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  1. Rode Pace Bend this Monday and trails were perfect. Wood features were great. There are some new to me downhill runs and some berms looked recently made with some small colored markings with arrows. I hadn’t been there in a while though. Several enduro lines, longest one from the top of the climb, instead of looping back up the hill you go down. None seem to interfere or disrupt the regular trails.
  2. I've tried doing it by hand. It was impossible. Threw the saddle away. This seems like the easiest method to get it done.
  3. For those of you Zwifting, do you have a dedicated tablet, computer, or do you use your phone? Do you have a monitor you can broadcast from your phone (e.g. airplay)? For trainerroad I use my laptop sometimes but other times the phone seems so much easier. It seems like I could use a monitor I can just broadcast to from my phone for something like Zwift.
  4. Good description, but I actually really enjoy the chunk. Today we went down to Pace Bend and I really love all the rock gardens there, and the tricky up and down ledges. They have some new enduro lines with some being pretty flowy so you should go check that out. I tried once going to Pedernales with my son, but they were overflowing (it was on a holiday) so we rode FCCR. We had the ranch to ourselves. I don't head down south fairly often but I should. I love all those trails. Slaughter creek is an easy day and it's something my wife enjoyed so we'll probably head back down south to ride SATN and ride to SCP.
  5. You can borrow my SS Wheel too to see if that makes it go away.
  6. Before I read your text, when I saw the picture, I thought of the same show!
  7. I thought I'd given all my 26" stuff to the @spicewookie but I just found what I think is a whole 26" rear wheel with a tire on it. I'll check it and send you an e-mail. I think it's going to be a Specialized Fastrak.
  8. Should have been riding a bike instead of stealing them. Karma!
  9. We headed to Pace Bend since we had the day off work. The trails were awesome and the weather was equally awesome.
  10. Interesting. They didn't go for the expensive stuff, probably figuring they could unload these easier?
  11. Should be a fun adventure.
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