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  1. I had a dog charge me and chase me, it was off leash. It bit my ankle slightly. As I was racing away the owner kept yelling at ME to stop so the dog would stop chasing me. Not gonna happen, I am not giving the dog a second chance. Even if that means you have to walk 2 miles to get your dog. Not my problem, leash them. I believe that the leash laws indicate that you must be in control of your dog if they are off-leash. I have run into people with 4-5 dogs at Walnut, all off leash. They can only be in control of 1, at most. I also see people with small children and a dog off leash. This is a really bad situation because if there is an impromptu dog fight arising, are you going to leave hold of your toddler to separate the dogs? No, not smart.
  2. Yeah, this is the top of the hill of life neighborhood. Been problems for many years down at the falls with drinking, nudity, drugs, etc. Actually let me rephrase that, been problems complaints for many years down at the falls with drinking, nudity, drugs, etc. I personally don't have a problem with that. But the one thing I will agree with the homeowners on is the parking/trash situation. If people would just do their thing and not disturb others it would be great. However, that is not the case. This is decidedly not bikers, but we get lumped in with the rest.
  3. I have press fit BB presses and removal tools if anyone needs to borrow those in the future.
  4. Also, a utility lamp, @CBaron let me know if you want me to put it with the jack stands, if not anyone is welcome to it. Cord is probably 12-15' in length.
  5. All yours, on my front porch. I PM'd you the address.
  6. Craftsman Jack and jack stands. Central Austin, PM me for the address.
  7. Check with Apple, there are free replacements on many keyboards out of warranty. My 2016 pro had a replacement out of warranty. https://support.apple.com/exchange_repair
  8. My brother in law is moving and needs to get rid of a ton of stuff. Her has several sets of shelves in his garage that he needs to get rid of. Like fast, no flaky people who will say let me come by and look at it or can you hold it until next week. If you are the kind of person who is willing to drive out to Steiner Ranch and put these into the back of your truck yourself (they are in their 60's so don't count on help) then let me know and I will put you in touch with them.
  9. 4 years is unusually short. It is at a repair place now. If it is a (relatively) inexpensive fix we will use that as a backup notebook as I assume there should be another 4+ years of service out of it. But I had a customer offer me a project right as I was in the middle of diagnosing. That money made buying a new one a no-brainer. It didn't cover the whole cost, but the combination of that project + the tax deduction for the notebook meant the new MacBook was only ~$500 all in, so worth pulling the trigger.
  10. To say they "aren't compensated" is the miscalculation of the month. They get your data. They sell your data. They make money off of every single person, regardless of their subscription. The real question is whether your data = equal to free subscription. At this point my answer is yes. I would also be open to consider a model where I pay the $5 monthly fee and they keep my data private. I just don't want a model where I pay per month AND they get to sell my data. Not enough transparency as to whether or not I am being taken advantage of. In all honesty I have my rides dumping into Strava, but they are all in Garmin. Since I don't really use all of the social stuff, if Strava went away I would not care much.
  11. On the bright side, now that I don't ride trails, a rainy night is not a big deal any more.
  12. It must be nice to have an electrical engineer in the house for these things. I can do electrical all day long as long as we are talking house wiring but when it comes to components and circuit boards I tap out and let the experts in. Appliance repair is hit or miss with me but when I do manage to fix something there is a major victory lap. Would never touch an AC unit. Oh, and this is a good time to plug Nest. We have 2 units and 2 thermostats, it's great to have them managing the temps and they are really easy to use. Being able to tell Alexa to change the temperature without having to get up is a huge plus.
  13. My 4 year old MacBook pro died last week. Dead as a door nail, nothing could bring it back. Ordered a new one that is arriving today. Spent the last week on a windows notebook, and boy did I feel the pain (~vintage 2008...) When the new one gets here I'll plug it back in and do a restore from my server. I'll have all of my data back without the creepiness of someone else having it. That was about the fourth thing in a row to die on me, this virus is taking a toll on IT products.
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