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  1. TheSarge


    But seriously - the bit without stupid insane exposure looks like a lot of fun ... all 20 ft of it.
  2. TheSarge

    Upgrading tires - what to pick?

    I've been riding Ardents front and back for the past 6 months or so and love them. I had decided that was going to be my go-to. This week I picked up a brand-new Transition Smuggler that came with Minions. I expected them to be more aggressive than I need for my riding style and had fully planned on moving the Ardents from the old bike ... but damn, these things are like riding on rails!
  3. TheSarge

    Brushy Creek

    Sounds like a great solution if approved by the appropriate parties. However, I would request some kind of grip tape or textured paint or something (I'm happy to help). My last 2 meaningful crashes have been on wet wooden features and given that this is to mitigate mud, I would expect it will be damp for long periods at a time.
  4. TheSarge

    Ride schedule light

    Hey Jessica There doesn't appear to be much activity with the ARR forums since the jump from Mojo. Post over in the Mountain Biking Discussion forum and I guarantee you will get more responses than you want.
  5. TheSarge

    Upgrading tires - what to pick?

    I've got a set of 29" WTB Nano tires with good tread left. I got them from AntonioGG but they didn't work out for me. You're welcome to them for free if you want. If you have time and bring beer, we could even see about setting you up with ghetto tubeless assuming the rims work. I'm in NW Austin.
  6. TheSarge

    Frame protection film

    What do you charge for a set of kydex frame protection? I'm picking up my new Transition Smuggler today or tomorrow and considering the same things as the OP.
  7. He would need a bigger trail system.
  8. TheSarge

    2018 DragonSlayer

    Did registration fill up? I registered and can't make it so I can give up my slot if needed.
  9. To Tony's point (sometimes he has one), you gotta enjoy the irony of touting how well a retention system works in the same post where you are asking for the return of a lost bottle.
  10. TheSarge


    I love that story.
  11. TheSarge


    I'm VERY afraid of what weather that might bring.
  12. TheSarge


    My coworkers are saying I need to go ride. My wife and kid have been saying it for awhile, but you know things are bad when the coworkers recognize it.
  13. TheSarge


    I've wanted to try kitesurfing for years! How do I get started?
  14. TheSarge


    That's important to know - if you throw it on the wrong side then we probably get 2 more months of rain.
  15. TheSarge

    Tour das Hugel

    Yeah, the year I rode it I passed 3 broken chains as I was climbing Smokey Valley. I used to think Beauford was steep.