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  1. Really? I had always run SLX on the shifter and XT on the derailleur because I figured the smoothness came from the back, not the front. Upgrading the Niner this week but it is XT end-to-end so I guess I will not know. In the past shops had told me to use the SLX shifter because it was essentially the same as the XT at a lower price.
  2. The biggest mistake I made in our last remodel was not getting an outlet installed behind the toilet. I wanted a Japanese toilet, wife said no. If I had the outlet I'd have the ability to easily do it in the future once I wore her down a bit.
  3. When it rains, if I do an weekend urban ride it ends with beer. Hops and Grain, Lazarus and Zilker are all close. Blue Owl is as well, but I don't like sours.
  4. looking like tomorrow will be fine. Who is riding?
  5. Yeah I went through a few rear triangles on a bike. If both of those are in the same spot it probably means manufacturing flaw on a stress point.
  6. OK, we were reading some article that was talking about economic distribution (long story, don't ask, it will kill the mood.) Anyway, in that article they said that since ~2014 or so 33 new breweries opened in the Austin area. My wife refused to believe that there were that many breweries in the area. So I checked, and here is my list (which stands at 50+ right now): 4th Tap 512 Brewing ABGB Acopon Adelberts Austin Beerworks Blue Owl Bluebonnet Brewer's Table Brewtorium Celis Central District Circle Brewing Compadre Draught House Family Business Flying Man Brewing Friends and Allies Frontyard Brewing Ghost Note Guns and Oil Hi Sign Hops and Grain Independence Brewing Infamous Jester King Lazarus Live Oak Middleton Nomadic Beerworks North by Northwest Oasis Brewing Oddwood Orf Brewing Oskar Blues Pinthouse Burnet Pinthouse Lamar Pinthouse Round Rock Red Horn Brewing Rentsch Rusty Barrel Skull Mechanix Southern Heights St. Elmo Strange Land Suds Monkey Thirsty Planet Treaty Oak Twisted X Uncle Billy's Vista Brewing Zilker Our plan is to start making a weekly pilgrimage to somewhere neither of us has been - pretty sure I have been to half of them. And the brewery needs to have a both on-site brewing AND a taproom. I left some off that looked like brewing only. What am I missing from my list?
  7. Focus on fixing the leg first. The worst thing you could do is ignore it and end up in surgery for something that could have been prevented. You may want to get a knee brace for your trip, even if the doctor does not recommend it. Just an extra level of protection to keep you in the right position. But, if you ask, the doctor would probably say it can't hurt, even if they don't recommend it. I have some cheap knee braces from skiing if you want to borrow one. It's not the robocop looking one with the metal braces, just the softer flexible ones.
  8. Depending on schedule I might be available to help out as well. I can't work weekends but if you do something on a weekday I might be able to lend a hand.
  9. Never on a fork, those are expensive. Drive train components (individual) are relatively cheap and don't all need to match beyond vendor (Shimano XT derailleur works fine with an SLX shifter...) Brakes are a tough one, but if you have experience and a bleed kit you can usually upgrade cheaply.
  10. Rode WC on Thursday AM (7/11) Trail was fine. One wet spot on Mark's but not bad at all.
  11. I'd look like a real bonewipe with those on my legs 😉
  12. Walnut was perfect this morning. Other than the poison ivy I brought back with me.
  13. Eh, boutique specialty insurance is great, until you need it. What makes insurance affordable is tons of people who pay but don't need it. This type of specialty insurance would have a lot of people who are more likely to use the insurance, and when they do, there could be some pretty steep bills. Worse yet, if for some reason they say "not covered" you are really screwed. Insurance is a mess in this country and it needs to be scrapped and refreshed but this is the opposite direction. Think big pools minimize risk and minimize costs. Every time I am at the doctor I am surrounded by people who walk in, those are the cheapest ones to treat. You definitely don't want to be picking up the slack of the life flight folks. That being said, "GAS UP THE CHOPPER"
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