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  1. Double down tonight to make up for it.
  2. Only 1 VLAN is giving me problems today. But transient issues so it will take me a while to get around to figuring it out
  3. Chamisul is the way to go. Cheap Soju is not worth the effort.
  4. RaceFace makes a 35mm with a 35mm rise, but they are not wildly available. My guess is that you can get them but that you'll probably have to special order it, so there goes getting a great deal or having one to demo. Maybe Amazon can get you a cheap one to try out. Spend $40 to find out if that is the right size. Then go invest in a real one.
  5. If you are going to watch it again, you need to do it with Soju. https://www.totalwine.com/spirits/soju/jinro-chamisul-original/p/134828750?s=514&igrules=true You'll thank me later.
  6. OK, cert done. Server forces to HTTPS now. All is right in the world. Also, my network controller did not explode, other than about 2 minutes where the wifi stopped AFTER the wife was awake. All successful IT migrations happen before anybody wakes up in the house.
  7. Just checked and I have a 10mm rise, 8deg up, 5deg back 760mm bar if you want to borrow it. Nothing so vertical, however.
  8. Yeah, the folks at corporate headquarters have been on me about that. I have generally been lazy and haven't gotten around to it. I have a cert on my business site but have neglected the bike site. Adding this to the list. Finally got around to doing the firmware upgrade for everything on the network and about to touch the network controller. If that does not collapse and burst into flames I'll have most of my tech challenges done and I can get on the cert. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. 3-4 days after my second Pfizer shot and not a single issue. Arm was sore for about an hour. The biggest downside of the second shot was having to skip a beer on Saturday night. Made up for it since then.
  10. We generally pay cash. The dealer offered $500 incentive to finance it. So we took that. Then, while you are signing, you ask "I can pay this off early, right". They'll all say yes, because this is how *most* of the loans are written. But here's what they don't tell you: the dealer only gets THEIR incentive IF you make payments for ~90 days. If you pay off on the first payment, they get nothing. We asked about 0% financing and they told us, no, take the 3% and you get the $500. I could give you 0% but you'd lose the $500. So, after we leave, they all start sweating. He wants to pay it off early. He was ready to write a check today. Suddenly, we get a call, on the way home, asking us if we got 0% if we would not pay it off quickly. Told them at 0% I'd run it for the full length of the note because that is free money for me (future value, etc.) So a few days later my wife is back at the dealer, signing the 0% paperwork, AND we keep the $500. Those that think they have the best leverage with a check are mistaken, the best leverage is taking the loan, and then paying it off. And let them know you understand how their incentives work. Transparency works wonders.
  11. I would not call it wear. I think I was breaking the teeth. I was on a ride and the rear hub started slipping. I tried to make it back to the trail head but one crank turn later the freehub spun freely. This was part of the year where I was focused on climbing. Clearly I torqued it.
  12. We started thinking about owning like leasing. Think about what it costs per month. We just got a new 2021 and traded in a 2016 with <30K miles on it. Basically the 2016 fetched $16K and we had bought it for $32K. So $16K for 5 years. Basically that is $266/month. I have some formulas and spreadsheets to look at maintenance costs (~$100/year on our Nissans) and things like tires (~$600-700) and whatnot. When you start doing the math, looking at the increasing costs for maintenance and then things like having to replace tires, some interesting equilibrium points come up. Like it is actually cheaper to buy a new car than put tires on it sometimes because then you have to amortize that purchase.
  13. Generally speaking, outside of Austin, the economics of home ownership have changed. It used to be a lock that you would make a good amount of value and owning a house made a lot of sense. Especially in a world where people worked in the same area and were not very mobile. But times have changed, the economics are different. Homes can bog you down and limit your mobility. Companies are shying away from the generous relocation packages. When we moved from Chicago to Houston and Houston to Austin we had awesome packages. Now, it's a check for a few grand. It makes sense not to own for a lot of people. Austin is an outlier because real estate value has rocketed up. But in that world it only makes sense to be in it if you got in early. Jumping in now might not work out economically. The world is changing.
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