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  1. Fill with grease in a pinch. Anything that displaces air volume will do.
  2. AntonioGG

    Random Dogs

    Never test ride bikes I don't plan on buying, never go to the pound unless I'm ready to adopt.
  3. Well, the drizzle stopped long enough for me to ride. The noise went away for most of my ride, but eventually it came back but not as loud. I guess I have some more work to do in the BB/crank area. So annoying!
  4. Speaking of yellow....I don't remember what I had between my Big Wheel and my Moto-X Fox (a Mexican bike brand, had nothing to do with Fox Racing and was pronounced Moto Equis Fox). It was yellowed chrome all over with yellow parts and red letters and I don't remember much else except that I loved it. I did take it off sweet jumps but it was not very durable. I moved up to what I thought was extremely expensive BMX Huffy ($120 in the mid 80's?). I loved that bike, way lighter than the Moto-X. When we moved back to the US (San Antonio) I upgraded to a Kuwahara Freestyle. I didn't ride it much, didn't do any flatland stuff but that's what I really wanted to do. I don't have any memory what happened to it.
  5. AntonioGG


    For the last 3 months or so, our family has been working on clearing out my late MIL's garage, replacing rotted wood including side door and frame, patching small spots, caulking, and finally painting. It started with us going through the inside to clear it out from 30 years of stuff, getting the good stuff to keep, donate, or give away. Then making an appointment at the hazmat disposal site with my wife taking a truckload of stuff, and culminating with hiring a guy to take the rest. They sift through to sell, donate, recycle what they can and dump the rest at the dump. My wife and oldest son almost finished painting it. I'll go tomorrow to finish some indoor electrical work. I wish I had before pictures. Paint prep woodwork (and some indoor insulation + electrical) is what I've been doing the previous two weekends.) Thank goodness for nail guns!
  6. Well, it just started raining so my test ride will have to hold off. The drive side BB went about 10° tighter from where it was, before I decided to remove, clean, grease, and replace it. One crank bolt was loose. Headset needed very slight tightening (this I could feel but not hear, I'm very sensitive for any slack in the headsets).
  7. I see they used the Mr. Bean painting method on that wall.
  8. BB is threaded and it makes noise off the saddle so it's not the seatpost. Both my pedals were slightly loose (maybe 5° turn on the wrench) but not loose-loose. The noise is still there. I cleaned and lubed the chain and adjusted my derraileurs thinking that could have been it...it wasn't. It's starting to sound more like a BB problem so I'll probably take it off, clean, lube and re-install. At a 1000 miles from new, I probably need to do a full service including adjusting the headset, BB, checking spoke tension and hub adjustments.
  9. My time to ask for help. On my fairly new gravel grinder (only about 1000 miles) with GRX, I have a clicking sound (does not sound like a loose BB) but only when I apply high torque to the pedals. The gear doesn't seem to matter. It's a double click with every revolution. This means I think it's going to be hard for me to reproduce on the stand. I would normally have thought it has to be a stiff link except for the correlation to revolution. Maybe it is a BB creak and it just sounds different to me?
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