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  1. Because of that unfamiliar smokiness of that Hickory Hill Texas Rye, it's essentially sat idle while I finished off most of the rest of my stash. I'm sipping on it neat now though, and it's actually not bad at all - just different. Like so many other things, I suppose you just have to acquire a taste for it. That's not to say I'll rush out to get another bottle, as right now my favorite Rye is the Russel's Reserve Single Barrel. However, I won't turn down the Hickory Hill if offered to me, and may even eventually purchase it again. What's your favorite Rye these days @Barry ?
  2. Starting off the weekend right with this gem from BB. No slouch either at 11.8%!
  3. Seems we were just posting about Oktoberfest brews, but it's already that time of year again! This is one of the best I've had for sure.
  4. This works with AT&T TV streaming service as well. Use it all the time with basketball games so that I don't have to watch all of the commercials. Of course that means jumping in an hour in vs. just 20 min in.
  5. Wear blue and don't bathe. Maybe that will help you get hit!
  6. I'm not going to say I outrode them but I definitely avoided getting bitten, possibly just lucky. I felt one bumping up against my arm a few times. Do they tend to disappear around dusk? That might have helped since it was starting to get dark around the time I finished.
  7. Been watching this mini-series on HBO Max. Never been a huge surfing fan, but I'm finding it very intriguing. Seems in this game they are playing, it is almost impossible to calculate risks.
  8. Went out around 7:15pm for a spin tonight. Ordinarily I don't try to go fast in this oppressive summer heat / humidity, but it was a matter of survival tonight as the horse flies were swarming. Ended up with my third fastest time on 1/4 Notch.
  9. I have some old Renthal carbon bars that have some rise and some sweep, albeit minimal (7 degrees maybe). They are cut down to 730mm though. You're welcome to have them. I did use them for a couple of years and of course can't guarantee the integrity. I do remember you saying you had a good dentist though!
  10. Any locals visited Bentonville during Outerbike in past years? Seems late Oct would be a great time of year to visit, and I suppose the event itself would serve as a form of entertainment when not riding. Seems any races that are part of the event are only on one day - so closure of trails shouldn't be a big issue if staying multiple days. Given the abundance of trails, I wouldn't think that overcrowding would be an issue either. Any thoughts from folks that have been or are familiar with the event?
  11. Damnnnnnn! These guys flat out fly - unreal speed and air time.
  12. Some nice bikes there! Seems the Trek Store on Parmer had a couple of those Fuel EX 9.8s on the floor listed at $4999 a couple of months ago. I'm sure they didn't last long.
  13. Not quite an Everest, but certainly an interesting challenge to consider for some of you studs out there. Anyway, nicely done video and worth a watch even if you just want to see how it's done by someone else. At the end of the video there are details on how to document your own #BentonvilleTrailChallenge and possibly win cool prizes. Contest is not limited to riders who finish in one day - just need to tell a compelling story and follow the rules as noted below. C'mon it's only 17K of climbing! 1) Ride all of Bentonville's trails by the end of year. You can do it all at once as Payson did, or take it in smaller chunks at whatever pace you like. 2) Document and share your progress on Instagram with the hashtag #BentonvilleTrailChallenge, and save your posts as a highlight on your profile. The most compelling/inspiring/creative stories win. If you're a retro grouch and don't have Instagram, you can write us a beautiful essay and/or submit your video(s) to theadventure@paysonmcelveen.com 3) Join the Bentonville Trail Challenge STRAVA club to prove your progress.
  14. At least you're smiling .... relatively speaking. Heal up man and let's get back out there once the temps cool off.
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