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  1. Wow... What did Barney do to you?
  2. That my father is dead and my mom is 96?
  3. Sorry... It was a jackass comment and I called it as I saw it. As for being like me someday... You'd need to have my genes... And that's just not possible anymore.
  4. I had blood work done for Coronary Calcium Score. The result came back showing that I was under 1 (0.8)... 100 being bad. Given my age this surprised my doctors. I asked if I should do any other tests and was told given my low score it's not necessary.
  5. It's all about finding a way to allow Stan to call Cartman a fat ass.
  6. Should someone ever need a kidney... Watch how fast their prejudice gets set aside. Well... If they're not just totally stupid. And unfortunately there are a few of those around.
  7. Possibly because where there's life there's hope.
  8. Wait until the economic crisis starts to roll... Strange will take on a whole new look.
  9. I have like a zillion chainrings... I'm sure I have what you want. I'll check.
  10. I thought I'd read that Flat Rock was closed.
  11. Not really what you'd like to find in your home's crawl space... https://www.kxan.com/news/weird-news/mountain-lion-found-hiding-in-houses-crawl-space/?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR3hlvexRwHxKTJQ-b0b51DPR_GAxbea_fBeVNmXUwZJ9xkmZ7GXmsYhtvI
  12. My stepdaughter is a nurse here in Austin. Two of my neighbors are as well. When I read what X has to say I just feel sorry for him.
  13. No doubt about it... Very cool. And reading up about external dropper post cable routing, one of the little issues constantly spoken about is how the cable extends out from under the seat when you drop it. Are you able to do a few of these to sell?
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