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  1. TheSarge

    Getting a new bike...

    Be careful though - while routine maintenance has an immeasurable effect, repairs certainly have a marked effect. The amplitude of the effect is directly related to the rideability of the bike before and after the repair. Replacing a worn grip might bring a couple of clouds, replacing a non-functioning drivetrain however, can have a similar effect to a new bike - especially given the delicate rain situation we find ourselves in these days. Climate change is real - and it's caused by mtn bikers.
  2. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    On the concrete path between the train bridge and the Y, there are multiple places where they added wildlife footprints in the cement. I originally saw those and thought - poor little animals getting all covered in wet cement. I think this is kind of the same thing. And actually, I feel a need to defend the offenders in this case. If there was no barrier or marking that the cement was wet, I can totally see myself riding along and thinking "Oh cool, the new sidewalk is done, let's see where it goes" and if the cement was mostly solid, riding along for a bit before noticing I was leaving tracks. If you're more observant than that, then kudos to you - but I suspect most of us are going around mostly brain dead.
  3. TheSarge

    Air Compressors

    Just a heads up if you're using a compressor, watch the pressure. Any mtb tire should seat with no more than 60-65psi. Beyond that you're getting into questionable territory. I got pissed off at one and cranked it up to 110psi - and it went right past seating and blew off the rim. The good news was, when I could finally hear again my wife was mostly done laughing at the weird bruising.
  4. And it's not even per car - it's per person/pet. So if my wife and I take the dog, it's $30 for a stupid hike.
  5. TheSarge

    2018 EB

    FWIW, I was just stirring up shit. I doubt anyone actually cares where you start the loop as long as you aren't in contention for KOM or something. But we'll see what the EB gods say.
  6. TheSarge

    2018 EB

    So you're suggesting that you would do the hardest part of the course while you're still fresh?
  7. If I'm ever riding along and I look down and say "Hmm, my shifter doesn't clear the top tube" - I would say I've got MUCH bigger things to be worried about at that moment. But then, I'm less concerned with tricky and more concerned with stay-uppy.
  8. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    God has chosen to close the Brushy Creek trail system by casting down torrents of rain upon us. We know not the reason, only that we must OBEY or suffer eternal damnation! Trails are open! Have a nice day.
  9. TheSarge

    Ride & Imbibe!

    I agree with Nando - having to think that much about routes takes away from the easy flow. I'll head to Brushy tonight instead. Maybe next week.
  10. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    It's about time we got some rain over there. Maybe it will do the trail some good.
  11. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    While everyone on the R&I thread is discussing the best way to ride trails that are too wet to ride, can anyone report on Brushy conditions? I'm thinking Deception should at least be good to go.
  12. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    Thanks for taking the time to write that up. Very interesting and informative.
  13. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    Still working on my coffee so the answer may be obvious ... but why can they ride wet trails and we can't? Why does it destroy our trails but not theirs?
  14. I've been wondering, how well does Cat shed water?
  15. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek Trail Conditions

    Double Down was in great shape tonight. Rocks weren't even slick.