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  1. Took my 6 y.o. daughter out there Sunday and she loved it. Kept telling me how beautiful it was and that she wanted to come back!
  2. All in all in know this will be a good thing, but the grump old man in me that seems to be getting larger and larger, dislikes change! And I will miss the fact that while riding SN I might only see a few other mountain bikers and not have to Wade through the regional trail zombies on their cell phones, oblivious to the world around them.
  3. Pretty nice scavenged bike! Looks like it will be fun!
  4. I had the day off and got my chores done early, so I finally had the opportunity when I thought it would be dry over there to go explore. This is going to be a perfect trail for my kids to learn on! Ton of potential out there. Being the dreamer I am my ideal scenario for that place would be a somewhere in the range of a 8-10 mile big loop that could be broken into 2-3mile loops for kids and a centrally located pavilion only accessible by foot or bicycle with some picnic tables and a surrounding skills area. I don’t know if this would fit into either of the plans presented at the meeting a few weeks back but it would be awesome! Duthie hill park in Washington changed my view on what is possible. You would want to get a group like ARR involved who can reach a lot of volunteers and then the cost to the city would be a pavilion, parking lot, bathroom or well maintained porta-potties. One can dream!
  5. Rode last night and picnic, 1/4 notch, snail, & rim all G2G. Sign was still up on Peddler's so didn't look, but I would think today it should be good!
  6. Just re-read your post and realized it was empty. I would have no idea on how to fill it up! So still up for grabs. Thanks
  7. I'll take it. I'll pm you tomorrow.
  8. Did you have issues with Stan’s? This year I switched in the opposite direction due to price.
  9. They did listen to my survey🤪
  10. As long as you don’t powder coat it you shouldn’t have a problem
  11. Also there was a large pile of dirt that spilled over the trail by Parmer. It got me excited. More berms? New jumps?
  12. Agreed, I think the combination between temp and tacky dirt made the best conditions I’ve ever seen out there! And I saw a broad shouldered 10 point buck with a wide spread. Good night!
  13. I made it at the end and looks like a good plan
  14. How hard did the trails get hit this morning with the rain that came through?
  15. Saw tools there yesterday afternoon but no cart!
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