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  1. I just meant that if you wanted one that fit there was a bargain to be had. The one you are selling is a good dropper and it is a fair price. Performance had it at 60% off their retail. Mine came in from Chain Reaction in England a few days before I saw that one.
  2. FWIW, I saw a 30.9 version of the same dropper you are selling, rebranded as Performance' house brand for $68 at the Lamar store last week.
  3. Ridenfool

    Getting a new bike...

    Sounds like mitigating circumstances to me. May even fall under maintenance, unless you post a photo, then all bets are off of course. Good work!
  4. Ridenfool

    Brushy Creek

    Anyone can tell just by looking at the tracks how the jogger was being chased by the evil bicyclists, then was forced off the path before meeting their demise at the hands of those wheeled hooligans.
  5. Ridenfool

    Getting a new bike...

    To date, those studying the relationship between rain and new bike/gear purchases have found that routine maintenance has an immeasurable effect on this phenomenon. You may sleep easier than those with new bikes and gear who are most responsible for the plague of rain that has besmirched our trails. 👍
  6. Remember the Mountain Biker's Motto, "If you aren't bleeding, you aren't having fun" Oh, and congratulations on setting a new personal best!
  7. Ridenfool

    Getting a new bike...

    IIRC, the rules clearly state that no more than three new parts can be added/assembled per week to restrict the natural rain reaction to only being raised to an overcast/cloudy condition. No more than one new part per any 24 hour period can be added. Any previously used part may be added at will with no effect, unless it has been restored/painted/refurbished to a "like new" condition, then it will count as half a new part towards the rain reaction index for that rider. There are some allowances for starting a screw or bolt, but not tightening it, and, for holding a part in place to measure or inspect fit will not contribute to precipitation unless photographed and/or viewed by more than three riders.
  8. Ridenfool

    Why I did it

    You know he's gonna offer bacon and/or beer as well. Which, in Spicewood, IS considered cash.
  9. Ridenfool

    Spider Mountain

    That can't be true. My buddy Huck Finn told me whitewashing fences was the most fun I'd ever have in my whole life.
  10. Ridenfool

    girdling ligustrum in walnut creek

    Guess we could just hire some more to replace them too and realize the same overall positive effect. 😌
  11. Ridenfool

    girdling ligustrum in walnut creek

    Wouldn't it be better to just hire some illegals on the cheap and get higher quality work done?
  12. Ridenfool

    girdling ligustrum in walnut creek

    Can't we just build a wall to keep Ligustrum out?
  13. Ridenfool

    Spider Mountain

    There is a fine line between "I went down (insert Black trail here)" and "I went down ON (insert Black trail here)." To some it may be one and the same.
  14. Ridenfool

    Brushy Creek

    Maybe we should just consider it "performance art" in a Keep Austin Weird kinda way.
  15. Ridenfool

    A TMW Gathering

    (moved to appropriate forum for this sort of foolishness) Calling all TMWs and anyone else within earshot with a bike ... Team Meat Weapon's Leerless Feeder, Spicewookie, has proposed a little rambunctiousness at Spider Mountain. Tentatively set for the weekend of April 27 or May 4. (based on booking calendar May 4 is most likely) The excuse for this would be loosely based upon a celebration of SpiceWookie and Ridenfool sharing a birthday. There is a reasonable expectation that most have by now fully recovered after the last time we did this, a long, long time ago in a Spiceweird far, far away. Plans would be for those staying overnight arranging lodging at Thunderbird Resort at Spider Mountain Friday and Saturday nights. (T-bird's policy appears to be a 2-night minimum ) Lift access riding on Saturday, (Sunday too for those willing and able). Food, drink and general mayhem Saturday afternoon/evening at Thunderbird Resort. Available recreation opportunities include: riding, swimming, boating, eating, drinking, and I think I saw a Volleyball court on the map. Before further consideration of accommodations is addressed, a head count will determine if anyone would actually be interested in attending. Please use the above poll to cast you aspirations regarding this dubious event. (resort has 2 night minimum booking) This is an open invitation, *non-TMWs are welcome and encouraged to attend. Rest assured that you may inquire as to the unique opportunity to join this elite group if you are overcome by a longing to do so, otherwise no pressure to even admit knowing a TMW will be applied. *(Yes, even those among the ranks of Tender Gooch Racing are cordially invited)