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  1. I rode with a group Saturday from around 9.a.m to noon, doing about 18 miles from the YMCA to Ninja and back. Wasn't too hot for me, but I don;t mind the heat, and I ride with a 100 oz. CamelBak with a bladder half frozen water/half liquid water. Yesterday, my wife and I rode 22 road miles starting around 12:30 p.m. Same thing. It didn't bother me.
  2. Source. Park Closures Following a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Travis County, LCRA will close the five parks it manages in Travis County over the July 4 holiday weekend. The following parks will be closed from 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 2, through 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7. Gloster Bend Recreation Area Jessica Hollis Park McGregor Preserve Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area Turkey Bend Recreation Area The closures include boat ramps at the parks. Overnight reservations will be cancelled for a full refund. All other LCRA-managed parks are expected to remain open over the weekend. Visitors must wear face coverings and should practice social distancing in the parks. No groups larger than five people are allowed, except for families or people living in the same household. Parks operated by third-party vendors determine their own hours. Please call or check the park’s website before heading out.
  3. FYI, the City of Austin is closing all parks, pools, and rec facilities for the holiday weekend and closing Barton Springs Pool and Deep Eddy Pool indefinitely. COA notice Travis County notice
  4. Slaughter Creek is a good option b/c it's One direction for bikes, the other for hikers & horses A loop with an optional offshoot to lengthen it for a total of three miles No dogs Minimally rocky It does stay closed longer than other trails when it's wet b/c its watershed protection land.
  5. The only solution I have seen consistently work is providing a bypass and posting a sign pointing to it "Feature Bypass -->". When I made bypasses for features, I made them slightly more inconvenient than the main line so the users bypassing the feature were not faster when they skipped the feature. If it's perceived as too long of a bypass, people will keep tearing down the feature. Also, I made sure that the lines of site for both the main trail and the bypass where they reconnected allowed for safe merging. YMMV
  6. I've got a chain saw, hammers, and some galvanized nails, as well as a drill. I'm in! Edit: Oh, and of course some experience building features.
  7. Ah, I haven't ridden those trails then. I think the only trails I rode around there back in the day was at the Yellow River.
  8. I've ridden it all the way through; it's the epitome of trying to put too much trail into one area despite all the things you listed. Those things don't make up for what I don't like about it. And I'm not trying to put anyone's work down, either; I just don't like the trail. "It's not you; it's me." I know it's hard for builders to not take when someone dislikes their work personally. I've been there.
  9. So, Peddler's Pass? I get bored on that trail after five minutes. Too repetitious for my taste, but I understand people like it. And, no, "just go faster" isn't the type of challenge I like.
  10. I was talking about Slaughter Creek. Jimmie and STORM have done a great job at FRR.
  11. What isn't accounted for in your scenario are unusable places like land that is too steep, too flat, or in an undesirable area like riparian land or protected land. Trail should not have been built in the flatter areas; you can tell this by the erosion/rutting that has happened on trail not on the slopes.
  12. The rule of thumb in the professional trail building community is one kilometer to one mile for every 10 acres. The kilometer results in less dense trail, of course. Builders generally let the land dictate the amount of trail.
  13. We strapped pool noodles on them to stay afloat.
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