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  1. someone pointed out to me today that hospitals are not "the front line" of defense against the pandemic. they are the last line, the last resort, the last hope. the front lines are people going about their daily lives and fighting the virus mostly by passive means: staying home as much as they can, wearing a mask in public, social distancing, yadda yadda yadda.
  2. you can still pass along your genes, theoretically. that's how babies work and stuff.
  3. Austin and Travis County are "shutting down" parks this weekend. I understand what they are trying to do, but, a) are they actually going to enforce that? how can they? b) is that just going to funnel people into alternative spaces that are more restrictive? I guess the main thing they can do is block parking lots at trail heads and hope people stay away. the covidiots who would normally gather at Bull Creek and HOL are going to have to have their orgies of stupidity elsewhere, or face the horror of riding a bicycle to those places. fortunately, it looks like it's going to be hot AF, so most people will stay home and watch Hamilton on Disney+.
  4. I spent every spare minute of my time in San Antonio (2004-2010) riding BMX and shooting photos. we spent a lot of time exploring ditches, including that pipe: downtown someplace: somewhere near 410 & Bandera: Bandera & Guilbeau area: under I-10 at Huebner: If I still lived in SA I would still be riding a BMX bike. there is some fun terrain around Austin but San Antonio ditches are waaaaaay better.
  5. Vanilla Ice holding Friday concert on Lake Travis despite rising coronavirus cases event maximum capacity: 450 tickets sold as of two days before the concert: 84 [update, Mr. Ice canceled the show.]
  6. I spent most of my life someplace between Chicago and Indianapolis. the cold can be one thing, but the two worst things about cold weather are driving in snow and the DRYNESS. my hands would get so dry that my knuckles with crack open and bleed, no matter how much hand creme I used, no matter the brand. as miserable as Texas heat is, if you can stay indoors in AC, it's just fine with me. working in a building with no AC, however, is soul-sucking.
  7. 1. Chris Hedges is one of the few living American prophets. 2. I just got back from an orthodontist appointment. Yikes.
  8. What was wrong with the non-Samsung options that are made Taiwan, Japan, and India? how much would you be willing to pay for an American-made phone?
  9. that's the idea. makes sense. the question is: how much is fair and when is the company taking advantage (and being given that advantage by elected officials)?
  10. I see you don't have any chicken friends. typical. go talk to one, they've been furious about the stereotype for years and no one listens.
  11. There was an old trail in Travis Country. It has rocks, bumps, and chasms a-plenty. It will grate you like cheese, but when when discussing it, please: confide location with the cognoscenti.
  12. some people must be cold-natured. if the temp is above 60, I can't stand to wear anything but a t-shirt and shorts. I might tolerate jeans. I am always shocked to see people riding bikes in my neighborhood wearing a full winter parka when it's below 80. I would die.
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