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bike fit calculator needs subjects

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Peter Verdone gets it. He developed a way to measure and calculate your functional range of motion to figure out approximately how your bike should fit. this is about orienting your feet and your handlebars and has nothing to say about saddle position. this is about how your bike handles under you when your butt is not on the saddle, which is when it really counts (or should) on technical terrain. even if you don't have a dropper post, the saddle position is important but if you butt is off the saddle when you tackle a trail segment with challenging terrain, the saddle position is irrelevant for the moment. Read about PVD's take on RAD measurement.

If that makes sense to you, read my instructions and input your findings in the spreadsheet. Let me know what you find, then take a measurement of your bikes RAD to see how it compares. the numbers you get from the calculator are not prescriptive, they are a reference point. I also have it available on Google Drive as a Sheet document, so PM me if you need access to that.


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