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Trail Building Business Boom?

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Reading through mtb articles, I can't help but notice how many trail building businesses are being referenced. I think this is great... For a number of reasons... But one in particular that may not get so much consideration... Job creation. Often when you read about new trails being build, especially in urban areas, there is a lot of attention on how much it will help local businesses. Food joints, bars, bike shops... The thinking is that all benefit. But how about the small trail building business, and the people that they employ? It might not be huge, and these businesses may also be doing other stuff to stay busy and meet bills... But they are providing employment... And that, in my book, is great.

In Jamaica I once had an old hippie friend ask me what I thought was the best thing about my business. I thought for a bit and then said "...Sunglasses... My sunglass stands are like CocaCola machines... I sell a ton of sunglasses." He looked at me and said "...That's great... But what about the employment you give people? The salaries you pay them help them take care of their daily living needs... And maybe more than them too." 

I never forgot that... People being employed is a crucial aspect of any economy's success — from an individual POV, through family, through neighborhood and beyond. And those who are able to provide employment are also crucial to it.

Maybe next time our city manager considers local trails... Someone perhaps remind him or her about the jobs trail building businesses help provide their local community with.


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