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  1. Not for everyone. Pairs well with a Manhattan (or two…
  2. Hope y'all got up at 6am to do that! I can't imagine what going up there during the day right now!
  3. Anyone watch Endeavour? It's the origin-story of Inspector Morse, set in the late 60's. In one episode, the older detective offers Endeavour a beer, pulls out a couple of bottles from the fridge and the young Endeavour takes a drink, looks at it, and says "but it's a bitter?!" (paraphrasing). I thought that was a cool bit in a cool show.
  4. I change my mind. I think a lot of beers are better warmer than colder. I know some breweries recommend warmer temps for drinking. This Dogfish Head beer is like a tawny port when it warms up. Excellent!
  5. The stuff I like from JK is very select —and I like a lot of Trappist, sours, Belgians, and weird beers (except pumpkin spice). It’s more likely I won’t like it. They do have good low alcohol sessioning beers but it gets pricey seasioning those bottles. Third heavy beer day in a row, left the 17.2% for Friday. It’s very good, but I think my favorite was the KBS Hazelnut from Founders.
  6. Maybe not for all but I found this fascinating:
  7. https://cyclingtips.com/2022/04/exposed-by-a-strava-kom-the-many-lives-of-a-fake-pro-cyclist/#thirteen
  8. Is that a tie-dye flag?
  9. Person taken to hospital after being bit by snake at Reimers Ranch (msn.com)
  10. This looks really cool: https://www.blackburndesign.com/p/wayside-bike-multi-tool/350160000100000010.html
  11. I've ridden Blue Goose. It was a bit scary and desolate. I'd rather ride harris branch all the way to parmer on the sidewalks/multi-use path.
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