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  1. AntonioGG

    Hail damage

    Only in Texas does one have "a regular roofer"! I also have a guy. They do travel. I remember one year I wanted him to check on something for me but they were out in Alabama/Georgia to fix roofs after some bad storms they had.
  2. Anyone else like Rittenhouse bottled in bond Rye? I mainly get it for Manhattans but I also like it by itself.
  3. I was diagnosed right around that age! I think I know all the PT exercises there are for just about anything. They do help a lot. I wonder 500 years after I'm dead if they find my bones, they're going to wonder what was up with that dude. "this individual led a hard life as evidenced by the wear in his knees and hips as well as titanium plate and screws on his leg, and chewed hard to eat grasses and wore his teeth (grind my teeth...)" Weird stuff I think about. I also think with some of my ailments and genes I would not have been one of those that survived paleo times past the age of 40.
  4. That's something I have worked on quite a bit. Lots of core including hip stuff, Pistol and Hungarian squats and I do trail running to add something other than the usual cycling motion. I did all this after having to pull out of a 24hr race with really bad back pain: diagnosis: super tight hips/hamstrings/back + weak core. Would love to go back to playing racquet sports too.
  5. I'm piggy-backing onto your thread here because I think you found out the reason why I get the really bad hotfoot on my old road bike. Both MTB and road versions of Shimano SPD puts the center in the same spot. But my road bike Q-factor is ~156mm while my MTB QF is 180mm. I can ride my MTB for 12+ hours but my road bike at 4+ hours was painful. I'll check my gravel bike soon too.
  6. For clearing trees, one of my buddies got one of those tree shredders. I'm not sure if he had someone come in or if he rented it. No pile of brush to burn, and you're left with tons of mulching.
  7. I bought a tire machine on Craigslist from a school district in Deerpark, TX back when I was racing. It was old and beat up but it paid for itself with 2 sets of tires. A friend bought a balancer and he let me keep the machine at his shop which he'd use, and I'd get to use the balancer. I sold it for what I paid for it.
  8. https://www.bikesignup.com/Race/TX/Lockhart/2021LockhartBreaker?rsus=100-200-6a6ae2aa-19cc-4eb9-b9bb-b610be296875&remMeAttempt=
  9. Thanks a lot. Now I'm looking at dozers on craigslist and thinking about how cool it would be to pick-up something like this to restore it. https://austin.craigslist.org/hvo/d/china-spring-caterpillar-dozer/7305307564.html This person did the same thing you're thinking about doing: https://austin.craigslist.org/hvo/d/austin-dozer/7303474933.html
  10. Event sign-up closes tonight: https://www.bikereg.com/camino-real-gravelero
  11. For my birthday in a couple of weeks, my wife got us tickets to the Dazed and Confused reunion show at Lakeline Alamo Drafthouse. I cannot emphasize how much I'm looking forward to this. Going to Alamo Drafthouse was my top thing to go do after I got vaccinated. I think I'll take a Lyft to and from so I can drink all the beers and not worry about getting home.
  12. How big? Home Depot has from small to medium size machines. I rented a stand-up front-end loader which fit through my side gate. It was actually a lot of fun. For bigger stuff, there are the big rental shops like United Rentals.
  13. Chamisul is smoother than water. I can see how you could get blackout drunk on that stuff.
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