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  1. Still working to collect on my long list of whiskies to try. Picked this one up today as I hadn't worked any Ryes into the rotation yet. It's really good but I'd rank others I've tried higher at this price point. Everything I've been trying over the past year has been in the $45-$60 range. If I had to stop right now and pick just two whiskies for a regular rotation, it would be the OF 1920 and the Four Roses Single Barrel. I know there is much more for me to try, but I'm finding that variety isn't as important to me as the pure pleasure that comes from something you know is going to connect instantly and intimately with your pallet.
  2. throet

    Hail damage

    We didn't get any hail at all in CP, but as luck would have it my wife had to meet our son in P-Ville around the time of the storm and got hammered. She was in my other son's car and so now both sons have extensive damage to their vehicles. They were at a Sprint store, and said that you could literally hear and see windshields getting smashed throughout the parking lot by golf-ball sized hail. Really sucks but I'm glad her newer car was left at home in the garage!
  3. throet

    Hail damage

    I was thinking the same thing, but what's funny is that several houses on our street are getting roofs replaced under insurance for a storm that allegedly took place last year. A guy from the roofing company is essentially knocking on everybody's door advising that they will get a large portion of their $22K roof replacement covered - even showed me pictures that he claims to have taken on the neighbor's roof. I was turned off by the experience and told the guy I though $22K was too much to pay for a new roof even if it was being covered by insurance. Ended up calling my regular roofer who has done repairs for me in the past to come inspect to see if there is legitimate damage from last year that I could still file a claim against.
  4. throet

    Buds Required

    Such a bad-ass track released in '74 from JW! I had all but forgotten about it though until it was re-popularized via the soundtrack from Without Limits in 1998, a great story on the wonderous and tragic life of super distance runner Steve Prefontaine. It stays on several of my playlists now though!
  5. Yeah it seems like most folks with a 35mm clamp have it because it came on a new bike; so the likelihood of somebody having some laying around is low. Even if somebody swapped out what came on the bike, chances are that would not be more than a 25mm rise - max. @horncpa You might want to seek out somebody who has a 31.5mm clamp stem with accompanying high-rise bars you could borrow - probably a better chance of success there.
  6. I can share an experience from the Parmer Location - but it's definitely not a complaint. I took my backup bike in just to have the brakes bled and pads changed. They told me to pay in advance and they scheduled me for a few days later, stating that I could keep riding the bike and just bring it in the day before my service appointment, which I thought was cool. When I brought the bike back though, the guy couldn't find my ticket in the computer. No big deal though, he just asked somebody else for help. I got a text early the next day saying the work order was complete, which was again very cool. I headed over there to pick up the bike, and the guy told me I owed $55. I told him there must be a mistake as I had paid for the parts and labor in advance. Turns out they put a much more expensive pad on than what I had told them to put on, since for my backup bike I really don't need anything more than cheap resin pads. They hemmed and hawed a bit, I suppose trying to get me to believe that I really needed the higher priced pads. Ultimately though they were either going to have to swap them out or eat the difference in price; so they just let me keep the nicer pads at no additional cost, which was the right thing to do. The service itself, although something most of you probably do yourself, was done fine. All the other stuff I just write off to working the kinks out of a new system.
  7. Feisty Blonde from HopFusion. Upon first sip of this stuff I was really impressed, but there's something about it that just keeps me from wanting a second one, possibly the honey flavor. A friend of mine couldn't get enough though; so I suppose to each their own. I must say 8.27% for a Blonde is impressive, but I'm going to pass on picking this one up again. Might be worth at least trying it if you like a lighter beer but with some kick.
  8. Mine is drooping a bit - should I be concerned?
  9. You had me at 157bpm, which is higher than I've been in quite a while. Seems a few of those climbs came in quick succession. The one that did me in had me caught in a middle gear when I realized we were going way up again. So much fun and challenge to step away from the familiar turf! Looking forward to getting down south for a SATN ride soon, and hope to host you on a Brushy ride as well.
  10. Ditto!!!!! Happened just the other day and I'm thinking "damn ... how many times am I going to have to say thanks, appreciate you letting me by".
  11. The dealer gets their money regardless of whether you finance or pay cash or whether there are incentives or not. Leverage when buying a new car comes from knowing how low they will go, and generally speaking that should be close to invoice. Of course supply and demand factor in depending on the particular make / model. Bottom line is that you have to be willing to be a bigger asshole than they are at the negotiating table. There are simply too many available new cars on lots to not be in a position of power when buying a new car, unless you are looking for some rare breed.
  12. Addidas 5-10 Trailcross LT Flat MTB Shoe Review - As promised, I agreed to let folks know what I think about these shoes I bought a few months ago. Simply said, they are by far the best flat MTB shoes I've ever used. They are light and comfortable, but still feel incredibly supportive. They're easy to slide on, but then tighten up incredibly well and hold your heel firmly in place. When you're riding, you can literally feel the breeze blowing through the mesh section of the shoe. They have the same Stealth sole that 5-10 is famous for, but it feels a bit more rigid than what's on my Freeriders. They actually come as close to feeling clipped in as I've ever felt on a Flat MTB shoe. I'm not seeing any excessive wear on the soles so far after maybe 25 rides. These shoes retail for $140 but somehow I was lucky enough to get this pair for $80 on an eBay bid. Now, you're lucky to even find them at full retail. Not sure if Addidas even makes them anymore, but I just ordered a second pair at retail price using some Amazon Gift cards we had. Got the black this time.
  13. Sounds delicious, and very similar to a dish I regularly order - Bistec a la Mexicana - at our favorite local Mexican Restaurant, Los Reyes. They include cooked tomato "fragments" (not diced) in addition to the peppers and onions, and upon request top with ranchero sauce. No cheese, but I'm sure you could have that added. For me it fits my low-carb diet really well if I just eat it off a plate with small helping of rice and some charro beans.
  14. How far is Flat Rock Ranch from Kerrville? Figured it would be relatively close for you, and probably a nice drive to boot!
  15. For those of you who like to turn up the heat without sacrificing flavor, I highly recommend this sauce. I never use steak sauce on fresh-off-the-grill ribeyes, but because we're always getting the family packs on sale at Randalls, I usually end up with a few that go in the fridge and then the microwave days later. This stuff has been the ticket for that! Today I covered the left-over steak with this stuff and ate it along with a big bowl of fresh, cold watermelon for lunch. Fabulous!
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