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  1. Indeed, I strung together a short 8 mile loop there that my gps says is worth ~1600ft ascent total, not too shabby
  2. I’m all about low maintenance and longevity. Lighter weight and stiffness is a plus too. I’ve always considered aluminum rims a consumable item and have never reused a rim on another hub.
  3. Man you guys have sold me on carbon rims now, been resistant. But I guess this will be my next upgrade
  4. Manuals are good for maintaining or assisting increasing speed through dips/undulating terrain (watch a BMX race). Effectively rear suspension is increased by your legs, very cool. On flat it’s all for the steez
  5. I also have been noticing more and more eMtbs on the trails. But it’s been pretty much a nonissue, no negatives that I’ve encountered. I’m actually sold on owning one as a 2nd mtb once the used market is full after covid.
  6. Started rolling some continental 2.3 cross kings f/r, awesome on the pavement enroute to trail and just enough grip off-road.
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