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  1. If you paid attention you would have noticed my saying that I've had problems while walking my dogs. I've also had a dog charge me while riding very slow and saying hi to their owner at Bull Creek, and a dog charge me at St. Edwards park while I was stopped while saying hi to the owner and letting them by, brah.
  2. I rode through Stratford Dr last week on a long road ride, just going to the water fountains to reload on water (it was a hot day). APD had the road blocked to cars because they had tow trucks towing cars parked on both sides of Stratford Dr in that really tight corkscrew section with wheels on the road. I thanked them for their service and taking care of the cars, I asked if they could do the same at OSS Rd, the officer replied "There's not enough of us". So this seems to be a huge problem over all of Austin.
  3. It's not really that simple. 9/10 people get it wrong. That's the problem. People think their dog is fine when it is not.
  4. +1 I also think my 2015 was faster when I have to do some crunching. This thing gets overheated so the CPU throttles back, and the fans run fast a lot, even just plugged in to an external retina display. The butterfly keyboard is also awful. 10 months in mine are fading and I double type keys all the time. A tiny spec of dirt causes problems. I hope the new 16" MBP are better than these.
  5. As to non electrical engineers, my background is on RF, Microwave, power/analog and high-speed digital design, so I never learned about most AC circuits which is basically what most appliances are (and the parts that usually go wrong in appliances.) But being handy (“If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”--RedGreen) and having a good mind for debug of any kind is really what has made the difference, not necessarily my degree. Also YouTube can be an invaluable resource. It's crazy how much detailed content there is out there, some smartly put out by the companies selling parts online.
  6. Also: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/leash-areas Note that leashes are 6ft or less. Anything else doesn't meet the requirements.
  7. I stopped taking my dogs to parks probably in 2007-2008. Some stupid local website that aggregates stuff, posted an idea to take your dogs to off-leash parks, they listed a whole lot of parks that are not off-leash including St. Edwards Park. I wrote them but they did not retract the post nor reply to me. I had one dog charge my dog and sadly that was the last time we went for a walk at the park.
  8. That shouldn't happen. This sounds like a bad design. My house was old when I bought it in 2002 and the AC was already 20 years old. Once I had a condenser (aka a capacitor) go out and I went out to the local supply house and bought one. Once a squirrel thought the defrost sensor wires were in its way. We were both surprised when I took the cover off and we were eye to eye. I'm sure it was nice and cool in there for a while. I just soldered the wires back together and it got going again. A couple of times the AC repair guy soldered the pin holes in the capillary tubes on the condenser and got me going again. The 3rd time he said it's probably time for a new unit if it happened again. A 2nd time the condenser went out but nobody would sell me one. Then I decided it was time for a new unit. I'm very happy with my Lennox. I learned a lot about sizing and different technology. It is saving me quite a bit of money per month compared to the old one.
  9. Take advantage of the programming for some energy savings.
  10. We recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile (and home internet from AT&T to Spectrum). For sure the coverage was better with AT&T but only marginally so. Both had similar low coverage spots inside the lab at work for example. But the international plan with T-Mobile, and no penalty/no contract was a no brainer for us to try. Recently the free hotspot has saved us while working from home when Spectrum was out for a few hours. I carry my phone in a ziplock in my back jersey pocket, or in my hydration pack's phone compartment. If I wear MTB shorts (super rare) I putt the phone in one of the zippered pockets. My kids had a pre-paid phone for a while that they were supposed to only use to call for pick-ups, emergencies, etc. I've thought of either using an old phone for riding, or a pre-paid phone. Changing the SIM card before every ride doesn't seem like a good idea to me so I haven't gone that route. I did not feel like having both wireless and home internet gave us that good a break with AT&T. It was still two separate bills, they couldn't even just send me one bill. Also, if you forget when your 2 years are up, they will raise your prices until you sign a new contract. Those kind of shenanigans + AT&T not having anything better than 25Mbps in my neighborhood are why I wanted to try something else.
  11. You don't know how hard I tried to remember the word and I failed. Thank you! They are basically those Vespa Ciao (the ones with pedals) but electric.
  12. I think there is no need for Brushy conditions for the next 10 days:
  13. Did you watch Superstar? She's humping the branch.
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/05/05/what-kawasaki-disease-linked-coronavirus/3083545001/
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