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  1. Been watching Europa league in Spanish (difficult) and now in English on the CBS app. You can do a free trail on the CBS app for 30 days if you include commercials. Seeing as I only want it for C/E leagues that is perfect.
  2. Yeah, it's an overly complicated situation with a lot of subtleties, the gringo laid some out. In my opinion this is an area where ARR could really step up and help the community overall. My biggest fear is that the next "Karen" video we see is gonna be from a GB trailhead. God I hope it is some frat boy carrying a cooler and not a mountain biker.
  3. We lost Forest Ridge to birds We lost s****y to developers City park is perpetually in danger We've lost plenty of trails. I look at it this way: doing small simple things to help preserve what we love is a small price to pay. What if this is a trailhead issue only? There is no indication that people will be patrolling the GB looking for tickets, this seems like a way to modulate access. I'd rather not have it, but if it increases the probability that access is not lost then I am ok with it. Austin is growing and this is no different than the traffic issues we face. I'd rather have the city trying to figure out how to manage it then just say screw it and either wall it off or sell it off to developers.
  4. Well, that is an interesting question. Are we OK with this: In the world of COVID all bets are off. That chart is just Texas and as we continue to toss another 6-8,000 Texans per day onto the fire, it's pretty clear that we don't have a good plan and some steps need to be taken. What we don't know is: 1. If you aren't starting from one of those primary 5-6 starting places, does it matter? 2. If you are starting before 10:30 does it matter? 3. Are they patrolling the trails and stopping people randomly to check for reservations? Clearly I would rather have none of this, but because I don't park at those trailheads and I start before 10:30 this may be a total non-issue. If it helps limit the number of idiots that are out there on the main trail that may not be a bad thing. If I ride the GB it will be with a bandana because I know the types of people who frequent it on the weekends (as evidenced by the empty beer cans and trash) and I just don't trust them. We live in weird times and to some degree we need to stop asking are we ok with this because the last time we argued "are we OK with this" was back in May when we were shut down. People argued that the shutdown was unnecessary and that we could all be adults and really be responsible for ourselves. Just look up at that chart again and look at May vs. July to see how well we did. With school starts all in a state of flux and the impact that will bring to both families and the economy, is having this restriction so onerous?
  5. Got this on the receipt: And on the ticket: Nowhere does it say anything about "leave this on your windshield" or in view for your car. These appear to be specifically for entrance to the trail. The data above is somewhat redacted, there is more on the actual pass.
  6. OK, I just went in and created a reservation for next week. Here's the lowdown: 1. There appears to be the following entrances: Hill of Life, Gaines creek (Mopac), 360, Zilker, Gus Fruh, Spyglass, and Homedale drive. 2. There is no cost associated. 3. I am guessing that if they are patrolling they *could* ask to see your authorization, but I am unclear if this is only for parking/entrance or for usage. For instance, it is not clear if you start somewhere else or ride to the ride if you need a reservation. 4. Passes are for 10:30-3:00 or 3:00-7 It is unclear if this means no passes before 10:30. With August heat, who is gonna start that late? Overall this is an extra level of pain in the ass but because I just don't generally use those starting points I'm not sure this will be that much of an issue. The passes for the greenbelt *appear* to be for the entrance and not for parking. There were talks about making the HOL entrance paid street parking. If I go next week I'll report back.
  7. The good news is reservations are only Thursday through Sunday so unemployed guys like me get a break.
  8. I am a firm believer in HF for those "single use" tools. I had a screwed up bottom bracket that I needed to remove and went to HF and bought a pipe wrench for a few bucks. Did the job. If I got to 55 years on this earth and never needed a pipe wrench before now, I think an HF tool is fine because at this rate, I won't need one until I hit 110. That being said I had to replace my vise grips and even though I had a 45 year old pair of cheap Taiwanese knock offs (huge sentimental value, now in the hands of that tool thief bonewipe...) they were replaced with the real deal, branded tools, because I use them a lot.
  9. For Premier League the big adder is the songs. When things are really going well for a team the fans are singing. That was being pumped in, but not to the degree that you would normally hear in a match. This nullified much of the home field advantage.
  10. Yeah, I have not ridden a trail since February and have not done a group ride since the first week of March. It's getting very tiring, but I think I can venture out onto the trails in a few more week. Still miss riding with people and hanging out afterwards but the risk is much higher than the reward, so the ratio is still off for me. I generally trust my friends, but I don't *know* my friends. Do I really know how many contacts they have had that week. "I'm being really safe" is a tough statement to dissect because everyone's opinion of safe differs and you can't really get to the real answer without asking a ton of questions that makes you feel like a jerk. Social media is a good gauge in weeding out some (pictures tell no lies) but not everyone is active on social media and just because you didn't post a picture of you in a restaurant does not mean you weren't in one... Hopefully we get to a vaccine in 2021 and things can somewhat get back to normal.
  11. It is healthy to be skeptical. The BBC also reported on this: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-53553576 Based on my work I have to spend a lot of time with network security, people that understand all of this way more than I ever could are all in pretty firm agreement that they paid. Whether they paid the full $9M is something we'll never know and the company is not saying anything (clearly worried about shareholders and other liability as well as bad PR). In a world where >90% of the ransomware infections are not able to be remediated without paying *something* the odds are in their favor for payment here. And, payment is probably the smart thing to do. Imagine you built a building, installed a sprinkler, but never bothered to check it to see if it works. After a few years the building catches on fire. You pull the lever and find that the sprinkler was never properly connected this whole time. A guy is standing there with a pipe wrench in his hand that can connect it so you can put out the fire, but he wants a lot of money. Do you a.) give him the cash and save the building of b.) let it burn to the ground because you see his payment as "blackmail"? Honestly, if your business is hit by ransomware there is very little thought about "how did this happen" and the focus is entirely on how to get it under control. I have no idea what the value of Garmin services were but I'd be willing to bet that if they were losing $1M/day and the ransom was $9M, by day 4 they'd be thinking long and hard about what to do and if by day 6 they did not have daylight on a solution they'd be opening the check book. Basically it is a business decision; the math is not "what has this cost us so far" and more about "what is the potential total cost to resolution." Ideally you'd not want to pay the ransom but if that is both the quickest and least expensive solution you actually risk a shareholder suit down the road if you don't pay it. We'll ultimately find out because the hacking group has been sanctioned by the US government so even if they chose a third party exchange, they will run afoul of the DOJ. Could be an interesting couple of months as this continues to unfold.
  12. 3 teenage girls just rode down my street with helmets. Hanging from their handlebars. WTAFIUWT? Glad I don't have kids.
  13. Based on how little it takes to do a ransomware attack, getting 9 large probably has zero impact on capability but it has a lot of impact for motivation. Hopefully Garmin is spending the money to secure their systems so this does not happen again.
  14. Annnnndddd we have our answer: https://news.sky.com/story/garmin-paid-multi-million-dollar-ransom-to-criminals-using-arete-ir-say-sources-12041468 Cheaper to pay them off than trying to rebuild everything from scratch.
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