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  1. Quick question. Long buildup. I have a relatively new friend I got into the sport. He ripped his derailleur and hanger off his bike when we were riding a few months ago and I wrongly assumed he must have hit a branch or something to cause this (derailleur completely mangled). I talked him into replacing his 2x10 Sram drive train with a 1x shimano drive train and he bought a new derailleur hanger. He finally got all the parts in a I put it all together and found out the culprit is his rear hub isn't freewheeling correctly and creates chain suck or something that looks like it. The rear hub is a QR 135 Shimano Deore and likely is loose ball hub. This being said, has anyone seen this before and is it worth trying to tear it apart and rebuild it? Or is the hub completely blown and I should have him buy a new wheel?
  2. The dirt was premium to try and get a fast lap on peddlers! Instead I got two in. One with this guy and one with this girl.
  3. Sorry for the over posting, but pretty pumped on this process and figured I should post some of the pictures! IMG_4805.MOV
  4. Question for @TheXand @RedRider3141. I'm debating just using vinyl 3m decals vs painting a blue undercoat and masking off with vinyl decals to brand the frame. Does the clear coat go over vinyl decals without making them roll?
  5. I ended up going with @Teamsloan recommendation and cut them down to a kid friendly 115mm! Can't wait to see the finished product on your paint job!
  6. Finally got the build done! The stock weight was 30.3lbs. We got it down to 25lbs. We also are waiting on the hot pink pedals to show up!
  7. The second picture just looks like damaged rim tape.
  8. Never mind I just checked and they only have the 26" and it's now $50 more than I paid for my daughter's
  9. Try Jenson, I bought the 26" version for my daughters build. I think they have 27.5 in stock
  10. Great dirt! And ridiculously high cedar counts!!!! I'll be riding the wahoo. See you guys on the trails in a few months😓
  11. Finally got my cheap Chinese 24” disc wheelset in today from Ali express and was pleasantly surprised in what I got! Sealed bearing hubs with what feels like a decent amount of engagement. I haven’t put them on the truing stand yet, but to the casual spin seem reasonably true. And i might be wrong but I think I can make them tubeless easily. After I take the kids for a ride tomorrow morning I’ll start stripping down my daughter’s bike and building it up with the good stuff! Hope to have some pictures up of the build by Monday evening.
  12. Pm’s coming, thanks guys.
  13. If anyone has an old set of disc brakes lying around (hydraulic or mechanical) they are willing to give up for a 12 pack or small amount of cash let me know. They don’t have to have a lot of power. They are for my 45lb daughters build.
  14. Wahoo kick’r for me. The next outdoor ride I’ll probably get in will be Monday on my day off and expecting conditions to be amazing out at spider mountain, so I’ll finally use the gift card my wife gave me for Christmas in 2019!
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