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  1. Yeah last time we went, my buddy came around a corner and hit tree that was across the trail just about helmet height. Cracked his helmet, chipped two teeth, tore up his back pretty good. To their credit, they have cleared that one. BUT WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE FLOW TRACK!?!?!??! The lower half is annihilated - as in, with a bulldozer. (This was today.) Anybody know what they're doing?
  2. Paseo del Rio to Rojo Grande to Sunflower is fun because they go by the river and there's a good amount of shade. A very different feel than the rest of the park. We would do that south than go back north on Juniper/cliffside and/or Capitol Peak (more rocky and sunny). All of that was fairly easy, my 10 year old daughter was rolling with us the whole way.
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