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  1. Yea I was about to say... 1/4 was good yesterday but once that fog rolled in everything got soaked. Definitely makes for a spicy ride.
  2. Trail status... 1/4 - GTG Double Down - GTG Picnic - GTG Peddlers - chain up, still soft Snow White - GTG Gnargasm - GTG Ankle biter - GTG Suburban Ninja - GTG. Hit one baby puddle Trails are not yet primo but getting there.
  3. Few things to point out... 1. As of right now trails are too wet to ride and will likely need all of today before they’re good to go. 2. You’re going to start seeing some changes to 1/4 Notch and Double Down to address the bypasses and trail widening that has occurred. There are some bypasses that will be left, a couple that Tommy and I blocked off today. More work to be done, so if you want to volunteer stay tuned! 3. I appreciate people going in and trimming face slappers but if it’s 2+” in diameter please reach out to me before cutting it. Somebody took a big branch down (see pic) to open an easier line in an area that was already easy. Now its wide enough to fit a car through. Just don’t muck with it. Also, huge thanks to Tommy (Cafeend) for the help this morning!
  4. Hey give me a break. The fact that I’m an Okie and able to use my phone at all to post on a message board should be impressive.
  5. Thanks for all of your work on this Ronan! The trail is really taking shape and is going to be a blast.
  6. I’ll be there once I’m off work.
  7. Yea, cam is showing light rain... while I hang out here in the Ozarks 😛 bet it clears quickly.
  8. @AntonioGG I agree there are some areas we could clear up to promote riding the right line, but having spent a lot of time out there the past few weeks I can assure you the majority of trail widening is due to people trying to avoid real rock features, not scree.
  9. I saw a guy on the trails two weeks ago wearing a surgical mask and no helmet. Smart.
  10. Same. I did go to Reimer’s early yesterday before the crowds and it was great. Ran into only 3 riders (not literally of course). If you can make it out here during the weekday before 4PM it’s not bad. Also, I’ve ridden a couple of times at night more recently and that’s a fun option.
  11. @throet I’m off all week. Let’s plan to meet out there.
  12. Oh man, you rock. East side needs a Covid haircut bad.
  13. Get with me before trimming anything on 1/4 Notch. I recently went through and trimmed it and purposely will be not trimming some areas that have widened to try to force people to use the original line. As far as B-lines go, I’ll be out there tomorrow morning again working to block off areas. If a specific problem area comes to mind let me know and I’ll check it out. I should add, feel free to help combat the “new” lines!
  14. Thanks Thomas and William for the help! Rock was replaced and is solid. If anyone notices issues in the future with this or other areas please let me know.
  15. Ok I’ll meet you guys there. I’m going to try to park near this ems access point. At 9AM I’ll walk to Dare.
  16. Awesome thanks! Just need one more person. Please bring some sort of face covering since we’ll all be in each other’s face lifting this thing.
  17. Thanks for the help. I could tell by the wear on it that it wasn’t even oriented correctly. So as others have mentioned, this things a tad on the heavy side and those of you that have met me know that this thing may weigh more than me! I’m looking for two people that can help me build up the pad where this was located and get this back in place. Anyone able to meet me at 9AM tomorrow?
  18. So I’m almost always trail running DD these days and apparently never pay attention to this rock. Where was it located relative to this pic?
  19. I’m headed over there now to check it out. Will likely need help with this one if some of you have free time tomorrow or Sunday morning
  20. Okay, got it, thanks guys. I’m hoping to go over there this afternoon. Not sure I’ll be able to do any work tomorrow due to other commitments but Sunday is looking good.
  21. @throet can you provide me a map or description on where this is located. I’m not entirely up to speed yet on all of the feature names out on DD. I’d like to get out there this afternoon and see how this can be restored.
  22. Yea, I’m a big fan of Smartwool socks. I had never heard of Darn Toughs and will need to check them out. Timely discussion as we get closer to the holiday season.
  23. Yea, terrible entry point. I’ll get with Ronan about putting in a more permanent block.
  24. The people commenting on here about how important alternate lines are for safety should actually come out here to Deception. The large majority of alternate lines created are not safety issues, you can easily put your foot down without any issues. I also suspect that a number of these were created by hikers to avoid some of the larger features.
  25. Trails are in great shape right now. As far as b-lines go, I’ll say this. Our best self improvement, whether it’s cycling, running, or on the job, happens when we’re challenged to push through obstacles, not by taking the path of least resistance.
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