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  1. Does that watch have a barometer? Is it temperature compensated? One thing that throws most of those elevation meters is atmospheric pressure change while riding and temperature change too if it’s not compensated. Finally, my old 705 would always overestimate fast descents because of the wind hitting the barometer port.
  2. It’s not actually a scooter but an Ecotric ebike. What you’re looking at on that bike’s Down tube is the battery pack. The same company makes scooters too. I tried to find any kind of UL or safety agency rating for these bikes and couldn’t find any. Cheap lithium batteries and chargers scare the shit out of me so I stay away. Even home electronics or LED bulbs I will pay more for a UL listed version.
  3. I always wondered about that gas station. It was on the way to my late MIL's place. We haven't been down there (or Valentina's BBQ) since we sold her place.
  4. The humidity in the 20's is making for some really nice afternoon rides! But we do have rain coming later this week.
  5. Watching the US Open after a hard mid day of stone work.
  6. I want to pay even if I park outside. It's not much and if it helps maintain the parks then so be it. But the last 2 times I went there they didn't even have a collection box.
  7. Same. When she went to android we just got life360. I'm sure I've endorsed that app elsewhere here before.
  8. https://www.gearpatrol.com/outdoors/a36956858/lachlan-morton-tour-de-france-birkenstocks/
  9. Thanks @Barry for some of that insight. I had to read up a bit more. Makes sense lactose is not fermentable unless you add lactase. I need to keep an eye out for this ingredient since I am lactose intolerant...just means I take a lactaid with it. https://beerandbrewing.com/brewers-perspective-using-lactose-for-sweetness-without-the-cloy/
  10. I found Sidis to be very narrow.
  11. What about toe box height @Teamsloan That's my problem usually. I would love to be able to wear Shimano shoes b/c I think they are high quality and a good price compared to Specialized, but the toe box is not high enough. I'm set on shoes for a couple of years, but always willing to learn.
  12. Watching it at 0.25 speed is fun!
  13. I like all the beer styles and I lean a lot more toward the Belgians than anything else...but there's a time and a place for most of those beers. Beers should only be judged against their peers, not overall. It used to be that at beer advocate anything that wasn't a Belgian had no chance at great reviews. I wonder if it's swung toward IPAs now? In any case, sometimes a Modelo Especial is the perfect beer, sometimes an IPA is (and I have maybe 8-10 I like and the rest are not original at all), even a sour (very picky on those) has its place. For sure I don't want to be drinking heavy and dark beers on a boat trip or beach trip, and I wouldn't want to be drinking Modelo Especial camping in the cool weather.
  14. The Mac butterfly keyboard leads me to drinking too.
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