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  1. Not a whiskey drinker but you should check out the Japanese. Lots of friends in Japan that rave about the stuff.
  2. Yeah, I'd take Shimano over SRAM because the bleed process is so easy and I have the kit. If anyone needs the Avids, let me know.
  3. I have a pair of avid elixrs, no rotors, just levers, hydro tubes and calipers. You’ve got first shot if you want them. I can leave them out for you.
  4. For those soccer fans, “Sunderland til I die” is a good watch for some perspective. Netflix.
  5. Looks like WC is rideable today so it should be great for tomorrow.
  6. I can't vouch for the validity, just something I so on the internets. But this is the church by "church climb" and if you have a dog, as always be careful about that water.
  7. Well, technically he's embarrassed by a lot of things that I do. But when I think about some of the batshit things that he believes in, I'm not too worried. But he has small feet 😉
  8. Also, sorry for the small smattering of rain this morning. Not a full bike so we didn't get the regular downpour. Back from head tube repair: Said box:
  9. My double E father would be embarrassed by my solder skills, but it is working again!
  10. The worst part is not that you might be on camera but that you might have to sift through hours of footage to know for sure. This guy's sentence in jail should be related to the hours of footage retrieved. At a minimum.
  11. Eat well everyone, there is a long weekend of biking in front of you.
  12. Probably a good idea. I have two connections to make so it might be overkill, but I have a friend that is going to help me retire my basses so this might be a nice gift for him.
  13. As a man I can say there is not a trail in this state that does not have a bathroom.
  14. My lights crapped out two weeks ago. Then, last week, I discovered that plugging and unplugging them made them work again. That method gave out last night when I tried to flop them on, only to find no power, no matter what I did. This is the culprit: When I opened up the batter pack, I found that the LEDs were all broken as well (should be soldered onto the board: Last week's maintenance exercise was all about the torque wrench. Today I will be playing with the soldering iron. I hate those, especially with old man eyes.
  15. Ole getting sacked seemed inevitable, especially after Watford, but it still stings. He had all the tools this year, but Jose would have done no better.
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