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  1. I run 100mm and don’t do any big drops, but I have seen a huge improvement in handling in going from conti race king 2.2 to Specialized Ground Control 2.3 front and back.
  2. It was like that yesterday. Just remember to close your mouth when you cross the creek. It stinks terribly.
  3. I had excellent GXP experience over 7 years of use and plenty of creek crossings and rainy riding (on the road). I had to replace them when they started showing a bit of play after 8k miles. Interestingly, I am shocked at the stark difference in the cheapest shimano BB vs going up a couple of steps. I had a brand new cheap Shimano BB fully lock up after RHR24 this past year (definitely gruesome conditions so I didn't take it as a big deal), then replaced it with a better one for the 12 hours of warda (equally gruesome conditions). When it came time to service my bike, I fully expected to have to replace it, but it was fine. I was told the seals are better on the higher level BBs. I'm not sure what SRAM does on their stuff.
  4. Be sure to post the workday here please. I'm sure many of us would love to help when the time comes.
  5. This is so more nuanced and difficult than your first take. I get how this is unfair when it comes from competition (I personally know someone and know the women she ran against and there were mixed feelings not always expressed aloud), but there are many levels and layers to this going all the way to genetics. You've heard of Caster Semenya right? That's another example of this and it's so difficult to deal with. I don't envy the sports organizations that have to make these decisions. There will be upset people on one side or the other no matter what they decide.
  6. Chief has answered correctly for me. You can't cut the trees, I just have to deal with them.
  7. OK that explains it. They weren't out and about, they were under the rocks. I'm sure the snakes have been seeing you though.
  8. I had my first try yesterday and I definitely felt my front washing out. I'm 211 on Ikon 2.35 front 25psi and rear 28psi. I thought higher pressure for the west side was needed, but lower pressure for the east side is also needed. So how to split it? I went today again without adding or removing any pressure...which means maybe 0.5psi lower overall. I went faster and it felt more hooked up, but for sure some big side knobs on the front and small in the center and a fast rear XC seems like it would help. I'm still getting used to the backwards sections but I'm in at 13th (at least as of 2:30pm 3/21) with a 16:38. I feel like I need a full face helmet, because my face was so close to trees that if the front washed out, I'd have left some teeth on a tree trunk or two. What are your thoughts on hardtail vs FS? I've ridden 3.0 on my SS and I felt faster. That's with Ground Control 2.3 front and rear, on 23mm rims (not optimal for sure).
  9. Scorpions out during the day time? I'd never seen them in the day. One time after working under my car in the garage late at night, I came back in the house without realizing I had one on my shoulder.
  10. I just rode St. Ed's. Although I appreciate the hard work that went into all the drainage (it was sorely needed) I'm a bit sad about all the dirt ramps built up on even 3-4" steps, and the line at the big ledge that people started widening is now completely sanctioned-looking with branches trimmed and a rock outline which also ruins the line up the steps. When did all this get done? I never saw a work call and I live pretty much next door.
  11. Yeah, I am pretty sure it's missing the 1hr for Cat2 and Cat1. from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/imm-usac-uat-bucket-16e9mh4tuo6kc/documents/Rules-Policies/USAC_RuleBook_2019_Chpt_01.pdf
  12. I moved the two branches slightly to the left that were on top of that rock in Double Down yesterday afternoon. Alternate line is still blocked but now you can ride over the rock. I gotta say that rock is a lot more intimidating in person than it is on the pictures above.
  13. Spotting is exactly what I was doing for my son. Also, +1 on the no shame walking to avoid injury. I'm all for shaming making short cuts or non-sanctioned lines, but not for shaming people walking a feature above their level. I walk plenty of stuff. Sometimes, walking it, and rolling the bike down it and seeing how it goes is what I need to get it the next time.
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