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  1. It also has an adapter for post mount: I am not using it currently, it is a backup for my singlespeed in case I ever want to add gears. If you can use it until the PNW gets here, let me know.
  2. This is what I found in my bin: If you want to borrow these until you can get set up with the right ones, let me know. May also have the SS slider, but the hanger should not be an issue.
  3. What kind of bike is it? I have some paragon sliders in my parts bin...
  4. YAY HOSS!!!! Nice to see his bike in there. Two things I noticed: 1. Lots of riders in their 50's and even 60's. Clearly there is an "experience factor" at play, but probably also those are people who can afford to be away for a few weeks. 2. Several singlespeeds. Interesting choice. Less maintenance, fewer things to go wrong. But, holy shit, that is tough.
  5. What is worse than being in Bentonville and only having an urban bike with you? Wife jacked her knee exercising and now instead of spending an extra day or two on the way home from Chicago we need to power through and drive home, so it's only a few hours at the hotel šŸ˜ž
  6. I might ping you when I am back in town.
  7. They said it was "humid" here and I had to laugh. Made the right call to take the bikes into the city with us today. The the wife made the right call to stop and get a beer. Half Acre Beer's Daisy Cutter and Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero. Technically you can see a bit of the bikes over the railing, past the flowers.
  8. Mallard Lake, Bloomingdale, IL. Got in a lap before seeing the family today.
  9. Sssshhhhhh, they're sleeping....
  10. What is the cost to ship a bike? It's an 8.5 hour drive to Bentonville. Wife's family is from New Orleans and I've done the math on that trip. Being able to leave when you want vs. their schedule, not having to drive to the airport, not having to go through security, not having to take the flying time and not having to deal with a rental car and then driving to your destination really adds up. We assumed a 6-hour best case scenario, door to door to NO and I would bet that Bentonville is similar. 6-hour + airfare < 8.5 hour drive to me.
  11. How was it? We had great wine when we were in Montepulciano.
  12. Used to work for a company headquartered in Arizona, that was the company standard. Good stuff.
  13. Nice bike. Trying to make it to their factory in the future, hoping that I can demo a bike there. Pretty nice trails in the area.
  14. Gonna be blue skies in Chicago this week, good to be out of the rain. But I will have a lot of wet nā€™ forget to put down on all the limestone when I get home.
  15. Be careful when you say "hacking." These are generally always scams that are tied to getting your money, not control of your systems. Stealing is where they take money from you, your bank, PayPal, etc. Hacking is where they are gaining access to systems. The people doing it are not hackers, they are scammers. Hackers get control of your systems without really needing you to be involved. It's like when people say "my car was broken into last night" and then inadvertently let it slip that they left it unlocked. Yeah, it seems like semantics, but when you elevate these people to hackers you're doing them a favor.
  16. Looks like rain for the next week. Walnut may be dry by August at this point. Good time to leave town.
  17. IT happened yesterday. 2 different rides and then an imbibe at the Draught house.
  18. My wife is a former 2nd grade teacher if you have more general questions.
  19. Someone is cruising in a new chariot and some doggie CBD so life is good.
  20. There is a sure-fire way to use spray lube on your bike, follow this procedure carefully. 1. Pick up can and hold at a 45 degree angle. 2. Shake vigorously for 6-8 seconds 3. Throw the can in the garbage. When it comes to anything on your bike, spraying will end up giving the results that you just experienced. Use a liquid lube in a bottle. Chongo loco is right. The other thing to add, if cleaning does not address the stopping/squealing, is that you can bake your pads and rotors in the oven. I don't remember the temp/time that I have used in the past because of a leaking brake line, but some googling gave a response of 475F for 30 minutes. Not a guarantee, and in the long run you may be replacing either the pads, the rotors or both. I always opt for both because replacing one and not the other means that you are replacing a new component and having it come in contact with a potentially still contaminated product. If both are contaminated, putting new pads on with contaminated rotors will simply contaminate those as well. Use this as a learning experience, replace both and move forward knowing that you will never have to do this again because now you know better.
  21. Highly recommended. We'll be back in August for 2-4 weeks. Let me know if you need recommendations. I will be posting this trail on my website, just waiting for the folks at AB World Headquarters to finish up the TPS forms.
  22. This was classy: Went with this: I can get behind the idea of to go liquor. It was a good Malbec.
  23. I probably have a RockShox Pike with little or no use on it that I was gonna put up for sale now that covid has subsided. Would be a 100mm axle (non boost) and a 140mm travel, which I believe may be set up for 130mm these days.
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