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  1. RidingAgain

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    I've never ridden up to the traffic lights at the junction of Slaughter and 1826, so I am not familiar with the path that's on the grass bank. We've normally just taken the trail section that's in question. I'll have to ride it and see. The part that you need to come out on the road to cross over the creek on 1826 freaks her a bit because of how fast she's seen cars traveling on 1826. And they do go fast.
  2. RidingAgain

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Wife isn't that enthusiastic about riding anywhere near roads.
  3. RidingAgain

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    That's a bit of a bummer... That little trail section made it easy to include Slaughter Creek trail in a ride.
  4. Competive swimming from 8-14. Started playing squash around age 14. Continued on a pretty regular (3-4 times a week) basis until I mid-20s. Stopped until I came to Austin and discovered two courts at the Lifetime gym just 5 minutes from where I live. Been back at it for the past 10 years. Began playing rugby in early 20s and played for maybe 4 years. Took up golf in my late 20s and played for maybe 8 years, but started having back pain. Started mtbing a little after taking up golf, back in '94/'95. I thought it would be good exercise as I was putting on weight. Turned out that I really enjoyed it, and even pretty much gave up alcohol and weekend partying because of it (was just no fun getting up at 7am with a hangover to go riding). In July 2014 I fell down some stairs while moving boxes. I thought I'd pulled a muscle in my back and just waited for it to fix itself. After a few months, although the back problem was still there, I got back to playing squash. Woke up one morning in late January '15 and couldn't walk. Turned out that I had a disc (L1 or L2) that had slipped/herniated and had become so inflamed that it had pushed back into a nerve. And if that wasn't bad enough, because I had continued to play squash with it, the nerve had been pushed back into a bone spur that's on my spine and had been rubbing against it. Turns out that I had dammaged the nerve and it had become very inflamed. I have never felt pain like that in my life. Literally couldn't walk for a few weeks. Saw a back specialist who said as much as he hated to, surgery was the only option on his side. But... If I were willing to give it a try, he knew a chiropractor who he had seen work miracles on a couple of his patients. My sister had back surgery with mixed results, so I said I'd give the chiropracter a go. And so I did. It took around 5 months of treatment process... And for the first maybe 6 weeks, after seemingly no positive headway with the chiropractic treatment, I struggled with the thought of just having the back surgery. I found out later on that even the chiropractor in his weekly updates to the back specialist had voiced his doubts about being able to help me. I stuck with him though, and little by little the pain began to subside. And by July/August I was actually playing squash again. The chiropracter's name is Dr. Davd Alverado and I would not hesitate to give him the highest recommendation to anyone looking for injury help. He is extremely patient and methodical, mixing in acupuncture, massage, heat, electrical, and stretching along with his chiropractic adjustments (which he didn't introduce to mytreatment until maybe 10 weeks into it, when he felt confident that the inflamation had gone down). And at the end of his treatments if there was one thing he wanted to impress on me was... Strengthen the core... Strengthen the core. Unfortunately neither mtbing nor squash do that. Great for two different types of cardio, and other things such as hand/eye coordination... But not really core development. Planks, ab crunch, knee lifts, bicycle, hip lifts/back arch, hip crossovers are just a few that will, along with weight squats. All of which can be done at home. Walking. My father, who just turned 96, pretty much walked outdoors all of his adult life... 3-5 miles each morning at around 6am. Including hills if they were around. Swimming. About as good a whole body workout as you can get... Without the strain on the joints. Rowing. Low impact (no strain on joints), great cardio and total body workout. And get outdoors as often as possible... Although Seth focused on the exercise aspect of digging... The outdoor aspect is just as important. There's something greatly beneficial about keeping in touch with nature.
  5. RidingAgain

    I think I set a new personal record.

    Yeh, my first thought was about that BB.
  6. RidingAgain

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    No doubt there will be some who just want to stay off the rocks, especially when it's an extended section like that in the photo above. But my comment was addressing the 3'-5' section in the first photo, that bridged what looked like a low area that water collects in. The above looks more like a small creek flow course. But sure, people will always try to avoid what they don't want to ride/walk on. The same thing can be seen at the short section just after the jeep road/driveway in the Slaughter Creek trail. I remember when that section of stones had just been laid down. Almost immediately there were tire marks to each side of it. It's going to happen, I just think that having a slightly wider lay of stone will lessen the amount of people who do it... Especially on 3'-5' sections. BTW... Is that wide tire mark from a mountain bike or a motorbike?
  7. RidingAgain

    Why I did it

    I forgot about Mary Moore Searight Park... It has some of the sweetest slight downhill flow trails I've found in Austin, and the rest, as long as you stay away from small sections on the east side, are all pretty mellow trails. I'm thinking you could easily get in 5-7 miles of fun family riding there. And there's the Southpark Meadows shopping center about 5+ minutes away.
  8. RidingAgain

    Why I did it

    You can get in around 5-6 miles just staying in the Dick Nichols area... All very doable for the kind of trails you're looking for. Add the other side of Mopac (the east side) that takes you out to Brodie and up to Davis Lane, out and back you'll get another 4+ miles in. And there are lots of eating places within 5 minutes. BTW... To get to the east side of Mopac requires no crossing of roads, just an easy trail under it.
  9. RidingAgain

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    I think the problem there is the same that happens at the creek crossing by the cave area... The rocks are just maybe 6"-10" wide, and this being considered pretty narrow, along with rocks possibly being slick, may lead riders to just think that going to the sides will be the easier/safer route to take. Maybe just make the rock bridge a bit wider.
  10. RidingAgain

    Spider Mountain

    Just love these bikes... https://whyte.bike/products/t130crs https://whyte.bike/products/s150s-2018
  11. RidingAgain

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Heading out for the first time this year... Yay!
  12. RidingAgain

    Spider Mountain

  13. Been trying to figure out what direction to head in... 27.5 rim with a 2.5-2.6 tire, or 29 with a 2.3-2.4 tire... What's your experience been? Also, have you run slightly smaller/narrower tires on the rear... Weight, rolling, fit? Thanks.
  14. Kind of been there... Kind of done that... For a couple of years, while owning/running my business.
  15. Money... All about the money.