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A fun quarantine project

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We've lived in this house for well over 20 years. In that time there have been at least 5 different ISPs and 3 major remodelings. Due to this the outside of the house was a mess of cables and the coax cable structure was a real mess of splitters, amplifiers extensions and whatnot spread over 2 different boxes.

So I used all of this spare time to really clean things up outside. Major bonus? My 400Mb/s internet connection is now averaging ~480Mb/s with lower ping times and less funky behavior.


It's still a mess back there and if I were really any more anal retentive I'd pull the 2 remaining coax lines from the utility pole off but that is a bridge too far because I don't want to mess up anyone else's service.

Internet is way more stable, no issues on the cable TV. There are a minimum of 12 different coax runs in the house and we only use 3 (2 Tivos and a cable modem.) Everything is a lot cleaner now.


I miss my bike.


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