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  1. Spelling never my strong suit. Spell check got me through high school, college, grad school! Seems like with modern technology thats something not worth wasting time concentrating on or being a dick about to me🤪
  2. That's the sad thing. I have two college degrees. Like I said tic-tacs.
  3. College degrees are handed out like tic-tacs now days. If my kids aren't lazered in on a degree field such as engineering, accounting or medical, I'm not wasting my money and will send them to trade school. Also many Boomer's may have made a decent life for themselves without college degrees, but they were willing to put in 60 hr work weeks, with 2-3 weeks of vacation, live in 1500 sq ft houses and have one family car without complaining. Now days everyone wants full time benefits at 30hrs, 6 weeks of vacation a year, mental health days if they have any stress in their jobs, 3500 sq ft houses, 2 to 3 cars in there family and say it's impossible to achieve the American dream and then blame the past generation for their laziness. Rant over! Also to keep up with the thread. I won't ever own an e-bike, but they don't take up any more room on the trail, don't do anymore damage to a trail, and make no more noise than a standard bike so they don't bother me at all.
  4. I would wear a helmet, I'm not a complete redneck
  5. I doubt I will ever own an e-bike, but if I do this will be my set up!
  6. That is incredible fitness!
  7. I'm glad to see Wilco is using new PC terminalogy for people that are legal to have handicapped parking plates😂
  8. Saw one of the same description on gnargasm friday. It was on a solid piece of lime stone and fortunately stuck out like a sore thumb so I didn't run it over.
  9. I recommend spray.bike. it's easy and makes an inept person like me look like I know how to paint!
  10. I recommend Finding a 24" hotrock frame and Building one! It's lots of fun
  11. Relatively minor. The saddle, grips/end plug, lateral part of pedal, and end of thru axle took the brunt of the damage.
  12. Yeah, I was taking my 8 yr old for a ride at peddlers pass! My heart sank when we got out and her bike was there and mine wasn't. It's a relatively cheap rack, but I've never had a problem with It before. Not sure I'll trust it again. Felt like I won the lottery when I saw CrazyT's post!
  13. Got it back!!! Thank you CrazyT for catching that post. I was really lucky such an awesome lady found it! I can vouch for the noise cancelling in my truck. Can't believe I didn't hear it fall off or the people who found it laying on the horn.
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