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  1. Came across this interesting little product... But $35... Whoa, Nellie... https://pocket-tripod.com/pages/o-home-2?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Prospecting+|+Jeremy+LALs+|+10.31.19&utm_campaign=US+|+Post+Engagements+|+1%_Legacy+OMG&fbclid=IwAR2PpowcM0j2ZQmPCUNzoJnhp4JJijiLkr6LJmCj6y_M_1C3AwZAVc4lELo&utm_expid=.MdRLeJfORDyVfYqAEn1rvg.2&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F
  2. I found a '89 Diamond Back Axis XT at a thrift shop... On sale. The '89 is a bit of a collectible because it was only made for that year, and this one was in absolutely beautiful condition. Everything worked perfectly on it, and although too small for me, I could ride it around a little in the parking lot and it was just a finely balanced ride. Something about those older frame designs that just feel great. Took it to two Frankenbikes... At the first one up in north Austin no one even looked at it. But at the second one at Yellowbike someone came around right at the end of the day. I gave him the history spiel and convinced him to take a ride on it. He came back with a huge smile on his face, said he wanted it and went to an ATM to get the $125 I agreed to sell it to him for. And he was stoked. The parts on it alone were worth more than the $125... But sometimes it's just the wrong thing to do to break up a piece of history for more $$$s profit... And it really is a joy to see someone so happy with their find.
  3. Just came across this video on Austin mtb... Really well done...
  4. Can't say I have experience with them, but someone on my FB feed started a thread about it and after riding around the neighborhood his first impression was that they felt better than the skate shoes he's been using. Said the sole is firmer and the toe protection is good. And the sole is anti-slip... Don't know if that helps. Just $28 online. The first link is to the shoe he bought... The second link is to another one that looks a little better. Now I know we're not talking 510 here... But if it works for basic trail riding it's an inexpensive way to go flats. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tredsafe-Men-s-Hooper-Slip-Resistant-Athletic-Shoes/819116388 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tredsafe-Men-s-Nitro-Slip-Resistant-Shoe/193372659
  5. As a kid something like this (but older style) is what we had at home... Gas heater that heated the water as it passed through. Always seemed to give us the hot — really hot — water that a family of six needed.
  6. Very cool looking... Got a bit of a retro thing going on. Let us know parts, costs and other build details.
  7. And now this... (The comments that follow the article make a great read). https://www.pinkbike.com/news/uci-to-consider-lowering-female-transgender-athletes-testosterone-threshold.html?fbclid=IwAR3OmsVk6cCYyfwNCT4IIlImUroAYy_HD4r1DHYecMBaKO-WZzOrI4DWnaM
  8. So I come across various articles and other stuff I find interesting enough to post on this website and thought I'd just put them all in one place... Here is #1... "82-year old to become first person in Britain to cycle one million miles after keeping meticulous records" https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/11/05/82-year-old-become-first-person-britain-cycle-one-million-miles/?fbclid=IwAR0hL5rRy_rQhg-gijRRqlrns_PJuBmdxuOuBIJ1CNG3DOf2j1bqIvnOVpI
  9. Everyone cherry picks because we all have personal POVs and the preferences that they are related to (e.g. forum comments). So of course this will be expressed in a movie or documentary. But as Cafeend said... "The idea of eating healthy is not wrong." And if this movie promotes healthy eating, then it should be seen as positive. You personally might not agree with every point made, or even apply the points you agree with to your daily living, but that doesn't make what is being said not positive. Fact is... You are what you eat. And don't for a moment think that it begins and ends with food... As what you eat with your eyes and ears is also crucial to your overall healthy... Which is important to keep in mind when watching things like movies and documentaries. Throughout human history, effective propaganda has often used everyday subject matter to hide somewhat subliminal messaging. And I'm not saying this particular movie has done that, but it certainly is the way of most media efforts in today's world. Media production costs money... And those who supply the money to produce media often have their own intentions for doing so. On another note... I've often wondered if on the Waltons dinner table you'll find food bought at Walmart.
  10. But then there's also this... https://www.bicycleretailer.com/industry-news/2019/10/28/carbon-frame-importers-get-reprieve-tariffs-thanks-parlee-request#.XcCpUS3MyEI
  11. And this... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-17/world-s-top-bicycle-maker-says-era-of-made-in-china-is-over
  12. LOL... It truly is amazing that it now takes a button to do what self control use to do. And even then it seems simpletons will be simpletons.
  13. Here's the same rider on a rigid fork... Seems just as able as with the suspension fork...
  14. Been looking at this matter for a few weeks now and found it interesting in the various thoughts different riders have about what gravel riding is. Here's how one article begins... "Gravel riding, aka gravel grinding or adventure riding, is an increasingly popular form of cycling that combines elements of road- and mountain-biking, and consisting mostly of distance riding over unpaved roads. Whether dirt roads or gravel roads, trails must consist of non-technical and unsurfaced roads to qualify as gravel riding. Since cities mostly have paved roads for commuters, gravel riding trails are usually located in rural areas. This tends to afford opportunity to discover some incredibly scenic sites that one can only witness during an adventure off the beaten path." Okay, but that doesn't sound like it covers all that I've read from riders on this and other websites, or seen in some videos, where riding on what is seen as mtb-specific trails is the focus. One person's thought regarding this that I came across was on a video that speaks about how riding on mtb trails really helps improve your overall riding/handling ability for riding on less technical gravel type trails/roads. But I also came across a video that suggested that maybe mountain biking was becoming boring and that switching to gravel bike made things more exciting again. The presenters even compared gravel riding to what it was like to ride old mountain bikes 20 or more years ago... This being more challenging/rugged than riding newer bikes. It's strange... Everything always seems to get categorized. But when I look at this video of Chris Akrigg — granted his skill level is just off the charts — the first thing that I think is that he's just having fun on a bicycle out on some trails. The bike he's riding has a suspension fork vs. a rigid, and although I'm sure there may be specific gravel geometry, his bike kind of just looks like a normal hardtail mountain bike with skinny tires and drop bars. But the article heading is "This The Best Gravel Riding Video You'll Ever Watch". To me, it just seems like a gravel bike another way to enjoy riding a bicycle. https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-videos/best-gravel-biking-video-will-ever-watch/
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