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  1. Actually I have 3 forks, the Reba RL Ti, a Fox Factory 34 and a Pike. The Reba (with a 20mm axle where the other 2 are 15mm) is too stiff for me. This might be because the fork could use some service, but overall I have found the Reba to be the least favorite of the group. The Fox and Pike do a great job of eating up the rough stuff but when I get done with a lap on the Reba my back and shoulders are stiff.
  2. Just let me know. Available any week day but I use it on the weekends.
  3. So you know how to add a spacer to a Reba? I have a 140mm with a cane creek crown race. If you want to add a 10mm spacer to it to drop it to 130mm it would actually work out better for me. Only downside is you’d have to try it with my front wheel too because I am guessing ou don’t have a 20mm wheel.
  4. Mission accomplished, TXN had a GXP. That, with a spacer did the job. Now on to the next crisis, which looks like it might be brake related.
  5. If you have a king headset you can borrow my Fox Factory 34 for a day.
  6. Damn, Amazon is faster than you, a new one is headed here on Monday or so. I will take it anyway, but let me see whether this one that is showing up fits, good to have a backup plan.
  7. Most of it depends on the geometry of the frame. My HT takes a 130mm Fox and the pike I am putting on the new HT I am building should work as well. But I would think anything over 130 will chopper the bike. I might even have some spacers put in to drop the fork to 120mm someday.
  8. I have the spacers, if I add 2 spacers to the ND side it would probably fit. But I am thinking a GXP BB might be a more logical solution. Long term I will probably swap out the cranks but I am trying to get this bike up and running right now. $300 worth of parts are showing up today (dropper and then some) so digging out another $110 on cranks is not in the cards for me today.
  9. That is what I was trying to get to - sounds like my crank is too big. Guessing I need a RF crank?
  10. Building up my hard tail. Spec says a 68/73mm BB. Check. BB says to put one spacer on the drive side, just like on my singlespeed (same frame). but when I put the crank (SRAM) on the bike, it has a pretty big gap. Do I add extra spacers (which means the cup in the center won’t fit) or do I have to get a different crank?
  11. Not really. Most of the women I ride with can kick my ass on the trails.
  12. If you think that someone switches genders only to gain a competitive advantage in a sport then I think you are misguided. Seriously. I won't take a position on what is fair in racing as I am not a racer, but the idea that someone decides to swap genders to gain an advantage is disingenuous at best.
  13. Did a greenbelt ride yesterday, on a climb up to a former retail store I stopped to catch my breath, leaning onto a tree to steady myself. Put my hand into a whole bunch of it. That is all. Ride safe.
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