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  1. Haha suppose there's an upside to everything! 
    When I lived in DC and it was winter I would absolutely do this. No joke. It was a hand warmer when the weather was below freezing. Couldn't sell the wife on this concept but I did it

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  2. This conversation is a bit pedantic...
    I knew but in case someone else didnt

    Adjective. pedantic (comparative more pedantic, superlative most pedantic) Like a pedant, overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning. Being showy of one's knowledge, often in a boring manner. Being finicky or fastidious, especially with language.

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  3. Soon the big toe might decide to stop being associated with the right or left and begin to identify as centric.  This could spell trouble for your balance. 
    Dude.. why did you make me choke on my coffee? That's awesome.
    But I'm gonna go with the shoe theory for now. I mean I'll still like my big toe no matter what it chooses to be I guess.

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  4. So very recently, like the last 4 to 5 rides between 8 to 15 miles in distance, I have encountered some numbness. Only on my right foot and only my big toe and the toe next to the big one. Just like they fell asleep and got tingly.


    I have been riding clipless lately. Shimano SPDs

    Never had this happen before and dont know what to think.



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  5. I was heading into that spot E->W a while back and there was a little girl playing in the ditch... I grabbed a couple fists full of brake and was barley able to stop in time. Her parent was on the west side walking on the concrete path. We made “eye contact” and both of them realized how bad an idea it was to be in that ditch.
    O man. That's a nightmare scenario

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  6. 7 minutes ago, rugger said:

    Ride that little off-shoot with caution like everything else, but especially a blind drop like that.

    It is a dick move, but that little off shoot is not part of the "official" trail. Imagine if there was someone riding through at the moment you are bombing down - there is no sight line for either of you and no time to adjust. I'm not trying to harsh on your stoke, just saying, like everything else in MTB it's all a somewhat calculated risk. 

    You are 110% right. It is a vague notion in my head for sure and risky. But damn its fun. 

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  7. Last Friday morning there was some emergency vehicles headed toward the park and I was passed by one of the mules carrying the board 

    Dont know where they headed though . Busy weekend there for injuries I reckon

  8. just do not even think about touching the brakes... ask me how I know.
    This,, yes.. dont hit your rear especially. That turn to the left at the bottom will slow you naturally anyways.

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