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  1. Pearl Izumi toe covers. Have cutouts on the bottom for clips, but I think these are more for roadies, I didn't like clipping and unclipping on MTB rides. L/XL size.
  2. Big turnout, it's amazing what beautiful weather can do for a ride.
  3. We rode Cal 56, but we were following a local who was set on torturing us.
  4. I generally do not race, the only ones I participate in are ones where finishing is more important than time.
  5. That one is 5x better condition than the one I saw.
  6. Yeah, the write up is old, I need to add some new details. Have a ton of updates but I have been too busy with work and classes so web stuff takes the back burner. Plus, need to go back for some pics, didn’t take any because we were in a group and things were moving along quickly.
  7. Coming home from riding this morning I passed a garage sale and there were several bikes out front. I spied a Schwinn Varsity, something I always lusted after in my youth (they were made in Chicago, everyone had one, but I never had enough money for one...) Circled around and stopped in. Busted up tires, no handlebar take, everything falling apart, plenty of rusted/frozen components. But man, for the right price, it would be a fun restoration project. Looked at the price tag. $400. WTF? If it weren't for that extra zero I'd have it on my rack. Who in the hell ever told them it was even close to worth that????
  8. You need to go. Lots of new stuff, jumps, berms, walls, etc. Yeah, it's not Spider Mountain, but it was fun and free. Great trail system. Every time I leave there I think "I need to go there more often." Hopefully I will not wait too long before the next trip. Had a blast, worth the drive.
  9. Huh, I got 16.5 miles on the bike this morning, left when it was 37F, think it "warmed up" to about 39F by the time I got home. Oh yeah, and I hit sleet on the way home. Always ride.
  10. Was someone talking about being a sock person??? https://www.planetx.co.uk/c/q/clothing/footwear/socks?sort=price-asc&utm_source=The+Planet+X+and+On-One+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=c5b4bc94ac-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_11_13_11_26&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_561486488b-c5b4bc94ac-274016313&mc_cid=c5b4bc94ac&mc_eid=7c6b35a5ae Merino wool socks for less than $4 a pair. I have several pair and they are really warm. Shipping the the US is cheap.
  11. What are you looking for in a Garmin? I have an old Garmin 500 that I'd trade for a 6-pack if you don't need bluetooth or other fancy features.
  12. Yeah, I am rocking On One stuff almost exclusively except jersey and shorts. Their merino wool stuff is great and cheap. All of their base layers are cheap. Stay away from the helmets, my forehead is already wearing through the cushion. But clothes are awesome, especially the cold weather stuff.
  13. Basically I did: Windbreaker Jersey Long sleeve base Short sleeve base Shorts pants liner Wool socks Balaclava Gloves
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