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  1. I wouldn't get the 510s designed for clipless pedals to use with flat pedals. You are giving up a big part of the main contact area between the sole of the shoe and the pedal.
  2. He's such a stickler for the rules of golf that he won't even ride the trail because of the name.
  3. Only 4 of the #1s - Flat Rock (TX), Angel Fire (NM), Slaughter Pen (AR), Patapsco Valley (MD). I have ridden a small part of the Co. Trail, but I'm not counting that. Others from the list - Blowing Springs (AR), South Boundary (NM). I need to get out more...
  4. What would be nice is if the system could be forced to list all the topics in the Trail Conditions section on one page. That way you wouldn't always have to go to page 2 to get conditions updates for the SATN and Walnut Creek...
  5. I think this is intentional. If people are really using this section to learn about trail conditions, it's much easier to find the thread of interest if they are listed alphabetically. For other sections, this doesn't make sense, so the default sorting method is most recent first.
  6. Selling for a friend... Brand new Minion DHR II - 29 X 2.3 (This tire came in a build kit but he wanted a wider tire) - $35 Used Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Pedals - Lots of life left in these. Cleats are included. - $45 Used Northwave MTB shoes - Need to be cleaned up a bit, but they are in decent shape. Velcro combined with BOA system. Cleats not included (unless you also buy the pedals) - Size 44 - $25
  7. Saw this today on CL. Only posted it because I'm almost 100% sure this is one of the bike racks from my old shop. Me and my business partner, Mark, bought the steel and fabricated these from scratch because the ones you could buy were way too expensive for us. The amount of time and energy that went into each of these was crazy, with every cut, hole, bend, weld, grind, paint, etc. all done by hand in Mark's garage. When I closed the shop in early 2010 I sold a couple of these racks to other shops (I think we made something like 6 of these), but a couple of them were still in the shop when the landlord locked us out. I have no idea if this is one of the ones we sold or one of the ones left behind, but I can guarantee you it's worth more than the $80 asking price! Good to see these things are still bouncing around town and continuing to serve a purpose.
  8. What's with the weird knob/handle on the rear suspension? Or is the intended purpose of that bar to basically kick the stoker in the ass every time you bottom out the suspension?
  9. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but I thought folks might be interested. Spider now has info about their season pass on the website. Several options to choose from ranging from the $299 Summer Pass (May through early Sep.) to the $599 Power Pass which includes year round riding at Spider as well as a number of other bike parks. They'll even let you pay it out over the next few months with no interest! Looks like prices go up to the full price after Friday, 4/26. https://www.spidermountain.com/season-passes
  10. I remember looking into this place a while back, but the pictures and videos were not that impressive at the time. One piece of advice is to make sure their website is accurate, up to date, and gives people the information they need if they are considering a visit. At a minimum, I'd like to see a trail map with (at least) a short description of each trail and pricing information (maybe it's already on the site, but I can't find it). They are presumably going after many of the same folks that would go ride Spider. Spider has a lift, so it better cost way less than $50 a day to ride at Bandera... Spider Mountain's website was not great at first, but it has come a long way.
  11. Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you want to hit, but if you are looking for alternatives, Mt. Lakeway might be fun if you have a couple of hours. Park up by the water tower behind the swim center. Coming from CO, he may not think too much of the climb, but there's enough Central TX rocky goodness to make it interesting...
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