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  1. I’ll take that wheelset. I’ll pm you
  2. I really wanted that bike when I was 12! If it was priced $150 I’d snatch it up for something to tinker with
  3. Had the same problem with my wife’s wheel, the factory tubeless ready tape had peeled up in a small, let’s say 3/4 inch area. I ripped that tape off, cleaned the rim thoroughly and re taped with tried and true gorilla tape. No problems since!
  4. Not sure if the video is showing up, but this is my 5 y.o., 6y.o., and 2yrs 8 Month old. It's the 2y.o. first trail ride.
  5. Good to know. I was under the impression the whole park was off lease. I don't think we ever broke that rule anyway. Quit taking our sweet old lab there years ago due to many aggressive dogs being off leash.
  6. The first two years I lived here not a single flat on the trails. Then 4/5 rides got a flat, switched to tubeless! In the 4 years since one puncture requiring a plug, and two burped tires requiring some extra air.
  7. I buy regularly from chain reaction and have never had any extra fees.
  8. Rode the 1/1 on a demo bike and they felt as good as my torch hubs. My next set hopefully a long time from now will be the 1/1's for the great value
  9. It was a rat snake, no rattle. Nearly ran him over
  10. Yeah, pretty sure I'm bringing the collapsable fishing pole on my next ride out there.
  11. A few wildlife pics from my morning ride on ninja
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