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  1. Nothing I can think of within driving distance is really "camping" worthy. Maybe Lake Georgetown, if you can camp on it (I'm not sure). Garner State Park - Nice, but a bit of a drive for what it is. And be prepared to not be able to pass anyone, no matter how slow they slow down to during the turns, during long parts of the drive out there. When there is a rare passing section, don't be surprised if there's also a cop behind a tree who doesn't give a damn if you're going faster than the speed limit was in an attempt to quickly and prudently pass an old Grandma 🙂 Balcones Canyon Lands Doeskin Ranch - Pretty and close. Somewhat short depending on your hiking preferences. Madrone at Canyon Lake - More of a mountain bike path imo. I've hiked it a few times and it's pretty ho-hum.
  2. Thanks everyone. I didn't have any luck being able to do anything with that Google link (I tried a bunch of different things with it), but I was able to recreate a lot of the route in alltrails just by looking at the map they have and following the lines. It was one helluva a nice day for riding! On hosting GPX files and other map files, I have a server we could put this on, but honestly I do think it'd make a lot more sense to put it on one of the Austin Mountain Bike websites. The files aren't that big if done right. The recreated SATN north map I made using alltrails was just ~150KB.
  3. Hi all! Does anyone happen to have the GPX file for the SATN North ride here: https://www.trailforks.com/route/satn-social-north-10-26-19-event/ In order to download it now (new rule on trailforks?) I have to get a ~$36 / year subscription, which seems overkill as it's just that one ride I want to get the GPX file for... Thanks in advance!
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