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  1. Well done. The shadow shots are off the chart.
  2. I'm pretty stoked that the wife is enjoying her retirement present.
  3. I definitely need a bag for the front of the bar, but I want something smaller. I don’t use a hydration pack, have a saddle bag for tire repair and looking for something to carry a few more items/tools. I wear a road jersey and use the pockets for those items now, but the extra weight in the pockets reduces wicking and the jersey tends to stick to my back.
  4. Sluggo


    Ride to the ride.
  5. Sluggo


    https://texasdistancechallenge.com/ Anyone else doing this? I’m on a team and I usually don’t need motivation to ride, but it has been fun seeing teammates get the bug.
  6. Suggestions on a small, low profile handlebar bag for a mountain bike?
  7. Ongoing fig harvest. We’re going to use a few for Sexy Fig and Lemon Fizz cocktails. Boom chicka chicka wow wow. #beverlywayne
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