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  1. Cycle Progression and Bike Farm carry Specialized bikes and accessories. I picked up a Specialized Ground Control at Bike Farm on Saturday.
  2. Sluggo

    Car Glamping

    Three night test run at RPR went well, the tent handled the wind and I didn’t have to murder anyone.
  3. https://medinaag.com/ is the stuff I use to help condition the soil to build up the beneficial microbes. You’ll never have to fertilize if you have healthy soil.
  4. Don’t give up. Warm days and cool nights slow the big stuff down. Level temps and a good drink of water will help things to bud out. Large root systems are hard to kill and they just need a little help getting back on track.
  5. our big oak is popping.
  6. Sluggo

    Car Glamping

    This is our overnight tent.
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