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  1. My trail maintaining days are over outside of volunteering at someone else's workday or (hopefully) helping design new trail. 🙂
  2. Maintained as needed. It comes with the shoulder strap and a large spool of string. I also have the tool it came with. Message me here or text 512-797-RIDE (7433.) D
  3. I wouldn't ride BG during rush hour or on weekends. We were riding through it late morning on a Friday. And I do understand needing to ride on sidewalks from time to time, but, I don't want to spend a lot of time on them b/c they don't provide the experience I am seeking and cars consistently block them and are not looking for cyclists. Also, if there are any pedestrians, our disparate speed is a concern for me. Lastly, I stopped riding Parmer unless it's absolutely necessary.
  4. I used to think lock washers worked. They don't.
  5. Here is the route Chuck and I took the other day to get from Decker Lake to Walnut Creek. It requires riding for a relatively short distance on a narrow two lane road with no shoulder for a bit. We were passed by one car on Blue Goose and three or four on Sprinkle Cutoff. Edit: This was the actual ride. The other one I created to upload to my Elemnt.
  6. I love this connectivity! I can't wait for this to connect to the South Walnut creek Trail.
  7. I grew up in that area. My dad used to take us seining for minnows in the creek below 183 before we headed down to the Montopolis bridge to fish. Since I started mountain biking, I've always thought that was a great area for trail. Sad to see the north side of it start to get developed.
  8. Since both projects affect SN, I linked to both projects in this thread. Makes sense....
  9. Here's the page for the Brushy Creek North Fork Trail and an interactive map that shows the planned route. While I know some are bummed about this trail's effect in SN, I'm looking forward to the connectivity and the opportunities for trail flow changes it might allow.
  10. Cool pic. (Not a mountain bike, though! This is what I wanted: "So, I want to see your first picture of you riding a mountain bike for the first time or shortly thereafter." I have a picture of me on an old bike around 1970 or 71, but it wasn't a mountain bike.) 🙂
  11. Come to think of it, I think they even had the name of their group on the map. Edit: Yep, they did. Check the highlight (mine) at the bottom of the page. I hope my answers have been satisfactory. 🙂
  12. Sure. That is how they identified themselves. I remember Josh posting up on MoJo asking if there were other Christians who wanted to join their group. If he belong to, say, a juggling mountain bikers group, I would have IDed them by that.
  13. I reported this to Google, but nothing happened. Also, so many of the trail names were from the first person who made a map of the trails public, Josh Karnes. This was around 2001 to 2003. He used to be a MoJo, and he and his Austin area christian mountain biking friends named the trails on their map.
  14. The initial plan was drainage work on Mark's Art. I believe we'll be working on the BMX Loop in a few places.
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