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  1. I think my NBC SG Premier League pass lets me see the other channels as well. The idiots were showing classic matches, but it would be like "Tune in to see Liverpool vs Everton (3-2) in this classic match." Ugh, why give away the score, even though it was last year I forgot the outcome.
  2. Oh, and movies that are not necessarily available on any of the streaming services but would be worth a pay per view: 1. Sexy Beast - Ben Kingsley ain't no Ghandi 2. Snatch or Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels - Like Sexy Beast but funny, basically the same movie 3. Glengarry, Glenross - Best. Movie. Ever. Alec Baldwin is only in for 8 minutes but steals the show 4. Amelie - French, subtitles, worth it, especially if you have been to / want to go to Paris 5. Goodfellas - Yeah, I know, you saw it. Just shut up and watch it again 6. Office Space - Filmed here in Austin. Early tie in the movie to my Pickle comments on another thread. 7. Four Lions - The Alamo Drafthouse produced this one. Funny terrorist movie. Yeah, like a heartwarming slasher movie, right? 8. Fargo - The accents alone are worth it 9. This is Spinal Tap - This movie goes to 11 10. Trainspotting - It is Scottish, they are speaking English. It is OK to turn subtitles on.
  3. If you have not watched the UK office, it is 10X better. I think only 1 or 2 seasons, but worth the binge. I used to go to Slough when I was in the UK because O2 had offices there and we were working on a big server deal. Its pretty much everything you see in the show.
  4. Here is the cut through: You cut into the parking lot just north the Honda dealer and go all the way to the back - you'll see an underpass that goes under the railroad tracks. From the other side just ride through the parking lot to the Mopac sidewalk, all the way up to Braker.
  5. J&J announced today that they were building a factory to potentially manufacture a vaccine, if that tells you how far off a solution probably is. Don't fixate on a vaccine (which will take a long time), look for a treatment. Once people know they can get this and won't die, life gets back to normal. But I don't get on an international flight without a vaccine, so travel is limited to the US once we have a treatment.
  6. If you like Stranger Things then watch "Dark" on Netflix. It's in German so go for the overdub, not the subtitles. There is so much going on and the cinematography is so incredible that you don't want to miss anything. I tired to do subtitles thinking I would be picking up a bunch of it anyway and realized how bad my German is. Even with context it was tough because of the situations. "Look Who's Back" (Er its wieder da) is a good movie on Netflix, keeping with the German theme. Did a little better with matching the dialogue with the subtitles on this one. Also recommend "Abducted in Plain Sight" on Netflix. Chilling. And if you just want mindless fun, "The Grand Tour" is a good way to kill time. Sarcasm is not dead.
  7. Rode past that on my 10-speed back when I was 16. Unbelievably my parents allowed me and my friends to ride ~100 miles to Michigan to spend the week at a friend's cabin. I don't know how a.) they ever agreed to that or b.) how I survived a century in blue jeans on a 10-speed with zero training.
  8. ATTENTION!!!! The Pickle is open! I repeat, the Pickle is open! Went for a ride up Shoal Creek today, shot over Gnarnia and was just going to roll around and see what was happening. The Pickle gates were wide open. I could get from my house up to the Domain easily with no issue whatsoever. Of course, the Domain was all shut down, but I digress. I have a nice 20 mile lap that goes through that area up to the NWCT and back. Now I know I can continue up Shoal Creek and not have to use the secret cut-through to the Mopac frontage. Literally, this is the highlight of my week. This and finding out what a shrub rake is. Clearly it is going to be a long 30 days...
  9. I have dropped town lake and only do streets now, the trails are getting too full. I feel a city action coming on soon....
  10. Be real careful on this. It is not just about American companies but companies with American manufacturing. Often it is difficult to discern where the parts actually come from. And then, is it manufacturing in the US or assembly in the US. This will take significantly more research because the rules about "made in the US" are kinda murky. You can claim made in the US if a certain percentage of the assembly is done here. And it is not 51%, it's even lower. The good news is that some companies are really up front about this, but you have to be a real skeptic if you want to do it right. I keep thinking about the episode of Portlandia where they ask about the chicken.
  11. This morning's numbers were flatter. When I say flatten out I mean starting the process. But it will be like turning an oil tanker. The "flattening" may take a month, so we will be into May before we really know what is going on. My fear is not an all clear now (or Easter as trump had originally suggested) but my fear is an all clear in May where people who have been cooped up for 6 weeks suddenly believe that it is literally back to life as normal and that we don't need to take precautions. Honestly speaking, until we have a vaccine (12-18 months) there will be some degree of managing unnecessary trips. Yes, you'll be able to go out, but any time you need a widget you'll be weighing running down to Home Depot vs. waiting. Restaurants will be open, but probably way more space (i.e. fewer tables) and more carry out than eat in. I'm no expert but I see this in phases: 1. Lockdown (today) 2. Easing lockdown - new rules, not back to normal (for 12-18 months) 3. Back to normal because we have a vaccine (probably 2 years from now) During phase 2 you'll see outbreaks and mini lockdowns. Someone in the neighborhood or at work gets sick and this whole thing starts all over again. If you have someone sick at work there will be a 1-week lockdown at the office while they send in a disinfecting team. Church services still banned, no concerts, lots of restrictions on bars and other gathering places. Still tons of disruption.
  12. I'm about 99% sure that is private property. If I remember correctly there have been issues with that in the past.
  13. Yeah, that was a great one. Watch it again and listen to the Chernobyl podcast too. Fascinating. Took all our attention on a road trip back from New Orleans last fall.
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