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  1. My advice would be to find a primary care doctor through BS&W. They've built a really strong primary care network across town and have excellent access to specialists when needed. Their online tools are fantastic and like others they offer a broad range of telehealth services. I moved my care to BS&W from ARC and have been very pleased with the shift. While ARC has good doctors, their model isn't as focused on collaborative care as it should be. It was also harder to reach the actual doctor through their messaging platform. Nurses intervene and don't always give proper advice whereas with BS&W I'm always talking to the doctor. My BS&W doctor called me directly within days of an ER visit without me even having to notify them. He also called me during the COVID-19 just to see how I was doing.
  2. My son graduated from UTSA and had no interest in leaving SA after that. Works for USAA now and seems to really enjoy it there. I've always liked SA. Used to be a racquetball mecca back in the 80s and I often headed down there from San Marcos to play in tournaments while attending SWTSU. Buried my Dad there too at the National Cemetery after he died at Audie L Murphy. I've never had a bad thing to say about SA. EDIT: I'm a huge Rockets' fan and I do hate the Spurs!
  3. I remember on Halloween having to put winter coats over our kids' costumes. I will say that I enjoyed the incredible Fall Foliage displays, but not to the degree that I would ever want to stay there year around.
  4. Spent 2 years in Albany, NY. Winters were long and miserable. When I complained, the locals would bring up the beauty of having 4 seasons, pointing out that in Texas there were only 2 - hot and hotter. I would counter that they too only had 2 seasons - winter and construction.
  5. Hopefully not Gary. That would be pretty terrible!
  6. Recently bought a S Korean made LG phone and no complaints at all. Much better price point than Samsung.
  7. Poisoned by the allure, I head recklessly towards the hills, My mind playing fascinating games in anticipation of thrills, No thoughts of Araneae, no need for chills, But then comes the bite, and all that's left are spills.
  8. We might need it quicker than they think if these projections play out! https://covid19.torchinsight.com/
  9. Up to 103 for today. With only 5 major hospitals in Williamson County it would surprise me if Seton Williamson had zero cases as alleged. Suppose it is possible that they are diverting COVID-19 cases to other facilities in their network, or it could just be false information being propagated, which would not surprise me at all.
  10. Once this thing blows over, let's ride and discuss, possibly over a post-ride beverage.
  11. Haha don't get me started! What tore me up more than anything working for large health systems was how wealthy board members got flagged as VIPs with balances due on their accounts getting comped, while the lowest wage earners in the company were offered payment plans through payroll deduction to take care of their balances. Nowhere but America buddy!
  12. Hoping to shift the dialogue from mask / no-mask banter to a more meaningful discussion around the science behind COVID-19. I for one will not be living in fear no matter how bad this thing gets. Life remains good for me. However, I am curious about my odds. So my blood type is apparently the worse - A+ - but on the bright side I take Vitamin D daily, statin daily (possible therapeutic for COVID-19) and I'm on blood thinners (prevention for clotting). I'm 61 but incredibly fit for that age. Are the odds for me or against me should I come down with this disease, or is it really still just a crap shoot? Also what's the best way to get the anti-body test here locally, to find out if I've actually already had the damn thing and don't know it?
  13. Ditto! I really do appreciate your neutral, peacekeeping approach on this thread, helping others see opposing points of view. Like you, I wear a mask when I'm in a public place, not because I had to (until now anyway), but because I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Like you, I don't harbor ill will towards those who choose not to wear a mask, but I do nod my head in wonderment. If bombs were dropping around us and civic leaders insisted that we take shelter, we wouldn't argue that our freedoms were being stripped from us. This is no different. There is simply no arguing that this pandemic is not real. We can certainly debate whether the cure is worse than the disease, but by wearing masks, we have the best chance of keeping at least some businesses open. If there's any argument against wearing masks, I think it should be simply over whether or not we as a society are OK culling our population. Instead, certain people want to hide behind a position of this being a media frenzy that is blown out of proportion or a world-wide plot to oust Trump. Seriously I would be much more accepting of somebody just stepping up and saying overpopulation is a problem, spending the majority of our healthcare dollars on old people and people with chronic health conditions is a problem, and this pandemic is the solution to those problems so let it run its course, i.e. "Survival of the Fittest". Even if I didn't agree with that position, I would be more accepting of it than the lame excuses that have been thrown around on this thread. It's easier though for folks to just politicize it. It's become personal for me now with several family members in Houston having fallen victim to COVID-19, including my favorite Aunt whom I adore. Rest assured though I won't be looking for individuals to blame no matter how bad things get. Like so many other issues across our society, I'll just hope for and vote for progressive change in the future.
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