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  1. I ran across another section as I was just wondering around out there! Not sure exactly were it's at but ended up riding up it and at the top it was near a fire house and church. Big berms and jumps! Bigger than when you drop in at peddler.
  2. Finally rode SN for the first time in well over a year! Awesome work!! That new machine built stuff by the fire house is going to be awesome when it gets rode in a little better!
  3. I live in an unincorporated area and my taxes are lower (why I bought the house)! I have a septic tank, we have are own contract with trash and water, no natural gas to the neighborhood (LP tank). So just because Austin has grown into these rural areas doesn’t mean the people that live there are criminals or evading taxes! Those houses weren’t million dollar houses when many of those people bought them! Now get off my lawn!😜
  4. I had this problem when I bought a bike with 760 bars after about 20yrs of much narrower.I thought these are crazy wide. Ended up loving 760 after about 1/2 dozen rides. When I upgraded from the stock handle bars I ended up settling on 780 and have never looked back. Took a few rides to figure out the tree gates but now i don’t even notice!
  5. If they had an XL I’d buy one as a backup bike at that price!
  6. I had the 2016 catch 2 and did everything on it!
  7. Dang, 6’3”. It’s a curse in the used bike market🤪
  8. He got himself untangle and then ran straight into my leg, causing me to set a new world vertical jump record! The initial blow felt like someone threw a large diameter log at my wheel and nearly knocked me off the bike.
  9. Beware of ferocious armadillos on picnic! Had a large guy get spooked and run right into my front wheel last night and get tangled up. Kind of freaked me out.
  10. There was a post of someone finding a thru axle of August 29th. Was it that long ago? It headed “missing a part?”
  11. Trails were tits tonight! Lots of grip.
  12. Looks like regional trail it is
  13. How much rain did brushy get today? Checked the Twitter feed with no new updates. Is there a chance anything will be rideable by 9:00 PM?
  14. I want this bike! But my height gets me again. You don’t happen to have an XL laying around🤪
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