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  1. My sentiments exactly, especially towards Barney Bike Boy and his sidekick.
  2. Tell you what, I’ll take a small portion of my life and sketch out a researched one page overview of what I think would work for a local Austin mtb magazine. That work for you?
  3. It’s no wonder Bezos makes the kind of remarks quoted in the article about him.
  4. A printer’s thoughts... http://www.gpsaustin.com/archives/tag/sxsw
  5. Interesting. Printers must be up in arms... And going out of business.
  6. Wonderful... You and most every member of this website... Even the sludge boys, Barney Bike Boy and his sidekick boy, Old Man Wants Attention. Progress.
  7. Had mack_turtle written an article on trail building and maintenance, with a focus on unauthorized trail cutting, and it was a well written article, I would certainly have suggested Albert make it a sticky on this website, and that ARR do the same. I would also have suggested that some sort of handout be made to give out at trail maintenance work day participants, and possibly get bike shops to carry copies next to their checkout counters. Maybe also use it to get local coverage in newspapers... And possibly cull parts into a short read that could be placed as signage on trails. See, notyal, unlike you and a few others here, I’d be thinking asset to use... Not problem to whine about.
  8. So, here we go... What I actually said to mack_turtle... “Hey, mack_turtle... Since the matter of cheater lines is kind of where this started... Would it be possible for you to take some time... Unpaid at this time... To research and sketch out an article on the matter of trail building and maintenance... Perhaps with a highlighted section addressing the creation of cheater lines. And perhaps including something on IMBA's thinking behind alternate lines on trails. I came across a comment you made on an mtbr thread on "B" lines. Most discussions on alternate lines focus on these being lines around more difficult sections, but it can be the other way around. So maybe you could approach the matter from the point of view that all levels of riders want lines suitable for their preferred riding... But there are negatives to cutting your own unsanctioned lines.” That’s... “...research and sketch out an article...” Absolutely nothing there about writing an article. So no, I most definitely did not literally ask him to write an article for me. But maybe you don’t know the difference between sketching out an article and doing the basic research needed to do it competently, and what is required to literally write an article. Regardless, your above speaking is again yet another straw man.
  9. Honestly, take a step back and cool off, notyal, your offended feelings are causing you to just speak foolishness.
  10. Was up north yesterday and bought two at that Goodwill... Need to try them to see if they work. Thanks.
  11. Tell me, notyal... Would a magazine focused on introducing and educating Austin citizens to the various related aspects of mountain biking and urban hiking... Meaning outdoor local trail use and appreciation... Be a bad thing for the city of Austin citizenry to have? Would seeing someone reading a magazine about Austin's biking and hiking trails/activity offend you? Like say you see someone sitting at Central Market reading an Austin Fit magazine like the one below... If it were a mountain biking and hiking magazine presented from a local perspective... Would that offend you?
  12. But your speaking was dishonest. Trying to introduce a straw man to a discussion is dishonest speaking. And you tried to introduce a straw man into our discussion on multiple occasions. Now you're upset that your dishonesty has been exposed, and instead of simply admitting you got it wrong, you're trying to take the bully route. Which is... Check this out... Typical of persons who can't admit when they are wrong. See how that worked out for you, notyal. As for your request... I'm confident I've already met it... Maybe even exceeded it. Are you ready to move on?
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