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  1. Come to think of it, I think they even had the name of their group on the map. Edit: Yep, they did. Check the highlight (mine) at the bottom of the page. I hope my answers have been satisfactory. 🙂
  2. Sure. That is how they identified themselves. I remember Josh posting up on MoJo asking if there were other Christians who wanted to join their group. If he belong to, say, a juggling mountain bikers group, I would have IDed them by that.
  3. I reported this to Google, but nothing happened. Also, so many of the trail names were from the first person who made a map of the trails public, Josh Karnes. This was around 2001 to 2003. He used to be a MoJo, and he and his Austin area christian mountain biking friends named the trails on their map.
  4. The initial plan was drainage work on Mark's Art. I believe we'll be working on the BMX Loop in a few places.
  5. Next Saturday, Nov. 6, is It's My Park Day, an opportunity to give back to the parks we use in the form of volunteer labor. We're meeting at the pool parking lot in time to be assembled for a pre-work briefing. You can sign up for the event, sign a waiver on the link, and even sign up to become a member of the Austin Ridge Riders. Potential work includes drainage improvement, raising the trail of a tread to improve drainage with culvert installation included, tree trimming, and other things. I hope to see you there!
  6. Just what you need going into winter. Whether you use it to make up for lost miles due to weather or to warm up at a TMBRA or TXBRA race, this trainer is practically the best of the non-smart trainers. It's well built made in the USA. It's also the quietest of the non-smart trainers! $175 OBO b/c it's almost new! These trainers go for $300 and up new-in-the-box. I'm saving you the hassle of opening a box, assembling it, and then disposing of the cardboard and plastic. As seen on Saris' website, this trainer features: Fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride. Progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel. Best-selling trainer in the USA. Compatible with Zwift and other indoor cycling apps. Includes one month subscription to Rouvy virtual training app Between my wife and me, we've used the trainer all of about three hours. Comes with the trainer skewer but not the front wheel block. Send me a message on here if you interested.
  7. I've been a member since 2005 when I lost an eye to a septic staph infection that almost killed me. Doctors installed a 17mm titanium sphere, and my ocularist constructed a prosthesis over the scar tissue that was my sclera. This surgery definitely increased the number of pieces of metal in my body!
  8. I now have five pieces of titanium in me!
  9. My 53 years of life includes five years as an active duty Marine, about 20 years of playing soccer up to the point of being invited to try out for the Olympic Development Team, and 29 years of cycling both mountain bike & road. Throughout all this, my major injuries include breaking my collar bone in 2008 when someone rode up behind me while I was on a teeter-totter, which resulted and me falling off the high end, as I fully expected it to drop like it did every other time. The next broken bone happened on Labor Day two weeks ago 33 miles into what was supposed to be about 55 miles of road spinning. Chuck and I popped out at the end of the Shoal Creek Hike & Bike Trail onto 31st St heading northbound. The "bike infrastructure" consists of dome shaped bollards cemented to the ground to delineate the bike lanes from the vehicle lanes. I took my hand off my bar to get water, struck a bollard, and was sent to the asphalt going only about 10 MPH. I fractured my femoral neck at its thinnest point about half way just below the ball and socket. The surgeon, a cyclist himself, installed a combination plate and screw with two screws through it and my bone and another screw above that. Two weeks after the surgery, I am walking with a cane but will not be cleared to ride off a trainer until Oct 25 at the earliest, which results in me missing a Bentonville trip with my buddies and riding in Big Bend with another group of friends. Bummer.
  10. You had to set it up at some point! It's the same for someone sharing their location on Garmin or Wahoo. Set it up once and forget it. 🙂
  11. My Wahoo Elemnt Bolt does, too, and my wife uses it to time opening the garage door for me as I return home from rides.
  12. My brother found the picture from my first day mountain biking. City Park 1992. My brother, James, is on the left, and Chris Thomas is next to him. He used to be an assistant manage at BSS on Toomey Road back then, so if you saw a tall skinny guy that looked like him, it was. I'm on the far right. Edit: You can see me wearing that Middlebury jersey Chris is wearing in this picture in the first picture I posted to start this thread. Chris gave that to me at some point, and I still wear it.
  13. Oh, actually, I won't be going out of town. I can help!
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