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  1. Double back at you, is that right? Been a long time since I was 7, but I still like pudding.
  2. Thanks for the info, but the wife decided we should to fly down and drive it back over a long weekend. Chicka, chicka, boom boom.
  3. Anyone ever hired a hauler out to transport a car? I have a 1970 MGB that I need to get from League City to Austin and I really don’t want to tow or drive it here. Suggestions on who to contact/logistics?
  4. Fexofenadine works for me and I start taking it 2 to 3 weeks before the cedar bombs go off. I also get a few cedar shots every year from running into those bastards while riding.
  5. Hit me up if you’re missing one.
  6. I can’t add photos for some reason. DM your # and I’ll send you a picture. They’re mainly different shades of gray with hardly any texture.
  7. 2’ x 2’ should be enough to cover a standard two car garage.
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