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  1. Oops. Calendaring is hard for me...
  2. Looks like Spider is having 2 demo days this weekend. Niner on Saturday, 11/15 and Rocky Mountain on Sunday, 11/16.
  3. We were actually headed towards Pedernales Falls, but decided to hit Reimer's instead. Neither of us has ever ridden at PF and we also knew there was a chance it might be full so we didn't want to risk striking out again since it was getting sorta late at that point. Very frustrated to find that Flat Creek was closed - especially since we couldn't find anything online (website, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc) indicating that it was closed. The posted signs seem to indicate it will be closed for a while...
  4. According to the fine print on the attachment from the first post, it looks like the flow trail will be about a mile and the return trail will be slightly longer (assuming the #s in the Trail Length column are feet).
  5. I rode Reimer's last Sunday after driving all the way out to Flat Creek Crossing only to realize the place is closed for the time being... I remembered seeing a thread here about some new trail to be built at Reimer's but I couldn't remember any of the details. I kept looking for signs of new trail off the existing stuff, but didn't see anything. Now that I look at the map, it looks like all the new stuff will originate closer to the entry gate. Will the proposed new trails connect with the existing trails? Also, any update on when the new stuff will be complete? (Or started...?)
  6. We were wondering about this very things... Glad to hear you are thinking long-term. We never saw the boat, but we sessioned the one line we found - starts near the fire station, 3 berms, several tables - a number of times. We noticed a wood feature under construction on what looks like it will be another line at some point. I'm not sure if we missed anything or if that's the extent of what's there now. Looking forward to what is coming!
  7. Just compared the geometry of my current ride and the Sight and they are very similar in a lot of areas. The Sight is actually about 10mm longer in terms of reach, which could be good for me... Any chance we could meet up for a test ride at some point?
  8. Finally got out to see the new stuff by the church yesterday. It's super exciting to see more stuff like this being built! Please post up if there are work days planned.
  9. Depending on your price range and what size you need, you should check out the Norco Sight for sale in the Marketplace section... Sorry, no firsthand knowledge of the Mojo 3.
  10. Dang, wish it was a LG... Beautiful bike.
  11. I agree that finding new stuff organically is fun, but I also know that exploring numerous "dead ends" is a good way to waste my already-limited riding time. I'm fairly familiar with SN, so I think I know where El Gringo is talking about. Next time I'm out there - which, thanks to my dropper kicking the bucket might be a while - I'll take a look. I'd much rather ride there from SN than mess with trying to park somewhere near the church or fire station since it seems like that is frowned upon. Looking forward to checking this stuff out!
  12. Never mind, I retract the question... I've never seen this thread go silent for 4 days.
  13. How do you get to this area from Suburban Ninja?
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