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  1. Definitely looks like it could have been!
  2. throet

    Buds Required

    George & Leon went together like PB&J
  3. throet

    Buds Required

    One of the greatest covers of all time!
  4. Mostly riding the cushy 27.5 long-travel Remedy these days. Been sessioning those jump lines behind Peddlers and behind Christ Church. It's amazing to me how much strength and energy is required to keep the necessary pace to clear a series of jumps. Fools on YouTube make it look so damn easy!
  5. Not yet but I will. Haven't seen it at Randalls but will check around to see where it is hiding. Any clues?
  6. I ended up just riding over to the YMCA from the house and doing several laps on Snail. Rocks were slick there too but it was a great hour or so of fun. Kept hitting that high arch on the left that loops up around the tree heading towards the BCRT, and on the last lap I came in too hot and couldn't get pointed down quick enough. Ended up skidding down but walked away with nothing more than minor abrasions and a deep thigh bruise.
  7. Been really taking a liking to the Scotch Ales, and this one from Oskar Blues is quite tasty and reasonably priced. Still packs a punch too at 8% abv.
  8. Honey Badger used Strava once to track down and call out somebody who rode Peddlers under muddy conditions. Maybe there needs to be more of that.
  9. throet

    Buds Required

    Great song but not exactly an epic performance lip syncing to the studio version.
  10. Snail, Picnic X, and 1/4 Notch were fine late afternoon.
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