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April 6 & 7 2019 Pace Bend Race

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Preparations for the Pace Bend Race on April 6 & 7th are well underway. I hope you can participate!

We "rough marked" the course yesterday (3/9). At most major intersections there is now  white plastic board with a black arrow pointing the proper direction. We also put up some orange survey tape (flagging)  to mark the proper direction. Generally speaking - go between the flagging. We tried to use a color of flagging that nobody else would use. Once we were marking the course we find that someone else had used the same color. Except theirs was faded a bit due to sun exposure. Of course they marked a similar course but not the exact course. It could be confusing if you don't pay close attention. We did not take down the "other" flagging until we know whose it is and if it still needs to be there. I suspect we will pull it down soon. 

We will also be adding more signage and other markings before the race. This "rough marking" is just enough that people can follow it without being obnoxious to other trail users who don't care about the TMBRA race.

Trail Work Days will be posted soon. These will help everybody get their PayDirt hours. Keep an eye on here and on Meetup.com. Most of the trails is clear and ready to ride. The portion near Chicken Foot needs the most work. Also for the taller riders (like me) we will adding Caution Tape to the low hanging branches we cannot trim. Watch your head because there are several of those. They have been there for years and most tall riders know about them already.

Get your rides in before it starts raining again.

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Posted (edited)

Before anybody asks - Pace Bend Race Course will be its usual chunky technical self.

There are limits to distance and difficulty for TMBRA race courses. Rock Garden of Greatness, NxNW and both Crotons are not part of the course.

I expect to hear plenty of complaints that the course is "too hard" for some riders. I keep reminding them we could make it a lot harder. And some of us want to make it more technical.


2019 Pace Bend Race Map.jpg

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Planning a Pace Bend Work Day for Saturday 3/16/2019. I know that is the same as the Waco Race but I am running out of Saturdays that don't conflict with a race.

Watch here for more details soon. Expect to be clearing face slappers and eye pokers so not heavy labor.

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