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  1. Unless you're somebody like me who is too lazy to specify which bike each ride is on.
  2. Hell of a spot to show off your endo-stoppie moves.
  3. Bought new last year for some rowdier riding but really haven't ventured out much - just one visit to Spider Mtn. I've ridden it a bunch at Brushy Creek, and it does really well as an everyday trail bike even though it's capable of much more. For me riding Brushy Creek almost exclusively, I just prefer my shorter travel 29er. This is an excellent choice for somebody who wants enduro class capabilities in a bike that is also light and playful as an everyday trail bike. The bike is in great condition with the exception of a small paint chip on the down tube and a small ding in the front rim. Stock wheels are mounted with 2.6" Magic Mary in front and 2.6" Nobby Nic in back. Carbon bar width is still the original 780mm and no mods have been made to the bike other than tubeless setup, frame protection, and bottle mount. Front triangle and chain stays are carbon - seat stays are aluminum. The suspension on this bike is amazing, with the reactiv thru-shaft full-floater in the back (150mm) and Lyrik RCT3 in front (160mm). Also climbs surprisingly well given its capabilities going down. Came stock with GX Eagle 12-speed drive train. The Guide RS brakes really suck but honestly that's all I would consider changing. The Bontrager dropper works flawlessly. List price was $5K. Looking for $3500 (without pedals). Full spec and geo can be found here: https://www.vitalmtb.com/product/guide/Bikes,3/Trek/Remedy-9-8-27-5,19227
  4. Damn bro so sorry to hear about your mishap. Really fortunate that you came out of it as well as you did. Is the bone chip in the scapula or the acromion? Pavement don't play! Heal up so we can get out and ride the trails.
  5. Finally some cool crisp air on a sunny fall day, No huffing and puffing, just on the trail to play, Hydration's no worry, a single bottle in the cage, Newbies out in mass, this place is the rage, Attacking the features is the name of the game, But at this place oddly each feature has a name.
  6. Got back out around 8am this morning and conditions were superb. Was definitely sweating with the high humidity, but the cool air created a constant chill. So nice to be out there attacking features in a way that is not possible for me in the high heat and humidity. Still in no hurry to check out the new stuff on Snail though - especially since I'm still on blood thinners.
  7. That's impressive! If it was my bike it would have fallen while taking the picture. 😅
  8. Double Down was delicious this afternoon. Given the lower temps I went out around 3:30 in order to get back for my 5:30 meeting. Still seemed pretty damn hot and humid, but a helluva lot better than the last time I rode DD, which was back in mid-Jul. Didn't cross paths with any other souls out there today - which made it even better. Glad I got out. Hope to resume riding DD on the regular now.
  9. Bountiful trip to the corner store. So glad they came back with the Atomic Pumpkin!
  10. Indeed they are. I like Sam's offering but plan to try as many as I can over the coming months.
  11. So last night as I was sulking after the Rockets loss, I started flipping through channels and saw that they were showcasing Cam Zink on an X-Games episode on ESPN. I was intrigued because you so rarely see anything MTB related on X-Games. Anyway, I ended up wasting an hour on all the hype and commercials leading up to the single jump that the show was all about. Save yourself the misery and watch the full 30-sec clip here.
  12. So I finally got around to cutting to cord, well in a wimpy sort of way. I ended up dumping the overpriced AT&T U-Verse, which qualified me for the new customer pricing on their streaming service, AT&T TV. I've had no complaints with the AT&T gigabit internet service I've had for several years, and now with the new customer pricing for AT&T TV and bundling the internet service and gift card rebates, my pricing for 2 yrs is competitive with You Tube TV and Sling. Anyway so far I really like the interface via the provided boxes, which also enable integrating other apps such as Netflix, HBO Max (comes free with the internet service), etc. The programming is great too, especially for a sports fanatic like me. What I need help with is getting a better wireless signal upstairs. Also curious though why one TV is picking up the 5Ghz signal and the other is picking up the 2.4Ghz - possibly due to the distance from the Gateway?. The Gateway is a Pace 5268AC and AT&T offers a compatible Wi-Fi extender for $49.99 that I'm thinking I will try vs. setting up an entirely new wireless network. It provides mesh coverage and works with both wired and wireless backhaul. Since I've got an ethernet jack in a bedroom adjacent to the upstairs TV room, I'm thinking I'll just put the wired extender there to create a stronger signal upstairs, for the TV but also for my kid's laptop and iPhone. @AustinBike any alternative advice you would offer? I'm still tempted to pay somebody to run wired ethernet connections to my main TVs, but given the cost of that, it will likely be a last resort.
  13. throet

    Buds Required

    Such a well executed composition!
  14. Great to hear from you buddy! I rode through June, had 5 rides in July, and 0 in August. I've got all the exercise equipment I need indoors; so for me it just hasn't been worth riding in the heat. Looking forward to getting back out in a the next few weeks though as we should start to see some cooler / crisper mornings at least.
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