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  1. I highly recommend watching Ernie & Joe on HBO to show two awesome cops do things right, and try to change how things are done. In there you will also see the attitudes by the older cops that they are fighting against, but you also see the new crop be a bit more open minded.
  2. It gets better but never as good as the original. Some of the new stuff is a bunch of inside jokes kind of thing.
  3. Send this to GCN hack or bodge. I predict bodge.
  4. This reminds me... NBR PSA: there's a recall on HF jack-stands. And a recall of the replacement jack-stands as well.
  5. I'll have to check that out. This is not the reading thread, but you might be interested in the book I just finished reading. Sarah Vowell's "Lafayette in the Somewhat United States". She digs into some really interesting tidbits that I never learned in the so many years of school that hammered the same tired stuff over and over. Sam Adams and Paul Revere are two names that come up.
  6. On Friday my son and I went to ride (not at Walnut), and we thought we'd get maybe 30 minutes out of it based on the forecast. We got one hour, but just as we were driving away a big lightning bolt hit not far from where we were riding.
  7. I had to take a break. I was having a hard time keeping track of who is who and when is when. I tried to pull up a character map but it had spoiler alerts in it. I had no problems with the first 2 seasons, but from talking with other fans about it, we have all struggled with the 3rd season. One co-worker decided to go back and re-watch the whole series. It may be an issue related to how long it's been since I watched season 2. How did you watch it? I can't stand dubbed shows so I always watch foreign shows in the original language with English subtitles.
  8. Nice! Not much is as satisfying as a beer after fixing/maintaining your car. I'm starting to feel OK with going back to working on my old Miata. After doing the clutch on my Mazdaspeed3, I was too traumatized to do any significant work on the cars (the dealer charge for that was not bad considering how hard it was doing it at home.) The Miata needs shocks, and I'm thinking I may get a full spring and shock kit. Then I need to see what I need to do to fix the A/C.
  9. It's dry! I haven't seen it dry in years.
  10. https://www.outsideonline.com/2415650/rockymounts-bike-racks-coronavirus-pandemic
  11. Yes, this. At least in the past there were some carbon bars that had a max torque spec of 3.5Nm, while a lot of clamps had a 5Nm spec. With carbon paste 3.5Nm kept the clamps from moving around.
  12. Yes, totally. When I re-watched it, I realized what put me to sleep was the sequence talking about the 13-17 year olds lying about their age, and the recruiters telling them to walk back in when they're a year older, etc.
  13. One more thing. Check the seatpost limits on seat rail diameter.
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