go! Deception - G2G. Watch for slick spots when riding in the morning. Picnic - Couple low spots have water, but rest of trail is g2g. Watch for those slick leaves!!! Mulligan - Wet g-outs. Blah. Candyland - g2g, but Gumdrop gets sloppy near the creek. Didnt check Rim and Snail but I know from the above they’ll be rideable. Enjoy!
  12. Yea sorry guys, worked a 13 hour day yesterday so by the time I got home I was spent. If anyone gets out there today let us know how things look so I can update the feed.
  13. Rode this morning. Minimal dirt pickup from Deception, Picnic and Snow White. Mulligan (g-outs), Gnargasm and Peddlers need more time to dry. With that being said, damp ground/leaves suck and I was hurting for traction on some of the rocky sections. I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to ride at Brushy today. RPR would be a better option.
  14. I was hoping to ride today, did an 8 mile run and checked all the trail entrances and they were pretty muddy. Saw a couple people out riding and they’re tires were caked. Oh well. I’ll check again tomorrow morning.
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