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  1. Beautiful, I'll be there in about 10 days🥳
  2. Does anyone have a decent set of 26” QR, 6 bolt disc hub wheels lying around collecting dust? I’ve found a pair of WTB I23’s on Velomine for $169 and will likely buy them, but figured I’d check here first to see if could get a better deal on nicer wheels. My ten yr old is starting to outgrow her 24” and we’re going paint a 26” frame and build the bulk of the bike from the parts on her 24”. Pictures to come in the near future!
  3. Thanks, I knew you fit shorter bikes than me. At 480 reach it would be fun for me to try.
  4. Or we’re just pansies compared to our predecessors😂
  5. By that logic we probably shouldn’t call our bikes mountain bikes🥳
  6. I’ll take them if still available? I’m collecting parts to build my youngest child a new bike. I’ll pm you.
  7. I see that number ~3 million and think of the glorious MTB trails that AJ could build back there with that kind of cheddar😁
  8. I do! And would love to take it off your hands if still available? I'll pm you.
  9. Not sure how much rain we got last night. Anyone know if trails will be rideable this afternoon?
  10. The real Question is does a bear s&$t in the woods? I’m mean dog😁
  11. How was the open house? I really wanted to go, but had a prior commitment I couldn’t get out of.
  12. @WLemke Isn’t the VPP and level link the same suspension platform. I think I even remember that there was some kind of legal battle over it 6-8 yrs ago. With the new generation of SC’s VPP it is not as visually apparent.
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