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  1. So the Chainless section - specifically before the Cradle was earmarked for significant rework - YEARS ago. Josh and I knew it was getting bad and would need work soon. Since I am no longer the steward and not planning to work out there... you can give feedback to Logan. There is some room for a slight reroute, but I think that eroded area could be "built up and armored". I thought it might also be a neat place for wood. I've always thought a wood option at Truth or Dare would be cool too.
  2. Chainless isn't a feature, more of a sections of trail (an there is a subtitle "Chainless" - in the video and he's embedded it with the timestamp - so it should start on Chainless. The most notable portion is when it 90 downhill, off camber on a slab at the end. I assume the reference is riding it W to E (opposite of the video). Making that 90 uphill that is tough to ride...though the very top before the Cradle has always been tough. Hell, I built that shite I haven't have ridden all of DD in quite a while.
  3. Yep. I manually "replicated" the new segment here in blue. It's WAY too wet today - do not ride. I rode only the new segment since it was not exposed dirt at all yet. When SN is good to go, definitely ride the new trail - it needs wheels down. If you ride the boat trail, respect the blockage of the whopping 7 yards of "lost trail".
  4. Take a left before the "big hill" with the overlook (pretty much only one), The intersection has rocks in the shape of heart on the ground. I start many of my ride ON that trail 😉 I cross the creek from the east when I ride from my house, this is basically my backyard.
  5. Ninja is 100% NOT ready. Very wet out there. But hey, there is .5 miles NEW along the Boat trail as of 3:30 today.
  6. Ravine Drop is super easy to just roll as well as drop. The day Josh and I cut it. Mar 2013, almost a year to the date from when Mike and I started building Deception. Interestingly, the guys (I think Jesse and Chad) flagged this without me...it was actually flagged to turn BEFORE the ravine. I came out and F this, we USE the ravine and so Josh and I cut it...that cedar in the ravine was a major obstacles. I hate people...they stole Big Bones and Little Bones 😞
  7. People concerned with RPR, just take an extra 5 minutes and go to the gun range bridge on Graphite Mine Rd and drop a water cache. That's what I do now, since I refuse to were a full backpack. My 2L will easily get me to the back of the trails to the quarry/gun range bridge area where I can refill. 30.79165100460675, -98.35612447015619 I REALLY miss the granite pool at the pavilion that was the BEST after riding an RPR. I can't even remember the last time I was there that it was functional/with water 😞
  8. I always just launch straight down the middle and go up the same way. I have used the cheater line up, exactly once. For me, the timing gets me, I tend to mash and bash vs being light and lifty. When I slow down and go lighter I tend to make it.
  9. I see the image fine on my PC.
  10. We tried, it was off the table. Up to the current administration now. Wilco's default answer is always "No." Even adding Picnic XX to connect Picnic with Rim was a no-go.
  11. The 2 drops pictured to the west are still there, they have no individual names. Basket is at the very beginning of Upper Picnic (the only 2 way area of Upper Picnic). There is a carsonite post that even reads "Basket Drop". It's the perpendicular, not angled drop - most people roll it. Basket Drop is the first thing I hit in the video...and I ride it the correct way, dropping it. Excuse all the other bullshit in the video...I was in that experimental video phase. Basket and both Upper Picnic Drops, as well of Big Ravine...
  12. That's just trail names...Greg is wanting map with feature names. NOTE: Josh's Caltopo includes planned, but not actual trails as well as closed stuff - Picnic XX, Secret Squirrel(rogue, but actual), Meg option, and of course Up and Over (aka 5.0) is closed.
  13. Remember when BCB was going to add a 3rd drop...much bigger next to the 2 on Upper Picnic...oh yea, you don't because the bitch ass Wilco Steward destroyed it. The t-post would have been buried, road base and then dirt to top it off was the plan. Here's the skeleton we got started.
  14. This is the best I can do...I'd need to blow up Double Down to label everything in there and without pics, it'd be kind of pointless I think.
  15. True, they don't have far to fall, less gravitational pull and those rubbery bones help.
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