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  1. The real Question is does a bear s&$t in the woods? I’m mean dog😁
  2. How was the open house? I really wanted to go, but had a prior commitment I couldn’t get out of.
  3. @WLemke Isn’t the VPP and level link the same suspension platform. I think I even remember that there was some kind of legal battle over it 6-8 yrs ago. With the new generation of SC’s VPP it is not as visually apparent.
  4. I second the @WLemke setup. I have digital gauge version of the link he posted. I’m pretty sure I got the idea from him or AB 4-5 years ago. After about two years I replaced the hose with a double head hose. Also works great to keep my vehicle tires inflated to recommended pressures.
  5. Conflation? I trust the scientists, I trust vaccines, but I don’t trust this vaccine because my political opponent cut down the red tape for the scientists I trust to get it to me faster. Not a political move at all. Almost like saying Pfizer is an evil corporation that is only after profits at any cost and in the next breath saying if you question the efficacy/safety of the Pfizer’s vaccine your anti-science.
  6. I feel like this is a popular argument currently. I feel like there isn’t a definitive definition of this expression. When I hear that phrase I think of cases with permanent lung damage or heart arrhythmias after 6 months. My wife thinks it means continuing to feel tired after having it.
  7. I think your remembering wrong. I think your getting it confused with the original 15 days to slow the spread, original masking request and lockdowns. I’m pretty sure when the vaccines first came out our now current president and Vice President both for political reasons said they wouldn’t trust a vaccine rolled out that quickly. Since the end of January this year the goal post on the vaccines have changed many times.
  8. I glad to hear everyone in the family with only mild cases. Seems like people at my work are dropping like flies and I haven’t heard of anything but mild cases with any of them so far. Since it seems the prevailing though is that this new variant is 70x more contagious i hope the cases keep staying mild.
  9. For what it’s worth I seem to get a pretty painful low back flare up every couple years going on about 10 years now and the successful ticket for me for the last 3 episodes has been a steroid dose pack to get rid of the inflammation (after the second day of this 90% of the pain gone), then routine of core work out prescribed by a PT, followed by losing 20-30lbs. I then feel great, keep up the routine regularly for about six months and get lazy again. My flare ups seem to always happen around the holidays when my allergies start and I’ve had to go on multiple long road trips. I can’t help but think if I just kept the weight off and kept up with the core work I’d save myself a lot of misery! Hang in there brother, I’m currently feeling your pain and need to suck it up and go to the doctor to get the process started!
  10. Are they too porous to super glue together?
  11. I’m from there and It’s a very conservative county and doubt many not so conservative people are moving in as most people in the area are employed in oil or live stock. Likely most of those riders were conservative. Unfortunately ass hats seem to get off the hook in both the conservative counties and the liberal counties all over the country. This one seems particularly malicious and I hope he goes down!
  12. I Knew it was coming, but had not seen this site yet. Definitely mixed emotions😂
  13. Spelling never my strong suit. Spell check got me through high school, college, grad school! Seems like with modern technology thats something not worth wasting time concentrating on or being a dick about to me🤪
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