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  1. I was having a hard time with traction on the short little climbs on 1/4 Notch and some of the descents were sketchy with how slick things were. Granted, this was this morning and earlier this afternoon, so the sun surely has helped at this point. Were in the part of the drying timeline where trail conditions are subjective. Most people at this point should at least go out and enjoy a ride, use best judgement, and spin on pavement if necessary. Peddlers needs more time for sure, although I’m sure that didn’t stop people today. Mulligan has usually low spots. A number of these spots will need work.
  2. Just rode a good bit of 1/4 Notch and Picnic, since they’re good gauges for the other trails. Still soft and very slick. This than makes climbs on 1/4 Notch challenging and shitty. Will check again after the half I’m running. *UPDATE* Trails are in poor shape. 1/4 Notch and DD are dangerously slick in spots, Picnic is a swamp in places and will need repair, and Peddlers is still muddy. No bueno. RPR is a good riding option for this weekend.
  3. Correct. Minus some low spots, trail was getting there. We got about a quarter inch of rain last night and more is expected this afternoon.
  4. Derp, my bad. Used to be in my signature on Bike Mojo.
  5. They were shit this morning and at least near the east side of 1/4 and Picnic the ground is very soft. Peddlers Pass was so bad yesterday that I ended up hiking out, so I doubt it’s better this afternoon given the rain we had this morning.
  6. Yea, definitely thanks for the report. I may have stolen your report to update the twitter feed while I was stuck at work....
  7. Soaked at Brushy from last nights shower.
  8. Yep, I just got home. Blah. Tired of this rain.
  9. If you guys have reports from this afternoon let me know and I’ll update the feed.
  10. Hoping things dry out soon. I’m a few hundred feet from the 1/4 Notch entrance, checked both the rain gauge and trails within the past hour.
  11. Soggy out here with the ~0.5” of rain we had roll thru last night. Standing water and slick rocks/roots. I wouldn’t ride.
  12. Thanks for the update. I've been dying at work, so haven't had a chance to go out. I'll update the feed based on your report.
  13. Got about 1.5" of rain the past 24 hours. Trails are wet. This weekends not looking promising either with the weather 😕
  14. Agreed. I didn't check out Peddler's (I'll do that after work), but my guess is that East of Parmer is g2g and West of Parmer needs another day.
  15. Thanks for posting the Twitter feed link MrMentallo. For those that don't know me, I live on Dodge Cattle and check trail conditions as often as possible. I typically try to make it out to the actual trails to provide a report, however, like everyone else I work which means I can't always make it out to the trails to check things out. On days that I'm swamped at work or not able to get out to the trails I rely on YOUR posts on Bikemojo, here, or on Twitter to keep the feed as accurate as possible. Things were soft when I got home this evening, but we did not get more than an inch of rain near Deception so things will dry quickly. If you happen to venture out in the morning let me know how they're looking.
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