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  1. Thanks for the info! Was worried how finicky the conversion would be.
  2. Sorry I missed it. Looks like the one wheel crowd was out in full force! Would have been awesome to watch!
  3. I park on Behren's parkway at the end, and go in where the city of round Rock sign is, when I take my kids.
  4. I think your question been answered, but for what it's worth, I run a single speed chain on an 11speed crankset with no issues.
  5. I did zombie goat on a hard tail! It was great and I finished about where I always do just above mid pack. The one anoying thing was hearing over and over again "Oh your on a hard tail."
  6. I've about worn out my Gx 11 Speed cassette on my trail bike. I'm currently debating just buying a new cassette for around $122 or getting the E13 12 speed upgrade kit for $199. The reviews online are mixed and I've seen some reviews stating this kit and I-9 torch hubs (which is what I run) don't mix. Any thoughts appreciated.
  7. I use an old phone to broadcast on my TV and my current phone for the companion app. Super easy and everything is blue tooth
  8. They have a trial loop on zwift Watopia, but have to have the companion app and they will be releasing full MTB trails this spring.
  9. What is a ball park cost of getting a steel frame powder coated? I have two with neither needing paint currently, but just curious for future.
  10. Now you need the kickr climb, totally worth it!
  11. My routine is start a regimen of 12hr Sudafed, naproxen for anti-inflammatory effects, zyrtec, and daily neti-pot a month prior to cedar, add aloway antihistamine eye drops, Flonase, and night Benadryl when cedar is here. I discontinue Flonase when the nose bleeds start. I always make sure I take a shower when I come inside if I've been outside for more than 10 minutes and neti-pot following. When the counts are high I wear a spandex baclava to keep me from breathing in lots of pollen, and goggles (tried N-95 mask and Fogs up goggles) when I ride. I look really rediculous, but people get out of your way on the trail. # Austin sucks for 3 months. I also did immunotherapy shots for 3 years without results.
  12. I run SRAM shifter with Shimano Zee brakes using the problem solvers adapter. There is a slight bit of play that I'm not sure if it is supposed to be there when pressing the shifter. It bothered me for about 2 rides and now I don't even notice it.
  13. Dang, beat me to it by 17 min😁
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