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  1. I once saw a lady with one of those nozzle things. Tripped me out.
  2. I about had a fit.
  3. He also rode across Iceland in less than a day.
  4. Medicare Helpline closes soon. Don’t miss your chance to get what you deserve.
  5. Not too long ago, I pushed a much bigger gear than I do now and I appreciate the range the 12spd provides. Mainly a GB rider and the smaller jumps between gears helps on the stuff I like to ride.
  6. Pedal assist bikes are allowed in all Travis County Parks. They aren’t going away and won’t be the reason areas are shut down. Notices have been posted by the COA on trails down south and it wasn’t because of what type of bike they were riding. Turning off Strava Heat Maps and Flybys will help protect our “access”.
  7. There’s a lot of unlimited cash in the cycling world and more in the RV crowd. You still rolling a 26r…?
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