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  1. My daughter did little Bella’s tonight and my son and I rode PP and Picnic. Trails were in great shape, with lots of people out. Was surprised to see a lot of e-bikes. Besides the obvious motor and batteries they didn’t seem to be much different than the regular bikes that passed us. I don’t have a problem with them, but just can’t understand the appeal in a trail bike scenario.
  2. I got a pair of flat tire defender brand foam inserts for Christmas and have been running them for a few months. They seem pretty good, though I have nothing to compare them to. They are just under $100 for the pair and made in USA.
  3. What is the ultimate goal for these guys? To be more clear. What happens when someone texts that number?
  4. I own the 6 gallon pancake from HarborFreight and can attest that it’s loud, but have had no problems with it for 3+ years now. I mostly use it to top off and check tire pressures for bikes, but it works fine for doing the same for cars and I occasionally use it with a Brad nailer (also HarborFreight) with no issues. I bought the compressor and a 50ft retractable hose real for $50 cheaper than the compressor alone at Home Depot/Lowe’s.
  5. Finally got around to painting the frame we’re going to use for my sons build! I wet sanded last week and today we got the rattle can powder coat on, the decals on, and first coat of clear. I’m planning on sanding with 1000 grit, applying another coat of regular clear, then 2000 grit and finishing off with a coat or 2 of blue/silver fleck keratin clear.
  6. Something isn’t adding up will the J&J vaccine. The national media are reporting that it is being paused due to 6 cases of blood clots within 2 weeks of people taking the vaccine. Being that they have already administered 7 million doses that would mean less than a 1 in 1million chance of getting a blot clot with the dose, which is much less than the 1 in 500,000 chance you have of getting struck by lightning. Not to mention that a blood clot is common complication of having COVID 19. So I’m not sure what the logic is unless they FDA and CDC is not disclosing something. I can’t wait for this chapter to be over it’s turning me into a conspiracy theorist😂
  7. I’ll take it! I’ve always wanted to learn unicyling. I’ll send you a PM
  8. For anyone worried about being out around random people that choose not to wear a mask anymore (me, when not on private property that has a sign requesting it), I would suggest picking up a few hospital grade N-95 masks and properly using them (I don’t think any hospitals are having shortages of these), so your taking your safety into your own hands and out of other peoples. These have been the primary means for health care workers to protect themselves from any patient with airborne or droplet pathogens for at least the last 20years. Clarification: I’m vaccinated, have a healthy BMI, and no other high risk factors and if I was going to hang out with people that are high risk I would wear a mask if it made them more comfortable.
  9. 4fun

    The vaccine

    I agree with this statement months ago! If this happened recently I think there are a few other questions I'd like to ask to clarify the situation.
  10. 4fun

    The vaccine

    I would call those people criminals for assaulting people, and the ones barging into stores that require masks, without masks trespassers. I think there was such a small number of people that did this, yet national news! How many people did these things in your presence?
  11. 4fun

    The vaccine

    There is a little evidence, but I think it will be 3-5 years until there is substantial evidence! That being said I'm going to use the logic that essentially every other effective vaccine in the history of this planet has prevented the viral load from getting to a point of being transmissible? With that thought process I'm going to use common sense and return to life as normal, but continue to be respectful of high risk populations and wear a mask around them if they want me to or simply just stay away from high risk people. If there is evidence presented in a fair and unbiased manner that the vaccine is no longer effective against new variants I will reassess my stance. If we live our lives on what ifs, no one should ever go unmasked or leave their houses again, because this will not be the last new transmissible virus and we have no evidence of when this virus will emerge. I have no problem with people exercising their free will and self imprisoning themselves.
  12. 4fun

    The vaccine

    As does basically every national news source in the US🤪. It's amazing to me they don't seem to care about sighting sources anymore and when they do it's just each other in a circular fashion.
  13. 4fun

    Jokes and Funnies!

    Agreed, I don’t like how we do things either. Term limits is my answer, but doubt anyone in congress will vote themselves out of a job😂
  14. 4fun

    Jokes and Funnies!

    Unfortunately there are a lot of glaring holes in this argument! I don’t see immigrants flooding into Denmark or Canada or Australia! Why we ask. Because they will turn you away! If you don’t have a skill set they immediately need you are not getting in. Denmark’s system only works because they tax everyone and the lower class pays more than the people who bring in the GDP. Yes they are happier, but there borders are not only closed to undocumented immigrants, they are locked to basically everyone. If we go socialist we’re looking more like Venezuela, East Germany before the wall came down, North Korea, USSR, Cambodia, Vietnam.... The Utopia that are country seeks might materialize for a short time, but then utter misery will ensue. Our war on poverty for the last 50 years has basically enabled and ensured poverty in our country. Thanks social welfare programs. Rant over. I need to get a bike ride in today!
  15. 4fun

    The vaccine

    Is Alamo still open. Me and the Mrs are both immunized and attempted to buy tickets at flix brew house and the were closed indefinitely sighting lack of new film content and decreased business. Didn’t check Alamo.
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