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  1. From the WilCo website:
    River Ranch County Park is currently closed and under construction

    When opened, this beautiful 1,354 acres of meadowlands, woodlands, hills and escarpments that provide hill country vistas between Leander and Liberty Hill will offer park users the opportunity to camp, picnic, hike, bike, ride their horses, nature watch or just relax outside.
  2. No one is going to ‘replace’ Rob.
    I have D+ On Roku for other stuff, so I’ll keep it for now, but I still can’t figure how they except anyone to watch MTB.
    I’m really only interested in the Elite Finals. I’ve been able to get enough of practice & quali from riders & PinkBike/VitalMTB YouTube channels in the past.

    ETA, GCN+... what’s that going to cost me?
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  3. Has anyone figured out how to watch live/replay of the 2023 season?
    I have Discovery+ but they aren’t making it easy. You’d think with the amount of $$$ they spent on the rights, they put a little effort into making sure people can actually view it.
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  4. 2 hours ago, rugger said:

    I would say the preference is entirely up to you. I prefer the flow from the "bottom", which is by the gate. I simply think it flows better that way.

    The new Hawg Bawg alt line IMO, flows well both directs, but slightly better from the "upper" entrance. 

    Get both!

  5. The first "up" W->E there, I could do a month ago, but 1-ride-weeks have taken a toll and I've had no luck there the last two or three rides. The second "up" just before the Cradle... yeah, I haven't gotten up that in over a year.

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  6. I worked DD W -> E up to EBD. There are 2 spots left that will require more than I had in me. I was toast at that point and had to bail. The connector from Twin Lakes to Snail needed a lot of work. It should be clear from the spot where you hop through the split tree all the way to Snail. There is a downed Juniper left that can be hopped over on the approach to the #2 ramp.

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  7. I’m not familiar with this “satellite”, I’ve heard of it but IDK. Is it the same thing as “Squeeze Play”? I thought it went squeeze play, ray’s collarbone, jammer, with only a switchback in between.

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