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  1. How was it? That show was on my list but I took it off. I had a conf call kinda late then our now weekly webex happy hour with a Devil’s Backbone for me. Then it transitioned to wine and cheese while watching Ozark.
  2. @June Bug Endure is an awesome read. His first book was good also.
  3. OSS is smooooth! When they were finishing the section closest to my house, I saw two cyclists riding it. It was nice because all the traffic was going only one direction at a time. They turned around right after we went so they got to go behind a train of cars with no cars behind them the whole way.
  4. quote: "Talk to anyone in the industry, and they’ll tell you the toilet paper made for the commercial market is a fundamentally different product from the toilet paper you buy in the store. It comes in huge rolls, too big to fit on most home dispensers. The paper itself is thinner and more utilitarian." No shit! (Pun intended). I call it the John Wayne of toilet papers: It's rough, tough, and it takes no shit. (not my idea, I heard this years ago and I think it's extremely appropriate.) I avoid going #2 at work at all costs.
  5. Great idea! Have you tried uncoupling the chain? I was going to make one that didn't need the wheel but I've not gotten around to it then.
  6. So true! For me the other thing that makes a difference is the length and quality of runoff after the landing. Smooth, straight, and long gives more confidence than one that has a turn, or marbles on it, or maybe some bumps. At least that's for me.
  7. Based on the crowd I saw yesterday at St. Edwards Park and at Bull Creek, and the 4 fire trucks and 2 EMS and other emergency vehicles on 360 over Bull Creek (the bridge closest to Old Spicewood Springs) I think it's inevitable they're going to have to do something about the crowds at parks. I saw clusters of kids in the water at Lakewood. This is downstream from a bunch of other spots where people are "swimming". I don't get the attraction to hanging out in green water loaded with dog shit, and probably a good amount of human urine and other such stuff (yeah I know dilution...but still, I think it's gross.)
  8. I was wrong earlier about it being symptom based. The chart says lab-confirmed, so the uptick could be from just more testing. I wish they would also publish % testing for each day. Still, the 05 zip code has the most cases and that's west and north campus:
  9. We have a problem with people driving fast here on Old Spicewood Springs Rd. I used to drive it fast on my MS3 or my Miata at 10-11pm. Not flat out on the straights, more just for the corners. I'm older and wiser now (and so is my MS3...turning 13 this month!) I don't ride on it for the same reasons. I've done it with a group but never by myself. I just drove back from riding and there were a ton of people at St. Eds and several parked all along Old Spicewood Springs Rd (some illegally) and some walking in their bikinis along the road, and lots of cyclists going W to E (the safest direction during rush hour).
  10. I think this is going to be the first time I'm volunteering to do the shopping. 35 min ride to thee YMCA, then through the BCRT to SN with my big Osprey commuter pack. But I'm more likely to use the precious space for a growler instead...
  11. OK be honest, who thought I was serious? April Fools!
  12. I've never done this loop. With traffic being so down, it would seem like now is the time to try it for the first time. What are the best times of the day to do this loop?
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