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  1. On of these days, the SATN witch some of us have met is going to be on the headlines for something like this.
  2. On that note, Tommy Ketterhagen's killer is going away. https://www.flobikes.com/articles/6449156-davison-sentenced-to-10-years-in-ketterhagen-death
  3. Florida is a place where you can do anything if you're driving a truck or slinging a gun.
  4. If you want to be proactive about it, tell the editor of Gear Patrol how you feel. As someone who writes stuff like this, I know that SEO research says that a beginner mountain bike for $3000 is not what people are Googling.
  5. I'll never get over the image of old fart McGoo deep-throating one of his company's plastic axle pegs.
  6. Looks quite a bit long. I have a reliable formula for sizing those loops at home.
  7. Are they back already? I like to session that one Rocky Hill because I can't clean it constantly. All bets are off when the horseflies are biting.
  8. Bad ass. One more thing about those brake posts- it's possible for the brake arm fixing bolts to get stuck to the post, so the post will thread out if you have to remove the brake. If you still can, apply some heavy thread locker to those posts and/ or tighten the crap out of them.
  9. Did I make a factual mistake? You said I made something up. What, specifically, do you think I made up?
  10. Chunk Truck is in the middle of the Latta Creek Greenbelt, just west of Dick Nichols Park. To get there, turn right at the tree with the big rock next to it.
  11. That's pretty tone-deaf. It's common these days for the mtb media to write stuff that assumes that everyone have money coming out of their ears. I have written a few of these types of articles and I always categorize "first bikes" as less than $1500, and strive to find a recommendation under $1K. I mean, you can buy a carbon fiber 26" hardtail with crappy components for $400 and then put $600 worth of components one it over the next six months and at least end up with a passable XC bike. I've been mountain biking for over a decade (not that long, I know) and I don't think the custom-built hardtail with a boutique rear hub would cost more than $2000 if I had to start all over.
  12. I like it. My experience has been that those screw-in brake posts can be hard to find of the manufacturer used a weird size. If anyone has something that weird, it would be YBP.
  13. Color me confused. What part of that did I make up? Tourney cheese is a real, patented Shimano technology. Just watch that video of his "drop test." What else could that derailer be made from? Hyperbole aside, did I make a factual mistake? Maybe I misread the spec list on that X-Cal.
  14. No horses, but can I walk my pony on this trail? How about a mule?
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