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  1. mack_turtle

    I think I set a new personal record.

    Damn, guess I'll throw mine in the trash then since it's not worth the time it's taken to sell the thing. I bought a 30.9 PNW Bachelor. The 2018 ones were still around for $200 instead of $300.
  2. mack_turtle

    I think I set a new personal record.

    My old dropper is 31.8mm and my new frame is 30.9mm.
  3. mack_turtle

    I think I set a new personal record.

    720 is definitely NARROW by today's standards. I recently started using a dropper post for real. I can ride the same stuff with a regular post, but it sure feels nice to get the saddle out of the way for short bursts of twisty trail, drops, and jumps. My old dropper is for sale too.
  4. mack_turtle

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Actual footage of a driver hitting someone trying to get to SCNP:
  5. mack_turtle

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    What part of that is "near roads" enough to be a concern? If you are leaving Circle C and heading northwest on Slaughter, it's tempting to stay on the south side of the street and ride the dirt path there. It ends just past the water tower thing and forces you to ride into oncoming traffic near a blind turn. Not good. Instead, cross Slaughter near the middle school and cross again at 1826. The vehicular traffic there is usually very sparse and there is a sidewalk. there is a singletrack on the east side of 1826 that leads all the way to 45, past the SCNP entrance, and none of it is anywhere near traffic except for one short section where is crosses the creek. That takes 15 seconds and any rational person can manage it. It's not scary.
  6. mack_turtle

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Going around to the end of Slaughter means you get a little bonus downhill leading up to that trail. You can also cut through the storage facility driveway with minimal hassle.
  7. mack_turtle

    I think I set a new personal record.

    Nothing wrong with doing an endo, so long as you stay on the bike.
  8. mack_turtle

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Yup, that blockage at 1826 was recently put there by landowners along with a sign that said "no trespassing violators will be prosecuted" but it sounds like someone cut a workaround and tore down the sign. It's clear to me that the landowner does not want anyone on that land, as evidenced by the giant pile of brush blocking the "entrance".
  9. mack_turtle

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    If that is what I think it is, that trail has been repeatedly blocked and marked "no trespassing" by the land owner. We should stay out, lest we jeopardize access to everything else down there.
  10. mack_turtle

    Sunday Model C

    Let me rephrase that, I spent enough money on bike stuff this quarter that my wife would murder me in my sleep if I bought another bike.
  11. mack_turtle

    Sunday Model C

    I saw someone riding that or a Fairdale at 9th Street the other day. It did sound like a lot of fun to ride a BMX bike again, but I just spent a lot of money on bike stuff.
  12. "don't worry, my dog is friendly" *Chomp* dog randomly walks up and bites me in the leg. *Thud* rider hits the ground trying to avoid running over hapless dog sniffing the trail. Yeah, off-leash dogs are fine... At a dog park where they are allowed to do that.
  13. 1. proximity to Austin so I can ride it. 2. shade, so it can be ridden in the summertime without baking alive. (get TXDoT to give us some space under an overpass!) 3. rollable pump track 4. drops of various heights 5. maze of skinnies 6. alligator pit to jump over. I dunno, never ridden a bike park.
  14. mack_turtle

    Surly Karate Monkey fork, new!

    Brand new, never installed Surly Karate Monkey rigid fork. Includes axle. Made for Boost hubs, so you will need a 110mm front axle or an adapter to make a 100mm hub fit. Retails for $175. Details below: https://surlybikes.com/parts/karate_monkey_fork $150