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  1. that crop grows natively and in abundance in the area, so it should not be hard to find it.
  2. FIFY. you and I could not be teenage friends because I'd be trying to stop you from doing stupid things all the time!
  3. I've participated in many unsanctioned rides and "races" but there's a smart way to do such things, and a dumb way. the singlespeeders do a lot of these things, but they plan them in places where no one is going to notice or care that a group of riders are "racing" for free beer and t-shirts. I don't think Big Southie or SATN Social had official permission, but they didn't cause problems that I heard of. it just looked like a lot of people were out riding the trail. HOL is just the WRONG place to do that. I can think of a few places where that might work, and HOL is the worst place I can imagine.
  4. on that note, we need more silly SS events. what happened to SSCX nights?
  5. There were some little concrete parking blocks installed in that ditch the last time I rode through. Everything in there is too small to be exciting for even 20" bikes. Good place to mess around, but there are better ditches nearby for that sort of thing.
  6. I've been enjoying Taika Waititi's movies lately. If you've seen and enjoyed Jojo Rabbit and What We Do in the Shadows, go back and watch Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. You can access some of these films for free through the Kanopy app. this f-king guy! 😆
  7. shit, mom is involved! no need to get PARD or anyone else involved. this kid needs to join the BMX scene. in my day, we did shady stuff all the time and no one cared. build a bunch fo crappy ramps out of particle board and jump over smashed cars while drunk? no problem!
  8. however, until he drops the plans, it could still kind of happen. a small number of jackwagons might show up to "race" down HOL, clobbering a few old people and dogs in the process and suddenly bicycles are not allowed in BCGB. if he was not a minor, I'd recommend an ass-kicking. I think he'll learn.
  9. That's nuts! I did some dumb stuff when I was a kid but geez. bandit race on HOL is almost as stupid as hosting a bandit race at Slaughter Creek Trail.
  10. I helped clear some stuff in Circle C metro park between MOPAC and Escarpment. most of that trail should be clear. There was a large-ish tree down near Williamson Creek next to Brush Country (Valero Loop) that requires a saw. lots of face-slappers along Latta Branch Creek (Koopa Troopa).
  11. I confess I am a bit afraid to. the kind of person who hosts an unsanctioned DH race on a crowded public trail probably doesn't want to hear from me. I'll let ARR deal with it.
  12. https://www.bikereg.com/hill-of-life-downhill I am confused. how does one host a downhill contest on a trail that is open to the public?
  13. I seriously considered building a sort of bed/ storage system for my Fit. packing the tent just makes a lot more sense. the window of weather where camping is tolerable is rather narrow though. we drove up to Broken Bow, OK late last summer and it was GROSS. so hot and humid. almost no sleep. We went to Caddo Lake later in the fall and it was splendid. rode bikes some, slept well, paddled all over the place until our arms fell off, hiked around with the weener dog in tow. good times. still no need for a glamping vehicle, but we've not gone camping for more than 3–4 days at a time.
  14. Visited Randall's at MOPAC and William Cannon this afternoon. Short lines, not crowded at all. The store was picked over! Probably partially because they had not been fully restocked and/or they had to throw away a lot of stuff. We got some basics that we needed though. Fortunately, we keep a well stocked pantry and got a few things right before the storm hit. I was expecting snow and ice to make travel difficult for a few days. The loss of power and water was a surprise.
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