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  1. BBQ after the ride is probably better too!
  2. The left side has the wrong caliper mount for me, but I'm now positive of what I need so I'll go ahead and order from PMW, thanks though! It was actually under Hanger/Inserts-->Adjustable Dropouts. I had been looking under Dropouts-->Adjustable.
  3. That's exactly it! I had seen them before and I searched and searched and couldn't find them. Thanks!! I found this company too: https://www.bikefabsupply.com/rear-dropouts-adjustable
  4. It's a Ritchey P29er. The original one with the sliders. You have 12x142mm sliders?
  5. SS/geo experts, can I turn my 135 QR SS bike into 12x142 by changing to from 135mm to 142mm paragon-style sliders? Obviously wheels/hubs too. Also, I see Paragon no longer sells the sliders. I see a few options but maybe this is incentive for me to finish setting up my milling attachment to my tabletop lathe and modify my current ones.
  6. We have eager people including riders and trail runners at my work ready to use up our "giving time" hours. Once you set that up I'll post it in our Webex Team Space.
  7. I should start waking up early and riding then. It was brutal yesterday at 5pm. At least one spot with dried deep ruts on 1/4 we'll have to fix. And @GreenMTBrider let us know when the next time for some scree work. There are several areas that have slight widening and loose rocks on the center path.
  8. Clyde’s maiden voyage. Sorry @RedRider3141 but it had been ordered for a couple of weeks already.
  9. There's also a "I've got something to prove" factor. I remember my dad saying he'd run a marathon before 50 (he never did, he will turn 80 in July). Now I've got this "urge" to run a 50k before 50.
  10. FWIW, I've read it and I've not ridden any of the features until I sign the waiver and throw some $ at FR512.
  11. AntonioGG


    Interesting. When I set the phone photo format to most compatible (JPG H.264) even that doesn't work. I change the picture to .jpg instead of .JPG and that still doesn't work. I give up.
  12. AntonioGG


    I think the forum software just needs to be setup to recognize lower case and uppercase HEIC extensions as pictures because it seems it is doing its own compression.
  13. AntonioGG


    Same pic just lower case extension from the phone.
  14. AntonioGG


    I did an airdrop to my macbook of both the raw and the modified pictures to figure out what's going on. Unmodified the file extension is HEIC while modified the file extension is heic. I think that's got to be the issue. Let's see what happens.... It doesn't recognize it as a picture. IMG_1226.HEIC Same pic just changing the extension: (this was all from laptop so it behaves completely different) IMG_1226.heic
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