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  1. Hopefully, Texas' Zebra hunting season isn't during those months. 🤠
  2. Not much help for your application, though I had the same preference toward not removing the wheel. I sold my pickup and bought a van. Problem solved. .... the fact that it is rated for over 2 tons carrying capacity, has lockable enclosed storage, and gets about the same mpg as the pickup I sold helped make it an easy Tundra to Transit transition for the Transition (Covert 29).
  3. I've gotten a lot of relief from Ergons over the past decade or longer. My issues were numb hands and forearms and focusing on bars with more sweep and ergonomic grips have really paid off for me. When purchasing SQLab's handlebars earlier this year I went with their 710 MTB Grips and feel that they are as good and possibly a little better than the Ergons in how they fit the natural curves and proportions of the hand. They come in sizes, so a visit to their website for determining the right one to get is a good place to start. They have a variety of styles to select from. This is the 710.
  4. I camped there as a Cub Scout in a Sam Houston Council troop, and I'll usually take a gander across the landscape there whenever I'm traveling the Devil's Backbone on the way to Madrone trail at Canyon Lake. That place could offer some wonderful trail opportunities.
  5. That's a real knee-slapper there. Good job!
  6. Looks flexy ... (somebody was gonna say it)
  7. Why is Ginger AND MaryAnn never offered as a viable option numero 3?
  8. You may have it backwards in your mind. Overthinking this may be contributing to the perceived issue. With a longer bar, the movement at the tip is further, as AntonioGG said. It requires a greater movement at the tip of the bar for the same degrees of change in steering to be made. Rather than the smaller movement as you have stated a couple of times. Don't think about it at all, just ride and move the bars whatever it takes to get the job done same as you always have. The change will get calibrated in the CPU (unconscious mind) over a short amount of time without any thought being required. Use the force. 🥓
  9. Doesn't the latter quite often lead to the former?
  10. That looks like a nice rig ... but, I don't see myself buying more fitness equipment until I get rid of the Soloflex (purchased in the 80's) that I have stashed in pieces across various nooks and crannies around the house. Clearing a space at my house to set up something like that would be a pretty good workout in itself.
  11. A little something for perspective of scale. Photo of Starship Mk1 in Boca Chica beside a Falcon 1 (the first SpaceX Orbital rocket)
  12. I've submitted the routes into TrailForks and posted the links to each route in the Event thread for the SATN Social. If folks who use TrailForks will click the links in that thread and then select "confirm" for each route that will speed up the approval for public viewing. Edit: The TF routes have been approved and made live. A search on TF for SATN Social will show them.
  13. I've submitted the three .gpx routes into TrailForks, and used the latest "no gray areas" gpx for East. Here are links to the routes. https://www.trailforks.com/route/satn-social-east-10-26-19-event/ https://www.trailforks.com/route/satn-social-north-10-26-19-event/ https://www.trailforks.com/route/satn-social-south-10-26-19-event/
  14. TrailForks has it listed too. https://www.trailforks.com/region/possum-kingdom-lake-26556/ Looking forward to a ride report in the MTB Destinations thread if you manage to stir up some dust there. 👍
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