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  1. Interested in both but cedar park is way out of the way for me. Do you get down to Austin ever?
  2. Here is the definitive answer: https://hydromet.lcra.org you can zero in on rainfall for the last 24 hours. There is a station at 360 and mopac, pretty much ground zero for the greenbelt.
  3. We got ~1/4” on the GB, should be fine tomorrow. Might even ride it myself tomorrow. Should be great.
  4. I plan to be there ~4 for some early riding. I'll post up conditions, but if there is sun by noon you best be on your way there because it looks like the rain missed most of the city (.07" in Rosedale), it is all up to the north. Betting the GB is even better, only .09" in the past 24 hours. Everyone south of Willco should be on their bikes today 😉
  5. Rain is done for the day. According to the local weather station they received .15" of rain. Sun should be out this afternoon. It will be humid. But it should be hero dirt. I plan to be there riding.
  6. Planning to ride tomorrow, pending any developments in the morning weather. The last 3 days called for rain and we had none here in central Austin
  7. I have seen more copperheads than rattlers. In 20+ years of riding Austin I've seen 3 CH's and 2 rattlers (doubled that number yesterday) and more coral snakes than I have fingers. Might have seen 2 water moccasins but was not close enough to either to make a 100% ID; one was over 4 feet long and looked really nasty.
  8. That almost sounds like work 😉
  9. Ran into a rattler on the greenbelt today. ~3’ long. Freaked me out. Slammed the brakes so hard I did a nose wheelie and almost face planted onto it.
  10. Did my typical lunchtime lap around the lake and for the first time in many months I did not see a single scooter out there. Perhaps these signs are helping. Nicely done TTF.
  11. Never tried it after a ride but have tried some for general relaxation and better sleep. Seems to do ok, but more experimentation is needed before I can call it success.
  12. It is primarily a consumer thing. We tech people can decode letters easily, but consumers, not so much. https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi/wi-fi-certified-6 Back on topic. I really like that Specialized categorization.
  13. Exactly. I have little space for my bikes, essentially 3 wall studs. And there is an exterior door that opens right into the bikes (clearly I was limited in my storage space.) In that world being able to swing the bikes 6-12" to get in and out of the door is perfect. Without the swing, the door would only open halfway.
  14. I am one level below that. Technically I am an under the influencer.
  15. I am a networking analyst. One of the things the industry did is change all of the nomenclature. Instead of 802.11n or 802.11ac or 802.11b they changed to WiFi1 through WiFi6. Because 6 is higher than 5 (logical) and there is a lack of logic on the letters (AC is higher than N...) People can figure out what "level" of WiFi is supported, it was far easier than having to figure out if one was better than another. I'd love to see companies find a way of trying to do this as well. But it would have to be standardized, so that, for instance, a Specialized "level 5" should be able to take the same level of abuse as a Yeti "Level 5", and so on.
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