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  1. Prairie dogs on the morning ride: They do all pop their head up and look around like you would expect.
  2. Phil’s grease works as well under the collar, on any dropper.
  3. Second street brewery, Santa Fe. Fish and chips along with the alien burger. Let’s just say that if you burn a ton of calories in the morning, you can do whatever you want for the rest of the day.
  4. I’m not saying this is the best beer ever, but it is a great beer after a morning ride at 64F.
  5. If I have to buy another dropper I would definitely grab a PNW, no questions asked.
  6. Rode some local gravel, did La Tierra yesterday. Probably gonna hit Galisteo and Winsor (up and down.)
  7. Yeah, this morning didn't suck. It was a bit chilly (67F) when I started, but it warmed up quickly. 20 miles, 1790ft of climbing. And a flat ~1/4 mile away from the hotel on the way back.
  8. Me and my big mouth. Snagged a goat head on the way home from my mountain escapade
  9. I’m raw dogging it with tubes in New Mexico right now because my commuter wheel set was messed up and I got too busy to do it right. So far I am about 20% through the trip without a flat. Gonna Stan’s up the squishy when I get back home.
  10. You’ve seen me. The odds that I could be the kinda guy fathering children with random women are exceedingly low. When my wife sees me leave to ride she looks at the way I am dressed and says “well we know you aren’t going out to meet women.” She has a point.
  11. That is a solid use case. To date I have never seen anyone older than me on an eBike on the trails. Most could be my children.
  12. In China they were doing anal swabs, so those are the REAL pain in the ass tests.
  13. Thanks for sharing, I’m living vicariously through this.
  14. Wow, that sucks. S get well and take it easy when it comes back to riding. I know how antsy you get if you’re not in motion, but they think that trying to snap back too fast can bring on the long Covid.
  15. Tom’s point was college students and commuting. I’m gonna guess there are a lot of cheap electric bikes there. And a lot of electric scooters. Go through the bike racks at UT and tell me how many cheap bikes you see vs. Santa Cruz or Pivots.
  16. For reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/MTB/comments/uava47/ebike_caught_on_fire/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  17. I would venture to guess that a.) bike manufacturers are not necessarily using the same technology as auto manufacturers and b.) a lot of these electric bikes are probably built around cheap OEM deigns. I would guess that the average electric bike has more in common with a MagicShine light than with a Tesla.
  18. I have found 3 key tricks that work exceedingly well for handling hot Augusts in Texas. Step 1: Wait until after 10AM to ride so that it has warmed up a bit Step 2: Finish before 2PM, that is when those brief, scattered rain episodes could happen. Step 3: Be in Santa Fe
  19. That is a perfect use case. I think that there is an arc that we'll see in demand. Once battery life starts diminishing and you are just stuck with a heavier bike, the fad will die down a bit. I think we are in the earlier days of ebikes. Based on how long laptop batteries last, I would think that before the end of the college stint the batteries will be mostly depleted.
  20. This sounds like a good alternative, also wanted to check out the Railyard.
  21. Third week of October. I know Little Sugar has a lot of climbing, the guys I will be with are not fans of climbing, so that would not be on their list.
  22. Heading up in October with some folks for a few days of riding. I'm planning to go up a day or two early and do some solo rides before they all arrive. Looking to ride something that I have never ridden before. Right now I have Kessler Mountain on the docket and am looking for a second trail that is not something I have ridden before, so NOT one of the following: Slaughter Pens Back 40 Blowing Springs Hobbs State Park Coler Mountain Lake Leatherwood Passion Play Is Little Sugar worth the ride? Any other options?
  23. That would be nice. 12 miles could be a nice little double lap 🙂
  24. It seems like everyone has construction or remodeling jobs going on these days. If you have that, be sure to let these guys know if you have leftover lumber or other building supplies. Don't let it end up in a landfill.
  25. We saw that pop up. Pics look legit. It is on the list, hope to get there soon.
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