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  1. So I left the stash at home and just packed a selection of seasonal beers to Huntsville. Was pleasantly surprised to find that my brother-in-law was holding something I had never heard of let alone tried out. Probably not something I'd run out and buy at $55, but always nice to try a new whiskey. Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey
  2. Ended up giving one of my riding buddies a sweet deal on it. He'll definitely want to invest the savings in some better brakes.
  3. Haha my wife doesn't even let me drive it!
  4. I've had the JD SBBP on my list ever since you recommended it, but it took a trip over to Total Wine to finally make it happen. Already tapped that 1920 (neat) and it's going down real smooth and warm! I'm guessing both of these will become regulars for me. The dilemma now is whether I want to share either of these with extended family during Thanksgiving. Might have to just pick up a bottle of Crown Royal for them to mix with Coke ... LOL.
  5. This is really getting infuriating. First I come up on Squeeze Play and see that somebody dumbed down the the feature again. It was easy enough to discard those extra rocks but still sucks that people feel the need to alter the damn trail. Then I get a little further along at Ray's Collarbone and take my usually line down on the far right. Ended up having to skinny down the two remaining rocks since somebody decided that the trail was better off without the massive boulder that used to be there. A young fellow with a strong back came along who was able to get it back in place but it's going to take some work to really get it secured. @GreenMTBrider let me know if you want to meet out there this week. Also, maybe we could put a couple of those signs in place at both Squeeze and Ray's Collarbone.
  6. Believe I'm going to pass on tomorrow morning's fogfest and maybe do a nooner instead.
  7. I'm really diggin' this local seasonal selection! Hopefully I can stock up on enough to get me through the chilly months ahead.
  8. throet

    Buds Required

    Love me some Johnnie Taylor!
  9. Putting a couple of my favs head to head. Too tough to call.
  10. Haha yeah solid as a rock! Did it again sans mask after a brief tour of the Chunk, the Wall, and Tree Hugger. @GreenMTBrider I did also manage to trim back quite a bit of cedar on both sections of DD. Never made it over to Rim though.
  11. Yes I can be there at 9am. Thanks for taking the initiative to check it out.
  12. Not sure that I would call it a skinny but it was like a stepping stone that led to two smaller boulders that you could continue to roll down. I've never tried going up that same line.
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