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  1. I’m going to buy one of these two. I have noticed that the McLeod is the tool I see in most group trail work days. Does anyone have any experience with the rogue 7” rake hoe? To the casual eye it looks like a better tool.
  2. I liked it with 760 bars, hated it with 800 bars, eh with 780! Now that I’m back to 760 like it again!
  3. Not me! I only pay taxes because the alternative is risk of imprisonment! I have no expectation of what any government entity will do with my tax money or I would drive myself crazy being pissed off!
  4. I would never own an E-bike but have no problem sharing the trail with them! These things look less ominous than an e-bike and likely are only be found on really smooth trails which are few and far between around here! I have yet to encounter one on the trail but don’t think they will be anymore of an issue than someone trying for a KOM on a mountain bike! The first time I heard of one I checked them out and would probably own one if I thought I could afford another expensive hobby! Reminds me how do I convince my whife to let me spend 5K on my next bike?
  5. My usual after work ride.
  6. That was the first day I’ve encountered a snake on peddlers! And it was twice. We saw a small Texas Rat Snake during the work day in the morning, then dug up a large nest of snake eggs! And that evening I swerved a large snake with coloring I’ve never seen before! The closest colors I could find on the googles was a Trans Pecos Rat snake.
  7. Rode peddlers solo Saturday evening on Cbaron’s tandem to see what areas the frame might bottom out. Surprisingly made everything except the little triangle bridge crossing a small stream! It may be a little different with 200lbs more on the bike! Only trouble I had was having to swerve to miss a snake vs. my usual impulse bunt hop!
  8. First blood is going to be the stoker! Unless he backs out then I might be solo! Not sure if the trails will be dry enough, but if so may try to get a lap in prior to the work day tomorrow!
  9. My bike 2 years ago was gx 11spd, Fox 34 performance elite fork 130, KS supernatural dropper. Exact same bike in the 2019 configured is $200 more with nx 11spd, KS E30I dropper, Fox rhythm 34.
  10. Maybe just last 3 months, just looking in the3k to 4K range you get NX components and some have Suntour forks at these prices. That being said the YT’s offer an amazing spec! My only hesitation is the pressfit bottom bracket!
  11. So I cracked my main rides frame this winter and as a bandaid bought a steel hardtail frame and built it up with my broken bikes parts to ride until next fall when bikes go on sale and my wallet is a little thicker! With the thought that the hardtail will become my backup bike. Started doing some research into what I’m going to get! It seems like to get the equivalent spec of my previous bike I’m looking at 1.5 to 2x the price I paid two years ago! Does this have to do with new import laws?
  12. I’ll be there Saturday at 9:00 to volunteer! Any chainsaw work available? Just bought a lithium battery powered saw and am anxious to try it out!
  13. 8 out of the 12 months I find all the trails in the area more enjoyable at night!
  14. If you can start 5:00 or later I can be there
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