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  1. Was the author of this thread's headline foretelling...
  2. And here it was thinking it was just me. Shoot...
  3. Oh... The donut... Couldn't help but laugh.
  4. Yeh... That's what he seems to be after (but not quite getting)... Achieving a low COG instead of weighting the rear wheel as in old days.
  5. Yeh, I was thinking things weren't exactly as he was saying they were... He definitely more forward, but not to the point where his chest is over the handlebars.
  6. I think he was told there would be more zombies and rioting.
  7. The well-being of "...the economy..." being... The Golden Calf. Interesting (I would have thought the economy is seen as the Golden Goose, but I understand the connection with the "Evangelicals"). Not the economy itself, as in the US economy, the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. Which isn't what the poor really want. Meaning, the poor would like a different economy. But no one wants the suffering that a fallen economy would bring... Poor or rich. "It's the economy, stupid!" LOL... Well no... It's the way people view the economy as related to their existence. Just as it is with everything. The self... It is what it is... It wants what it wants... It does what it does. Anyone here think that this whole experience is going to show the poor how vulnerable they are, and cause them to demand a true change? Or will the $$$s handout suffice? Regarding the Golden Calf... It represents a turning to amusement and entertainment. If you read the related scripture you'll see that the Israelites ate, drank, "...and rose up to play..." in front of it. This is indicative of what humans worship — amusement and entertainment — as the Golden Calf was an idol created for worship. And there is an element of vanity in it, as it had to be made with human effort... So they worshipped what they made, that gave them amusement and entertainment. So... "I'd rather die than let the economy fall part." Pure vanity. Where is the guarantee that the economy won't fall apart even with your death? And for sure... If there is anything that we can know from scripture... It's that scripture doesn't big up human vanity.
  8. When I first moved to the US back in the mid-90s I was amazed at how clearly I saw what had happened in Jamaican political culture on a micro level, happening in the US on a macro level. The only difference being the speed at which it happens. The larger the country the longer it takes to be realized. The US is a beautiful country... But folks shouldn't fool themselves in thinking this country is impervious to what other countries suffer. Humans will be human.
  9. Come on now... You know this is the norm... It's how it is... The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
  10. A friend went out with his wife to Pace Bend this morning. He said it was free but only the east side was open (not sure what he meant). Also said that they saw maybe 5 other people at different parts. Suggested going in the morning as the afternoon might have more people.
  11. For sure... He just likes to troll me about my multiple posts... I'm just poking him.
  12. Interesting that the fella in the above video began his speaking with a little intro on what's "...vital..."... Meaning "...vitality...", which he says is about "...life...". It caught my attention because for some years now — and this might sound strange, but consider it a bit — I've tried to look at all situations I encounter during my daily living... From a POV of life vs. death... Rather than a POV of right vs. wrong. Now when I say life vs. death, I don't mean in a physical context... I mean in a context that propagates one or the other in a psychological context related to any and all my daily living encounters... Life being that which brings about a positive, uplifting result... Death being that which brings about a negative, devolving result. Now you might wonder what this has to do with a right and wrong POV and its application to daily encounters... Well, the problem is that right and wrong are more often than not influenced by individual preferences based on the knowledge base of the individual. And as we should all know... Individual knowledge base can vary considerably from person to person... Meaning, the individual's take on what's right and wrong will also vary considerably. The fella in the video says that "...it's the right thing to do..." and then goes on to say "...why it's so absolutely vital to do...". So what we see here is that, for him, regarding the matter he's speaking about, "...the right thing to do..." is governed by what is "...absolutely vital to do..."... Meaning, "...the right thing to do..." is being governed by a view towards life (though he might not have realized the connection). The thinking being... Whatever will cause life to prevail is what dictates what is "...right to do...". Now this is a deep matter that involves a huge paradigm shift in how humans think these days, so above I'm only touching the surface of it. But when I was reading the interaction between TheTip and AustinBike about what we call things (what terms we use and what's acceptable), I immediately thought about people trying to state what's "...right..." and what's "...wrong...", as opposed to what will cause the related parties to move forward in life — move forward in a positive, uplifting context, rather than a negative, devolving context. And then I listened to the fella in the video and thought, "Oh, check that out... He's kind of speaking about it, just regarding a different subject matter." Coincidences are interesting too. And, here's a little bit of wisdom... Deuteronomy 30:19... "...I call heaven and earth to witness against you today: I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life that you and your seed may live,..." The above is Moses advising the Israelites to "...choose life..." so that "...you and your seed may live...". Which sounds like excellent advice. In all that you do today... Don't be "...right..."... Be vital.
  13. From actual experience, I'd say you can take that to the bank. Back in the day — late - '70s — the $20 bill below was called blood money. Why? You could get someone to do some nasty stuff for you for just a single bill.
  14. The hypocrisy of the old man aside... Anyone here actually been in a community that devolved into the Wild West? I have.
  15. Did the old man just make three comments in a row a little above... And then two more in a row just two comments later. 🙂
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