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  1. Ha, yeah this cat I first thought was a full grow doe and then realized it was a cat!
  2. I saw one in Laredo once, and I felt like I had a UFO sighting! No one believed me and kept telling me it had to have been a large bobcat!
  3. Sorry to hear this!! Hope you heal quickly and the operation goes smoothly! Long recovery period for an avulsion, be diligent about following the Doc orders for mobility afterwards and would anticipate you'll be back to 100% in the late winter to spring time. If you get back to it too soon it can become a chronic problem!
  4. That’s what she said
  5. Better believe I’m going to try this! I’ll let you know how it turns out.
  6. 🤔might work. But explaining to the wife why I smell like someone poured a bottle of vodka on me may be more traumatic then getting heatstroke
  7. I figure I saved money by not winning that groupset! Premium group set leads to premium wheel set (say I-9 Hydra), and you can't put that set of goods on any old frame, so a chumba titanium frame is in order! You have gone this far so Chris king headset, high grade stem and bars, ergon grips! Now I figure I saved 7-10 grand by just winning my sweet Return to Earth backpack!! I almost feel sorry for the kid that won, he might have to give up a year of college.
  8. It was awesome to get to see a mountain bike movie on the big screen!
  9. I land by the tree past the rocks and it's smooth as butter! FE2E1524-1315-4D7A-B5DE-126BAD9C0D4D.MOV A35DF91C-ABAA-4356-8946-C32A7E811CC5.MOV
  10. Lot of rabbits that need eaten down there!
  11. I've been starting at 9-10pm and it's been pretty comfortable! Last night didn't see a single other soul. With the heat and all was expecting some others!
  12. They started us 7 minutes in front of the Juniors! The 14 yr old who was first to start made 6 of the 7 minutes up but to be fair he not only won the junior race but then went and won the cat 2 adult race and had the fastest cat 2 lap! Second lap we got passed but had a flat tire when we did.
  13. Race against the clock and our pride!
  14. Nah! I came, I saw, I conquered! Now I'm going to retire and return the bike to Sir Cbaron.
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