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  1. More evidence the book of faces/Zuckerberg are evil: https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/22/23471842/facebook-hr-block-taxact-taxslayer-info-sharing
  2. I don't think you're part of the problem, but I believe this is at the root of some of our current issues. People interact less and less with real people and forget there are real humans coexisting with us. It's solipsism run amok. The R&I is the cure for our little community. More people need to have/form their own real people communities where people of all beliefs, races, orientation (political, sexual, etc.) can interact and see the humanity and treat each other with respect in spite of our differences. If anyone here watches Mythic Quest, you get to see an interpretation of what happens in a metaverse. I think the book of faces became a de facto warped metaverse and that spilled over into the real world.
  3. FTFY. This is completely endemic and permeates to all parts of society, riding, driving, walking, shopping, etc.
  4. How do y’all secure your e-bikes when running errands?
  5. I can see hypertext now, before I couldn't see them. But I just went to their website to check it out. Pretty cool trailers! Crazy how the difference between the small one and the biggest one is only 500-600lbs.
  6. Yep, my wife was out and about just a bit ago and was in a short but significant downpour north of WC. Worst case with no R, where would the I happen?
  7. What is the likelihood that we'll be able to ride the nut on Tuesday night?
  8. EB your way to a proper trail…
  9. My parents had a green Coleman metal cooler like that. He’d strap it to the roof rack on whatever station wagon we had at the time (Renault R5 or Datsun 510 wagon, can’t remember which). One time the kid wasn’t strapped and it blew off, some from there on, it had a nifty crafted EPS cover that actually worked very well.
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