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  1. Anybody considering Spider Mtn this weekend? Wouldn't mind heading up there Sun or Mon to check it out for the first time.
  2. Can't speak for the Yeti, but Trek does seem to have remained somewhat competitive on their pricing. That one looks like the 2019 Remedy, which in the 9.8 model comes with carbon frame / rims and a decent spec for $5500. Wait for it to go on closeout, and you get that same bike for $4500. I got my 2018 for $4K but would have gladly spent the extra $500 for carbon rims if I had that option. Already spent $200 replacing an alloy rim and having the wheel rebuilt.
  3. Which one did you end up with? Seriously I've bought 2 of my 4 bikes from BSS on clearance, both Trek Remedy models. BSS is the bomb for impulse buyers like myself!
  4. I stopped, I read, and I pondered ……. and this is a trail I ride multiple times per week. Great job man! It sends a clear message that I think will have an impact.
  5. Maybe that's what I did then. Seems my segment is missing a couple of little loops that are normally there towards the end, and I'm guessing that's where the rollers are. Please don't tell my wife that I got lost - I don't want to have to go the Memory Care Assisted Living yet.
  6. Yeah not sure what the hell I did. Somehow managed to chop a 1/10 of a mile off of the regular segment. https://www.strava.com/activities/2378512277
  7. Did a reroute get put in at PP recently? I rode it this morning and somehow bypassed the wet rollers without even realizing it. Also my Strava didn't log the PP 4.0 segment. Possible I suppose that I just took a wrong turn - but there are no turns. Anyway, glad I got out before the rains. Had a great ride this morning covering around 12 miles and everything was in great shape.
  8. I'm considering dragging my family up to Bentonville next weekend. Any locals planning to be there for the Memorial Day Weekend?
  9. I didn't even thing about that but interestingly there was a family in that very spot taking photos when I was first coming in across that bridge.
  10. Brushy this morning! Dropped right out of the tree onto the bridge.
  11. There's some good info posted in the MTB Destinations thread on riding options in and around Santa Fe, NM.
  12. Haha. Shin Guards? Hell no - this is why we ride!
  13. You've also been told there are no cougars in Williamson County!
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