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  1. RidingAgain

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    Hey, cxagent... Do you think the person who did this simply wanted multiple easy trail route choices... Seeing that there were already, from what I think you said in your OP, two easy alternates?
  2. RidingAgain

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    Okay big boy... Whatever you say.
  3. RidingAgain

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    Barry... Before you make this ugly... Just stop. This is a forum and as such I can pretty much post whatever I think... Not what you think... Is relevant to the topic of the OP. Hope you can comprehend the above.
  4. RidingAgain

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    I did... Twice. Perhaps you should not assume.
  5. RidingAgain

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    Here's an example... I've taken my wife to Brushy once, thinking she would enjoy the section out east, and the section west that runs along the river. But you know what... She saw a trailhead that led to Deception (going west to east after the trail with the big drop) and asked if we could do it. I tried to put her off but she wanted to so I explained what she would encounter and she said she was good with it. And she did really well, riding almost all of the easier sections. Now here's the thing... On some of the harder sections we stopped and saw other riders ride these harder sections and she was impressed that they could make it look easy. One person even took three attempts to make an uphill rock climb that just before the step section that is after a bailout point (not sure what the name is but was told it's difficult). And I think that because she saw what the other riders were doing, it encouraged her to do some things, not any of the really hard stuff, but some of the smaller ledges as she rode the rest of the trail. I think that having the option to keep riding trail she saw as being at her level helped her gain the confidence to do some things that were a little above her level. And this is the way I would try to develop a beginner or slightly better rider... Small bites at a time, in a way that they don't feel forced to do what they are not confident in doing, but also are not somewhat embarrased ("...get off and walk...") by. Honestly... I love trails that allow me to chose a more difficult section, or choose a less difficult section... Both allowing me to not stop but continue riding. And I think most people feel that way.
  6. RidingAgain

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    For sure may just be an asshat... But... And yes, I know... But I'm going to say it anyway... Providing an alternate way around may just stop people from doing stuff like this. It's on thing if the trail is clearly marked as a hazardous trail (black diamond or worse)... But it's another thing if it's just a potentially hazardous — for some riders — section of a trail designated as not harzardous. And this is going to become more and more of an issue as mtbing grows in popularity... Particularly on public land. Get ahead of it is what I would suggest... Build alternate routes around stuff that some people may have a hard time riding. And this is something I see being done on some of the more popular trails being built these days... Santos and Bentonville for example. When I look closely at the videos of the trails I can see alternate routes where some of the more hazardous sections are. And yes, I know, like you, I'm going to hear back... Yada, yada, yada... But hopefully, after all the grandstanding, folks will see some value in what I've said.
  7. RidingAgain


    Thanks Seth... I wish I'd known about the Deckas earlier I would have given it a try. Just won an Absolute on eBay — looks like-new, $35 — so I'm good for now. But I've put more items in my list, so if you have any please let me know.
  8. RidingAgain


    Yes... I should have said used.
  9. RidingAgain


    In need of a few bits and pieces... 1) Absolute Black chainring... 30t/32t/34t... 104BCD >>> GOT ONE. 2) Sunrace 10-speed, 11/42 cog... The CSMX3 version (need two). 3) 10-speed chains... KMC preferably (need two). 4) Shimano 10-speed rear shifter... SLX or XT (I need to check and see if I got one, can't remember). 5) Shimano 10-speed deraileur... SLX or XT preferably (need two) but will go Deore for one. 6) 29", 25mm-29mm inner width rim... WTB or similar.
  10. First time I've come across this DYI channel... Pretty cool and informative... Thought folks here might benefit from it... This is the video I looked at... This is her channel... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNLEeRUmqZciSAdrOpslQ1w
  11. RidingAgain

    Merry... Ahh... Safety First...mas?

    I'm thinking Home Depot hates kids... And adults.
  12. RidingAgain

    Merry... Ahh... Safety First...mas?

    Here's a Home Depot present to put under your tree...
  13. So this place isn't going to win any awards... But my wife and I stayed two nights back in May and it was fine... Great price, nice staff, clean room, kitchen, bike friendly, everything you need. But it's cheap, so you'll get a mixture of people who stay there. https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?hotel=4063&arrive=12/20/2018&nights=1&adult=2&currency=USD&start=availresults&src=goog&utm_content=mapresults_20-12-2018_1_4063_US_desktop_default_514371743&gclsrc=ha&gclid=AA80OswlqU1Z5kqL8PWnlk5xnuUOTBA3KRrfigR_UbiIYcMRa-ymi2LOq3AC_LwjXcmfcPaEhWvpe4wnLM3fts4KfMlwuQoi49SPJw
  14. RidingAgain

    Looking for 3x9 dual control levers

    Sorry... I saw others post that they had what you were looking for so I didn't look. I'll do that today.