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  1. I second what bestbike said. I've been using the Savu 5 since April. I still have my Camelback for those rare occasions where I do a really long ride. I typically use the bungy straps to hold bottles in place, but I'm typically drinking from the bottle in my frame. Once I empty that, I pull one from the pack and swap it with the empty bottle on my frame. I can't really comment on how easy it is (or isn't) to drink from a bottle in the pack while riding because that's not how I use it.
  2. The main guy that does the building in this area is named Dale, I believe. He was affiliated with FR512 in the past. I also know that most summers he migrated to cooler climes. With Covid and travel restrictions, I'm not sure if that was true this summer. I haven't seen any work being done on this lately, but maybe once it cools off a bit they'll get back to finishing this line.
  3. I moved to Belton a few weeks ago and I'm planning to check out Dana Peak for the first time on Saturday. Based on Trailforks and YouTube, it seems like there is a good mix of trails, so I'm hoping it'll be my new "go to" since it's only about 20 minutes from my house. BLORA is closer, but my 1 trip there since we moved was not very exciting or entertaining...
  4. Just got back from a quick trip to the MBCotW. I've been there a few times, but one of the guys on the trip was a first-timer, so we tried to hit a good mix of old favorites while also checking out some of the newer stuff that has popped up since the last time I was there a year ago. Day 1 - We rolled into town a little after noon and after a quick lunch we hit Slaughter Pen Phase 1. We sessioned All American Heroes, spent some time at the skills area, but spent the bulk of our time at a new zone at the far SE end of Phase 1. I've seen it called The Castle, but I'm not sure it has an official name yet. They are clearly still working on the hub, but the trails seem to be done and they didn't disappoint. We hit Catapult (big berms, big rounded wood bridges, and a few dirt tables) and Medieval (flowy jump trail) multiple times and Dragon Scales was an awesome techy black trail with a ton of man-made rock gardens and optional rock features. There's a nice return trail to get you back to the hub. After checking into our VRBO, we headed back out and went to the Huntley Gravity Zone. Another awesome spot if you like flowy jump trails. There are only a few trails here, but Shock & Awe and Air Raid alone are worth the trip if you are into that sort of thing. Day 2 - We knew rain was coming, so we hit Coler first and spent some time on Thunder Dome and Family Flow. After some time lost to a mechanical, we headed to the other side. Unfortunately, after 2 laps on Fire Line (amazing flow/jump line) the skies opened up and it rained like hell for a couple of hours. That was it for Day 2... Day 3 - Thankfully, the rain ended mid-afternoon the day before, so things were pretty well dried out by Monday morning. We headed over to check out Handcut Hollow, which turned out to be a favorite for everyone on the trip. We parked at the J Ave. parking area and rode over to the hub. Turns out there's another parking area that might have been closer to the hub, but it was a pretty nice ride from where we parked (although it involved a fair bit of climbing). Once you are at the hub there are 6 trails that go back down the hill (5, if you don't count the return trail). They were all fun and there's some good variety. Interplanet Janet was a blast, with a little bit of everything - flow, rock features, jumps. We all really loved Schoolhouse Rock as well because of it's super fast sections and rocky tech. After lunch, we headed out to hit as much of Slaughter Pen as we could. Ravine Trail, Masterpiece, Boo Boo, Choo Choo, Techgnar, Leopard Loop, Barn Burner, Red Barn, Hammer Down, Ozone, and Schroen Train. Of course, we had to show the new guy the Bush Push. We were all dead tired by this point, but he actually tried it and made it all the way up. I had hoped we'd be able to hit some of the Alice in Wonderland trails (Mad Hatter, Ace of Spades, Area 51) but we ran out of time. Maybe next time...
  5. Seems like Central TX was very well represented in Bentonville last weekend...
  6. I'll second what others have said about Angel Fire. I was there last September and there's plenty to ride whether you are into flow trails, big jumps, xc or anything between. The steepness and length of the trails is something you just can't simulate here. My hands are always the first thing to fatigue when riding places like that. If you are looking for more of a back-country experience, you might look into doing the South Boundary Trail. I've done it twice and had blast both times. I'd recommend getting shuttled to the trailhead unless you are a glutton for punishment.
  7. Ran into a gentleman yesterday on Suburban Ninja who is in his mid 70s and still out there shredding. I suspect he's on this forum, but didn't think to ask his name/handle. Just from our short conversation you could still see the passion for riding. Super inspiring to say the least...
  8. You can buy a sh*t-ton of pool noodles for $100.
  9. May be moving up to that area soon. Years ago I rode BLORA and seem to remember some decent elevation changes, but poorly marked and maintained trails. I'll only be a few minutes from these trails, so I'm hoping they have gotten some love recently!
  10. I'll second what throet said. I've been on Eliquis for a couple of years now and went through a similar thought process when I first started taking it. I've had a few minor crashes and one pretty bad one (no broken bones, except for maybe my pinky which I never saw a doctor about). I can remember the first time my pedal scraped my calf. I was convinced that I was going to bleed out on the trail. Turns out, it pretty much behaved like the dozens of scrapes and scratches I had in the past. Clearly it's something to be aware of - especially if there's major trauma involved - but it's not something I really think about any more.
  11. This thread should be titled "Let's Talk about Hex, Baby!" (Some of you may be too young to get the reference.)
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