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Found 2 results

  1. (moved to appropriate forum for this sort of foolishness) Calling all TMWs and anyone else within earshot with a bike ... Team Meat Weapon's Leerless Feeder, Spicewookie, has proposed a little rambunctiousness at Spider Mountain. Tentatively set for the weekend of April 27 or May 4. (based on booking calendar May 4 is most likely) The excuse for this would be loosely based upon a celebration of SpiceWookie and Ridenfool sharing a birthday. There is a reasonable expectation that most have by now fully recovered after the last time we did this, a long, long time ago in a Spiceweird far, far away. Plans would be for those staying overnight arranging lodging at Thunderbird Resort at Spider Mountain Friday and Saturday nights. (T-bird's policy appears to be a 2-night minimum ) Lift access riding on Saturday, (Sunday too for those willing and able). Food, drink and general mayhem Saturday afternoon/evening at Thunderbird Resort. Available recreation opportunities include: riding, swimming, boating, eating, drinking, and I think I saw a Volleyball court on the map. Before further consideration of accommodations is addressed, a head count will determine if anyone would actually be interested in attending. Please use the above poll to cast you aspirations regarding this dubious event. (resort has 2 night minimum booking) This is an open invitation, *non-TMWs are welcome and encouraged to attend. Rest assured that you may inquire as to the unique opportunity to join this elite group if you are overcome by a longing to do so, otherwise no pressure to even admit knowing a TMW will be applied. *(Yes, even those among the ranks of Tender Gooch Racing are cordially invited)
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