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  1. https://www.texasobserver.org/is-texas-overcrowded-underfunded-state-parks-system-being-loved-to-death/ worth a read. have you been to a Texas State Park recently? I camped and hiked at Inks Lake last weekend. it was not very crowded and everything was in good shape. "the counties of Bexar, Hays and Travis and their seats — San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin, respectively — have created more public land in the last 20 years than either the state or federal governments. In fact, Texas leads the nation in local ballot initiatives to invest money in parks and other green space."
  2. mack_turtle

    Need Cheap MTB for UT commuter

    might be a good idea to hit up Performance Bike.
  3. mack_turtle

    Best Craig's List Ads

    I can't sell anything on Craigslist because Bike Farm and a few other "dealers" keep posting all of their bikes on the "for sale by owner" page. Or I am trying to sell stuff that no one wants. You be the judge! Seriously though, when I see 30 different listings with photos of bikes taken on the exact same background, that's not "for sale by owner."
  4. mack_turtle

    performance bike deals

    Do you really want to buy shorts from a place that accepts returned cycling shorts with someone else's pubes in them?
  5. He has a point. However, there's no shortage of creepy people who will find you on Craigslist. I just hate trying to sell something on CL because everything you post gets buried under 20 pages of rusty crap within 6 hours.
  6. mack_turtle

    Bad news for town lake

    What rich mfers have enough money to buy their kid a bike that costs more than most of us spend on an adult bike that they'll outgrow in a year? I don't know what is worse- mountain biking's golfification or it's wussification. Looks like both of those trends are converging.
  7. mack_turtle

    Bad news for town lake

    wait, can those thing go up or down Mt. Bonnell? I've ridden my bike up that hill both ways, and that slope is no joke.
  8. mack_turtle

    2019 InnerBike Tradeshow (canceled)

    I've always wanted to attend a bike trade show. Interbike sounds fun but there are so many others that I can do without it.
  9. mack_turtle

    Bad news for town lake

    Of course, we all know that. So we will have, what, four or five good years between the scooter scourge and the robot uprising?
  10. mack_turtle

    Bad news for town lake

    Maybe we should think long-term and put scooters on that list. Think about it: more scooters = more stupid people injuring themselves and shortening their opportunities to reproduce. When they get out of the hospital, they realize, "that was dumb I, am going to buy a bicycle instead!" seriously though, I think the scooter thing will blow over in a year or less. they will stick around, but the novelty will wear off and there will be fewer bozos running into stationary objects. people will start using helmets, riding conscientiously, and using them less for joy-riding and more for getting places they really need to be. In the meantime, more people will become aware of the lack non-vehicular infrastructure and demand more bike (and scooter) lanes, accountability for inattentive drivers, etc. I have a very bleak outlook on our species and even I think that's possible.
  11. mack_turtle

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    That might be it. Where was that? My knowledge of Austin geography in 2003 is useless now. Liberty Hill? I think I recall driving for a while to get there.
  12. mack_turtle

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Anyone remember the name of an indoor skatepark in Austin 10-15 years ago? I recall visiting on in the summer of 03 but can't remember where it was. I'd certainly session an indoor bike park when it's 104 out. I still think that some rideable terrain under a highway overpass would be fun of it stays somewhat dry. I can think of a few spots...
  13. mack_turtle

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    What we need is an empty building or a space under a highway so we can build something like this. I don't think Austin is punk enough to follow through.