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  1. My last 2 complete builds and 1 frame were all direct to consumer brands and I don’t regret buying any of them! I think if you know what you want geometry wise (specifically reach and head angle for me) you can get the sizing right. I agree with @ATXZJ in the AL. All my bikes have been metal (chromoly hard tail, aluminum FS), might be a little more apprehensive in a carbon rig. Also agree with the new bike, no one wants it scenario. Very little to be currently had.
  2. I’ve never been back there after dark! I ride 50% at night, but From my garage it’s about a mile peddle to hit candy land or Behren’s and don’t feel like my lights will alarm anyone at brushy, + if anything happens I feel The traffics higher at brushy and more likely to be found.
  3. The craziest part is one of my friends wives saw a large cat come out of the woods near great oaks and hairy man two weeks ago and she was questioning if it was a mountain lion because she didn’t see any spots and I told him it had to just be a large bobcat!
  4. In the vicinity of the yellow circle. I came around a clump of cedars with a left curve and it was on a full sprint. Appeared to be the size of a large golden retriever but longer! Out of my periphery I thought I spooked a deer and when I turn it definitely was a cat!
  5. Fortunately this one looked like it was already chasing something that I’m sure looks like a easier target than my fat ars! But it definitely rattled me! I was hyper aware of every little noise I heard the rest of the ride!
  6. Would like to set up a game camera to see if I can get a picture of the mountain lion I’m pretty sure I saw out there tonight!
  7. Thats funny, I've never picked any of the 5.0 segments and only picked up the single lap segment a handful of times. I mostly just pick up the 4.0 and sometimes don't pick it up which really burns me when I put in a hard effort and the segment doesn't show up! But you get what you pay for and I use the free version and just my phone🤪
  8. I'm pretty sure it doesn't fit niterider, my last helmet came with go pro style mount and it was nice but not useful for me. I had to buy the niterider helmet mount for $14
  9. Get a kicker climb. Totally worth it!
  10. Something is wrong with me! I kinda want that, but have absolutely no use for it😂
  11. So I checked the twitter feed and 1hr ago stated riding not advised. I’m a mile east of the Olsen meadows entrance to candy land and we only got a brief shower(likely just enough to knock the dust down). Was there enough rain to cancel my small group ride at 9:30 tonight?
  12. It's open for riding with the trail party crew on the 19th and 20th to prepare for the upcoming Enduro there. They posted it on the Texas gravity Enduro Facebook group
  13. Air fork, with clutch derailleur, 26” wheels. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/mobile/us/en/vitus-nucleus-26-youth-hardtail-bike-2021/rp-prod195902
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