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  1. Maybe next year, if so inclined, she could try it on a fixie. Major props for the effort!
  2. If you'd bring those temps back with you to share, that'd be great. Enjoy!
  3. It just occurred to me how, had this event been named "Peddler's Pass Lap Dance," it would have made a stunning headline.
  4. In addition to buying new parts, get the most out of your purchase by spending some time getting a feel for what each adjustment does and how you can sense the changes made. Over the long run, if the shock/fork have adjustments the most benefit will come to the rider from learning all you can about setting up things like preload, rebound, and any other knobs. Dedication to the time-consuming task of tuning any suspension to get the most out of it provides a payback that lasts forever. Once any rider is familiar with the process and comfortable with setup, any suspension component can likely be made to work better. I've heard that BSS offers a suspension tuning service that several have said nice things about and which helps the rider understand how to test for small changes.
  5. I think that was on Lake Austin, not Travis.
  6. It's one of those "Ether you will or you won't" scenarios. All will be revealed by clicking HERE
  7. To add to the trailbuilding aspect, a McCloud is a handy tool for fire tending. I made a few trips out last night and this morning to drag logs and push coals, getting everything to burn completely. Last night before heading to bed there was 3/100's of an inch on the rain gauge at the house. Just enough to let me sleep a little more soundly without worry of the pasture catching fire. If it were a trail it would be hero ash today as the last few large pieces burn.
  8. The trick wold be getting the correct rubber compound. Anything else than their OEM rubber likely won't stick to the pedals as well.
  9. I'm actually hoping I'll get a little rain. The pile is still burning and I'll sleep better if the ground around it is wet. So far only a sprinkle, but the lightning show around me is impressive.
  10. Finished the rest up today, got the neighbor's mess cleaned up as well. Piled it all up on a burn stack that was wonderous in its height and lit it a little after noon. It will be burning for days. I'm wore out and looking forward to soaking up some AC for the rest of the evening. Still got to deal with the replacement roof on the shop. At this point I might just hire it out to get it done before the next rain.
  11. Yes a giant of a Pecan tree that had the misfortune of growing in a boggy, sandy spot which all the recent rains had saturated. When the Big Blow of 2019 came through that huge amount of sail area it had so magnificently grown became quite literally its downfall. It will continue in the cycle of life helping make great barbeque and other worthwhile purposes for many years to come.
  12. Let's have no more blaspheming in the Church of the Knobby Tire. 😙
  13. Too hot to ride anyway, think I'll do yard work instead ... Or roofing. That's always fun in 100 degree weather ... We had a little wind this afternoon it seems.
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