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  1. I wondered if the Times had the same rock strike release problem as the Crank Brothers eggbeaters
  2. How's that fork? Would this be a good bike for someone to dip their toes into green (maybe blue) park trails?
  3. Sounds like a different machine. The one I had to use was like one of those bouncy baby harnesses, big weight-lifting looking rack with this contraption.
  4. The moon machine is what I called it. I had to do treadmill wearing that harness. I hated it but got me up and walking faster. Great to hear your spirits are higher. Awesome news on the progress!
  5. Just make sure to bring plenty of water this time of year.
  6. This is how your post looks in dark mode without pasting as text option:
  7. They still have the coffee rides on the Turbos (non Levo) and Comos right at Guadalupe right?
  8. You should put a spoiler alert on the title for those that watch the races days later.
  9. I have a new Specialized Fatboy 1.25" slick and Presta tube you can have.
  10. Nice! Yeah after watching the video of someone going up SpongeBob I tried and was able to catch myself but not made it up. I just need more speed. I think I'll ride it up before I ride it down. There are 3 places on DD I need to get, some in both directions (guess that'd make it 6 places?)
  11. I spent a couple of weeks in the NW, Portland, OR; Victoria, BC; Vancouver, BC. All those towns have arterial multi-use paths like our SWC trail and Shoal Creek Trail. It was amazing to see bike rush hour in the mornings. I'm talking about people riding in from 10 miles away. Here I am in Spandex in a fancy bike struggling to keep up with a guy in street clothes in a hybrid with 35mm city tires and panniers. I think things start getting used recreationally but eventually people start seeing the possibilities. We really need more east-west cycle paths.
  12. Oh yeah! Now it makes total sense. I should have looked at the google maps in addition to the other 2 maps. Next time I ride Windy I'll keep an eye out to see what that looks like. So under 35 also along the creek is what it seems like. Would be cool if they'd let us get that trail going, keeping it rustic until they're ready. Is that something they'd ever consider?
  13. I'm planning on sticking with 11spd even if I get a new bike.
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