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  1. Since I had to see the doctor back in Jan to start carefully monitoring my blood glucose again, my health insurance, Anthem, offered me a free 12-mo diabetes prevention program. I had already lost 13lbs at the time and was back in control of my diet, but since the program included a free wi-fi scale and FitBit, I figured what the heck. It's completely digital (YesHealth App) and you're encouraged to log all of your meals and activities. A team of dieticians and health coaches review all of your meals and activities, grading you along the way. I'm getting a lot of great guidance, and have my scale and Fitbit connected to the App now. Pretty cool arrangement but best suited for people who really need constant feedback and encouragement. I suppose for me there is also an aspect of "somebody's watching me" that has me wanting to compete and prove myself. I'm now down to around 178 from the 201 I was at mid-Jan. I'll be bumping my calories and beer intake up some to keep from getting too skinny. My wife sort of misses her big fella.
  2. A manual machine? I might be interested.
  3. Yes. Getting ready to transition to whiskey and maybe a good movie. Too wet out for practicing wheelies.
  4. Definitely digging the Big Bark from Live Oak. Oh wait is it only 3:45?
  5. Try this with your 2-ply at home to make it go further.
  6. Is the 30 seconds translating onto the trail yet? I too was curious about these contraptions.
  7. Nice! Back in the H-Town Hood, we'd call that the FoFo.
  8. One thing we discovered is that the pre-mixed drinks sales that were happening for a few days got shut down real quick. Now we're getting the margarita mix in a cup and the tequila in a separate single-serve sealed bottle (aka airplane booze). Definitely not worth the money but this is a joint we want to see stay open; so we're continuing to purchase them. We just pour everything together and freeze before putting in the blender for frosty frozen margaritas. Of course I just buy the Everclear on my own to boost the octane.
  9. Rode Snail, Rim, Deception, and Picnic between 6 and 7:30. Saw a lot of traffic on Picnic and 1/4 but not much at all on DD and Rim.
  10. I've been watching the magnitude of kids riding bikes by the front of my house over the past couple of days. One day last week I saw what appeared to be a sister-brother combo racing on opposite sidewalks. The sister was on the sidewalk on my side and I was watching in amusement as she kept glancing over to the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street to gauge where her brother was. As they zipped past pedaling furiously in competition with one another, I turned away with a smile thinking back to all the crazy stuff I did as a kid. Within a second or two though I heard this god awful "clank" and turned around to see she had run straight into the aluminum light pole a couple houses past mine. Luckily she was wearing a helmet, although I'm pretty sure she still got her bell rung pretty good.
  11. This is a very telling report for those who still believe that only the old and sick are at high risk. The report from the UK details the first 775 reported COVID-19 ICU cases compared to the ICU cases during that same period for patients with non-COVID-19 viral pneumonia. The numbers are eye-opening to say the least. ICNARC COVID-19 report 2020-03-27.pdf
  12. And on the other end of the spectrum there's this. No wonder I can't find any damn coffee filters!
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