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  1. I admit the DOT hate comes from experience with SRAM brakes. I've only had the opportunity to work with Hope brakes once, and they were a breeze! the ubiquity of SRAM brakes makes most mechanics hate them though.
  2. Yup, MMS is pretty fun on a gravel bike!
  3. I have not, but that Old Shovel guy that a the Bob Ross of bicycle mechanics. Already subscribed.
  4. I've been exploring Mary Moore Seawright Park a bit more lately and I've noticed that the park has a large network of technical singletrack that would overwhelm most skinny tired bikes, but it also has a large network of relatively tame walking paths. Those surfaces seem to be very old roads of some sort that are so broken down that they would be un-fun on a pavement bike, but could be part of a fun gravel loop. will report back when i have a chance to try it.
  5. The only way to enter and exit SCT is at 1826. There's singletrack right next to the road by which you can approach from either north or south. None of those ways are secret or hard to find, although most of the trails in question are unsanctioned but on public land.
  6. There are a few ways to get to SCT using the singletrack along 1826. If you're riding Circle C metro, there's singletrack along Slaughter Lane that leads to 1826, which makes a nice, long route. If you're riding the Latta Creek trails (Drip Drop, Koopa, etc.) you can climb the hill at the end of Davis Lane, cut through the parking lots at Gorzycki Middle School and end up at that same corner. You can also go south along 1826 for a big hill climb that will get you back into Circle C at Spruce Canyon or continue south to SH45 and the trails out that way. I've ridden SCT quite a few times and I've never parked at the SCT lot because there are more interesting ways to get there.
  7. I've met the rock puller. Weird old runner dude. I don't think he's also blocking the trails.
  8. IME, dot fluid requires more frequent bleeding. I lost track of the number of new bikes sold that came back to the shop within a month because of noisy, spongy brakes—always SRAM brakes. We had SRAMs phone number memorized from calling them so frequently. Shimano-brake equipped bikes didn't have that problem.
  9. The person making these messes is most likely acting alone. Each day, there are dozens of people riding through there and we all clean it up. We'll win this battle, but it's still strange that one person is this determined to F up the trail.
  10. Pecan pie, me too! We made some the other day and it came out like hard candy. Still delicious.
  11. leaf-blowers: good or bad? discuss.
  12. the IG page is still there. https://www.instagram.com/east_austin_bike_park/
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