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  1. There's a pre-owned Yeti SB95 "enduro build" at BSS Research listed at $1399.
  2. I love Sheldon Brown, but I also have some French blood in me, and speak some French. Maybe I'll get used to it some time (it's like being a Spanish speaker and getting used to saying Guadaloop instead of its proper pronunciation).
  3. I'd think the cassette has more impact on shifting crispness than the derraileur. (sorry, tried spelling derailer and doesn't feel right to me)
  4. I'm OK with alternate lines and purposefully designed mellow trails, but when people modify the trail in such a way that it alternates some of the challenges, I don't think that's right. I don't claim to ride everything technical out there really, but I try some of them at least some of the time and when it's now gone, now I can't try it. I just get off my bike and practice my Cx dismounts and mounts if I don't feel like riding an obstacle. This is Austin and I've been riding here since 1991. I can't think of any trail (original in any case) that doesn't have a section that a beginner or mellow rider would not want to dismount the first few times. What's the big deal with getting off your bike?
  5. At least it's not a wiping hand injury. Wiping with the wrong hand, it's so awkward! (Try it).
  6. My kids were going down those trails when they were at LME. They did a bunch of conservancy type stuff. At least someone is using them. BTW, one of their teachers had told them that he saw a cougar in one of the game cameras he setup, but when I asked him directly, he denied it.
  7. One of my rides last week had a mission of blindly finding as many breweries as I could. Sadly it was during lunch in the workweek so I couldn't partake. I knew where AB, OB and Adelberts are, but I didn't know where 4th tap was...and now I know. That area seems perfect for a taproom-crawl.
  8. I've ridden those trails once (UBCGB and part of SVTUV). They're a bit short but I've never tied them together with St. Ed's. Mostly I run on them or used to take the dogs for a walk on them. I've never gone out to Topridge though, I go to the dam/spillway with the big rock blocks and turn back. I've also never taken the exit at CVMS either, but I see on the map that it does. Have you ridden down or up to Talleyran Park? I have never gotten the nerve to ride down those chainring-killer steps. It's also frequently muddy. Where was DK Ranch? Was that at the Laurel Mountain ES bus circle? I've heard about some trail in the past back there.
  9. I second this remark. Also, have someone take your credit card away while on the meds!
  10. I wish I’d thought about that! I did resort to the can in my pocket when I broke my ankle, but this looks better! have you upgraded your crutch tips? The stock ones are scary in wet surfaces. Just because you’re not riding doesn’t mean you can’t be upgrading stuff!
  11. I love those CBs! I've wanted to get a CB350F just to work on it, then sell it. My HS buddy's dad used to do that for fun and actually made money buying and restoring old off-road bikes then selling them.
  12. Same. I thought a jaguarundi was similar to a jackelope. About 20 years ago I stopped at an old gas station somewhere between Dallas and Austin that had one hanging from the wall. I went inside to pay and a lady was ahead of me. She was very interested. When she started asking questions, the guy behind the counter gave me the "shhh, don't say anything" look. When she asked if they hopped or ran, and the guy replied "a little of both" it was all I could do to hold it in.
  13. We have coyotes where I live (NW Balcones). I've seen them at St. Ed's and on the trail close to my house (from Talleyran Park to Old Lampasas). I've seen a deer hoof on mornings after hearing coyotes doing their thing at night. I guessed it was the coyotes. I've never seen a large cat, but I know there are some. At the dead-end of Old Lampasas, I was walking my dogs once when I heard a deep growl. That dead end stops at the BCP.
  14. Nearest station I could find says it got 0.51"
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