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  1. I use to be able to ride a wheelie from my drive way to me friends house 6 blocks away like it was the natural way to ride a bike! On both my BMX and mountain bike. Now I’m lucky if I make it 50ft!
  2. That press Kit is a score! In ordinary circumstances I would have already Impulse bought it.
  3. This is correct! But not simple, it would take 365 million x 28 N95 masks to achieve this, + distribution to every member of this country, + no one entering the country period.
  4. I actually only use that phrase when In the presence of my very egotistical brother in law who happens to have an engineering degree from A&M.
  5. You learn something new everyday. I had no idea the term “Jerry rigged” was a pollack reference. I personally prefer the term “Aggie Engineering”
  6. What shop? I had warranty work done a couple years ago on some brakes at the peddler and they said they needed to charge me for a bleed to complete the work and It was only $15.
  7. You or your insurance? Hospitals don’t get paid what’s on your EOB or bill from the insurance company. That’s not to say a hospital does not charge way more than an equivalent private outpatient service. They have to make up for the patients they are required to treat that they don’t get paid for. I think last quarter the hospital I work at gave away 12 million dollars worth of care we will never get paid for.
  8. I thinks it’s the lack of brain tissue I have! Keeps the center of gravity low🤪
  9. I’ve found that I can pretty much ride anything on this bike, that I can on a larger bike, but less room for error and a little slower thru big chunky stuff. If I would have been on a mega tower landing that deep wouldn’t have phased me.
  10. It’s an aggressive hardtail, 65 degree head angle, 150mm Fox 36, plus tires to give a little Cush.
  11. Felt harder, but I landed real deep. Felt like a Huck to flat and nearly bounced off the bike. I’m sure with a little less speed And catching the transition closer to the top would feel pretty good. I’m also currently on a steel hardtail so take that for what it’s worth.
  12. Hit it today. Was riding by myself, but there were a bunch of kids at the top and I asked them to call 911 if they heard an old man screaming! Hit the A-line first so I wouldn’t over think it. I had just a little too much speed and landed deep, but somehow managed to stay rubber side down! The b line was very smooth.
  13. Seems like everyone is taking it in the shorts!
  14. Even with the video effect that looks like a massive drop! Can’t wait to give it a look
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