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  1. The first "up" W->E there, I could do a month ago, but 1-ride-weeks have taken a toll and I've had no luck there the last two or three rides. The second "up" just before the Cradle... yeah, I haven't gotten up that in over a year.
  2. I agree, from what I could tell, it had been smoldering for quite a while. The coals were pretty deep in places. I wonder if anyone saw any kids hanging around the area yesterday?
  3. It got smothered before any damage was done. It was starting to spread on the ground so It was just in time. Good thing there wasn’t much wind.
  4. They were tripeling that. Instead of squashing the lip, I think she mistimed her pull/hop or what ever they were doing at that speed.
  5. I only did YMCA-DD and saw a few peeps... which is about average for that side.
  6. You can see lead shot on the tread in places.
  7. It looks like our Mexican White Oak is showing signs of life.
  8. I worked DD W -> E up to EBD. There are 2 spots left that will require more than I had in me. I was toast at that point and had to bail. The connector from Twin Lakes to Snail needed a lot of work. It should be clear from the spot where you hop through the split tree all the way to Snail. There is a downed Juniper left that can be hopped over on the approach to the #2 ramp.
  9. Ah, the upper fence. Probably wouldn’t notice that unless you planned to ride it, or entered from Staked Plains
  10. Everything west of swag is GtG, Picnic also.
  11. If someone's trail report is simply "Good-to Go" and nothing else, I would expect to encounter dry trail throughout. People who know the area and "local rules" would expect hero dirt after a damp spell. If it's still damp with puddles and you should use caution, then you should say so... IMHO.
  12. I wish I could jump, that is just around the corner from me. Seen too many Friday Fail videos to give it a serious try.
  13. I’m not familiar with this “satellite”, I’ve heard of it but IDK. Is it the same thing as “Squeeze Play”? I thought it went squeeze play, ray’s collarbone, jammer, with only a switchback in between.
  14. I've never been able to find it and was hoping someone would recognize it. I ripped the pic from an old post either on MTBR or Mojo years ago. I'm guessing maybe DK, but I never got to ride there so IDK... or perhaps BCGB.
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