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  1. Someone do this! Put it on your bike and go gravel grindin. I would but my mtb uses Cinch rings and my CX bike is 130bcd.
  2. This is probably the best option I have seen yet: https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-womens-cannondale-mountain-bike/7031305138.html My only concern is the 1.5" steerer tube. If we need a shorter stem for it, that could be difficult to find.
  3. bottle of favorite tubeless goop Gift someone membership with IMBA or make a contribution in their name Subscription to a favorite bike mag Socks
  4. This flyer has been going around. My understanding is that plans for John Trevino Park are up in the air and there's a big push for a skate/bike facility. The meeting this Saturday could be an opportunity to voice your interest in the park doing that. One issue I noticed: the park seems to be very difficult to get to without a car. For kids, that means it might as well be on the moon. The park is about two miles east of the Walnut Creek Trail on MLK/969. According to street view images, there's a bike lane along a fast-travelled road, but the lane ends 1/2 mile west of the park at Decker. While getting the idea to take root is the priority, I'd like to make it clear to those in charge how important it will be to make it accessible to everyone, including young people who can't drive and those who would rather pedal/ skate to the park.
  5. cranks, tires, handlebar, stem, seatpost are all usually very heavy. a trip to Yellow Bike will cost less than $50 to replace those things and I could donate the stuff I take off.
  6. Just saw this on CL too. A small on that bike is designed with someone 5'4"-5'7". Tempting as that is, I really want something small enough that it really fits. I just checked and realized her old Cannondale is a 16" frame. We put the shortest stem we could find and slide the saddle forward, but it's probably still a big big. Man, some of the begginer level new bikes on the market are heavy pigs! Why do they bother putting 3x7 drivetrains on them? Surely it could be done cheaper with 1x8.
  7. I think she is 100% sold on some sort of front suspension. Not worth the hassle of finding a fork to fit that.
  8. Hiding cables, wires, and hoses is mostly cosmetic and a way to piss off a mechanic. I like Guerrilla Gravity's panel design. Shifting is over-rated anyways.
  9. Yes. I sync it with my phone and the Fitbit app is linked to Strava.
  10. Giro Carbide shoes, size 9-1/2/ 42.5. black with 3 Velcro straps. A bit chewed up up still useable. They are a bit too small for me. Fitbit Surge GPS watch with optical heart rate monitor. Works fine but battery won't last much longer than 5 hours with GPS tracking turned on. Nice option for riding because it does not drain your phone. Also has basic smartphone features. I bought it used but just upgraded to something newer. All you need is to download the free Fitbit app.
  11. Weird, but thanks for that link! We've been cruising CL and Facebook ads and found a few candidates so far. Yeah, she needs a XS or a women's frame for sure. She's gotten on a few "small" frames and they still seem huge. We have not tried Yellow Bike yet and there's probably something there for her. She really hates visiting YBP and I don't blame her. Let me know if you happen to see something there.
  12. Knowing her, five bucks! Seriously though, I would be surprised if she's willing to shell out $500 for any bicycle. She's well aware of how little bike that will get her on the new market so we're definitely considering used bikes. A 10-15 year-old XC 26er with Deore level stuff and a 80-100mm fork could work just fine.
  13. Not sure if this helps, but have you watched the past few Seth's Bike Hacks videos?
  14. Looking for a relatively modern XC hardtail with 650b or 26" wheels, disc brakes, and a decent suspension fork. Must be basically the smallest size frame made for a 5' tall adult. My wife has taken an interest in riding with me. Her mid-90s Cannondale M300 is a fine neighborhood cruiser but it's holding her back on trails. I can't find a worthwhile 1" threadless suspension fork for it (not that I expected to!) so it's new-ish bike time! She's not interested in technical trails but something that inspires confidence in a timid rider on stuff no more advanced than Walnut Creek would be terrific.
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