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  1. My preferred riding time in the summer is 9:00am - 10:30am. Too early, and the dew point and temperature are too close for comfort, meaning the air is saturated with moisture. On any given day though, the dew point doesn't generally drop drastically later in the day, meaning there is just as much moisture in the air but at much higher temps. Late morning is the perfect compromise IMO because the temps are high enough to allow some evaporative cooling, but not so high that they raise your body temperature even when you're standing still. I rode Friday night from 6:30 to 8:30, and that first hour was brutal. Temp was 96 but "feel like" was 102. Of course it also depends a lot on how much you exert yourself, and Double Down probably wasn't the right place to start my ride that night.
  2. Did you seriously have heat stroke or was it heat exhaustion? Neither is good of course but from what I understand heat stroke can be life threatening. In any case, I hope you fully recovered. The closest I came I think was pushing myself real hard on the greenbelt mid-day in May a few years back. My legs were literally seizing up riding on the pavement to get back to the car. I ended up drinking a gallon or so of melted ice from my cooler in an attempt to recover, but I've really never been the same since when it comes to riding in the heat - so I just don't (or at least don't push myself). We rode Back 40 mid-May this year and I was thinking that was about as late in the year I'd ever want to ride there. There was a cooler full of ice-cold drinks on the trail near the end of our ride that came in handy.
  3. C'mon dude - you can't fake that. If only you could see the label on that Falstaff, you'd know it was the real deal! 🤣
  4. Weren't all high schools in the seventies Rock'n'Roll Highs? Definitely was stylin' back in the high-school daze!
  5. Indeed! I was fortunate to see them play at my high school in '75 during my senior year. We had a large gymnasium by high-school standards, at least in that era, but it still seemed odd that such a headline band (Toys in the Attic had been released earlier that year) would be playing in a high-school gym. I think security was provided by teachers and administrators, who were no match against the reefer madness that ensued. Front-row seating was on the basketball court, and for the rest of the year we were reminded of the event by the burn marks covering that section of the floor.
  6. Picked up a sixer of these at Randalls today. Really light and refreshing with a more subtle Saison profile than what I'm accustomed to. Malty goodness with just enough spice / fruit. Ice cold works best for me, especially this time of year.
  7. On the plus side, it's pretty darn nice here for riding 8 months out of the year. Still, I'm sure there is better out there, especially when factoring in cost-of-living. I'm taking the summer off from riding this year, unless I take a trip to the mountains.
  8. Anybody else like to pair bourbon and beer? Doesn't work so well with pale ales or IPAs, but the brown and amber ales really compliment bourbons IMO. This is an excellent paring here, as the chocolate notes from the Brewhouse really set off the vanilla custard coming from that ECSB. Doesn't matter which chases which, it's good all the way around!
  9. I carry a high handicap, that gets exponentially higher with every beer consumed on the course. Prefer 2-3 cold ones at the 19th hole!
  10. Might need to check them out for my hip ......... shoulder, neck, feet, knees, ankles, and wrists!
  11. Finally got around to picking up a bottle of this stuff. Really good for $42. Great nose, and sweet on the palate with notes of caramel and custard. Really mellow for a 110-proof selection. Will buy again if it remains available at this price.
  12. They should consider upgrading to one of these!
  13. The whole time there we kept saying how much we wanted to hit the Hand-cut Hollow Gravity Hub, but we never actually made it over there - next time for sure. We did manage to hit the Castle, but didn't ride Dragon Scales. I'm thinking it was roped off the day we were there. Catapult was huge fun!
  14. Last one of these beauties! Not sure I want to pay another $16 for a sixer, but they sure are good.
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