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  1. Not mtb, but we have a local in Lawson Craddock in the race. It Aires starting at 7:00 PM tomorrow night on USA network. I'm excited to watch him race.
  2. Jeeze, this is getting crazy! I assume he is insured but still a huge pain in the ass for a small business! I hope they catch these guys soon.
  3. Agreed! again I think the prudence is key. For most people the shot is probably the right choice, but not all.
  4. I think you mis interpreted my post. I'm saying prudence. Look at your situation, the info available, risk/rewards, talk with an expert that knows you and you trust and make a decision your comfortable with. On the other hand very few people, understand scientific method, and yell science and think that's the end of the discussion. That previous post and this should not be interpreted as medical advice and are just a possible explanation on why some people may choose not to get in line. I would encourage everyone to talk to there medical provider when weighing this decision. And yes some people have choosen not to get the vaccine and as a result have died. On the other hand some people have choosen to get the vaccine and as a result have died. https://www.wfla.com/community/health/coronavirus/13-year-old-dies-in-sleep-after-getting-covid-19-vaccine-cdc-investigating/amp/
  5. Devil's advocate. I would say prudence may be the reason. I have choosen to be fully vaccinated because when the virus was available to me (8months ago), with the information I had at the time, the fact I had not yet contracted the virus, and the patient population I work with; I felt it was the safest and most responsible course of action. Would I make the same choice if the vaccine was available to me 2-3 months ago, there was significant evidence that the vaccine was incredibly effective for high risk individuals, I'm 18-25 years old, my risk of dying from the virus was essentially non existent if contracted, I've already had the virus with no symptoms, I'm healthy weight, healthy heart? Maybe? But Probably not. Especially since there is anecdotal evidence that young people have ended up with the side effect of myocarditis from a couple of the vaccines. The variant argument above doesn't pass the smell test. Even if 70% of the US population gets fully vaccinated and we reach herd immunity in the US we will still have to dodge mutations coming in from overseas. The current variant that the media outlets are hyping I believe was prevalent in India first. The one before that was from the UK, the one before that South Africa, and the one before that China. Prudence. Get busy living or get busy dying 😁
  6. Being that the driver "allegedly" intentionally hit this women with his car and it was a group situation and the story says the guy thought his life was in danger. I'm guessing he wasn't just a bystander and his action probably kept anyone else being assaulted with a deadly "motor vehicle" used as a weapon. If this was the situation I'm pretty sure it would be hard for a DA to make a case against the guy since this is a stand your ground state. That being said It does not mean a DA's office in a major city won't try, and the guy may go bankrupt defending himself in court. I personally have never been in a situation that would warrant defending myself in any physical matter, but if I thought a person was attempting to kill me I would do what ever was necessary to make it home to my wife and children.
  7. The new Tic Tok craze could be cyclist bunny hopping robots🤣
  8. I agree! I think this is a much more complex solution to a problem, that an oval chainring already solves from the view of mountain biking. In the on rode bike packing scene, it might make sense if you can run a double or triple chainring (if you're into that sort of thing).
  9. I've never had any experience with the 12 speed NX, but my wife bike has the 11 speed and it has worked flawless the past 4 years and it was on a direct to consumer bike set up by me without difficulty. I could see the 12 speed being a little more finicky though. My 12 speed gx is a little more finicky than my 11 speed.
  10. Also the lime stone is slicker than ice when wet! Terrible combination!
  11. Thanks! This is what I figured. The fact they let you pay with PayPal tricks you in to thinking they may be legit.
  12. Does anyone have any experience buying from this store? They seem to have almost to good to be true prices and want to make sure they are legit before buying a single speed frame.
  13. Temps, humidity, and trails were all in good condition this morning! I got started around 6:45ish and quite a few people out beating the heat😁
  14. Ironically throughout the pandemic the water fountain at the YMCA bathroom at the west end of the brushy creek system was open and I almost always refilled there and for some reason Cedar Park p&R decided to lock the bathrooms and access to that water fountain about 3 weeks ago! I just thought wow a little late to the party! But now they have the fountains back on at brushy lake park. Maybe there is another legitimate reason.
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