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  1. Since at least 2004, when I ride really hard, I would get horrible, sharp, stabbing pains in my lower back. They were so bad, I would have to stop riding completely, or slow down to a crawl. I just recently fixed it, completely. Here's how: I moved my seat forward and my bars back and up. Yup, that's it. "Conventional" wisdom on bike fitting had me sitting too far back, and hunched over the bike. I could try to get into the mechanics of this, but I won't. Also, I ride flat pedals. This is important too, because I can position my foot directly over the pedal axle. If you ride snap in pedals, this method might be tricky or just not work. Now, instead of engaging my lower back to pedal hard, I'm using my legs. Imagine that!!! I can sit up straight(er) and push straight down. The difference in power transfer is drastically improved and like the title says, my lower back pain is GONE. Just like that. I think I moved my seat forward....maybe an inch. I went with a 40mm stem and raised the bars up by a few spacers. It also completely changed, for the better, the way my bike handles. I was struggling with tight turns, like 4 Corners, Tangle of Trails, etc. Now, it's so much more responsive. So much easier to handle. It feels like a brand new bike. I'm sure there's lots of riders out there dealing with the same kind of pain. It sucks the joy out of riding. Give this a shot.
  2. 30.9 internally routed dropped with Specialized lever. Works fine. $50. IMG_8767.HEIC IMG_8766.HEIC IMG_8765.HEIC
  3. Went there yesterday and there was sign at the entrance that said it was closed, but people were there. I went home, don't want to be part of the problem. Visited PARD website and it said some parks are remaining closed, but couldn't verify if WC was one of them. Any insight?
  4. A "skinny" rim would be ideal since I'll be throwing a slick tire on it for the trainer. On that note, WTB a trainer that can handle a boost through axle too.
  5. Okay, cool. So you wrote yourself in as a nominee?
  6. Folks, take a new minutes and really give this some thought. ARR has been around, probably longer than you realize.(I think 30 years!!!!) They've done...probably more than you realize for our local MTB culture. Many of you know that I've served on the board and some of you have as well. Many, many of you have helped and still help build and maintain the trails we enjoy. This is because of the ARR leadership and their dedication. And ARR is made up of a few dedicated leaders. Charlie, Kent, Lucie, Val, Rochelle...to name a few. These few people keep the wheels turning, grant money flowing and dirt digging. Without their leadership....who knows where we'd be? That's why I'm asking all of you to consider contributing extra to the future of the group that's given us soooo much. I'm not gonna lie: being on the board takes time and dedication. But ultimately, it feels fantastic to know you're guiding the group that helps all of us do more of what we love. Join the board. Or nominate someone. Either way, contribute something, right now. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G5X629N
  7. These are the folks that guide ARR. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G5X629N
  8. Yes, I know that bike! Can you send me some pics and more info please? I need to pass the info along. PM me. Thanks.
  9. for a friend's son here in town. Got anything?
  10. is this still available? have a friend that might be interesred
  11. fuck it. Just bought some size 12's. That's a steal.
  12. Trying the snap in world again. Looking for some used size 12's before I commit. Cheap or free is good. thanks
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