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  1. https://www.facebook.com/singlespeedusa/
  2. https://bikepacking.com/bikes/tour-divide-rigs-2019/ That age spread! Quite a few single speeds in the bunch, actually. Think about all the mechanical issues you avoid that way. You might not climb or cruise as handily as the gearies, but you'll blow past them when the snap a hanger. Not a lot of suspension to be seen among the riders at all. Rohloff hubs on quite a few bikes too. Surprised there are no gearbox equipped bikes shown. I think they started with 150 riders, and not all of them are really competitors. Need some chips to go with all those Salsas too.
  3. What's the Euro size on those? 43, 44?
  4. I am down for a long weekend of this kind of thing and I probably have all I need to make it happen except the will to just do it. Careto share your routes for these?
  5. There it is. Not this lifetime, but I could do better for myself in that regard.
  6. I really need to dig into some interviews to see how people pull off stuff like this. I am lucky if I can leave my immediate neighborhood for more than a few hours to ride, let alone take a month + off to ride the whole country top to bottom. I'll have to start with a weekend excursion to a state park to start because this kind of thing appeals to me more than brappin berms.
  7. I've been watching the dots. Wilcox subtly there down the gaunlet a few days ago by suggesting she wants to be the first female to win TD.
  8. I split two pool noodles and zip tied them to my rims. Dropped 29x2.4 tires from 24-28 psi to 16-18 psi. We'll see how that holds up
  9. I happened upon a jar of silver anti-seize compound the other day. Anyone need it? Also, looking for a short-ish stem and narrow handlebar and some 26" tires to replace the ones on my wife's bike. She's short and has a small Cannondale hardtail with a long stem that's probably miserable to ride.
  10. Also not a snake, but I saw this bad MFer on the Latta Branch Greenbelt (gravel path west of Dick Nichols) a week or two ago. Apparently they have a nasty bite. 8-10" long.
  11. Can you post this on some Austin MTB Facebook pages? Can I? I could share it on the Biking ATX subReddit as well.
  12. That's a nice fork. When did you do a full service on it last? I take my Reba apart every 6 months or so. There are always nice parts in the market, but a Rev should do ya fine if you take care of it. Look into basic maintenance, of course, but also bottomless Tokens and aftermarket dampers.
  13. what fork do you have now? do you "need" an upgrade, or could you get more out of it with a rebuild and tune?
  14. www.statesman.com/news/20190607/lakefront-tax-break-why-mansions-on-lake-austin-are-exempt-from-city-taxes https://communityimpact.com/austin/lake-travis-westlake/city-county/2019/06/10/roughly-400-lake-austin-properties-may-soon-begin-paying-city-property-taxes-for-the-first-time-in-33-years/
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