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  1. It's higher than that, for sure. I have been 3 times and on 2 of the three occasions I have seen riders requiring medical attention. One looked to be a broken collarbone and the other was a guy who went off the trail and into the trees head-first. He had a broken nose and a pretty good gash on his face, but otherwise seemed to be OK.
  2. What's the over/under on how many laps Seth gets in before something breaks? I'd put it at 4.
  3. I don't really see a downside to installing the fork now. I mean, sure, you won't get the full picture in terms of how your bike is going to feel and handle until both jobs are done, but installing the fork now will give you time to start getting to know the new fork and (hopefully) dialing it in. Also, if you are paying someone to install it, getting the fork done now would spread out the cost a bit.
  4. Yeah, what other options are there? I know 661 was making shoes, but it seems like they have bailed on that...
  5. It's OK, the awkward seat angle will help distract riders from the wrist pain...
  6. While we were there on Friday we witnessed a guy go off trail on the newest jump line at the top. He ended up with a nasty gash near his eye and what looked to be a broken nose, but it could have been much, much worse if he wasn't wearing a full-face helmet. After helping the guy get down the mountain we were talking with one of the on-site EMTs and he said something to the effect of, "I can't believe how many people ride out here without full-face helmets."
  7. It's so fragmented and difficult to link things together that I think someone like the lady you mentioned might get frustrated. Sure, there are plenty of trails (or at least sections of trails) I'd call intermediated, but finding them and riding them in a cohesive manner is going to be difficult. I have really enjoyed riding out there recently, but I'm mainly just hitting the enduro lines, which I doubt is what she's looking for. If she could stay on the beginner loop, that's probably closest to what she's looking for...
  8. OK, how 'bout $5 off each item? $30 for the Minion $40 for the Mallets $20 for the shoes
  9. I wouldn't get the 510s designed for clipless pedals to use with flat pedals. You are giving up a big part of the main contact area between the sole of the shoe and the pedal.
  10. He's such a stickler for the rules of golf that he won't even ride the trail because of the name.
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