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  1. Ridenfool

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    There could be signage at the parking lot, and redundantly along the trail, clearly stating who to contact regarding needed trail work and suggestions for modification. As well as clearly stating that nobody is to do work on the trail without approval from the steward(s) prior. Then again, the sort of folks that do this are about as likely to read the signs as folks are to read the OP stating how there already were 3 lines to choose from in this particular instance. People, are a problem.
  2. Some pics here https://www.vrbo.com/4965882ha
  3. VRBO has some listings there as well. We're renting a small house with fenced yard for $99 a night next week for six nights. It is 2 blocks from the downtown Square area, also near Crystal Bridges, and right between Coler and Slaughter Pen trailheads a few blocks away on either side.
  4. Ridenfool

    Texas Parks are Being Loved to Death

    Rode at San Angelo State Park on Sunday and stayed overnight. Nice trails, they were a little wet/muddy in some places due to recent precip. I'd recommend a stop for anyone traveling in the area wanting to ride. Good singletrack, some sections connected by old COA park roads, good views, signage, some gnar on Playground, Armadillo, and Roller Coaster and a lot of twisty, flowing trail with enough ups and downs to accumulate about 2000' of elevation change in 15 miles.
  5. For when you have a bunch of small bike stuff to move there is one word that comes to mind. Frankenbike
  6. Ridenfool

    Spider Mountain

    They probably thought someone was putting in power lines and weren't happy over the idea of encroachment on their gig(awatt). Once they realize this will USE power they should be on board.
  7. Ridenfool

    Spider Mountain

    Good thing I made plans to be in Bentonville for the holidays. It is well beyond the reach of the LCRA Scrooge Squad.
  8. Ridenfool

    Spider Mountain

    One might go so far as to say that it is quite uplifting.
  9. Gentrification perhaps?
  10. Ridenfool

    Cold weather and shorts

    Go to Academy. Get a pair of thermal underwear bottoms in black. It works, and people will think you have some high-tech kit, and they work. Did I mention that they work? Here's a link to the Magellan house brand. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/magellan-outdoors-mens-20-baselayer-bottom-with-scent-control#repChildCatid=4784770 Size them so they can be worn over the chamois short and under the baggies, so you can take them off easily if things get too toasty. Other sources, REI, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Get a synthetic material, avoid cotton. At the other end of the spectrum are things like the Endura MT500 Onesie for a wee bit higher cost.
  11. Ridenfool

    Looking for 3x9 dual control levers

    Are there any MTB museums? They might have some.
  12. Ridenfool

    I screwed up.

    Besides, it is already raining ... now's the time to buy new.
  13. Ridenfool

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Use the link in this thread to check rainfall accumulation at Rocky Hill (78957). If under an inch total with a day or more to recover it might be okay. Rocky Hill can have a few sloppy spots in sections with clay after a rain. The gravel and sandy surface over most of the trails will drain well and can be ridden without much concern a day or more after a rain. You may accumulate some mud, but won't do much harm to the trail. (they ran the 24 Hours of RHR the day after a big rain this year) I'd wager you wouldn't be the only one pre-riding the course on Sunday. Reveille Peak Ranch is still your best bet if you want to come out with a clean bike.
  14. Could the offer of publicly available trail maps be of benefit? Sites like Strava and other similar social media based trackers representing various user groups could be utilized as a way to provide clear examples of current usage without having to wait for someone to fund a survey and document the results. If so, things could move forward with reference to such existing data included in the current proposal.
  15. Ridenfool

    El Paso

    Remember Juarez is just across the reever. El Paso used to have a reputation for a very high rate of vehicle theft. When I lived in Fort Davis decades back I knew several people who lost their cars while shopping at the Mall there. Also, El Paso is the home of Pancho's Mexican Buffet, FWIW.