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  1. Sorry to hear. As others have said, glad it wasn't worse.
  2. In scripture — and no, this is not a religious comment, just a perspective of some ancient writing — there are two distinct world systems spoken about... One is represented as Egypt, the other as Babylon. These are metaphors for these two world systems. Egypt represents worldliness enjoyment (human value placed on material things)... Babylon represents god-like desire (human need to be in control). Within both systems can be found people who use these systems to empower themselves... Financially within Egypt... Subjugating within Babylon. The environment that human society lives in is made up of these two systems... And the inherent purpose for these two systems can pretty much be found in all human activity. Meaning, whenever you look at something with human society, the foundation of what you're looking at is a melding of both Egypt and Babylon.
  3. Great comment by AustinBike. For some it's about the thrill... Well... For most really... But thrill is relative to the rider... But most of all, it's about enjoyment.
  4. LOL... A "...snowflake..."... You're hoot mack_turtle. And obviously the intention of my comment went right over your head. Next.
  5. This is why I lift my bike up onto sidewalks.
  6. This might be a satire of sorts... But I'm thinking folks are just getting weirder by the minute.
  7. Saw this and thought it was worth sharing here. Maybe other things like it too. https://youtu.be/pyWW_BL_OHk?fbclid=IwAR3aDcogGz8AYiJQ8qDTb8DnkL8_6Y0ymoNCI5SW4UuyCpikh2MPYl0NW5A
  8. I found a 27mm in my bin and it slide right in. I'd read a comment form someone online that said he'd used one, so I thought I'd give it a try.
  9. For sure I'm speaking of SATN trails. Here's a hint... The first is no longer accessible by bike. The second is a section of trail that, riding it in the direction I was, takes you to more trail that's not for bikes.
  10. But here you go... I ride up to a level and stop I know I shouldn't be here Yet looking across the tree top I see an LED sign way over there And... Riding tall, he came up on my tail Enough of this I thought Kicked down, I flew low on the trail Hitting creek gnarl, quickly a line I sought I held firm, peddled hard, no way I'd bail Stopped at the bridge, was I caught No longer on my tail His effort was all for nought
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