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  1. Full disclosure - I work for woom Bikes. Or maybe you have figured that out from my Screen name. The woom Off is a great value, and very light. Out woom OFF 6 (26") wheels is right at 20 lbs. It currently has a carbon fork, but we will be offering the bike with a front shock beginning later this month. Come and check out the woom OFF at our Demo Ride with the Austin Ridge Riders at Walnut Creek this Saturday. https://www.facebook.com/events/845834059192525/ https://us.woombikes.com/
  2. Spider Mountain. Can't wait to get back out there!
  3. I've stopped watching them. Bad juju.
  4. I rode a bike today that is worth (a lot) more than my car. Pivot Cycles had a demo ride at Flat Creek Ranch, one of my favorite places to ride. I test-rode their Shuttle, a carbon-fiber, electric mountain bike (e-mtb) that retails for $10,499. Power is activated by pedaling, the harder you pedal, the more you get. It increases your power by at least 2x. And with the long-travel suspension, it makes those limestone rocks and ledges feel small! Thanks Pivot Cycles and Cycle Progression for the opportunity to ride this e-beast of a bike! https://www.pivotcycles.com/en/bike-shuttle-us#BuildAndPrice IMG_1624 3.HEIC
  5. Tomorrow, Sunday, 11/24, 10 - 4. https://www.facebook.com/events/923177508081345/
  6. Since I'm not racing these days, I'm looking for more of an all-around tire. Right now, I run what I brung: a Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2 on the rear and a Maxxis Ardent Race 2.2 on the front. I recently bought a Nobby Nic 2.25 that I was going to install on the rear, but also want to replace the front with something a little more beefy. I'm just getting back into MTB after mostly road riding the last 10 years so I have been riding what I know best, Walnut Creek. Just about any tire setup seems to work there, but when I rode the South Austin Trails yesterday, I was reminded of our more typically perilous traction situations. And yes, I searched the previous threads for this topic as y'all must have hashed this over before, but couldn't find what I'm looking for, so let's go, tell me what you ride and why. TIA!
  7. Not only hilarious, but rocking that trike!
  8. Thanks for the input. I had a great trip riding at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder on the way up, then rode a lot of National Forest (?) trails around Teton Pass in Wyoming, and spent a couple of days at Targhee Resort, also in the Tetons. Spent one night each in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, then rode at Harriman State Park. That place had the only semi-flat terrain I rode over the whole trip, and was smooth and sandy, and of course , beautiful! I finished it off with an OTB crash over a cattle guard in Gunnison, Co. on the way home .(Had to crash at least once, even if it was .2 mi. from the end of the last ride of the trip.) Lots of happy trails, though! And the weather, OMG!
  9. Heading out in a couple of weeks on my first long solo road trip to Jackson, Wyoming to ride MTB's with friends that live near there in Victor. I have 16 days total and will probably stay in hotels on the way there and back. Thinking about bringing minimal camping gear for a night or two in the outdoors. I have a tent, and sleeping bag and not much else. What else would I need to camp? It's been awhile. 😉 My route will take me through Waco to surf at BSR Surf Park and then head up through Denver to see a ball game at Coors Field. So, was thinking about doing a ride in Colorado Springs. Has anyone ridden there? I have the MTB Project app, but wanted to hear of any first hand experiences with trails around there. Once I get to Wyoming/Idaho, my friends have tons of rides they do, but would like to hear from a Texan's perspective if anyone has ridden up there, too. TIA! Happy trails!
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