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  1. Sure feels like summer out there. As such, chose these brews for Sunday football today. I've always enjoyed the Big Wave, especially with salty snacks. First time trying the Gold Cliff though. It's favorable but smooth with just a hint of pineapple.
  2. Great choice. I'm sure you'll enjoy that bike. Very nice looking as well.
  3. throet

    Buds Required

    That's bad-ass! Imagine what he could do if he was wearing a tank top instead of a 3-piece suit.
  4. throet

    Buds Required

    Nice. Hadn't heard them before but checking out their complete selection on Napster now. My Indie/Adult Alternative playlist was needing some additions - so thanks.
  5. Preview here - live streaming of qualifying round today with finals streamed live tomorrow! Doing crazy shit on a bike, amazing! Doing crazy shit on a bike while going 50mph, priceless!
  6. throet

    Buds Required

    RIP Eddie - you've still got one ticket left!
  7. The machine's for the whole family. What if I just put some skinnier tires on my XC Race HT and lock the fork out?
  8. I call it the Hannibal Lecter machine because of the way it lays you down and then stands you straight back up.
  9. Just finished my third week of PT. Initially I was on the recumbent bike and could only move the pedals back and forth without full rotation. Now I'm spinning comfortably on the upright bike, albeit with little resistance. Also squatting pretty deep on a machine that adjust to neutralizes your own body weight, but still lets you work on range of motion. Still have to go up stairs one at a time, can't reach my right foot, and have not resumed driving yet. Overall though, my spirits are much higher now and I've also resumed my upper body gym workouts along with all of my at-home PT exercises. With the initial prognosis being 6 months to full recovery, I'd say I may actually be a little ahead of schedule but I don't want to get over optimistic. Getting ready to buy a new HIIT machine for the house so that when I do end up getting back on the bike, I won't be suffering on the cardio side.
  10. Man that's too bad. I've really enjoyed your contributions / insights and hate to see you go.
  11. Would have probably pulled the trigger on one of these when Peddlers was closing them out a few years ago, but all they had left was a medium. Still have my 2010 Orbea Alma and it was a great entry-level, race-ready hardtail that was my primary bike for my first 3 years of riding. Build quality was top-notch, and much more than would be expected at the time on a $1700 bike.
  12. I could probably help you out with a loaner as well if AB's doesn't work out. I'm in Cedar Park. Not sure if they vary by brand, but I have a boost RS, a boost Fox, and a non-boost Fox.
  13. You raise a really good point I think. If being able to ride the bike ahead of purchasing is an absolute requirement, you're probably eliminating 75% of the bikes that might work for you.
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