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  1. After getting stung, did you then Turner round?
  2. Getting into this Jamis a dangerous thing to happen.
  3. Ha! I know exactly how this feels like. Koni gold FTW!
  4. I tried a hops kombucha that was pretty good. I can't remember the brand but I pick one up after climbing at a cafe next door. I've never been into kombucha before until I tried this brand.
  5. Anyone that can verify location exactly should call this number: Austin Water Exposed Sewage Complaints: 512-972-1000 CoA has the authority from TCEQ to regulate and inspect septic tanks. http://www.austintexas.gov/department/site-sewage-facilities
  6. Definitely a ticket on 311 should be opened.
  7. EEs that can solder well are not as common as you’d think.
  8. Since we have rain forecasted for today and tomorrow, what's the policy for the event? Trail work still going on but not riding?
  9. My ay-up lights mounts with Velcro or the mount can be zip tied directly.
  10. 100%. My wife has had disk replacement and that worked for many years until the next set of vertebra started to collapse. They wanted to do more surgery but instead she got cortisone shot (took 2 tries) to relieve swelling and pain enough to allow physical therapy and that made a hell of a difference. I’d say she is even more able and strong than before the pain. She worked with a pain management specialist rather than an orthopedic surgeon.
  11. Reminds me of the Stanford rapist that got off on the same defense.
  12. Yes, mosquitoes worldwide and bees/hornets/wasps in the USA. I forgot to add that qualifier.
  13. That looks amazing! Nice job! Tell us about the build, especially the cranks. Are they shorter NX? My brother just painted my niece's bike. She's a little shredder. He usually goes more neutral since she hands her bikes down to his brother (also a shredder).
  14. Sorry for that family's loss. One of my HS buddies had a coworker die from killer bee stings while hunting in S. Texas. Not allergies, just sheer number of stings. I had to look it up, but apparently more people die from either hornets/bees than any other animal (other than humans) attacks.
  15. They could have done so much better in that article, especially as it relates to explaining lower rpm with longer cranks.
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