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  1. Sessioning is good. However, I've heard this: Session something three to five times. If you do not succeed, move on and try it again later. Why? You could be training your muscles to fail that feature. I don't know if this is true, but I've done it before on a few features I was struggling with and succeeded on the next visit or the one after that.
  2. I've had some non-suffering road rides that kicked ass. They help keep my belly in check. 🤥
  3. Plus, Texas lacks enough public land to support the number of people wanting to use our parks and greenspaces.
  4. With so may flags on and in the trees there now, I wanted to dig into land ownership. Cedar Park owns a lot of the creek front property and some lots next to the subdivision, and it looks like a developer from Riverside, CA, owns two large tracts there. Presidio Parmer owns a few acres, too. Toro Grande's extension will likely cross a few property boundaries.
  5. I use Switch brand glasses that use magnets to hold lenses to the frame. I switch between amber & dark tint.
  6. That's the problem when trails are too dense and you pass within sight of the same trail you'll be in two minutes later. People love to short cut for some reason.
  7. The Legends are looking forward to your return!
  8. I love my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for a few features: Upload a route from Ride With GPS and use turn-by-turn directions My SO can follow my rides Notifications if I want The screen layout is very customizable 15 hour run time
  9. So, this trail is on the way to Houston?
  10. He stated Bull creek, which is legal trail...nothing that needs a private message. If he is referring to off the map stuff, then his reply should be a PM.
  11. Can you pinpoint where this un-rideable trail is? I've been riding the Bull Creek greenbelt and surrounding trails since 1992 and would love to see some new-to-me trail!
  12. I've been riding mountain bikes for 28 years and still need improvement on this. I think I was better before I lost an eye in 2004, but now I should have no excuses. :-/
  13. The Peddler in Cedar Park had a good selection last weekend. Bell, Smith, Kali.....can't remember the other brand.
  14. My wife has had this trainer for about three years and used it probably three times each winter since. You can see there is no wear on the roller and no scratches or chips on the frame. Includes the front tire block for a skinny tire and the training skewer for a road bike. Text 512-797-RIDE.
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