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  1. Hey, I updated it once I got off work and was able to scope things out lol
  2. Haha I know I’m just giving him shit. Ain’t my first rodeo with Yosmithy.
  3. Cool story bro. Different soil though sooooooooo 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Actually judging by my yard near 1/4 Notch I think most trails will be good to go. *Update* trails are in awesome shape! Heading to Peddlers now, but everything West of there is g2g. *Double Update OMG!* Peddlers Pass is muy bueno.
  5. Yea sorry, been slacking. Started my first day in a new role so hard to leave the office to scope things out. Wife said we just got rain. I’ll be home in the next hour and can let you know how things are then.
  6. Should dry quickly but as Ronan mentioned, we did get decent rain here, including at Deception. I’ll report on conditions early tomorrow morning, but anticipate Peddlers may need to dry in the morning before reopening. Other trails will likely be bueno tomorrow morning. *Update* Woo, about a half inch of rain in a short time. Ground near Deception is very soft.
  7. Let me know the details of when you guys want to meet up. I’d be down. Doesn’t have to be a large group, but we could also break off to handle trimming other trails.
  8. Trails are in good shape this morning according to Greg Stevens. Out here near the 1/4 Notch entrance the dirt is in great shape. Might hit a couple low spots on Mulligan, but other than that Id say it’s shaping up to be a nice day at Brushy.
  9. Decent shower came thru Brushy. Grounds not terribly soft and spots that are wet should dry quickly. Exposed rocky sections will be sliiiiicckkkkkk. Riding tomorrow morning may be a better plan.
  10. Unfortunately on Twitter I have a limited character count to work with so had to cut it short.... Here’s the full post from Ronan... !TRAIL CLOSURE! The drop, next to the creek, a few turns before the end of the trail is temporarily closed. You'll have to use the bypass for a few days. I've been receiving an increasing number of reports of people going off the edge of the trail after the drop and either falling or nearly falling into the creek, with one rider "Deb" taken out on a stretcher. To improve safety, the trail is going to be realigned after the drop to improve the runout distance before the trail turns left back up the hill. This should stop people going off the trail. I'll also be adding a signpost clearly marking the feature and the bypass around it. ....and from this day forward this feature will be known as "Deb's Drop" (she said it's ok).
  11. Little bit of rain. Nothing substantial and should dry quickly.
  12. Interesting! That is not explicitly stated on any of the kiosks. I’ll poke some contacts and see what they say.
  13. Off-leash dogs are prohibited in Brushy Creek. There are signs stating such at various kiosks.
  14. 10-4. What if I already hired security to patrol the area? Okay, it was a pan handler I hired, but same difference.
  15. I'm curious too. Do I need to actually setup a real game cam or did my sign work?
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