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  1. I have two items to pass along. Drywall sheet, brand new. 4x8', 3/8" thick. You can have it if you can get this thing out of my garage! Weed Eater leaf blower. Needs an extension cord to operate. Fun to use all weekend to annoy the neighbors.
  2. I carry a tube, but the plug takes ten seconds and works almost every time. removing the wheel and tire to replace a tube takes a lot longer. I don't even have to get off the bike to shove a plug in a puncture.
  3. I'm carrying one of these. I like how self-contained and non-pokey it is. plus, you don't have to buy special proprietary replacement seals like the Dart system. just shove whatever strips you want in there. I've used it on a few other riders' bikes and on mine with success. https://ride.lezyne.com/products/tubeless-kit I've also found that a puncture that won't seal is sometimes due to insufficient sloshiness of the sealant in the tire. basically, it's dried up. I've rejuvenated old sealant on the side of the trail by squirting some water into the tire, shaking it, and reinflating. I also carry a tiny bottle of Berryman Tire Seal'r everywhere just in case.
  4. Yikes! Has the manufacturer acknowledged that problem? Seems like a major oversight to me.
  5. I need to replace the bearings in my Industry Nine 1-1 driver. the job seems to require a special tool, but it's possible that other bearing tools will work. It also has an oddball double-row bearing that might be hard to source. anyone know who might have those in town?
  6. And it's also mint. See what we did there?
  7. Avid / SRAM always seemed like too much hassle to own for me. Maybe they've gotten better, but i hated dealing with Juicy and Elixir models. However, SRAM made/makes parts available to rebuild calipers and levers, whereas Shimano does not. TRP has some nice compromises. Great braking, easy to service, some parts available. If money was no concern, I'd switch to Hope brakes for serviceability.
  8. When I got my DL, it was just a better means to take my bike places to ride. Kids these days!
  9. Probably old farm route for Seawright when it was a ranch or whatever she did with it. There's plenty of old dams, walls, and crossings like that throughout the park.
  10. The tire is touching the frame: on which side? If the tire is shifting to the left and touching the NDS chainstay, that's the right side slipping. If the tire touches the right side, thats the left side shifting under breaking.
  11. Sliders like the IRD, Paragon Machine Works, and the ones Kona uses are generally trouble-free. I've seen a lot of those older On One frames with track ends, so those particular sliders are new to me. Friction paste can never hurt. You could also ask On One of they have a particular torque in mind. The rather large bolts on Paragon machine works are 17 to 19 ft pounds. Peddling and braking forces can both throw the wheel out of alignment.
  12. I doubt the bolts on the sliders are coming loose if you're putting any reasonable amount of torque on them. Remove the wheel and measure the space between the dropouts as it should be nearly exactly 135 mm. This assumes you're also using a 135 mm rear hub. If there's a discrepancy between the space between the dropouts and the width of the hub, it cuz could cause things to "want" to shift. What's the condition of the interface between the frame and the dropout insert? Is it smooth or is it rough? If it's smooth it could stand to be sanded down or have friction paste but between those two parts. I have experimented with putting gears on a bike but I think it's safe to say that I've dealt with every single speed option on the planet.
  13. The same generation that gave out all those "participation trophies" to today's youger adults are now running bicycle companies. Boomers ruin everything.
  14. I heard you guys like high-pivot bikes. I found one that I like.
  15. Finally rode my bike today. Definitely need to see a doc because I feel like crap, but at least I found my stoke again for now. I'm not convinced that I need a fancy squishy bike, but something with stability that inspires me to push the bike harder might be nice. This front tire is not helping either. This seems to happen to all my front tires.
  16. my job is in north Austin and I have to be in the office 2–3 days a week now, which is stupid. I've made a second full-time job out of finding a new job for the past six months +. custom-tuning your resume and cover letter for 10-20 job listings each week is exhausting. I've had three interviews and literally hundreds of "after careful consideration..." emails. I kept them all for a while but I was running out of storage space in my inbox. most likely, I didn't get those jobs because I am not qualified to do much of anything, but also some 22 year old straight out of college with $100K in loan debt and a degree custom-tailored for the job swooped in and took it for half the salary I was asking for. damn whipper snappers!
  17. more dangerous self-disclosure: i've been pursuing a certificate in UX design. I don't have time to ride my bike because I've spent every waking moment with this course for the past two months. I don't have the certificate yet, but what I do have, after covering the first five months of what is supposed to be a six-month course in six weeks, is a string of tension headaches, a sleep disorder, and probably a panic attack. as a bonus, I have discovered that I'm really bad at it. but i'm so close to finishing that I'm going to see it through. I realized recently that I was making more money in 2008 than I am now, and I'm trying to make up for the past decade + of missed opportunities. if that means not riding for a few weeks, I hope it does not break me in the process.
  18. Full disclosure: just turned 40 and I feel like I should adopt gears and suspension. I've only briefly experimented with gears and never owned a bike with rear squish. Most people treat themselves when they reach a special birthday. I went hiking at Pedernales Falls SP. I might be able to convince myself that I'm worth the expense. My wife would not recover from the laughing fit she'd suffer if I told her how much a bike like that costs, so I need another source of stoke in the meantime. I keep telling myself that when I get a raise, I can do it, and then the cost of living shoots up my nose and it's back to just maintaining the same bike with hand-me-down parts and DIY damper service. I just bled the FIT4 on my 2016 Fox fork rather than drop $200 on such an old fork. Expressing this is really whiney, but after all these years of trying to advance my career with night school that goes nowhere makes me want to just take up hiking and forget it. Hence my loss of stoke.
  19. do you need that many spacers on the left side? seems excessive. could you get away with removing at least one of them?
  20. here's a little research I did on various multi-tools that I found compelling a while back. in a hilarious turn of events, I didn't buy any of them. Fix It Sticks $34 51g Mineral mini bar $40 112g Granite Stash $55 57g PB Swiss $40 91g Blackburn Big Switch $35 spurcycle $70 90g Lezyne storage drive $25 77g Uniche ratcheting tool $30 136g
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