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  1. Any tunnel is a pee tunnel if you put your mind to it
  2. Rode it today. You can see the old sidewalk and the new one. Here is the new crossing on Pleasant Valley Road:
  3. I have 3 suggestions for you: 1. Wash the pack, this takes care of the salt 2. Put some vinegar on the salt corrosion point, that will eat the salt. I used to work at a shoe repair and we sold "salt remover", which was basically alcohol and vinegar. Just plain vinegar can be used, but not on leather because it does not dry up properly and leaves residue in leather. Vinegar is fine for non-leather things. 3. Rub some soap on a zipper (on the teeth) and it will help to "lube" the zipper
  4. Does it matter? As long as the replacements happen in a "reasonable" timeframe, I'd gladly give up a 4 year old pack for a few weeks and end up with a brand new one.
  5. yep, putting them on my porch, will pm you the address
  6. OK, done giving away electronics, now back to bike stuff. One pair of large Swiftwick socks. Worn three times. The first time I realized that they don't fit my size 11 feet that well. The second and third times I was trying to convince myself that I was wrong. I realized I was right, just not for me. One pair of L/XL Pearl Izumi toe covers, they have the cutout for cleats. Porch pickup in central Austin.
  7. The dam is great, really wide sidewalks on either side, you can pass someone without having to stop and grab the chain link fence. Plus some crossing lights for Pleasant Valley Road.
  8. Looks like you just bought yourself an architect. An interior designer will probably not be able to do what you want although they will have an opinion. You want someone to structurally tell you what makes sense. The one that I use would probably not want to take this on and I think he is requiring. But if this is just "consulting" and you want to but a couple hours of his time he might be interested in taking a look. This would mean no drawings, but just a "yea or nay" on what you are trying to do. Don't even know if that is his thing but I can ask him if you'd like.
  9. You can start with an architect if you are moving walls, moving plumbing, moving electrical, etc. Some contractors *can* do this but some will also tell you that they can and then do a poor job of it. It is hard to know for sure how good they are. At least with an architect you know what you are getting. If you do go down this path, an architect can be a black hole and they love to charge a percentage of the cost of the job so set the right parameters with them first.
  10. Or it just isn't economically feasible. Don't automatically ascribe the worst on a company without knowing the real motivation.
  11. A big part might be reusability. It is far easier for a company to have parts available if they reuse parts in their design, generation after generation. Same thing with cars. Product costs are tied to design, tooling, volume, carrying costs, incidence of service failure, and reusability across generations. Everyone seems to think that materials cost is the big driver, but in reality it is a smaller part of the process. When TI parts cost more it generally has less to do with the difference between TI and the others, or even fabrication (with the possible exception of frames...) It generally has more to do with the carrying cost and the smaller volume. Imagine you are Shimano and you make Deore, SX, XT and XTR. You use the same parts across all of them, but for XTR you use a titanium part instead of steel to cut down on weight. The fact that XTR is lower volume has a huge cost on the fully burdened part cost, the material is probably only pennies in difference.
  12. What's the part # on them? I can cross reference to see if they work in my fridge.
  13. The real issue is volume and supply chain. It's not that they don't want you to fix things. Actually, being able to add "user repairable" would be a nice marketing bullet for them. The issue is that the "right to repair" works well when you have something like a phone that is shipped in the millions and is really expensive. When you ship products in the millions you will actually build a service stock of spare parts, even those little springs, and you have enough that it makes selling them profitable. You'd rather have your customer fix their broken thing then get pissed about it and swear off your brand forever. But stockpiling all of those parts is expensive, and handling orders for a single $.03 spring is crazy expensive. You can generally assume that typical handling cost on an order is ~$20 (fully burdened) if you are an efficient company like Dell and probably north of $35 for a less efficient company. When you are shipping $65 phone screens that you buy for $27 on the market, you can figure out how to absorb the costs in your business for this. But when you are talking about a $150 item with 50-60 parts in it, you're facing a daunting task of maintaining a stock (which costs money), handling parts (which costs money) and dealing with support for repairs (which costs money). For some products it makes sense. I've fixed a bunch of things on my $1200 Samsung fridge. Every part was wildly expensive but not because they wanted to screw me, it was expensive because they need to maintain a stock, handle all the parts, and deal with the customers.
  14. OK, sounds like a GX is the way to go. This is where I was heading, I assumed that the NX would have some kind of compromise and for another $20, why not get the better of the 2. GX is on the shifter so that is already covered. Needed to buy a new 32T RaceFace so I'll pick this up at the same time.
  15. Running a SRAM 12-speed drive train on the squish right now, GX shifter and X01 gold derailleur. Based on how the world of supply chains are these days, I was thinking about getting a spare derailleur to put on the shelf for the inevitable break. Looks like the X01 is pretty pricey and they seem to be pushing their market towards the GX and NX at this point. Any insights on the differences between GX and NX? Is it mostly weight? Or is it worth spending almost 2X to get an X01?
  16. Cracked my singlespeed frame, got the replacement before Thanksgiving but since I had moved most of the parts over to my geared hardtail I had a bike to ride and was too lazy to swap them back. The weather today sucked so I spent a few hours in the garage getting it back together. Here's the other victim that had to give up his derailleur for a few months:
  17. 9 miles would make a nice 2 lap option and make it worth driving out there again some time.
  18. Yeah, I am now scoping out a second pack, a hip pack for cooler weather and single speeding where I don't need all of the water and stuff. I have a Dakine that someone gave me but I am warming up to the idea that I could have a hip pack for longer winter rides because I do not drink as much water.
  19. Switched after 20+ years from Camelback to Osprey for moral reasons. Had a ripped zipper and called them on their lifetime warranty. Brand. New. Pack. At. My. House. Now. Can't beat that! Fan for life now.
  20. I use Stan's, never really had a problem. My bigger issue is having some remnants hanging around on the rim that I miss after changing a tire. In general terms over the course of a week I tend to lose ~5lbs of air in my tires. So Saturday rides usually start with 5-8 pumps with a floor pump to get the pressure back to where I want it. I have never stretched the Stan's tape when putting it on, will need to start doing that in the future. I've used Gorilla Tape and was not as impressed, Stan's seems to be more purpose-driven for the actual task.
  21. I worked a lot with people doing AI and full self driving. The challenges are less technical and more ethical. Additionally FSD is not safer. There are two things that make it more dangerous, real drivers and standards. FSD is safer if 100% of the cars have FSD. But as long as there is some number of real drivers it is actually more dangerous because you can’t model real drivers, you can only model *most* drivers and that uncertainty causes huge latency and decision making problems. The other thing is standards. The only way FSD works is if there is a standard that all companies adhere to and all systems are interconnected into. Elon is not gonna give up his Crown Jewels, the only way it would ever work is if the government ran it. Which will never happen. Which is why we will never see your autonomous taxi or true FSD. It is not the technology it is the environment. We still have cars running on lead fuel and cars without seatbelts.
  22. There is a definite psychological aspect. I drink sparkling water in a heavy rocks glass on occasion when I don’t need a drink and the wife is having one.
  23. Ok, text me in the morning and I will put it out for you.
  24. I drive 3-4K a year and bike 5-6. I would gladly become a 1 car household but the wife disagrees with me. It is mostly a convenience thing and not needing to plan around car use. We tend to both need it around the same time of day when I do drive.
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