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  1. Yes, I know that bike! Can you send me some pics and more info please? I need to pass the info along. PM me. Thanks.
  2. for a friend's son here in town. Got anything?
  3. is this still available? have a friend that might be interesred
  4. fuck it. Just bought some size 12's. That's a steal.
  5. Trying the snap in world again. Looking for some used size 12's before I commit. Cheap or free is good. thanks
  6. I was contacted by Goodr sunglasses yesterday. They're looking for a couple local riders to go out to Pedernales Falls on May 2nd for a product photo shoot. Pay is $250 for the day and a free pair of sunglasses of your choosing. If you're interested, please don't contact me. Contact Brittany. Thanks. brittany@goodr.com
  7. Howdy guys. First time poster, long time stalker. I really, really, really need the cycling communities help on this one. I'm working with BSS to create some great stories for the Real Ale Ride. We're looking for 3 stories to use as promotional videos for this year's ride. Looking for stories about why cycling is important to you, maybe you're doing the real ale ride after a long absense due to illness, maybe your family of 7 is riding for the first time, maybe you're 90 years old and still riding. You get the idea. The winning stories will get 2 free entries and a jersey. If you have a story, please click on the link and fill out the survey. The contest ends this coming Friday, the 5th. We'll decide the winners Saturday the 6th. My worst fear is that I get 0 stories and this great idea of mine totally tanks. So please share your story, or pass this along to someone you know that may. Thanks folks. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ridestoryFB?fbclid=IwAR2mmSJixv58INSPtrsUKisWP-7VI0Cxkd9b55rBHQSGbmsK-1Dv4-U4AFs
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