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  1. Can pick up today. Let me know what you have, and price. Thanks.
  2. Or if you just want to bother other riders in your group... Or hide that creeping sound from your bottom bracket... Or...
  3. I'm Type 2 diabetic and was give medication called Trulicity early last year. Messed me up really bad within the first few weeks... Constant heart arrhythmia... And I mean shit that would wake me up at night my heart was beating so heavily... Like it wanted to pop put of my chest. Was sent to a heart specialist to see if anything could be done, because my doctor wanted me to tuff it out with the medication as it was keeping my blood sugar down in a good range... Even though after about five months I had come to realize that it was doing a number on my GI tract, which I came to believe was somehow related to my arrhythmia, as when I felt bloated was when my arrhythmia was at its worse. The heart specialist just prescribed some medication as all the test came back showing no heart problems. Any who... Long story short... I continued researching the matter and found out that there is a clinical condition related to intestinal bloating causing arrhythmia because of pressure put on a certain part of the heart by the bloated intestine. I eventually told my doctor that I was stopping the Trulicity and that he needed to prescribe something else. After much back and forth, he did... And it has taken about 12 months for my GI tract to get back to feeling anywhere near normal again. Oh... And that heart specialists... When I showed him my research regarding the arrhythmia being caused by bloating in the intestine... He was not aware of it. For almost six months I had to endure intense arrhythmia... And this shit-hound wasn't in the least bit concerned about listening to me and trying to see if there was something that needed to be addressed. I was the one who had to find out and then pull myself off the medication causing it. He did enjoy talking to me about taking a trip to Jamaica with his wife. Honestly... You gotta wonder about some people.
  4. It's just a headset that Cane Creek makes (and I think some others, but CC is a better price)... Part # EC44/40... But make sure as there are different width head tubes that fit the 1 1/8 steerer. What it does is put a bearing that fits the wider tapered section of the tapered steerer below the bottom of the head tube... Which sort of extends the length of the head tube at the bottom, and gives it the wider diameter needed to fit the wider section of the tapered steerer of the new fork. Note that this will add a bit of length to the steerer tube/headset — if it was a steerer tube that fit the bearings in it versus the bearings outside of it... I think one of the names for this is "zero-stack"... The outside one being an external cup)... Whatever the case, where the crown of the fork comes in contact with the headset bearing will be the same distance from ground to crown... But the bike frame will be pushed up slightly, and this will change the head tube angle a little (make it slacker), which means the BB will be a little higher off the ground, the seat tube angle will be slacker too. Something akin to putting a larger tire on the front than on the back... Like a 2.2 rear to maybe a 2.5 front... But I'm just guessing at this point. I don't think it will hurt the handling of this bike I'm working on, as the head tube angle is a bit steeper than today's standards, so slackening it by a degree or less won't make too much of a difference to handling. In fact it might make it less twitchy. See below link for video on the headset... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ak84ZBJc9w
  5. Here's a little more on the subject... Not sure if it makes things more simple... Or more complicated. Note... "...The headset in example #1 could have one of eight different names depending upon the catalog or website: - 1-1/8″ internal headset - 1-1/8″ Orbit Z - 1-1/8″ InSet, low-stack - 1-1/8″ ZeroStack - Logic Zero Press Fit 1-1/8″ - Flat44 for 1-1/8″ semi-integrated - Zero Superlogic - Hidden Cup Headset These models above are are actually interchangeable with one another. However these sundry monikers would not lead anyone to assume they are the same standard." Gotta love the bike industry. https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/standardized-headset-identification-system
  6. I'm working on upgrading a GT hardtail for someone and could only find a tapered 29 fork for him. But his bike takes a 1 1/8 steerer tube. So I looked into the possibility of some sort of conversion headset, and yes, it can be done. But looking into this also introduced me to the world of head tube/headset standards... The wide world of head tube/headset standards... Wow... One day when I have a few minutes I think I'll make a list of all the variations of standards I've had to learn about as I've taken apart and put together bikes over the years. http://dansbikestuff.blogspot.com/2013/11/headsets-and-associated-standards.html
  7. My wife went veggies and fruit kind of only, beginning of the second week in August. She saw a TV program on the meat and poultry food industry and was disgusted by it and decided that was enough. She has had some sweet now and then — once a week cup of coffee, after dinner piece of chocolate — and maybe some pasta twice a month, flour something maybe twice a week... So not totally veggies and fruit... But I'd say 90% for sure. She's lost, and kept off, 13 lbs since, and just feels all-round better. No exercise, as she doesn't go to the gym, and says it was too hot to walk outside. But now with cooler weather she's going to kick in with more exercise, including riding. I'm interested to see how the weight loss goes with the addition of regular exercise. She used to do CG classes three times a week and just found she couldn't lose weight. And she worked really hard in the classes. I thought it was because the exercises she was doing was building muscle, which kind of negated any weight lose. So I'm interested to see what consistent walking and riding will do with the changed eating program.
  8. There was a doctor up in North Austin who played squash. He'd been complaining about chest problems for a week to his wife but didn't do anything about it. Then when it got worse, he told his wife he'd go in and see a heart specialist... But died of a heart attack before he did. This is a doctor who made this mistake.
  9. Sorry to hear. As others have said, glad it wasn't worse.
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