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  1. I saw that Poison Spider Cyclery in Moab posted on FB that they had a smash and grab last night. One of the comments mentioned that an SB150 was stolen and successfully recovered ... in Austin! Must've been one of y'all 🙂
  2. Poor guy, now the whole mtn biking community (or at least all the ones that matter) know where he stashes his keys.
  3. I always approach this one cautiously - meaning I send a buddy in front 🙂 Seriously, I've been concerned about this section for awhile. With 4 entrances to this tiny section, several paths through it, and poor visibility in all cases, it's looking for trouble. I came through there in what is probably the most predictable path and there was a guy standing in the middle with an off-leash little 5 pound guinea pig sized dog. I nearly wiped them both out. I don't have suggestions, only another vote that it's a concern. And if someone has a solution, I'll work a shovel.
  4. That might be needed for the Tandem race!
  5. I bet one of them was Joe. Dammit, Joe!
  6. That would be the purse that's all the way up to $10 ?
  7. Probably involves a dude canoe
  8. Are you going back up the wooden feature or is there a connector from the creek back up that I'm not aware of?
  9. Although, until the workmen are done pouring and repouring, Peddler's is actually 3 separate loops. So do the loop in the corner of the lake park, then pop out to the cement towards Parmer. Head north right before the the Parmer overpass and you'll see the second loop on your right. When you come out of there go straight across under Parmer overpass and you'll find the 3rd loop. You know, unless everything has changed again.
  10. Without barriers, they may still be re-pouring it in June.
  11. Damn, I assumed the rain on Tuesday had left everything a mess. Now I can't get back out until Sat and it's supposed to rain again.
  12. Be careful though - while routine maintenance has an immeasurable effect, repairs certainly have a marked effect. The amplitude of the effect is directly related to the rideability of the bike before and after the repair. Replacing a worn grip might bring a couple of clouds, replacing a non-functioning drivetrain however, can have a similar effect to a new bike - especially given the delicate rain situation we find ourselves in these days. Climate change is real - and it's caused by mtn bikers.
  13. On the concrete path between the train bridge and the Y, there are multiple places where they added wildlife footprints in the cement. I originally saw those and thought - poor little animals getting all covered in wet cement. I think this is kind of the same thing. And actually, I feel a need to defend the offenders in this case. If there was no barrier or marking that the cement was wet, I can totally see myself riding along and thinking "Oh cool, the new sidewalk is done, let's see where it goes" and if the cement was mostly solid, riding along for a bit before noticing I was leaving tracks. If you're more observant than that, then kudos to you - but I suspect most of us are going around mostly brain dead.
  14. Just a heads up if you're using a compressor, watch the pressure. Any mtb tire should seat with no more than 60-65psi. Beyond that you're getting into questionable territory. I got pissed off at one and cranked it up to 110psi - and it went right past seating and blew off the rim. The good news was, when I could finally hear again my wife was mostly done laughing at the weird bruising.
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