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  1. They’re not gluing rocks again are they? Battled that for awhile. Finally they stopped when I installed a rope and put up a sign.
  2. Trails are bueno! Primo! Get! Some!
  3. Trails need time to dry this morning. 1/4 notch is rideable but as soon as you get moisture on your tire things get sketchy. Picnic is soft. Didn’t check anything else since these two trails are usually good barometers for everything else. With some sun things should dry quickly.
  4. Coming down hard here at Brushy. Whomp whomp.
  5. All trails here at Brushy are in good shape. Somehow the rain this morning in Austin dissipated before it got here.
  6. *Update* Trails are good to go! Thought I’d provide one last update. Apparently it rained within the past 1-2 hours. Trails are wet again. Hoping weather holds up and trails dry quickly. Seems like we’ve had a lot of rain this year.
  7. Sprinkled just a tad, but nothing note worthy.
  8. Rode a bit at Brushy this morning. Deception was g2g, east 1/4 notch entrance is a little damp but rest of trail is fine. Picnic is actually still a tad soft. Got some dirt pickup on tires. This afternoon will be better. Didn’t have time to check anything else because I had to log in for work, but I imagine rim is g2g, snail may need til this afternoon and peddlers is probably just behind picnic in terms of being g2g.
  9. It was originally going to be called Brokeback Mountain but that name was already taken on Peddlers Pass...
  10. Brushy Update! Trails are drying quickly! Rim, 1/4 Notch are good to go with Picnic not too far behind. Snail is super soft due to the shade, advised to allow more time to dry. Peddlers is getting really close and should be good to go with more sun. Watch for spicy rocky/roots sections which remain slick. Thanks to Skyyhorn (Scott W) for the update!
  11. As in, you rode Suburban Ninja today when it was wet? It’s been raining here at Brushy since at least 6AM.
  12. Welp, this sucks. I was hopeful earlier this morning that if the shower was brief we’d be g2g this afternoon. As I type this it’s still raining here at Brushy. Hitting the trails this afternoon isn’t going to happen. Guess I’ll try out the Peloton my wife just got.
  13. Yea that rain was a surprise. Ground should soak it up quickly but I’m not going to hold my breath that trails will be good to go this afternoon. I plan to head out around 1 to check.
  14. Getting dusty out there, which is a good reminder of how to corner properly. Slid my bike out on a turn earlier this week and got some rash. Good times.
  15. Had limited time to check trails due to work but... 1/4 Notch - g2g Double Down - g2g Picnic - g2g but wet low spots remain. Surface moisture remains but no rutting and very minimal dirt pickup on tires. Overall trails are not primo but getting there. This afternoon will be a better time to ride compared to this morning for sure. Peddlers likely needs more time this morning to dry based on the condition Picnic was in. If you head out and hit trails I didn’t list let us know how they’re looking!
  16. @circuitbreaker awesome, those videos were super helpful! @GFisher Looks like I may get some reprieve from the 105F temps they are getting tomorrow.
  17. @horncpaWhat tool(s) are you using for the ruts? I’d invest in a McLeod or mattock if you don’t have one already. Also, I’m out of town next week so I’m leaving you in charge of trail condition reporting lol
  18. Picnic g2g 1/4 Notch g2g Double Down g2g Rim g2g Still some soft spots at low areas, but majority of trail is good and if we waited for those areas to dry after a rain we'll never be riding. Didn't check anything else since I have to work, but there you go.
  19. Surprised DD is g2g, but okay. Let us know what you think about the other trails. I plan to hopefully get a ride in tomorrow to check things out.
  20. I haven’t rechecked because shortly after I posted we got more rain that came through. *Update* Okay so I just got back from pounding the pavement. I checked out parts of 1/4 Notch and Picnic while I was out and areas that are not in direct sun are still really soft and muddy. Ran into a mtn biker that said trails were good to go but his tires said otherwise. I’d wait on riding.
  21. Probably thinking of Pizza Factory? So this isn't my first rodeo in St. George. I've been there a couple of times, once for the Southern Utah Half Marathon and the other for a climbing trip. I just haven't had a chance to actually bring my bike along. My plan so far is to check out most of the major trails in the area (Bearclaw Poppy, Gooseberry, etc.) early in the morning when its in the 60s. I did a long motorcycle ride through Arizona last year when it was 100+. Crazy how fast I went through water. If all else fails I'll head to Cedar City. I'll let you guys know how it goes! Haha and yes you're on your own for Brushy conditions. Bunch of slackers!
  22. I'll be there for 5 days. Nope, not specifically tied to St. George, so I may head to Cedar City as well especially if it's hot in UT. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check out the thread and the video posted by ATXZJ!
  23. Hey all, I'm planning on heading to St. George to clear my mind and take a break from work. Has anyone on here hit any of the mtb trails in St. George? If so, what do you recommend? I'll be heading that way the last weekend of May.
  24. I literally stumbled on this area the other day (sorry Dale!). What a freakin' cool set of trail to have near Brushy. Looking forward to the work Mashmaster's son does and up for lending a hand for help if needed.
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