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  1. Haha I wasn't really thinking about that this morning when I took this pic - just kept the bike in the same direction I was moving.
  2. throet

    Buds Required

    Well of course there's this too ……
  3. throet

    Buds Required

    One of my favorite blues tracks of all time. George Harrison steel guitar solo in the middle and ending with a phenomenal solo from Lee.
  4. throet


    So @Schrute the Spurs had a nice run going and I can't believe after 2 losses they dropped down to the 8 spot. Just shows how competitive it's going to be in the west this year. Looks like the field is pretty well set though and now just jockeying for position. It was nice to see Harden go off on your Spurs last night, but I'm not sure what to think of the Rockets chances. Playoff basketball is so different, and Harden hasn't had a history of stepping up big like that in playoff games.
  5. I think I got a methane boost from that shit man - fueled me through two laps on Peddlers.
  6. OK I'll play. First time riding the complete new reroute tonight. Overweight, 60-yr old male with mild gynecomastia and various gastro and urological issues on Intense Primer Factory Build running Magic Mary 2.35 upfront and Nobby Nic 2.35 in the back with flat pedals and canvas shoes. Ran two consecutive laps. First lap running 23psi front and back with low seat position finished in 18:19 (had to stop once to allow parents to finish photographing teen lounging on one of the bridges). Second lap let some air out of both tires probably down to around 20psi and raised the seat some finishing in 17:09. While the lower seat position provides better center of gravity, I found that I was flinging my front-end through the berms whereas the higher seat position helped me to drive my shoulders into the berms with better weighting on the front-wheel. Probably the biggest difference was just familiarity on the second lap and not being afraid to let my rear wheel drift through the turns.
  7. So with these reroutes, does that mean I will forever be the fastest old geezer (55-64) on the old Peddlers Pass 2.0 - 2 Laps segment? Fortunately Julio Sanchez (whoever that may be) never got a chance to ride it, as he seems to pretty much own every other old geezer record across Brushy.
  8. I have the non-boost, stock 29er wheel that came off my 2014 remedy as well as the stock 750mm bars. You can have both, and I might even have a tire or two that's got some life left.
  9. So I've been breaking in my new Cat / Spider Mtn bike at Brushy just to get things in order before getting too extreme. After a couple of weeks riding my normal trails I've got 2 big dings in the alloy rear rim. I've been riding the same way on the same trail with carbon rims on my 29er for 2.5 years, and have never managed to damage those carbon rims. So my takeaway is that carbon rims (at least the good ones) are far superior in terms of durability to the alloy counterparts. Sad thing is that had I gotten a bike with carbon rims, Trek would have replaced them within 2 years of purchase for such failure, but they don't do anything for damage sustained on alloy rims.
  10. That same dude was in front of me on PicnicX one time and ran out of steam trying to make it up the little climb by the BCRT before PicnicX transitions into Picnic. Of course he caused me to bail as well since I was right behind him. Honestly and perhaps selfishly, I'd prefer that those things stay off the trails.
  11. Trying to figure out which of these 3 categories would be best for me, but can't make sense of last year's times. This year's race shows 2 laps for Cat1 (60+), 2 laps for Cat2 (50+), and 1 lap for Cat3 (60+). I'm guessing for the Cat1 and Cat2 times shown below, the web page should be showing an hour indicator in front of the minutes, but even then all of these times seem a bit fast for these cats. Was the course shorter last year by chance?
  12. Seemed like Snaggle Rock got chopped again too. Been a couple of years since that happened so not sure why all of a sudden it's a problem.
  13. Hard to say. Maybe they came from Peddlers after HoneyBadger chased them off. There was one puddle on Picnic X, just below the drop lines near the west end, but definitely no mud.
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