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  1. Eventually I will break down and get one, but an urban one for streets. That use case makes sense. But I am not old enough yet, I just sound like it.
  2. I was out on the BCGB this morning and as I was coming up the hill to the 360 lot I got stopped by a guy. Wanted to know how to "get back to town". I was giving him directions and he said he hopes there were no rock gardens. He was on a pretty beefy YT bike. Then I noticed the battery. His buddy was at the top of the hill and he was waiting for him. When I got up to the top I saw his buddy on an e-bike as well. With a rack on the back and a kickstand. He was trying to ride a commuter ebike on the GB, which is probably why they were having problems. I pointed them to 360 and told them how to take the streets back into town. They are better off riding on the streets at that point. So that, in a nutshell, is one of my prime issues with ebikes - they allow people to get way in over their heads by making them believe that the electric motor is gonna somehow overcompensate for lack of experience or skills. This is not the first group I've encountered on the greenbelt in over their heads. One of the groups commented that they thought this would be a lot easier because of the motors, but these just are not motorcycles.
  3. Arguably, if you remove all doubts, then every bike CAN be the perfect bike for Austin. It's marketing baby, don't hate the player, hate the game.
  4. DT Swiss 240’s we’re my go-to wheel choice, they are sound as well.
  5. There is a spot, on the greenbelt, called Cupid. When the deer flies are in season that is the primary strike zone.
  6. PL games have a short shelf life. Beyond 24 hours, who needs them? I just wish I could jump in, 20 minutes into the game, from the start. No service offers this (also have ESPN for Bundesliga and CBS for Champions/Europa league games).
  7. I would respectfully ask that you get to work because there are far more than that. Please report back when they are all taken care of. Chop chop!
  8. Excellent. You get all games but you can only watch them live or like 12 hours later. So there is always the chance that you will run into the score between the end of the game and when the replay is available. Games that are on NBC properties sometimes don't show up live but you can get replays later. There is also lots of pre-game shows and wrap up shows if you are into that kinda stuff. Overall worth the $100 a year.
  9. I have peacock for premier league and just don't watch much else on it.
  10. Those are literally the same tire - Ardent 2.4's. The only difference is tubes vs. tubeless.
  11. When we were in Portugal we drove down the coast from Porto to Lisbon and had lunch around that place. Tons of surfers out, no 100 foot waves, but plenty of action.
  12. Thanks for the offer. Just checked mine and they have 8mm stamped on them (if you trust cheap bars). Since there is practically no rise and minimal sweep I am guessing that this has to be sweep so I should be about the same as yours.
  13. The grips do that for me, gives me multiple hand positions and helps on steep climbs as well.
  14. No time and not interested in expending any cash to change the trajectory. Leave next Tuesday and based on the fact that I need a bike that I don't mind getting stolen, new bars would not fit the bill.
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