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  1. Nando, I'll put $20 with your Macbook stuff. Come ride Thumper and drop by my house for a beer!
  2. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and just now getting to the interesting (to me) parts. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Since I haven't been to Brushy Creek in...feels like months...I saw a pic of the sign and I think it's great.
  4. My impression is that they're selling tons of commuter bikes. I went to the Guadalupe store for a shop ride and there were 12 people waiting to go on a hosted e-bike ride (rental Comos and Vados). Those are a lot cheaper than the e-MTB bikes. I'm thinking about one of those for myself.
  5. Let me dig through my stuff to see if I have any gloves. My brother got my nephew a full face for the same reason. He is thorough on his research so I'll ask him what helmet he got.
  6. @Yosmithy definitely go hit this place up. Yeah, not much in town for mountain biking. I think there's one trail but not much to talk about. We went toward Mt. Hood for riding, but you can ride all day at The Lumberyard and not be bored. They have beer and really good pizza too.
  7. Had to wait for baby-in-a-wooden-bucket pictures once.
  8. + a certain someone we know writing tickets.
  9. Specialized does have the guidelines, but they don't tell you about them on their marketing info or at the bike store. I just recently bought a Roubaix (rains 4 weeks ago my bad), and subsequently learned that if I happen to ever go to northern France or southern Belgium and ride on the famed cobbles, my warranty would be void, because the Roubaix is intended for smooth paved surfaces only. Apparently someone forgot to tell Peter Sagan that! https://media.specialized.com/support/collateral/0000093943.pdf
  10. I'm starting another thread for the bike ride condition ratings. I think it's interesting enough.
  11. We need pretty titanium boutique bike builds so we can hang them as artwork in the living room.
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