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  1. It is almost 10 years old 😄 It's not much of a loss though...it was one of those 'silly' things we did in the beginning.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if a straight up noob was rolling on a high end. The game cams I put out really opened my eyes to fully decked out enduro guys in FF, pads that walk some of the easy stuff. Guys looking like they are ready for the EWS on their high end bikes, dress to the 9s only to walk Snaggle Rock, LOL. Compare that to a young lady who attempted and finally made it over snaggle on her 10 go just wearing her spandex and XC helmet.
  3. Ah, I had no idea... regardless, something else will go there.
  4. Yea, this is not news at all. It's pretty much a done deal.
  5. AJ and I both looked at WCAD long ago. There are literally only slivers of City of CP greenspace in the area of Church and Ninja. Anything else is fair game and WILL be developed for the most part. That said, much of Ninja is in said greenspace. Toro Grande should only impact a small portion of Ninja. The Blue line is an approximation of the Toro Grande extension. Much of what people refer to as "Church" is not actually on the Church property. It's been well known that the majority of that area will be retail, Alamo Drafthouse inclided. The XC, skinny, and jump lines are about it, everything else - the open XC bits and old jeep roads will be gone.
  6. Hmmm...I think I've seen walkers maybe 3 or 4 times out there. Those were almost always nice weather weekends too.
  7. As of 5pm yday there wasn’t. I did mean to mention that there’s a oak branch dangerously low towards the bottom of 1/4 Bailout.
  8. Yep, the lowest common denominator has reach an all time low. It's to be expected. I had a runner on 1/4 that I had to play the passing game 5 or 6 times because he kept cutting the trail, that's frustrating, but not a problem you can fix. Widening, cheater/alts to a point can definitely be addressed, but diligence is key. Berms are easy enough, and IMO, also very rewarding to correct and good investment for rider enjoyment. A crew of 4-6 can knock out fixing those berms in a couple hours each.
  9. A little feedback... I hadn’t ridden Deception since July. Was a great ride, loved getting back out there. 1. Bob Ross is fun 2. Berms on 1/4 and DD are super blown out and neglected - These include all the major berms, Rainy Day, Baliout, Big Cedar, Lower Fenceline all need major work, IMO. I’m down to help Logan with this 3. in hindsight, this made a conversation I had to someone a month or 2 ago make more sense. The Upper Picnic western sign (at the Y) was f@&$ing BACKWARDS, LOL. This is the only one way section and the “one way” was facing the wrong direct. I fixed it. Random general observations- loads of rogue stuff, stuff we HAD to close a reclaim have been open and ridden for quite a while - eastern stuff at beginning of 1/4/Barn, along picnic. Crazy how many alt/wide area there are, with more riders it happens, just crazy amount. Also crazy how many things are way easier or non-existent (Fruit Root, Shit Logs), Dare looks to be properly sketch with the puss rock back also. Overall, it felt so good to ride out there after so long. Always One of The True OGs, Rugger
  10. Yep, honestly, I would be willing to bet US fish and wildlife haven't even been to SW Regional recently and have nothing to do with it. The park is OLD. The caves have been mapped, studied and understood for well over a decade. There should be no surprises. To all of a sudden have an protect species coincidentally found beside 2 neighborhood borders - yea right. Just like the "artifact study" that prevented us from previously building the area below 5-0 - everything west of the double track except Rim was off limits because of "artifacts". Glad Ronan and ARR got that lie exposed and is getting Bob Ross built.
  11. Go clear them, Gum Drop is not part of the official trails. I know you know how to build and maintain trail 😉 I was just telling someone today how much you were involved in building of 1/4 Notch.
  12. That's the one! You are a freak and make it look too easy, but yep...that is the one. I think I made it on my second try and only did it a handful of times after that. We need to ride again, let's get Jesse and do a birthday ride this weekend.
  13. The bump in the trough is the iffy bit of it... guess it's falling on deaf ears, but I've done it a handful of times.
  14. Yes, not as tough as it looks. Just commit.
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