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  1. Up north try Walnut Creek Point 6 and Inner Log Loops (not Outer Log Loops). Peddlers Pass was built to allow Honey Badger's kids to ride it. It has picked up some slightly more difficult areas but they can walk those short sections.
  2. I would make the comment (Please don't ride muddy trails). Then asked for help repairing the damage. Expect to get 'less than helpful responses'. Public shaming is never a good choice unless there are multiple examples of continued problems by that person. I have ridden muddy trails. Rarely by choice. (Things like getting caught in the rain, or thinking one place was OK so the rest of this trail would be OK too.) But I am one of the ones that goes back out to fix my damage and the damage of others.
  3. Everything to the south of 360 across from the mall is BCP. Do you think they will build a parking lot there???
  4. If Strava went away - I would do a dance for joy. No longer having to defend people riding "unsanctioned" trails. No longer having to deal with people who lack the skills finding and trying to ride trails they have no business on. Etc. Etc Etc. I talked to the Strava folks many years ago telling them they would get many of the best trails shut down. (The best trails are not public knowledge.) But since they were really a "road app", they didn't recognize what "unsanctioned trails" meant. If you like Strava and use Strava - you should pay for Strava. And you should pay for the trails you ride too. Or stay on the road. After all, the roads you ride you paid for with taxes. The trails your ride? Somebody paid for those with labor and sweat. Maybe you should pay something too.
  5. Cleared the fallen tress at Pedernales Falls on Juniper Ridge, Madrone, and Wolf Mountain. Those are the "usual" MTB trails. If you can get a reservation - it should be clear to ride. We left some face slappers and horse scrapers. If you could ride around the face slappers - we left them. We plan to go back in the fall and trip those too. The horse scrapers we left to keep the horses of the trails horses should not ride. Tall MTB riders (like me) just have to watch for low branches. Most of them are right after an intersection with a horse trail. But there are some in other places when the size of the branch / tree was just too big to take out.
  6. DO IT!!!! Fall line trail - reroute. Boring trail - reroute. Longer trail - reroute. Make the new trail. Block the old one. Watch Strava for anyone who might have unblocked the old trail. (The only use I have for Strava.)
  7. You are WRONG mack_turtle. No way Strava is that high 😉
  8. Call Hank's AC. Great guy. Does good work. Call me if you want to borrow I window unit. It won't keep you whole house cool but it may keep a bedroom of living room cool so you can sleep. I will PM you.
  9. Yeah. Lots of people voluntarily tell me how much I suck and I don't pay them a penny.
  10. See my post on April 27, 2020. (Since lawyers are involved I think I better state the year.) I would not expect anything happening quickly.
  11. Does that mean you are wearing pants now?
  12. Rant on Tip. I finally gave up. People will do whatever they want to do regardless of being shown the rules (a large sign posted there), told the rules/suggestion, etc. I look forward to the day when even a few of these people give back to what they take for granted. Maybe participate in a work day. Or write an email / letter to the City supporting trails. There are many many ways they could give back.
  13. What do you need? I have been collecting spare lumber for just such a use. Mostly 2x4 of various lengths.
  14. In most situations I can handle the brakes being reversed. But when the trail gets technical I want the front brake where I expect it to be. Going DOWN a sketchy drop I let off the front brake (right hand) just like on a dirt bike. I keep the rear brake (left hand) at the same braking point. That keeps traction on the front wheel and dragging the rear brake keeps the bike straight even if I pick up a little speed. You know what happens when you let off the rear brake and keep the front on? On a sketchy drop things get ugly fast. Under those kind of trail conditions I don't have time to think - which brake is which on this bike???
  15. I never got far enough to pay. I did see the day pass was $6 per person. And my annual pass has expired... It was $75 the last time I bought one. By using the annual pass, I could fill out a form and leave it on my dash. I parked at one of the points where the trail crossed the public road and rode my MTB from there. It was approved by the park then. It might be different now.
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